just another manic monday

it’s monday, so you know what that means?
but i didn’t want them to be lonely so i thought i’d add a bunch of other things, too.

from top left, clockwise:
i added a few new sets of posy pins.
i just love how punchy these ones are!
pink and black organza, b & w houndstooth, white velvet, classic red, and sterling.
but i’ve added a great new feature – an alligator clip to the back along with a pin,
so it can be worn as a pin or hair clip!
so fun!
i was dangerously low on posy hairclips.
ok, i was completely out of them.
but i spent all week at my parents’ house cutting petals and assembling posies.
i’m loving the purple for little girls, and also the ’80’s style heart fabric!
and of course, the petal drop necklaces.
my fav this week is definitely this large mustard one!

*not pictured: posy headbands. lots of ’em.

so here’s a little rambling for you – 
sometimes it’s just easier for me to get it all out here so i can process my crazy life!
-school starts soon. 
well, at the end of the month.
i thought i was ready, then it hit me that i was going to have to do math with not one kid, but TWO! 
not sure why that exactly sent me into an internal tizzy, but it did.
we spent all weekend emptying out e.ver.y. drawer in our school desks and reorganizing what we have, what we don’t need, and where everything should be.
my favorite drawer: the paper drawer.
and entire file drawer organized with plain white, construction, lined, college rule lined, coloring books, and scratch papers.
our desk tops are entirely cleared of clutter except for a couple jars of #2 pencils and colored pencils.
-ummm, the creative convention is in just over a month! 
how am i going to leave my kids just a couple weeks after school starts?! 
i think this will be great for my business and all, but WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! 
oh yeah, i was thinking that amy butler and heather bailey and the pioneer woman
will be possible within arms length of me. 
they had me at amy butler. 
yep, she was my first fabric crush. 
actually, if it hadn’t been for her my love for sewing very likely may not have been reignited in my early 20’s.  thank you, amy and gypsy caravan!
-so another what-was-i-thinking moment: i’m hosting a fall boutique at my house just a couple days before i leave for tcc.  that means i need to really beef up my inventory.  no shutting down the shop for me when i go to minnesota – i can’t close it for 5 days while i’ll be gone, so i’m trying to double my inventory between now and then.  breathe.  breathe again.
-silas’ birthday party is at the end of the week.  do i have everything all ready?  nope.  not a thing.  ok, i have the cupcake supplies, and some paper goods, but that’s about it.  i need to come up with a game or 2, figure out the menu, buy groceries for said dinner, make cupcake picks, and clean the house be thankful we cleaned the house this weekend.  a bit of yard clean up would be nice, too.  and i should pick up some balloons.  
-i have 17 new messages on my house phone.  it scares me so much that i keep putting off listening to them.
-my parents are coming at the end of the week, so that always gives me something to look forward to! 
-ok, now i’m just wasting time to avoid all the work i have ahead of me.  my desk is nearly clean and i should either finish it (yeah right) or get on my other tasks that need to be done (listing product, making travel tissue cases, ordering supplies…).
talk soon, loves!


  1. 1

    can't wait to check out the shop! Good luck with all those messages–I also avoid mine!

  2. 2

    EEEK! you're coming in 5 weeks! :]

    don't worry about the inventory — make a list of what you need and go from there. everything will be great!!!

  3. 3

    I put off everything until the last minute as well. It's amazing how quick I can clean up a destroyed house when I hear someone's coming over LOL

    Your creations are gorgeous – as always! Someday you'll be getting an order from me! (if I was only rich *sigh*)

  4. 4

    I thought I had It bad J/K! lol! girl, your amazing and an inspiration!

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