my awesome sponsors

my favorite item in their shop is…. ummm…. everything!  seriously, there is no way i could choose.  
most of my products are made of fabrics from hawthorne threads – they have a HUGE selection!
their prices are very low and they have tiered pricing  that brings them even lower!
they also ship their orders out very quickly and i always get my orders within a couple days – 
so nice for my impatient self who wants to be instantly gratified with fabric in her hands.
i guess if i had to choose my favorite fabric right now from hawthorne, it would have to be
grandma’s pearls in fuchsia.

ok, i tend to be a little biased with lisa’s products because i know lisa in real life, 
but they really are beautiful and very high quality.
i wear one of lisa’s necklaces or bracelets almost every day.
they dress up or down and are perfect for everyday.
lisa’s blog is also a must read for daily inspiration – its gorgeous!
the necklace i want most right now is all of them the dewdrops necklace.
i love that it is hand carved and a heavier weight – so pretty!

emily of blue corduroy is in my little crafty group locally.
there’s a group of 4 of us who have small businesses and love to sew.
emily makes amazing little girls’ dresses out of vintage linens paried up with modern fabrics.
her combinations are so much fun!
she also crochets hats – i have one and wear it all. winter. long.
i am really hoping lily chooses this dress for her birthday! 
(emily happens to have 2 very cute models!)

as you see every week in wiww, you know i have a shey b camera strap cover that i adore!
shey’s work is great quality and truly beautiful.
her work has become increasingly popular, and she has been coming up with new designs constantly.
other than my strap, i also love the pink ruffled houndstooth strap!

tiffany is one of my newer sponsors and has the cutest style – 
just check out her shop for her adorable bag patterns and her blog for fun tutorials.
i know you all love some tutorials!
of all of her patterns in her shop, i love the big bow on the jumbo glam bag – so fun!
speaking of tutorials!!!!
i think i want to be vanessa’s best friend!
not only is she very gracious (for those of us who may have kind of forgotten to write a guest post – oops!),
but she is so dang creative!
her shop is full of all those projects that you see and wonder “how does she make that?!”

i’m just looking for a spare moment to make a handful of her fabric bracelets.

scrapbook circle

i am not a scrapbooker,
but oh. my. goodness!
i covet the talent that so many of you have to design such inspirational pages!
i am loving the fun combos of found objects, paper, and fabric.
each page is a work of art!
scrapbook circle makes scrapbooking look do-able to me –
i wouldn’t go broke picking out a million little embellishments because
they have beautiful kits all put together for you!
and their prices are very reasonable.

i want to get this set just to add to my paper collection!

sit relax and read

if you like my blog then cha cha’s blog is for you!
her blog is “inspiration for today’s creative moms”.
i first met cha cha through wiww and let me tell you…
she is adorable!
when you are as cute as she is who cares what you wear?!

i love the shirt she redesigned!

toile tales

lori and amy have been advertising here for a bit
and i so hope you have gone to visit them!
they design and make beautiful hats for women and children –
my girls each have one and we love them!
(stay tuned for a giveaway!)

this not only is my favorite hat, but also an amazing picture!

life. rearranged

my good friend jeannett is the force behind the fabulous blog life.rearranged.
you should read her blog just because she. is. hilarious!
she has a witty, dry sense of humor that will have you agreeing with her
as you are rolling off your chair from laughter.
but you need to read her story.
find out how her life has been rearranged.
time after time.
and then see what she’s doing.
every 2 weeks she features a guest blogger that highlights a charity.
for every dollar you donate to that charity, you are entered to win a giveaway.
so cool, right?!
i love that she is using her blog for good and to serve others.
check her out and see how other’s lives have been rearranged.
and donate a buck or 5.
please ;)

michael jones photography

just a little push for my oldest brother ;)
if you live in central california and need a photographer,
michael is a great, affordable choice.

one of my favorite pics of his is this one:

miss mustard seed’s creative blog

this blog is just a feast for the eyes!
i am amazed by all the great finds miss mustard seed scores and all of her furniture restorations.
as a former painter, this blog brings back fond memories for me.

a girl after my own heart, miss mustard seed even shares a glazing tutorial
so great for refinishing furniture!

thank you so much for taking the time to visit my sponsors!
i hope i’ve hooked you on something beautiful!



  1. 1

    I love that purple hat! I totally want one. I wish I knew how to knit.

  2. 2

    I just love peeking into your style. It helps me expand my own. Thanks.

  3. 3

    Oh happiness!!! I was just trying to remember the name of Hawthorne Threads. I have been wanting to try out their fabric store. But, I could not think of their name for the world of me. I was starting to go nuts. But, I just knew I would be able to find it here…and then it was on this first post! You are the best. Off to buy fabric!

  4. 4

    they are all fabulous.
    I am actually wearing a Banner necklace from Lisa right now… and to my left is my camera w/ a Shey B strap cover ….and! I'm patiently waiting for Alexander Henry's 'Anja in Dove' fabric to become available @ Hawthorne Threads!
    (going to make a window valance w/ it) :)

  5. 5

    Fantastic sponsors…just a "heads up" – I clicked on the link to your brother's photography site, and it actually links to the Life Rearranged blog :)

  6. 6

    Off to visit these sites! I've been looking for a good online fabric store, so this is wonderful!

  7. 7
    Our really empty nest says:

    Lindsey, I just discovered your blog and I love love love it. Have to tell you, I have spent the last hour+ reading and learning, so many new things! I have added you to my blog post and will be back often. You are one talented lady! Sue

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