toile tales winner

congratulations to…..

send me an email laura and i’ll forward your info along to the ladies at toile tales! 

new products?

for my mom’s birthday, my dad got her an ipad.
it really is the perfect gift for her, since she is a decorating blog fanatic
and now she can take her blogs anywhere she goes!
so i decided to make a little case for her ipad, to protect it when its in her purse.
i still haven’t perfected the pattern (it’s reeeally a tight squeeze to fit it in through the zipper)
but hey, that’s what prototypes are for!
and i’m not sure if the zipper is going to stay or go.
so i’ve been toying with lots of new products lately,
creating prototypes, tweaking versions, doing a lot of seam ripping…
but i thought who better to ask than you:
what would YOU like to see in my shop?
is there something that you would love to see done in the pleated poppy style?
i am all ears!
not that i have any extra time, 
but new designs are always so fun to work on into the wee hours of the night.