what i wore wednesday

i feel like i’ve been forgetting lately why i ever began wiww.
maybe because its summer and i’m extra lazy with personal appearance?
but, oh yeah, my husband still has to look at me everyday,
and would probably prefer me to not still be in his pajamas when he comes home at the end of the day (though he’d never say it).
so as a reminder to myself, and those of you who are newish here,
i began wiww as a challenge to myself, to put a little more effort in how i dressed,
to actually get dressed (!!!),
to change out of my sweats and pj’s even if i knew i wouldn’t see anyone else that day.
i had been in a hat wearing, pony tail wearing, baggy sweatpants and oversized sweatshirt wearing funk.
and for the most part, wiww has been really helpful keeping me accountable to make an effort.
so here was my partially photographed week:
hat – old (not old navy, just old)
sweater – old navy
tank – old navy
jeans – local boutique
sandals – walmart
camera strap – sheyb
fingerprints on the mirror – gracie, lily and silas
rode bikes after dinner downtown to get frozen yogurt
swetashirt – target
blue t – target
yoga pants – target
tennies – converse, macy’s
this outfit is annoying because i thought if i was going to wear sweats at least they could be somewhat cute.
the sweatshirt is, but it shrank and the sleeves are too short and it bugs me to wear.
then the pants are a little too baggy (not meant to be fitted yoga pants), and they shrunk, too!
like 2+ inches!
top – tulle (handmedown from lisa)
jeans – loocal shop
flops – payless
i love the ruffle detail of this top,
and now see i’m missing the bottom button!
i wear this necklace almost every day.
i’ll explain it again:
yes i live in california.
but i’m always cold, and most of my pics are taken in the mornings.
and its been a foggy morning kind of summer.
so that’s why i almost always have on a cardigan.
cardigan – new from target (girls section, xl)
top – made by me, amelia pattern from frog legs and ponytails
jeans – same as every day (need new ones in a bad way)
sandals – cheapy downtown boutique
the top is much cuter without the cardi.
still big puffy heart the anna maria horner fabric!
you’re turn!
**edited to add: i forgot to tell you i fiiiiiilled my shop with new products again!  check out the new zippered pouches, that coordinate with the new checkbook covers, that go with the new sunnies cases (that flew off the shelves before- thankyousomuch!)**


  1. 1
    this blessed nest says:

    what i would give to be living in a cardigan wearing weather!!!! especially in the mornings. my friends in Fall/Winter usually call me a "ma-maw" (like grandma) because i wear a sweater everyday. right now, our mornings are so hot & humid.

    your top that you made is just adorbs!

    thanks for hosting.
    p.s. i saw the bday banner twitter photo this morning – DARLING!

  2. 2
    abby @ tales and trials says:

    I could definitely go for some cardi wearing weather about now. I live in Georgia and the heat index has been 105 lately!

    I love the pink flower shirt that you made. It's really cute on you! I need to apparently hit up the little girls section at Target soon. I need some new cardigans. :)

  3. 3

    Do you ever get the sandals that I sent you? Do they fit?

  4. 4
    Design A-Peele says:

    I have that same target cardigan in white AND pink! Wear them ALL the time! Couldn't pass up $5!

  5. 5

    It is hot as Hades here in TN…yeah, like 100 degrees..no joke. I cannot WAIT to wear my cardigans…they are my fav. And so are jeans…especially now that I'm 34 and hate my legs.

    I would BUY that shirt if you sold it. It is precious! And I love the colors. Just a thought.

  6. 6

    PS. I'm still coveting that blue wall. ;-)

  7. 7
    Wonder Mom says:

    What I wouldn't GIVE to be cold-natured sometimes- you should be glad you can wear jeans and cardigans in the SUMMER!

    You look just beautiful!

  8. 8

    I wondered how WIWW came about. What a great challenge. I'm definitely inspired by it. Although, my pictures would be boring as I have less than 7 shirts and two pairs of jeans that are the same brand and cut. LOL. That's the only bad part about losing over 20 pounds. LOL. (BTW, love, love, love, the bottom top. Too cute!)

  9. 9

    I absolutely love the top that you made! I have that same fabric only in blue and it's not nearly as cute!

  10. 10
    MommaHensCoop says:

    My baby proof attire is not ready for a debut. BUT I wanted to let everyone that I "follow"; don't forget to come over and enter my giveaway! Today's the last day :D

  11. 11

    You always look so cute! Hey, question for you — how old is too old to wear a cute hat like yours?? And I wondered where you lived that you often have sweaters on — it's beastly hot in Nebraska this summer! Have a good week!


  12. 12
    Lettered Cottage says:

    LOVE that colorful top!!!
    And you look SO GOOD in hats…makes me wanna cut my hair shorter again!

    Layla :-)

  13. 13
    cassie @ hi sugarplum! says:

    I love that top you made!! The fabric is TDF — so happy to have found your blog too! Oh, and great tip on the Target girl's cardis!!! thanks!!

    xoxo, cassie

  14. 14

    Every time you post that Amelia top I think it's darling…. but what kind of undergarments do you wear with it? As in -bra- type of undergarment?

  15. 15

    I have been reading your WIWWs for awhile, but this is my first time participating! Yay!

    Love the top you made! And, kind of wishing is was cardigan weather here in Northern California. It's finally cooling down up here (in the 90s).

  16. 16

    I am LOVING that top you made! It's adorable. I love cardigans too!

  17. 17
    the pleated poppy says:

    cutzi – i usually go strapless, but i was feeling lazy and just wore a regular bra with really thin nude straps. in the winter i wear a fitted long sleeve white tee under, so straps aren't an issue.

  18. 18

    every time i read this, i always say i'm going to participate the next week. and i always forget! i'm going to try and remember…soon! i always love looking at what you're wearing and where you get all of your cute clothes!

  19. 19

    Thanks again for hosting! The black and white polka dot top with the ruffles is amazing!

  20. 20
    Lisa Renee says:

    Let me just tell you… YOU think you are not looking up to par but to the rest of the world, you still look pretty dang cute!! I like your style! We shop at all the same places! Of course I have to do Tulle onlilne b/c we don't have that fun of stores out in Lubbock Texas! Although we do now have a Forever 21, I still do most of that online too b/c one- I hate the mall, and two-there are better deals and more selection online. I have even prob done more online at Target, b/c that store, sadly is a treat to me and the only place I ever actully go in person is Walmart. Its the one stop shop! I have some of the same things as you from there that I have seen in your WIWW!!

  21. 21

    we went to san diego for 2 weeks and the mornings were definitely foogy, til about1! love the top you made very cute, and great idea with the kids cardi!

  22. 22
    schronlisa says:

    i wait for wednesday every week to see what you have been wearing! i love that you have a desire to "keep yourself up" for your husband! sometimes when i answer my door my neighbors ask me where i am going … i am usually staying at home and cleaning … but i have the same desire!

    that grey and white stripped ON tank i had to HUNT for and bought one online because you always look so cute in it! i also shop in the target/old navy girls section!

  23. 23

    The ruffly top and the top you are made are so great! LOVE that fabric.

  24. 24

    SO cute. I love this idea. It makes me want to go see what everyone is wearing!! I will have to participate next week. ;-)

    I am a new follower. You are adorable!! I love your blog.

  25. 25

    I LOVE your cardigan sweaters!! I'm always keeping my eyes open for kinds just like that. So so cute.

  26. 26
    Anonymous says:

    My 7 year old daughter was looking over my shoulder when this post was was on my screen. Your first outfit was displayed. She asked "Is she a rock star?" :)

  27. 27

    I love all the tops that you made. The ruffle one is so cute as well as the coloful cammi. I undrestand the husband dillema but I bet he would love to see you in your bday suit the most ;)

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