dress to skirt revamp tutorial

i very rarely browse through the clearance section anywhere.

i used to love to do it pre-kids.

tj maxx, marshalls, ross – those were my favorite places to shop.

but now, now i can’t stand them!

maybe its the messiness that i can’t deal with when i have little time and 3 little kids.

maybe its the crammed quarters and no guarantee that i’ll find anything.

but awhile back i happened to look in the clearance section at target.

see, they’re smart and mix the clearance racks in with the regular priced items, so they tricked me.

i found this dress for $5!

i knew immediately that i would never wear it as a dress for a couple reasons: 1 – because it would be too short, and 2 – because the smocking at the top was ridiculously tight – probably why it was on clearance.

so i got it anyway and brought it home to chop up.

and then it sat in my drawer of things to revamp.

yes, i have a drawer for that stuff.

finally a few weeks ago i found time to make this dress into a skirt.

i think it took me all of 30 minutes, at the most.

i made it while the kids and i were taking a break from home school.

this is something anyone with a sewing machine could make – truly super easy!

first i held the dress at my waist in the mirror and guesstimated where i wanted to cut it.

i knew i wanted it just above my knees, but needed to allow enough room for the elastic waist.

once i decided on the length, plus a couple inches, i brought it to my cutting mat and chopped off the top.  i made sure i allowed a little extra length just in case it was too short.  you can always shorten something more, but lengthening is not so easy.

next i ironed down the top of the skirt just a bit, maybe a 1/4 inch.  i did this to make the channel that the elastic will go in.  i almost never measure, because its quicker to just eyeball it.

then i eyeballed it again using the elastic i had on hand (~1″  width i think) as a guide.  the next fold needed to allow for the elastic to fit as well as leave room for the stitching.

i ironed it again and double checked the width with the elastic.

next i stitched all around the bottom of the fold that i just made, maybe 1/4 inch up from the bottom.  i left a small opening at a seam to slide the elastic in.  i attached a large safety pin to one end of the elastic and pushed it through the channel until it came out the other end.

then i tried on the skirt and adjusted the elastic until it was comfortable,  pinned it there, then stitched it a few times with my machine.

ta da!  it only took 2 stitches!  crazy right?!  i was afraid the elastic waist would be too bunchy, but it really isn’t bad, and its very comfy.

here it is in action for a what i wore wednesday post.

do you have any old clothes that you could do a simple revamp with?

can you do it in 2 stitches or less?

i dare ya!

what i wore wednesday

today we have a fabulous guest poster for wiww.

i met kami at the creative connection and fell in love with her immediately – is that weird?

kami jumped all over my request to guest post here, and i am thrilled.

to be honest, i was really thrilled to not be taking pics of myself for the week.

be sure to visit kami at nobiggie.net to see her in all her bloggy glory.

Hello there all you Pleated Poppy readers! My name is Kami, and I blog at NoBiggie. Lindsey and I met a few weeks back at The Creative Connection Event. Isn’t she the cutest?! I was thrilled when she invited me to be a part of her What I Wore Wednesday series.

Geez Louise it’s a challenge! I’m happy to do it, because let’s be honest, she needs a break! It’s tough enough to try and remember to take a picture of yourself everyday, let alone trying to keep your outfits fresh; steering clear of the pony tails, hats and soft pants. {Do I ever love a good pair of soft pants.}

Here goes:

shorts – Charlotte Rouse
sandals – Target
white mid length v-neck – Shade Clothing
blousy/ruffle-y top – Urban Wear (a store in my local mall)

shrug – Maurices (in the mall)
ruffley white tank top – Old Navy Recently ($15)
jeggings – Target (I could live in these pants)
flats – Forever Young Shoes (in my local mall)

purple cardigan – Shade Clothing
posy pin – The Pleated Poppy (of course)
purple gingham top – Old Navy (old)
jeggins – Target
flats – Forever Young Shoes

vest and polka dot top – Maurices (like totally in the mall) :)
jeggings – Target
polkadot flower pin – H & M
flats – Forever Young shoes

One last one to keep it real.
whatever t-shirt – Express (I really need to get rid of this shirt, but I just love it too much.)
soft pants – aww…soft pants is there anything better?! :)

Thank you Lindsey for having me!


thanks so much kami, for giving me a little break and also for adding new words to my vocabulary: soft pants – love it!

go visit kami at nobiggie.net and link up here!