we all have expectations.

we expect that we’ll meet the perfect man, fall in love, get married, and have babies.

ok, not all of us, but most of us, right?


but what if that desire to have babies just doesn’t come?

or it comes a lot later than you “expected”?

my sister (remember from a wiww post?) and her boyfriend took a bit of time before they decided to try to have kids.

as jennifer put it, “the so-called “biological clock” did not start to tick until just a few years ago, about age 36 for me. even then, it was a very quiet, faint tick.”

so they decided to “try”.

“expected” it to work, since they had already been checked to see if everything was in working order.

but it didn’t.

i’d love for you to go check out my sister’s blog and their journey through the IVF process.

they are also avid travelers, so living vicariously through them is really fun, too!

since they live in london, they have the NHS and have been very pleased with it.

so many couples struggle through this process, and i think can find comfort in others’ stories.

they can find comfort in other couple’s successes.

in jennifer and charles’ success.

they are now “expecting”!

i don’t know if i have been more proud to say, “i am going to be an aunt!”, even if it is for the 15th time!

so head over, congratulate her, pray for her, follow her through this amazing process.

and i couldn’t help it:

i had to snag this little cutie at the creative connection last week for the babe!

now i just have to work on sean – i’m hoping to go over to london with my mom for the birth!

i think i’ll need my own set of prayers for that to happen!


  1. 1

    GASP — Linds this is so amazing :]

    praying, praying! and off to read her blog!

  2. 2

    LOVE this. IVF is such a difficult process- emotionally, physically, financially. This topic snagged my attention since we saw an infertility specialist foreverrrr…such happiness I have for your entire family right now. I can’t wait to read her blog but wanted to quickly say congrats to you, auntie!

    And that elephant is beyond adorable…elephants are my FAVORITE.THING.EVER. Who sells it?


    • 3

      i wish i knew who made it! the seller said it was her daughter and there was no tag in it – bummer! i wanted to get more than one!

  3. 4

    SO amazing Lindsey!! I loved reading this post. Aren’t sisters the best. ;)
    Stopped by her blog to congratulate her. Congrats to you on being an aunt x’s 15! xo, Mique

  4. 5

    Yay!!! I’m so excited for them!!

  5. 6

    That is beautiful and exciting! Many of us have had a long and hard journey and understand the pain. It is always nice to hear such a happy story. Life is good! I wish her all the health and happiness in the world! Being an aunt is just as thrilling!!

  6. 7

    I started reading your sis’s blog after I saw her WIWW post and am so excited for them! and for you!!! to be and aunt again.

  7. 8

    Congrats to you and your sister:) I have 5 sisters and a brother and out of all of them I only have one niece. I wish someone else would have one:/ So BIG hugs to you! How exciting.

  8. 9

    So excited for you and your sister! As a veteran of infertility, all hard won pregnancies hold a special place in my heart. Congrats!

  9. 10

    How exciting!! Congrats you all of you. I just had a baby (well 4 months ago) and it’s amazing!! That is one cute elephant… I LOVE it… where can I find one?

  10. 11

    Exciting! Congrats you all of you. I just had a baby (well 4 months ago) and it’s amazing!! That is one cute elephant… I LOVE it… where can I find one?

  11. 12

    That is wonderful news! I love hearing stories like this…since we had to go through IVF as well to get our wonderful girls. Congrats to everyone. Heading over to read your sister’s blog!

    Hugs to you!

  12. 13

    YEAH!!! How exciting!! Your news brought a tear to my eyes!!

  13. 14

    Congratulations to you and your sister!! I can totally relate to her. I have one little girl, and I feel truly blessed. We would love more, but I feel God has a plan for all of us. I cannot wait to read her blog!! Is she as creative as you are?? Have a great weekend!!

  14. 15

    That is so sweet! Congratulations to your sister!

  15. 16

    Oh my gosh this is so sweet. I will keep them in my prayers!

  16. 17

    How amazing!! Best wishes for the new parents-to-be, and here’s hoping you’ll be in London to witness the little miracle! :)

  17. 18

    Your sister and her boyfriend? I thought the blessing of children was suppose to happen after two people were married? Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble here, but there’s just simply too much of this type of sin in the world these days.

    • 19

      hi jennifer –
      i understand where you are coming from. however, i think it would be really shortsighted of us to expect that everyone has the same convictions as we may have. while it is so strongly my desire for my sister and her boyfriend to share in my beliefs, they don’t. but i love them anyway, as we are called to do. and since they do not share my same convictions, there is no basis for me to expect them to conform to what i believe is right. my beliefs are not their beliefs. that doesn’t mean i should not celebrate with them when they have good news – and i believe a baby is VERY good news. and God works in mysterious ways and calls people in His own timing. who are we to decide whether or not this is part of His plan for their salvation? psalm 127:3 says, “children are a gift from the Lord”. it doesn’t say only children born to christian, married couples are a gift. ALL children are a gift from the Lord. i so hope you can see this as a celebration of a gift that we believe is a gift only God can give, and not as something to look down our noses at in disgust. if you’d like to further discuss this, i am more than open to it. my email is thepleatedpoppy@gmail.com.

  18. 21

    How exciting. Congratulations to you and your sister. I will head over and check out her blog.

    Stop by and check out mine!


  19. 22

    As a person who has struggled with infertility and is now the mom of 3 littles I am so happy for your sister and her hubby! Best wishes and many prayers that these next 9 months are happy ones and that you do in fact get to be there!

  20. 23

    How exciting! Cute elephant!

    Just Better Together!

  21. 24

    That is SO exciting! Congratulations to you getting to be an aunt again!
    One of my closest friends just had her first baby at almost 40. She and her husband are on staff with Campus Crusade working in Sweden right now and it is just killing me that I can’t be there with her! All that to say, I really hope you get to go see your sister when the baby is born. What a special time it is.

  22. 25

    I am over the moon in excitement for them!!! Yay!!

  23. 26

    I love your joy for your sister! I don’t even know her and am so excited.

    Now, let’s back up for some of us. Anyone out there know a single guy who loves Jesus? I share that dream you began this post with but can’t do it alone. :-)

    Oh, and Lindsey, your response to Jennifer above was so well said. I’m super excited for my cousin who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl two weeks ago. She and the baby’s daddy aren’t married but her parents never married each other so she never even saw it modeled. While we don’t share the same convictions, I still love her and am excited!

  24. 27

    Congratulations! My brother-in-law and his wife live in London too!

  25. 28

    Congratulations to her!!! How exciting!

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