welcome to my new home!


i am so glad you have all found me at my new blog home!

isn’t it so pretty and clean and fresh?!

many many thanks to darcy at graphically designing

well over 100 emails and piles of sketches have gone back and forth between us over many late nights.

but i am thrilled with the result!

it was so much fun getting to draw in many of the details i wanted!

and did you see my shop?

it matches now too!

please be patient with me as i learn my way around here, and get all the links working.

so since i moved blogs, i actually have a blog warming gift for YOU!

please take 15% off your order through this holiday weekend (today through monday)!

use coupon code NEWBLOG at checkout.

and since i made the big switch from blogger to wordpress, i will possibly no longer be in your readers/rss feeds.

so please PLEASE subscribe to my new address (look to the right under “follow me”)!

and as an added incentive, if you do subscribe (or resubscribe) leave a comment and you will be entered to win…

$75 shop credit to the pleated poppy!!!

now you can get the bloom bag, zippered pouch, and sunnies case you’ve been dreaming of! ;)

thanks so much!


  1. 1

    I happened upon your blog today for the first time after seeing a linky for your guest post on family rules sign. AND I LOVE IT! So I now follow you! :0)

  2. 2

    I love it! So fresh and clean!

  3. 3

    Just subscribed.

  4. 4

    Love the new site! I subscribe to your blog now! Can’t wait to see what’s in the future!

  5. 5

    Resubscribed! Looks great!

  6. 6

    love the new site! so clean. i re-subscribed. ;-)

  7. 7

    Resubscribing! I’m a follower now! :)

  8. 8

    I resubscribed! Love your products….need to get some more to go with my bloom bag :)
    Love the new site!

  9. 9

    I’m following…Love love love your stuff!


  10. 10

    Resubscribed! LOVE the new look!

  11. 11

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new site! Congrats!!!

  12. 12

    Love your new look! yes, I re-subscribed!
    Best wishes,

  13. 13

    looks great! i subscribed : )

  14. 14

    i have always subscribed/followed, and the new blog showed in my reader today. i LOVE the new look. so cute!

  15. 15

    I’m definitely following you so put me in the running for your gift card! Thank you for such a generous giveaway. I love reading your blog–especially your what-am-I-wearing Wednesdays that inspire me to get out of my pjs!

  16. 16

    I resubscribed! I love the ruffled edged doodles around everything :)

  17. 17

    I have been a follower for about a month now. You did show up in my feed today!

  18. 18

    Love the new look! I know I’m getting your stuff at wordpress…cause I got all of your recent posts again in my reader :) Now I know why! Awesome look…

  19. 19

    I re-subscribed. Congrats on the new home. Looks great!

  20. 20

    I re-subsscribed and I want to win soooooooooooo bad b/c I LOVE your stuff!!!!!

  21. 21

    Lindsey, your new place is just fabulous! I love it lots. :)

    Your new post came up in my reader, so I think I’m still subscribed – yay!

  22. 22

    Love the new look & I’m a big fan of the What I Wore Wednesday feature! I definitely re-subscribed to your new space!

  23. 23

    I love the new design! I always loved your old site but this is even better!

  24. 24

    I like the new design!

  25. 25

    I re-subscribed too! The site looks great! Look how many followers you have already – amazing isn’t it!

  26. 26

    I resubscribed!!! Love the new look!

  27. 27

    Love the new site! It looks great!! I re-subscribed to your site.

  28. 28
    MOM OF -Jenny says:

    I resubscribed and I love it! Your blog makes me smile.

  29. 29

    I love it! Great job! I am subscribed! :)

  30. 30

    Love the new look! I subscribed =)

  31. 31

    Very cute!! I (re)subscribed! :D

  32. 32

    I’m re-subscribed. :) I absolutely love the new look!

  33. 33

    Ooh! It’s sooo beautiful! I love the new look!

    THANKS so much for the chance to win!!! I love all of your stuff. :) I resubscibed.


  34. 34

    I subscribed! Love the new look!

  35. 35

    Love the revamp! :)
    I resubscribed!

  36. 36

    LOVE the new design! So fresh and fun! I’m a follower and would love to be entered in the drawing. Thanks, Amber

  37. 37

    I’ve resubscribed! Would love love love to win . . . I’ve had my eye on a couple of things for a while now!

  38. 38

    re-subscribed,,,check! :) everything looks so good!

  39. 39

    love the new layout..very cute and fun. I have followed you for a while and always love your cute little handmade shop things! So, just to be sure I don’t lose ya I have signed up to follow again :)

  40. 40

    It’s beautiful! Congrats on your new home.

  41. 41

    I re-subscribed. Your posts are showing up on my RSS feeder. My sister and I puffy heart love your stuff! We talk about the items we love at least once a week and love reading your blog. Keep it up!! It looks amazing.

  42. 42

    Resubscribed, because frankly I’d follow you anywhere….in a very non stalker way! :) Love, love, love the presh blog design by they way.

    XOXO, Jenni

    PS Cuz, I’d wanna know, the last two pics are the same FYI. Tottles.

  43. 43

    I follow you:) I like your new design.

  44. 44

    I think I made it with the transfer!

    I’m a subscriber in Google Reader

  45. 45

    I love the new design, it’s so pretty! I ENVY you! Wish I was more creative, but that’s ok, I’ll just live through you!

    I subscribe and stalk your blog like crazy. Thanks so much!

  46. 46

    I’m in! Love the new look!

  47. 47

    i am subscribed through google reader… i love everything. i need to WIN!!!! like i need air i need this… just saying ;)

  48. 48

    I love the pleated poppy! You have the cutest things!!! I’m a subscriber!

  49. 49

    I’m a subscriber. Still coming up in my RSS feeds! :) Love your stuff!

  50. 50

    already follow – and blogger automatically updated you in my rss.

    Love it.

  51. 51
    Jennie Lindstrom says:

    I resubscribed! Love your stuff and the blog!

  52. 52

    The new blog looks great!!! Thank you for this opportunity! :)

    PS- I’m a follower!

  53. 53

    Well, since I would follow you anywhere, I resubscribed! Hope it works and I don’t miss anything! Blog looks great, girl!

  54. 54

    The new look is super cute! I subscribe!

  55. 55
    Jody Swanson says:

    Love your shop. Thanks for the opportunity to win some cool stuff!

  56. 56

    I’m a subscriber and drool over everything in the shop on the regular! Love the new blog!

  57. 57

    I am a subscriber and follow you in google reader! Great new look!

  58. 58

    Wouldn’t want to miss a beat…so I re-subscribed! I love your new sight…very pretty and fresh a wonderful way to welcome fall!

  59. 59

    I’m a subscriber. I love everything in your shop and my birthday is coming up! Thanks for the chance. Love your blog.

  60. 60

    I love the new blog design and my favorite is the little drawn shopping cart up there ^ So cute!!

  61. 61

    I think I’m still subscribed…hopefully!

  62. 62

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Congrats!!! So happy to still be following you, your blog is inspiring!!!

  63. 63

    Love the new look! : )

  64. 64

    Just subscribed and i am following you again. Thanks! -)

  65. 65

    love the new design! following you still :)

  66. 66

    Long time subscriber! Wouldn’t miss it.

  67. 67

    LOVE the new look!! On blogger but I’m still getting your updates, so guess it transferred on it’s own :)

  68. 68

    I’m subscribed. looks great!

  69. 69

    I’m all subscribed! Loving your new look!

  70. 70

    I subscribe!

  71. 71

    I’ve resubscribed! Thanks for letting us know about the move s0 we didn’t loose you!!

  72. 72

    I subsribed!

  73. 73

    I subscribe :)

  74. 74

    Love the new look, so clean and fresh! Re-subscribed just in case…wouldn’t want to miss anything :)

  75. 75

    love your new home, I am all signed up again.

    Cha Cha

  76. 76

    Love the new look! Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. 78

    My google reader automatically re-subscribed me earlier today! (maybe b/c i follow via GFC?) Love the new place Lindsey!!

  78. 79

    I like the look of your new website! I resubscribed to it through my google reader!! Love your stuff!

  79. 80
    Kari Tandberg says:

    I love the new site! I am a follower!

  80. 81

    SO CUTE! :) I love it!

  81. 82
    susan bourgeois says:

    Love your new look! I am a subscriber!

  82. 83

    I love your blog and I didn’t need to resubscribe your rss feeds are coming in just fine :-)

  83. 84


  84. 85

    Just wonderful. People have no idea how hard this blogging business can be, much less the hours into a good design. Well done! (And that explains your duplicate feed this morning.)

    BTW, you are going to love WordPress. I made the switch a couple of years ago and can’t imagine going back.

  85. 86

    i added you as subscribe live bookmark….does that count? cute page. :)

  86. 87

    I resubscribed and I love, love, love your new layout/design…. It makes me smile!!

  87. 88

    yay! looks great!

  88. 89

    i follow and i love!!!

  89. 90

    I added you to my Google Reader. (My first!) Thank you so much for all the inspiration! So glad I stumbled upon your blog. And yes, please, to one of everything in your shop. :-) You are amazing, and your new format looks great. Thank you!

  90. 91

    Wow! What I could do with Pleated Poppy money… so many treasures to choose from!! Of course, I’m following!

  91. 92

    I’m a follower!! Would love to win – you have so many pretty things!

  92. 93

    It looks so nice. :) Love the changes!!!

  93. 94

    I’m subscribing again!!! I love your blog and store!!

  94. 95

    I’ve resubscribed! And your blog looks GORGEOUS!!! I love the clean lines and your sweet header! My hats off to you!!!

  95. 96

    Your wonderful zippy totes are sooooo lovely! I need them!!!!

  96. 97

    love the new look! Subscribe!

  97. 98

    I’m subscribing!

  98. 99

    Love the new look, I subscribed via RSS feed previously and it worked today with your new site too!

  99. 100

    Already a subscriber but updated in Google Reader. Love the new look!!

  100. 101

    I subscribed!! :D BEAUTIFUL site!

  101. 102

    Goodness sakes! Everything you do is fabulous! Even the switchover! You Rock and so does your new site and your store! I will resubscribe too!

  102. 103

    I updated my subscription! Love the new look!

  103. 104

    I re-followed you!

  104. 105
    Jennifer C. says:

    I resubscribed (to be sure) and how did you KNOW I’ve been eyeing those zipper pouches!??!

  105. 106

    Officially a follower! Love your blog and shop, yay for the new fancy website :)

  106. 107

    I am so going to go shopping! Woohoo! Love the new design. How in the heck did you get the follower button to stay on wordpress? I was told that you couldn’t have a follower button only a subscriber button that follower buttons are only an eblog design feature. I would LOVE to have that back on my wordpress blog.

  107. 108

    Great new site! I have resubscribed.

  108. 109

    great, freshened up look! I re-subscribed, but your posts are still showing up in my reader! Huge fan!

  109. 110

    I am officially following you now! Before I had just subscribed on reader – thanks for the giveaway! Love your stuff :)

  110. 111

    LOVE the new look! i am an official follower!

  111. 112


  112. 113

    Wow, Lindsey. I love it. Of course I am following!

  113. 114

    Wondered when (if) you were going to make the switch! I like the new look! This page showed up in my reader, but I’ll update my feed anyway.

  114. 115

    Just started following this past week… following again!

  115. 116

    Beautiful. Love it.

  116. 117

    Subscribed! LOVE the new blog!!!

  117. 118

    I’m a subscriber!

  118. 119

    lovely new design! thanks for the giveaway opportunity :) re-follower & fan on FB

  119. 120

    it looks fabulous!!! i am a re-follower! :)

  120. 121

    I subscribed!! :) Great site!

  121. 122

    How exciting Lindsey! LOVE the giveaway opportunity :) THANKS!

  122. 123

    love the new look!

  123. 124

    Love your blog, so inspiring!!

  124. 125

    Like the new look…I re-followed..(is that even a word!!)

  125. 126

    Hi Lindsey! I love the updated look!! Super clean and lovely. I’m waiting for my graphic designer to get done with my blog design…can’t wait!! I am already a follower, but I’m subscribing to your feed too. Thanks for the giveaways!!

  126. 127

    Love your blog. I am a follower now. Love the new look!!

  127. 128

    Love the great new look! Just resubscribed to be a follower. Thanks for the great giveaway and coupon code! :)

  128. 129

    loyal re-follower! lol! love the cleaned up look! =]

  129. 130
    shannon stinson says:

    i love your “makeover”! very simple. very clean. very cute!
    oh, and i am a “new” follower of yours!

  130. 131
    Brittany Davis says:

    I FOLLOW you…of course! I love all your stuff and have been DYING for one of your checkbook covers!!!

  131. 132

    Subscribed/following, always. yup. always.

  132. 133

    excited to have resubscribed to the new blog, and love the new design!

  133. 134

    I resubscribed!! But you were still in my reader! Love your stuff!

  134. 135
    Brittany Wertz says:

    I resubscribed! love your stuff! :)

  135. 136

    I’m a resubscriber!!! Love the bolg!!!

  136. 137

    I love the new space. Of course I will resubscribe!

  137. 138

    I love the new look, I am a follower already – beautiful!

  138. 139

    love your blog, I am a subscriber

  139. 140

    FYI, the link to your shop isn’t working

  140. 141

    re-following!! isn’t changing things up fun?

  141. 142

    I resubscribed. I love the changes! You have beautiful stuff. I would love to be able to win the gift certificate. You are such an inspiration. Do you have pockets in the bloom bag?

    • 143

      yes there are several pockets in them! if you click on each bag in my shop you can see in the description how many each has.

  142. 144

    I love the new site :) re-subscribed!

  143. 145

    Love your new blog and store!!

  144. 146

    OH, I resubscribed. . ..

  145. 147

    I resubscribed! I love your site. I have a zippered pouch already, but I am definitely thinking about ordering more!

  146. 148

    the new digs look great! oh, and i love your stuff!

  147. 149

    Hi there. I re-subscribed and would love to be entered in your wonderful giveaway.


  148. 150

    Hi Lindsey,

    I just love your new blog!! Soo refreshing!! You know how much I love your shop. All my friends love your products too!! I have plenty birthdays and Christmas shopping to do. A store credit would be much appreciated!!

    • 151

      hi rachel!
      not sure if you’ve noticed that my shop is a little bare. lots of changes before the creative connection in mn next week, but i’ll be restocking as soon as i get back with lots of fun new goodies!

  149. 152
    tiffany day says:


    i subscribed hope it worked!! love you blog and all your cute stuff!!

    thanks for all you share!


  150. 153

    I’m following you…again! :)

  151. 154

    Yay! Beautiful website! I am proud to resubscribe to your blog. I love it so much and has been a daily inspiration for me :) Good luck with the new digs!

  152. 155

    It looks beautiful!

  153. 156

    I did re-subscribed!!

  154. 157

    Oh and just a thought. If those who have blogger copy your blog website into their blog feed it should show when you update your website. At least it is for me. :)

  155. 158

    I just subscribed. Love the new look and your work!

  156. 159

    Just subscribed! Cute new layout!!

  157. 160

    Love the new look. I subscribe.

  158. 161
    Michelle F says:

    Just re-subscribed- it looks great! *hope I win*

  159. 162

    Thank you for sharing!!! Your site looks great! And can’t wait to do some shopping =)

  160. 163

    I love the new layout! I was hear earlier in the day, and I was thinking..something looks different!

    Just Better Together

  161. 164

    I am a follower! I am super in love with your menu bar!! TO cute!!!

  162. 165
    Jennifer S says:

    I just subscribed! The new layout is awesome! Love the site and your creations! Keep up the good work :)

  163. 166

    I re-followed you Lindsey and the new format is gorgeous!!

  164. 167

    SOOO excited about the new blog design! Looks fantastic. I have just resubscribed too.

    Tameeka :)

  165. 168

    I subscribe now!

  166. 169

    I’m a subscriber… cute blog!

  167. 170

    Love the new blog design too! I am subscribing once again!

  168. 171

    Neat! Love the picture of your little boy. that is a great shot!

  169. 172
    Lisa Lewis says:

    I am glad you send a business card with each order/purchase because I receive SO MANY compliments on my posy pins or my bag or my sunglass case or my checkbook cover…I give out the pleated poppy business cards all the time!

    Resubscribed…like your new home!

  170. 174

    Love your site! Hope I win!

  171. 175

    OMG it’s so beautiful! I love it. Resubscribing :-)

  172. 176

    Resubscribing. And for what it’s worth, your blog is in my MUST READS folder in google reader. :)

  173. 177

    I’m resubscribing and trying to decide if I have any money to spend this weekend at your shop…. better check! :)

  174. 178

    looks beautiful!!! i’m definitely resubscribing. i love your blog!

  175. 179

    This update came through on my blogger feed, but I updated the address just in case – I don’t want to miss anything! :)

  176. 180

    I just resubscribed! I love you blog!!

  177. 181

    I resubscribed :) I’m a big fan–everything looks fabulous!

  178. 182
    Gina Brown says:

    I love your new blog it is great !

  179. 183

    I didnt need to resubscribe it seems like google already found your new feed cause I got this and it said replace old subscription!! love the new site…looks great!

  180. 184

    I resubscribed:) The new blog looks fantastic!

  181. 185

    SO FUN seeing your new design – it is DARLING – i am re-subscribed and READY TO READ! thanks for all your inspiration – you add beauty to our everyday lives!!

  182. 186

    I LOVE your new design! Fits perfectly for your product. I am re-subscribing right now so enter me! :)

  183. 187

    I re-subscribed!

  184. 188

    love the new blog makeover! i’m subscribing today! :)

  185. 189

    Love the new look, and especially the handdrawn details! Winning $75 shop credit would be like winning the lottery! Two young daughters=need Pleated Poppy! :) Blessed day to you!

  186. 190

    Yah, it looks great. I’d love to be entered into your draw. I follow!!

  187. 191

    I follow you in blogger, and it switched over just fine! I like the new layout!

  188. 192

    lovin the new look! congrats. i subscribed ;)

  189. 193

    i just subscribed! :)

  190. 194

    alrighty, count me in. everything looks fabulous and i’m a facebook fan, plus added your new address to my google reader.

  191. 195

    i absolutely LOVE your new blog!!!
    i’ve been following you for a long time through bloglines, and it linked to your new home. just fyi.
    thanks so much for the chance to win!

  192. 196

    I’m a follower! Thanks for the giveaway…would love to win!!

  193. 197

    Love the new look very fresh! Glad my reader kept up to date with the move :)

  194. 198

    I must still be a follower as you are still sprouting up on my blog roll. I love your new look. So cute. I would love to win your gift certificate. I am already making my Christmas list and your items are up front and center.

  195. 199

    The new design is gorgeous. Your blog is still showing up in my reader, but I followed it in the new format, just in case. What a great giveaway! I hope I win!

  196. 200
    Kate Petro says:

    I re-subscribed! :) Love the new look! And my daughter wears her posy headband ALL THE TIME!! :) We just love your shop too! :)

  197. 201

    Great new blog! I love your creativity and am inspired by it :) Just subscribed after reading your blog for a couple months.

  198. 202

    Looks great! I’ve been (and still am) a follower.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  199. 203

    Lovely! Very fun! You kept showing up in my reader so I didn’t have to resubscribe – your feed just worked!

  200. 204

    I re-subscribed…..and I’m hoping I win! Thanks!

  201. 205

    I love the new look!!!!

  202. 206

    I resubscribed! Love your blog and all your designs!

  203. 207

    Love the new look! I re-subscribed I like it so much ;) Especially darling is the poppy that shows up in the address bar, too cute!

  204. 208

    I subscribe and your new look is GREAT!

  205. 209

    I resubscribed! Love, love, LOVE your blog and your shop :)

  206. 210

    I re-subscribed. Love the shop!

  207. 211
    cheri morgan opie says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blog format. Very clean and fresh! I am a daily reader and find your outlook on life and style very insprational. Best wishes!

  208. 212

    I love it! You done good! :)

  209. 213
    Kristin Meldrim says:

    I was so confused when Google Reader was showing me old posts of yours but then it hit me you must be moving. It looks very nice! And I am still subscribed!

  210. 214

    I subscribed….or re-subscribed…either way I’m here and I’m following!! Hoping I win some store credit!!! :)

  211. 215

    I re-subscribed! I’m not sure If you got knocked off my reader, but I followed you again just to make sure LOL

  212. 216

    I absolutely love the look of your new home…..clean and crisp and easy to navigate through. Great job!

  213. 217

    Love the new blog / shop! oh, and I am a follower :) Would LOVE to win store credit!

  214. 218

    love the new blog!! Would so LOVE to win!!

  215. 219

    I’ve been following your blog for almost 2years now!
    I love all your great sewing and decorating ideas!

  216. 220

    Just added your new address to my blog list of favorites and re-signed up as a follower…Your blog is one of the first I am now visiting each day…Love it…

  217. 221

    I must win! I must win!

    I am a huge follower!

  218. 222

    Iove your stuff – I’m subscribed!

  219. 223

    Love your blog, love your site! I think/hope I just subscribed!!! Pick me!!

  220. 224

    You bet I re-subscribed! seriously… Lindsey the new look is amazing. Oh my goodness. The fonts (you know I love ’em) … the hand-drawn scallop … the icons at the top …. as Rachel Zoe would say: “I die.” “literally.”

  221. 225

    Just re-subscribed! Love the new look!


  222. 226

    I signed up!


  223. 227

    Yay! I follow, I want to win!! ;)

  224. 228

    cute, fresh and a fun new adventure…fyi and good news. ..it did show up in my feed

  225. 229

    i am a re-follower. everything looks great!

  226. 230

    I love it!!! And I just subscribed, of course. Great job to both of you ladies. The header is suuuper cute.

  227. 231

    It looks very nice Lindsey!

  228. 232

    hey, just wanted to tell you i am subscribed, and using google reader. i’ll follow you no matter who hosts your blog! :) love your site, love your products! :)

  229. 233

    I have been a subscriber for awhile, and your post today showed up in my feed. I knew something was up earlier because there was a post in Latin! Anyway, it is a fitting blog for a crafty lady!

  230. 234

    resubscribed! ;o) LoVe LoVe LoVe the new look!

  231. 235

    Love your new blog! I got SO excited when I saw your offer for 15% off your store this weekend!! I have been eyeing one of the zippered pouches for a while, but I went to purchase right away after I saw your special and it’s sold out :-( And so are many of the other zippered pouches I liked. I’m so sad!

  232. 236
    shelly larson says:

    HELLO !! Your new blog looks GREAT ! I’m a follower and a facebook fan !

  233. 237

    Love the new site! You inspire me to create stuff–and try to swap the sweats for some better looking clothes!

  234. 238

    I’ve made sure you’re in my reader- you are! I’d love to win this $75. Love the new look. :) XO

  235. 239

    Love the new black bloom bag! I’ve been wanting one of those for a while! Confirmed I’m still subscribed, but liked your fb page, which I hadn’t hooked up to yet! Thx!

  236. 240

    Isn’t Darcy wonderwoman?!?!? It is so cute!

    Resubscribed. :-)

  237. 241

    I’m new to the blogging world so for the past few weeks i’ve just been bookmarking blogs and your blog was the first one i bookmarked and the one i check everyday! but i’ll have you know i finally got an account (due to this special offer!) so i could follow you for real now! thanks for all the inspiration, when i get enough courage and confidence i’ll make a blog and post all my creations :)

  238. 242

    I’m following again:) Love your new look!

  239. 243

    I resubscribed. Love the new look!

  240. 244

    I’m resubscribed! Love your blog, love the new look.

  241. 245

    just resubscribed!!! yay! love it!

  242. 246

    it’s just beautiful. i love it here.

  243. 247

    I just updated the info. Everything looks great!

  244. 248

    Looks so pretty! I’m subscribed! :)

  245. 249

    Looks like I’m still subscribed and didn’t have to resubscribe. I love you blog and your shop.

  246. 250

    I subscribed and would lovvvve to win!

  247. 251

    I am now subscribed again!!!!! Hope I’m the lucky winner : )

  248. 252
    Sarah Steelman says:

    I just found you! Love your site. I don’t own a sewing maching, but reading your blog makes me want to go out and buy one!

  249. 253

    I’ve been a follower for at least a year! Luv your things! you showed up in my reader so we’re still good! Hope I win!

  250. 254

    OMG I love it!! It’s so much the same, but so different at the same time! I hope I win!

  251. 255

    I resubscribed:-) LOVE your stuff…and I keep meaning to do what I wore wednesday! Maybe this week!

  252. 256

    Looks great Lindsey! I subscribed to the new one!

  253. 257

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    Been a follower for awhile and can’t WAIT to do the Family Rules project – we move in January so I want to wait until we have our new house (where ever that may be thanks to the Navy) before I attempt picking papers/colors/fonts. So fun!

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