what’s new?

i added some fun new items to my shop this week and restocked some favorites!

beautiful new petal drop necklaces have been added.

if you are ready for fall, then  this one’s for you.

but if you are still hanging on to summer (like me), then you’ll love this one!

and i added some new zippered pouches.

this pouch is trying so hard to be “all business”, but that sassy ruffle is just too fun!

and now back, by popular demand (meaning lots of email requests):

grey, cream, and houndstooth petal pushers!

and i JUST added new sunnies cases – protect those lenses!


it was crazy hot here this weekend – how about in your neck of the woods?

how’s this for a fun saturday:

2 girls with soccer games.

both at 1 0’clock (aka naptime).

at 2 different fields at opposite ends of town.

100+ degrees.

oh, did i mention i was a single mom this weekend?

yeah, good times.

i’d love to say i kept my cool, but it was too dang hot!

but we finished off our weekend with a cool dip at the beach and now we are all much less grumpy!


  1. 1

    I hope I don’t sound *terribly* tacky…
    I have a fantastic flower barrette template that I found online that is somewhat similar to your “petal pusher”…I have such fun making them.
    I was wondering if you have a tutorial posted any where on how to make these Petal Pushers (I’m thinking “probably not” since they are a source of income for you :)…or if you would consider selling a pattern and instructions for them.
    I feel like such a doof even asking such a question, so if I’ve made you horribly upset, just delete my post and forget all about me…
    Thanks! :)

    • 2

      hi erin!
      no problem asking! i am not selling or offering a tutorial on most of my products for the reason you said – its my income. and i have seen that tutorial as well – it came out just a few weeks after i started selling my petal pushers!

      • 3

        Not a problem! I felt *crunchy* even asking, but I didn’t want to assume so and then find out later that a tutorial was available. I went ahead and purchased your cream petal pusher…gotta say I am sooooo excited to receive it. Thanks for your inspiring products!!!

  2. 4

    love your new necklaces and those petal pushers are a staple of your shop!! :D

  3. 5

    LOVE the petal pushers!!! The sports just kill you don’t they. We will have volleyball, hockey and basketball all within the next few months here. It will be scary when all 5 of them are in a sport. YIKES!!!!

  4. 6

    sounds like a busy and hot weekend! summer is not here anymore…and i love fall, so i can’t wait for some more chilly mornings for a big sweater. i know in a few months…i will want that summer back!
    enjoy your week.

  5. 7

    Well as we head towards another Australian summer I have some rather horrid memories of last summer when it was HOT, HOT, HOT for days on end – 10 days plus over 40 deg with night times going down to a balmy 20 deg!!!! NOT fun, NOT fun at all!!! Good on you for just getting through the weekend!!!

  6. 8

    Petal Drop necklace is beautiful!!!


  7. 9

    Pretty pieces! Any plans for more bags, maybe in a grey or turquoise? ;)

  8. 12

    I am hearing you Lindsey with the heat!!! Enough already right? Love your new items.

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