flea market friends & finds

over labor day (yes, i’m waaay behind on posts) we went with a group of friends up to my parents’ house at the lake. i think we just missed julie by a couple days.

a town about 25 minutes away always has this peddler’s fair on the holiday weekend.  um, there’s a lot of “trash” there, but once you get past it, there are some real treasures!

the dad’s took all the kids, all FIFTEEN of the kids, while the mom’s got a couple hours away to look at good junk.

and some not so good junk (really? a clear cowboy hat?).

don’t you just love julie’s necklace?! ;)

of all the pretty stuff i saw, i was proud of myself to only walk away with a vintage hankie (intended to become a pillow case).  oh, and a dr. pepper (fresh, not vintage).

here’s all the girls with their finds.  i really wanted to plow joy down for the giant turquoise enamel pot, but she’s my friend, i love her, and she cooks waaay better than me.  so she won.


did you know that sean and i used to go to various flea markets almost every weekend for a year?

i also went to garage sales and estate sales every thursday, friday and saturday, too.

that’s how i furnished our first home.  but then our apartment was full, but i kept finding great things, so i opened a booth in an antique mall and sold my found and refurbished treasures there.  obviously, this was pre-kids.  and it was so.much.fun!

so every time i go out in search of something great, memories come flooding back to me of such a fun year of my life!

ok, that’s enough.



  1. 1

    Very Cute. Your pictures just crack me up Lindsey. Looks like you found some great stuff!

  2. 2

    I was there that weekend!!! We were going to go to the peddler’s fair, but my toddler decided it wasn’t for us this year. Too bad, I might have had a heart attack if I’d randomly run into you.!! My in-laws have property in Oakhurst and we were there all weekend. So funny.

  3. 4

    I have the same white bowl on the left in the second picture! It belonged to my great great grandmother! :)

  4. 5

    I love flea markets and yard sales too! THey’re the best place to find amazing treasures!

  5. 6

    Vintage hankie (intended to become a pillow case ) How do you make these ? I have some vintage hankies !

    • 7

      um… well its still in the works (ie, in my head), so i don’t really know how it’ll work. i’m thinking of just making a simple pillow case with the hankie top stitched to the outer part. not sure, but i’ll post pics if i ever get to it!

  6. 8

    dude. i need a haircut. my “bangs” are clearly always in my face. fun.

    p.s. that weekend was so fun! loved it! thanks for the invite!

  7. 9

    I love flea markets. I like your idea of selling stuff. So smart. I am proud of you for only buying a hankie. I love to go out, but I find stuff and buy what I don’t need. I need will power. I can’t wait to see what you make with it.

  8. 10

    I love flea markets,near my city we have them on Friday,Thursday,Saturday and Sunday.Just like you,me and my husband used to go at least once in the week,but that were pre-kid-days :-)

  9. 11

    You opened a store with all your flea market finds?! That is amazing. I want to furnish my home with cool stuff like this. This is a draw back from living in the city.

    Just Better Together

  10. 12

    My husband and I are in total flea market phase. I think he looks forward to it even more than me. We’re making some great memories.

  11. 13

    I can’t help but to notice that very very pregnant girl in the background of the last pic. Wow. She is really big. I wonder how many babies she has in there?!

    Funny (and odd) that it took a background pic to bring me out of the comment closet. LOL

  12. 14

    Love these chairs + Pepsi boxes. There is nothing better than a day thrifting, antiquing, whatever with friends.

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