what i wore wednesday

happy wednesday!

i know there are so many of you who have taken pics of yourself, but are so afraid to post them.  i know how it is, believe me.  it took me awhile before i could do my first confessionary post that kicked this all off.  just “man up” (totally wrong phrase, i know, but you get the idea), and do it.  you’ll be glad you did.

and it’s so fun seeing you all visit each other’s sites!  i can’t get to them all (there are so. many. now!), but i usually get to 10-20 and love seeing that you are all commenting and encouraging one another.  and we’re building our readership and making new friends – so fun!

ok, ‘nuf rambling, here’s the scoop:

shirt dress – walmart

leggings – walamrt

copper flats – target (about ready for a new pair – they still sell them online. i’m a size 8 in those if anyone wants a gift idea ;) )

camera strap – shey b

when i get something new, i wear it. and wear it. and wear it.

so that’s what i’ve been doing with my new brave love necklace – love it.

some days lily has the cutest style.  i’m gonna go ahead and say this was not one of those days.  early on i realized clothing was not a battle i was willing to fight, so i let my kids wear whatever they want, as long as its appropriate for their age and the weather.  lily likes for me to give her guidelines, like “pants, short sleeve shirt, sweatshirt”, then she layers. and layers. and layers. i regret not getting a picture, but on monday she wore a polka dot dress with a striped long sleeve shirt under, ruffled leggings, and hot pink cowgirl boots – and she looked adorable.  like out of a magazine crazy cute.

then there was this day where she just missed the mark, but still is crazy cute.

uh, what’s going on with my face? did i just bite a lemon or something?

this was friday, hanging out at the house all day, low key.

hat – local shop

tank – old navy

jeans – local shop

flips – rainbow sandals

necklace – yes, same one

ok, this is exactly why i started wiww – to not look like this.  but i have a really good excuse:  it was saturday morning and we were heading out for donuts and garage sale-ing.  my theory that i’m hanging on to is that if you’re dressed nice people won’t be as willing to negotiate on their prices.  so i dress like i just rolled out of bed.  because i did.  just roll out of bed.  my kids were amazing and turned on a movie for awhile until i rolled out of bed at, um, 8:30!!!  maybe they thought it was my birthday?

hat – local surf shop – totally faded from the sun

sweatshirt – sean’s from when we were still dating

sweats – forever 21

fake uggs – costco

cute boy – my uterus

so i came home form garage sale-ing and changed into a slightly more presentable version of weekend comfy for the girls’ soccer games.  that were at the same time.  naptime.  at 2 different locations.  and no husband in town to help.  good times.  again.

tanks – target

sweatshirt – target

yoga pants – target

necklace – i told you i wear things a lot!


sweater – target

shirt – embellished by me

trouser jeans – target

ruffled flats – marshall’s

monday – dropped kids off at school and ran errands

shirt – target

petal pusher – the pleated poppy

leggings – walmart

boots – target

seriously!  will someone please come and clean my bathroom mirror?!  apparently i am totally incapable.

shirt – goodwill

jeans – local shop

sandals – walmart

alright all you crazies… link up (let’s aim for 100, ok?  maybe there will be a little something for you if we get there!)

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  1. 1

    Hey, Lindsey! Love your cute outfits (even the comfy ones!). I was just thinking I could use some cute sweatsuits to wear around! I love that brown and white sweater from target. Happy WIWW!!!!

    {And thanks so much for doing this weekly! I love it and look forward to it every week!}

  2. 2

    Love those boots!

  3. 3

    You always look so cute! I just mustered up the courage to post last week. I am so glad I did. It inspired me dig through the closet and mix things in a new way. I also went shopping for some accessories to drag myself out of my comfort zone. A lady in Target asked me for fashion advice this week!

  4. 4

    love your outfits :)

  5. 5

    Love your boots with leggings!

  6. 6

    Very cute! I like the church outfit, Monday and the final outfit. Lily looks pretty cute, I think :) I was a little confused by the link up this week, but then I clicked on it and it made sense. I missed WIWW last week so it was probably like that then, too. Thanks for hosting the fun!

    • 7

      hi michele!
      not sure what exactly is going on with the linky, but with wordpress blogs they now have to do it this way, although my blog is hosted somewhere else…. i’ll try something else next week and see if i can get it back like it was.

  7. 8

    1. Your clothes were super cute this week.
    2. Your daughter is adorable.
    3. YOU SAID “MY UTERUS.” BAHAHA Guess you’re keepin’ it real? Nice.

  8. 9

    Great outfits as always and I really love that last blouse, very pretty! Your little girl sounds a lot like mine when she was that age, it’s great! Very cute boy from “your uterus”, made me laugh. :)

    Thanks again for the fun link up!

  9. 10

    Thanks for doing this Lindsey. It took me a while to get the courage to begin linking up but I am having so much fun doing it. And I love that you post the pics of your comfy outfits as well, you are keeping it real and it makes me not feel so bad about spending 3 of the last 5 days in sweats :) I look forward to this every week!!!


    P.S. I love that sweater from Target and the shirt from Goodwill, so adorable!!!

  10. 11

    great outfits! I’m really loving your amazing Goodwill shirt in the last pic!
    Blessing, bex

  11. 12

    I will link up when I remember to take pictures; promise. LOL I’m terrible at remembering!

    I love the little boy from your uterus, funny.

  12. 13

    I linked up one week, with intentions of doing it every week…but then I realized that I only had like 5 outfits, so it really doesn’t work for me….guess I need to go shopping. ; )

    You style is amazing! Love it…you have some of the cutest outfits.

  13. 14

    My daughter is the exact same way…somedays so cute and some I’m like, um, no.
    I love that you wear hats so well. Me, not so much. See you in January!!

  14. 15

    loving the goodwill shirt!!! cute hair style on you too!

  15. 16

    love your outfits…so cute. LOVE the boots with leggings, the goodwill shirt and the cute cardi from Target!

    I was totally intending to link about started to take pictures and couldn’t get it to work. When I did them with the flash on it reflected in the mirror and then without flash it was too dark. Alas, when I figure it out I will post…I really look forward to your pictures!!

  16. 17

    I totally have that shirt dress from Walmart and it’s one of comfiest things I own! :)

  17. 18

    Very cute! If I did WIWW right now, it would be so boring. Hot Arizona (still) does not allow opportunities for layering until the winter. Living vicariously through you!

  18. 19

    Seriously LOVE your Monday outfit! I am dying over those boots!!

  19. 20

    I’m loving all of your outfits–even the garage sale/comfy ones because some days require them in the real world. i have that same yellow/gold peasant blouse–but you probably got a better deal at Goodwill, I got mine at Target.

    Thanks for hosting this weekly fashion party–but it’s really more than just fashion–making more of an effort to get myself together and slightly cute is really making a difference in my days and in my mood.

  20. 21

    lol–I couldn’t figure out why all of your clothes were dirty and finally figured out it was your mirror right before your comment on it. Too funny! I have the same problem but it’s from my dog’s nose.

  21. 22

    “Cute boy-my uterus”-haha

    I would post, but I don’t have a full-length mirror and asking my husband to do it is a pain in the butt…

  22. 23

    i’ll come clean your mirror if you come clean my car windows:)
    i love seeing your WIWW’s and love checking out some others’ too!!

  23. 24

    you are awesome! i love your necklace! :)gina

  24. 25

    There you are lookin’ cute as always! I wish I could try wearing cute different stuff, but I’m stuck in the jeans and a tshirt mode…always have been, always will be! I’m just glad there are people like you out there who can seem to put anything on and look adorable! Makes me jealous as heck, but I’m glad someone can do it since i can’t, haha.

  25. 26

    I like all your outfits. I don’t mind the comfy one’s either. It is okay to wear that every so often. I decided to do this too because I would wear sweats all all the time especially after I had my son. I haven’t linked up in a couple of weeks. I’ve had a lot on my mind and we’ve been busy. I do enjoy doing these!! Look for me next week! =)

  26. 27

    i almost bought those boots from Target!!!

  27. 28

    cute looks and boots. love that you keep it real in the sweats!

  28. 29

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but I’ve been reading for a while now and it’s one of my very favorites! I love WIWW, too! You have the cutest style! And I’ve seen lots of people with those boots from Target. I may have to get a pair for myself!

  29. 30

    Thank you soooo much for sharing!! Great words of advise about taking pictures of ourselves!! You got me pegged!! :) I will try!! Love all your outfits!!

  30. 31

    You and the other bloggers have totally inspired me to go thrift shopping. I love how you and several others layer alot of your outfits. I need to venture out and do so myself. I have just recently become a stay at home mom so thrift shopping is going to be a necessity. Thank you for doing these WIWW posts. I love them and hopefully I will get up the nerve to start joining in. Most days, if I’m not going anywhere, I stay in my pj’s (since I have a 4 month old). But I find that if I make myself get dressed I feel better. I really need to start doing that more. Anyways, thank you for the inspiration. You are a super cute mommy!

  31. 32

    I love the hats.. love the printed shirt from goodwill (you can really find some treasures there). Lily’s outfit is super adorable!! I REALLY need to order a petal pusher(or 2).. they are so dang cute.

    I am so super excited.. I totally ‘manned up’ and took my first WIWW picture this morning and can’t wait to link up with you next week.

    :0) Renae

  32. 33

    do you know about Fancy Nancy? When we found the books a year ago i thought they were modeled after my 4 yr old. she and lily would probably get along great. love the crazy outfits they throw together! your girls have the cutest hair cuts! (how could they not with a mommy like you!) too stinking cute! thank you for starting and hosting wiww each week. you are so brave and give lots of us courage to put ourselves out there each week. thank you!!

    • 34

      hi meagan!

      we *love* fancy nancy! lily actually had a “fancy” party for her 4th birthday, and is reading a fancy nancy book as i type!

  33. 35

    LOL!!! I was wondering why you had the same stain on every pair of pants until you mentioned your mirror needed cleaning!! :)

  34. 37

    Love that sweet necklace, and your BOOTS!

  35. 38

    Say it every week….to cute for words! Love the first and last pics the most. Love that last shirt….so very cute, totally my style! You score well at Walmart! Love Lily, she is soooo adorable! Have a great rest of the week!

  36. 39

    I read your reply above about the linky tool and am glad you’re going to try to get it back the way it was. I love checking out everyone else’s outfits each week but it seems to keep timing out after a while and goes to a linky log in page so then I have to go back to your blog and click on the link again and it’s just not quite as convenient :)

    And I can’t tell you how many times over the past months of you doing this that I’ve got outfit inspiration from you – so thanks :)

  37. 40

    You have some cute stuff! I have the same dress you are wearing! I actually put it in my consignment pile, but you look so cute in it that I might have to take it out!

  38. 41

    Yikes-o-rama. I’m so late in linking up today!
    I am so thankful you wear so much Target. Me too! I feel like a Lindsey-shoe-stalker since we have so many of the same. And just this week I was considering getting a back up pair of those bronze flats. Mine are not going to last another season.

  39. 42

    Okay…how fun is this post? Love it, and seriously my favorite outfil is the one with the Goodwill shirt…so totally cute! I’m coming back to visit your blog and maybe I’ll get brave and post some outfits too.

  40. 43
    Sarita LaBove says:

    Love your style , I visit lisa leonards wIww alot .. You guys are so adorable !! Love everything but, my fav. thing is your goodwill blouse too cute .. be blessed ….

  41. 44
    Keshet Shenkar says:

    So fun! For some reason, I can’t find the links anymore, happened to me last week, too–am I missing something?

  42. 45

    Your first outfit is really cute!
    I have those flats and love them!

  43. 46

    Ooooh, I have those same Target boots, and I LOVE them!! :)

  44. 47

    Don’t worry about those mirror smudges- you’ll miss them someday!! It scares me when I go into a house where little folks live and there are no fingerprints anywhere!!

  45. 48

    I was on the debating buying those Target boots after I tried them on last week. They look so cute that I just might go out tomorrow and buy them!!

  46. 49
    Alison Armstrong says:

    what brand are your jeans? i really like them!

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