what i wore wednesday, and a giveaway!

wow, someone has her serious face on!  i think i’ll just go back to putting the camera in my face – much better!

sweater – old navy

dress – old navy

jeans  – local shop

boots – miz mooz

necklace – lisa leonard designs

posy pin – the pleated poppy

(i’m almost out of stock of posies, but i’ve been working the nights away making some fun new fall posies – coming soon!)

camera strap slipcover – sheyb

cardi – old navy

tank – old navy

jeans – local shop

sandals – gap

new necklace!!!! – lisa leonard designs

ohhhh, how cute is this necklace?!  i am so in love with the hand drawn scallops – they totally remind me of my blog!  and i love having our whole family represented, not just the kids.

dress – target

posy pin – me!

gracie – in a hand-me-down dress *love*

new top from nations outfitters

jeans – gap

flats – target

i am loving this new top!  i actually almost wore it again today, but thought posting it twice in one week might be too much (but i’ll probably wear it tomorrow!)

it is super comfy and has a very forgiving waistline, with a slight a-line cut.

the ruffles add just a little sass, and the fabric print is really pretty – a silver sage color with a subtle mustard design.

and it totally works with a cardi, too, which is important because you know me and my cardigans – gotta have ’em!

(wonder when i’ll get around to cleaning my mirror?)

nope, not showing you my tush, just that i’m using my handy dandy tiny pouch!

we went for a walk downtown and i just put in my credit card and i.d. and a little cash and was good to go!  its nice and flat so it didn’t bug me in my back pocket.

(btw – thanks for all the tiny pouch love! i just have to add snaps to a huge pile of them and they’ll be back in the shop!)

i also got this top from nations outfitters.

it feels cozy like a t-shirt, but is dressed up with the boat neck and tiny ruffle – and i’m a sucker for ruffles in any size!

the funky pea green color is balanced by heather grey.

aren’t the cap sleeves so cute?

so do YOU want some cuteness from nations outfitters, too?

oh good, because it just so happens that they want to GIVE you some!

how about $50 worth of product?!?!

ummmm, yes please!

but first, here’s a little about nations outfitters, which makes me love the clothes all the more:

So there’s a mom here in Birmingham, Alabama who has a lofty goal.  She wants to change the fashion industry.  She wants this generation to understand that it’s what you do in your clothes that makes you beautiful!  Her name is LisaAnn and she dreams of generation that serves others instead of themselves.  She has been working hard to make this dream a reality with a grassroots company called Nations Outfitters (www.NationsOutfitters.com).  The clothes at Nations Outfitters are designed to satisfy moms and teens alike.  They are feminine and funky, but modest (so everyone’s happy).

Besides creating super cute clothes, her main focus is showing this generation doing positive things.  The website has a community page (http://www.nationsoutfitters.com/photos/community.php) where people are serving in their own communities and around the world.  AND the company gives 5% of every sale to Habitat for Humanity.

so if you’d like to be entered into the giveaway, just hop on over to nations outfitters and tell me how you’d spend your $50.

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  1. 1

    Oh boy how cute are their stuff? I’m in love! I would with out a doubt use a gift certificate towards The ZuZu Dress too cute to pass it up. Crossing my fingers :)

  2. 2

    these clothes are fantastic, and i love supporting a company with a mission! with my imaginary 50 dollars I would buy the “sarah” top and the “be the light” t-shirt. sure, i’d have to kick in some of my own money for the tax and shipping, but i’d be happy to contribute to such a great company. even if i don’t win, will definitely pass this website on to friends.

  3. 3

    Super super cute looks!

  4. 4

    Cute oufits as always Lindsay and how nice to have some new things!!
    I would spend it on a dress or the Leighanne top like yours.
    I too would have to spend extra for the postage to Australia :)
    I really like the look of your jeans (rolled up) in the second shot.

  5. 5

    Wow! Love their clothes, I would get the Sarah top and the Genie top!

  6. 6

    Wow, what a great site! I love it all, but my favs are the ZuZu dress and – ironically enough – the Lindsey dress! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway and linking up to a site with a cool cause :)

    Also, you look cute as always!

  7. 7

    I love this store! Thank you for introducing it to me! I love The Saige Top and The Hope Dress!

  8. 8

    They have such great clothes. I really love the Madi shirt and the Tricia shirt!

  9. 9

    There is something perfect for each girl in the family… so for me I would get the Be the Light t-shirt, and for the sisters I would get Yoga Skirt/Shirt, the Katherine dress, and the Sophie dress. All the items are adorable! Thanks for the introduction to Nations Outfitters!

  10. 10

    OK, this is a new fave site for me. The clothes are incredible, and I love the story behind the shop!! My hubby and I are getting ready to celebrate our 15 yr anniversary, and I’d love to have the Genie dress to wear that night. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. 11
    Sonja Nelson says:

    I would get the Sherri top I think…so much cuteness to choose from!!

  12. 12

    Love all your outfits! I would get either a dress, a shirt, or both! The whole site has cute clothes!! :-)

  13. 13

    Such cute outfits! I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl so I love sprucing things up with a nicer top. If I don’t win this I’m seriously considering buying the Genie top on my own anyway.

  14. 14

    You look great, and what a cute site! I think the Tricia shirt and Genie top would be a great addition to my wardrobe =)

  15. 15

    I think I would have a hard time deciding what to get. I love the 2 tops you have on, but also love the Saige top. Very cute things and I do like that they are modest.

  16. 16
    Molly Byrd says:

    I love the “be the light tee”. I would wear it ALOT. I had fun looking at all the cute clothes here and would probably wear everything. what a great company! thanks for the giveaway. mb

  17. 17

    It would be a toss up between the Hope dress or Georgia dress. Love them both! Thanks for sharing and for this amazing giveaway.

  18. 18

    Wow! I have never heard of them! Thank you SO much for sharing! I am loving the Cinnamon Sally and Genie dresses, but the Tatum wrap is awesome too! Love your new grey shirt from there! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. 19

    Love their stuff! I’m especially liking the “Hope” and “Benita” dresses, but all their stuff is fab. Great giveaway!

  20. 20

    LOVE their clothes!! I’d love to get either the Hope or Benita dress. Thanks for the giveaway! (And I love your ruffly sandals). :)

  21. 21

    i LOVE the Benita dress….LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22

    Love it all!!! I would have such a hard time decided on what to get….I want it all :)

  23. 23

    Wow! So much cuteness in one place!!
    I think you made a great choice with the Leighann Top, the dress version {the Cinnamon Sally} is too cute, & the ZuZu dress is adorable!!!!!

  24. 24

    fun stuff . . . i love the tatum wrap.

  25. 25

    I would have to say if I could only get one shirt It would be the madie shirt.All the shirts are so cute. Thanks for telling us about it……going back ob=ver to shop maybe?

  26. 26

    love the leighann top so call me a copy cat! i’d use the rest of the $50 on the sunflower shirt, too. i think i’ll pass this site on to the hubby for christmas!

  27. 27

    So much to love, but I’d go for the Benita dress or Sage top.

  28. 28

    The tatum wrap–most definitely!

  29. 29

    I adore the The Lindsey Dress. I love the yellow so fun.

  30. 30

    I love the Madi shirt. My teens would like their men’s shirts, too. Thanks for sharing. I have a birthday & Christmas in December. I’l have to bookmark this one for the family!

  31. 31

    i love the yellow dresses myself..

  32. 32

    I like so much of it, but I think I would pick the Benita Dress for my daughter.

  33. 33

    I love both the Laura and Leighann shirts – cute store. Thanks for sharing!

  34. 34

    Love all of thos dresses!! Its so hard to choose a favorite but I think I’d pick the Benita dress :)

  35. 35

    so cute! i would definitely buy one of the cutie dresses. love them.

  36. 36

    I’d love to get the Lindsey dress – super, super cute!!!!
    kathy k.

  37. 37

    I love their clothes! I would get the Tatum wrap- it is all so cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

    I love your what i wore posts- I am going to add mine today for the first time.

  38. 38

    Thanks for sharing the site- I love it! Fun, Cute, funky, Practical, and afforable!!!! I would love a few things, but I would purchase The Yellow Bird Dress!!!!

  39. 39

    The Tatum Wrap is adorable as is the Tricia Shirt!

  40. 40
    carrie r. says:

    saige and tricia tops are irresistible.

  41. 41

    I really like the laura shrugand madi top!!! I think her stuff is super cute! :)
    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  42. 42

    That Madi top sure is cute!

  43. 43

    I’m pretty sure I need The Saige Top! It’s so cute!!

  44. 44

    First off I LURVE your blog. If I had $50 for this shop I would probably chose the Leighann top and Sara top…what can I say you have great taste, but I also would have to get the Hope Dress!!!

  45. 45

    Hi from Texas! I’m so glad you showed off this shop. I ADORE their clothes and I’m happy to have a new place to hunt for modest, cute, and lovely things. The Saige top caught my eye and I think I could live in any of their dresses, too!

  46. 46

    I LOVE the Benita dress. I may have to buy it, even if I don’t win the giveaway…soooo cute!

    BTW, I think we wore the same white ruffle top this week! Great minds…

  47. 47

    Love that new top and Old Navy cardigan! I think those mini pouches are going to be my go-to Christmas gift for my teenage sisters!!

    What a great giveaway…thanks so much! And thanks for the linky party…your readers are so nice!

  48. 48

    Super cute ship! Thanks for introducing us to them. I think the Saige and Sarah tops are adorable.

  49. 49
    Jill Pierce says:

    What a great company. I have been looking around for made in the USA clothing and I am excited to see that these clothes fit the bill. I really like the Tricia shirt and the Madi shirt. Next time I need to buy new clothing I will be purchasing something from Nations Outfitters. Thanks for the introduction to this company, I never would have found them without your giveaway.

  50. 50

    I would so copy you and get that ruffled shirt…so super cute!

    And by the way, I love the “What I Wore on Wednesday” posts….great idea!

  51. 51

    I would buy everything on that website!!!!! i am in love with the Gale dress! :) Also, I totally have the orange/pink cardi from Old Navy. I love it!

  52. 52

    you look adorable this week! i’m liking all of the great color you wore and that floral cardi from old navy is just too cute!
    blessings, bex

  53. 53

    I would choose a dress. They are gorgeous! I hardly ever buy new dresses these days, and it would be a nice treat just for me. :) Love their stuff – great giveaway!

  54. 54

    Super cute week! If I won, I would choose a dress, perhaps this one?

  55. 55

    I look SO forward to WIWW!! It has inspired be to stop wearing the same old stuff week after week. I took a look at Nations Outfitters. Adorable stuff!!! I am loving dresses right now…the Yellowbird dress is too cute!! But I also love the Cinnamon Sally and the Genie. How would I choose?? :) Love your blog!! Thanks!

  56. 56

    I love the Sarah top and the tatum wrap. And of course I would be torn between the Sophie dress and the Georgia dress. Hmm. wondering if I can talk my hubby into a little splurge!

  57. 57
    Mama Fisch says:

    I would buy the Georgia Dress and the Madi Shirt (a little more than $50 but who is counting…
    I am trying to find the right “look” for my brother’s rehearsal dinner and I think the dress with a simple long cardigan and riding boots has ton of potential!

  58. 58

    There were so many adorable dresses! I would choose the Yellow Bird Dress. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  59. 60
    Danielle Harris says:

    There are lots of great things but I definitely want the Be The Light tee. What a great statement and phrase to live by!

  60. 61
    Marcia T. says:

    I would love that Madi shirt! Layers that look light and flowy. Love it!!

  61. 62

    the sherri top and tricia shirt are my favorites!! what cute stuff!!

  62. 63

    I love the Laura Shrug and I love this company!! Thanks for sharing it with us… I hope I win, but if I don’t I just might put it on my Christmas list!

    P.S. I love that first outfit!

  63. 64

    I love a couple of things – the Tatum Wrap and the “Be the Light” tee – –

  64. 65

    The Mary Alex Dress is so adorable! And I am absolutely in love with the Katie skirt! What cute clothes and the vision and mission of the company is absolutely breathtaking!

  65. 66

    I love the Madi Shirt!

  66. 67

    That first ruffle top is the most darling thing ever. I would love one. I think the preschoolers at church would really benefit from their sunday school teacher wearing it …

  67. 68

    I’d be tempted by the Zhu Zhu dress. Thanks!

  68. 69

    The Sarah Top….of course!

  69. 70

    So Cute! I love the Leighann top too. I also really like the burnout baseball tee. Thanks!

  70. 71

    I love this company! Thanks for sharing. I would get the Tatum Wrap…..so cute!!!

  71. 72

    I love the tatum wrap!

  72. 73

    ok…well everything is super adorable…but i would first buy the Madi shirt and the Tatum wrap.
    thanks for the giveaway!!

  73. 74

    Love the Benita dress! Thanks for sharing!

  74. 75

    They have the cutest tops. I’d for sure choose one of them. Thanks for this giveaway :)

  75. 76

    love all those tops, but the dresses are pretty yumnmy too!

  76. 77

    I’d love the Genie and the Sarah top! So cute!

  77. 78

    I love the Leighann top and the Madi shirt, but the dresses are really cute too!
    I look forward to reading your WIWW each week!

  78. 79

    well woo to the hoo. i love it all. i would probably choose the The Leighann Top & the burnout baseball T. :)

  79. 80

    Very cute stuff!! I like the tops the most.. the Leighan top is adorable, as well as the Madi shirt!!

  80. 81

    I would buy The Linda dress! I love wearing leggings and that is TOOOOOO cute!!!

  81. 82

    oh I love the Benita dress!!

  82. 83

    I would get the Tatum Wrap…so versatile!

  83. 84

    What a great giveaway! I really love the yellow bird dress!

  84. 85

    I love the Madi top…or the Benita dress! What a great giveaway!!


  85. 86

    i am loving the hope dress and, like you, the leighann top! great giveaway!

  86. 87

    whoa I now love Nations Outfitters!! My favorite is the Katherine Dress & the Sophie Dress
    Everything looks so comfortable


  87. 88

    I love alllll their dresses, but I think I must have the ZuZu dress!

  88. 89

    I LOVE that Leighann Top that you have! It is so cute! They have really cute dresses too. Thanks for the giveaway and another great WWIW!!

  89. 90

    Their clothes are fabulous! I’d probably choose a dress…either the Yellow Bird or the Hope. How could I ever choose?! :)

  90. 91

    LOVE the Leighann top and the Madi… both cute (and forgiving!!) :)! GREAT giveaway!

  91. 92
    Jessica M says:

    I love what this company is all about. I would choose the Tatum Shrug, but I love it all!!

  92. 93

    This is a great new site. I like the sarah top and the yoga skirt, they look super comfortable. The LA dress is also cue.

  93. 94

    Super cute clothes!! I can’t wait to try something from them….I would choose the LA Dress and the Leighann Top…

  94. 95

    I got a dress from them a few months ago and love it. I’ve had my eye on the LA Dress for a while now and would love to get it…especially with my growing baby belly.

  95. 96

    O.M.G. my new favorite place to buy clothes!!! I am so crushing over the *New* Benita Dress!!! I could wear this and be so comfy/cute while chasing my two little ones around! I love it!

  96. 97
    Holly Gaunt says:

    Love the Madi shirt and the Gale dress. What a wonderful website and mission of this company! Thanks for introducing me.

  97. 98

    I would get a Sophie dress or the cute Leighann top that you purchased! Such fun clothes!

  98. 99

    Loved their site. Especially like the genie shirt and the yellow bird dress. Lots of cute stuff!

  99. 100

    I really like the top you have, the ruffles at the neckline and the a-line cut are really cute!

  100. 101

    I love the Sarah top! I think I would buy two of them; one for me and one for my best friend who happens to be named Sarah!

  101. 102

    I love the Madi top…adorable!

  102. 103

    I love the Genie Top and the Tatum Wrap. What cute clothes!

  103. 104

    I would LOVE to win this. I would definitely be getting one of their cute dresses. Oh please let me win!!!! ****fingers crossed******

  104. 105

    LOVE the Cinnamon Sally dress!

  105. 106

    love this shop- what a find!
    I’m digging the Lindsey Dress and Katie skirt the most.
    Thanks for hosting this Giveaway, Lindsey. You have amazing taste!

  106. 107

    i love the gale dress!

  107. 108

    oh my gosh i love it all! it’s so affordable.

    i’d probably buy a few things because i love shopping & i love a good cause ;)

    1. tricia shirt
    2. the katie skirt
    3. the zuzu dress
    4. the laura shrug ((so versatile!!))

  108. 109

    I always enjoy seeing your outfits! Cute!
    Hard to choose a favorite, but I love the yellow bird dress and the Genie dress. Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. 110

    I like the Sherri Top & the Burnout Tank!

  110. 111

    Asymmetrical Slub Tank or the sarah t shirt….are the ones I like the most. Love the WIWW pics and I may join in someday :)

  111. 112

    I haven’t heard of this shop, but I love it already! LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea!

    I would have to get the Benita Dress. SO cute!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  112. 113

    Oh, I love these clothes!! I would get the madi top or the saige top, so cute and so affordable!

  113. 114

    Oooo I love this store! I’m so glad you shared it with us! I really like the Saige Top and I’d probably grab a Rugby shirt for my husband.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. 115

    I.LOVE.the dresses!!
    I dream about
    1. *New* The ZuZu Dress
    2. *New* The Yellow Bird Dress
    3. New* The Georgia Dress
    but the tops are cute too, especially
    1. The Genie Top

    I’m wanting to shop right NOW! ;0)

  115. 116

    I love it! I would choose the Tricia shirt! :)
    I just love your outfits, your blog is the first I go to on Wednesdays, that white old navy dress that you are wearing the first picture, I had too. I never felt comfortable it in…. however I love the way you are wearing it! I wish I keep mine now. :)

  116. 117

    Wow! What a great company! I can’t wait to show my 16-year old daughter. I love the Madi shirt and those dresses are so cute. And great prices, too.

  117. 118

    I love the Linda Dress!

  118. 119

    LOVE the Benita dress!

  119. 120

    I love the dresses and the yoga shirt/skirt!

  120. 121

    hmmm…i need to start saving now, because even if i did win – 50.00 isn’t going to be enough! i love too many things to list!!

  121. 122

    Woa, the ZuZu dress is amazing :) I’m in LOVE!!! :)

  122. 123

    i’d SO be getting that exact top YOU have on – i’m a sucker for anything that funky green color – i also LOVE those rugby tees – one for my hubby-oh yes!!!

  123. 124

    You are adorable. I’ve been thinking about linking up. Maybe I’ll join in next week. It looks like so much fun.

    I love the idea of Nations Outfitters. Had never heard of it before. I’d be all over the Benita dress if I won. Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. 125

    so cute, Lindsey! I love the Hope Dress. Very cute. I would love to win this one!

  125. 126

    Cute store and I love her vision!
    Love the Hope and Benita dresses… actually my list was longer but I pared it down to those two :)

  126. 127

    Oh wow! I love this website, if i were to win i would buy my self the zu zu dress it is so cute and trendy! Please pick me i could use some dressing up.
    thanks sandy

  127. 128

    The “Be the Light” t is great. I also love the dresses — especially the Genie and Lindsey.

  128. 129

    I like the Leighann shirt and the Tatum wrap ( and much more!). Cute clothes and love that they give to Habitat! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  129. 130

    the leighanne top is gorgeous!

  130. 131

    As always, love WIWW. You always make me miss my cardis – it’s still too warm for those here.

    What cute clothes! I love the Cinnamon Sally dress – and that Leighann top is simply lovely!

  131. 132

    Whoa, it would take me about a hot second to spend $50 over there!!! Love it all!

  132. 133

    ha ha ha I picked out both of the ones your wearing, and then realized I did it… so other than those two I love the baseball burnout… I have always had a soft spot for baseball t-shirts. Thanks for showing this to me… I lived in Birmingham for years befor moving to Canada… so showing some love to her company will be easy!

  133. 134

    I’m a tee shirt kind of girl, so I’d buy a couple of the unique shirts Nations Outfitters has, such as The Tricia Shirt!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. 135

    Well not to look like a copycat but I really do love the leighann top or the sarah top. Or the benita dress. What to choose what to choose!!

  135. 136

    Oh my goodness. How to decide?! The Georgia dress, or the Hope dress, or the Cinnamon Sally dress. Or the bandana skirt or the Madi shirt. And most definitely the Leighann Top.

  136. 137

    OH MY GOODNESS!! I cannot wait to share this site with my bible study group. My girls are always looking for cute stuff and then to support Habitat for Humanity on top of it LOVE it!! I am dying for The Yellow Bird Dress drooling over here. I can’t wait to add quiet a few things from her site to my Christmas list!!

  137. 138

    As of right now I’d pick a shirt like yours! Adorable!!

  138. 139

    the ‘sheri’ top is sweet—love! the colors in it….for Fall. (:

  139. 140

    What a cute shop. I would love $50 to update my very old, very limited wardrobe. I was going to link up today but realized I wore pretty much the same thing last week too…boring. It is a toss up, so I think I would use the $50 towards 4 new things…the Benita dress, ZuZu dress, Sherri top and Sarah top. Then I could link up after the order comes with new clothes and not the same old thing.

  140. 141
    Lina Barr says:

    So many cute things! I think my favorites are the Tricia and Leighann shirts.

  141. 142
    connie libby says:

    I would totally buy the benita dress. So cute and it looks comfy too. Love it. Those clothes are beautiful!

  142. 143

    I am loving the look of their clothes! I think I would get the ZuZu dress!

  143. 144

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for introducing me to this site :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ZuZu dress… it is fabulous and the colors are wonderful for fall! What an awesome giveaway.

  144. 145
    michelleF says:

    Adore the Cinnamon Sally dress – too cute!! & would look great with sandals & belt or boots & cardi!! Thanks for introducing us to the company :)

  145. 146

    I LOVE the Lindsey Dress in Mustard and the Madi Shirt. Okay, so technically that would be more than $50, but these clothes are SUPER cute!

  146. 147

    Cinnamon Sally is oh so cute!

  147. 148

    wow thank you so much for talking about nations outfitters! i love the store and the goal they have! i’m a new supporter of their movement for sure! as far as what i would do with the $50 it would just be a starter for me.. i love every single dress and most of the tops but what i’m getting for sure in my 1st order is.. the yellow bird dress, the genie dress, lindsey dress! love all 3 of those.. and the sarah top that you wore is also one of my favorites! love that color.. its the main color of my craft room! thanks again!

  148. 149

    Without a second thought my $50 would be spent on the HOPE DRESS! It is so cute, looks comfy and unique. Thanks for sharing this awesome shop with us!

  149. 150

    I would love to win the HOPE DRESS…it’s perfect for church or running the kiddo to a preschool outing. It’s perfect for the climate we just moved to and I’m trying to get some new pieces that fit after being pregnant or nursing for 3 years!! This would be such a fun store to shop from!

  150. 151

    i love the tatum wrap! they have some great clothes- i’m glad you shared with us! :)

  151. 152

    Oh my gosh I love their dresses! The Lyndsey is fabulous- the color, the ruffles- how funny. Did she have you in mind when she created/named it? Love it!

  152. 153

    I would love either the Hope dress or the Sage top. I especially love the buttons down the front of the shirt.

  153. 154

    I must have the zuzu dress!!!!! I need it, I love it!!! I will probably buy it even if I dont win. Love It!!!!!!

  154. 155
    Lindsey Clark says:

    I love the yellow bird dress! I work at a Christian University and I can’t wait to share this store and their mission with my friends and students around campus! What a wonderful message:)

  155. 156

    I love the ZuZu dress! And I would have to copy you and pick the Leighann top too!

  156. 157

    You look great in all of your cute outfits!
    I’d spend $50 on the The Cinnamon Sally Dress! It is so pretty.
    Thank you again for the fun link party!

  157. 158

    Um hello gorgeous “Katie Skirt”…I’m a teacher and that is perfect for FALL!! I love!

  158. 159

    I’d buy a dress!! or a couple shirts…this post-baby wardrobe needs some help! :)

  159. 160

    totally would buy the Hope Dress..its too cute for words!!

  160. 161
    Hayley Amack says:

    I would love any of the dresses so cute… it would be hard to choose, I want them all!

  161. 162

    Oh my gosh… cute stuff! I love everything at Nations Outfitters! It might be my new favorite website! At first I picked, The Benita Dress… but then I saw The Madi Shirt and The Saige Top and I love those too! Next I went to the sale area and found The Lindsay Dress (how cute would that be in family pictures?!) I think I’d have to order them all! Cute! Cute! Cute!

  162. 163

    I want it ALL. The end.

  163. 164

    I love the Madi shirt.


  164. 165

    I love all the layers and ruffles on the Madi shirt. I like that it is modest, and it looks so comfy too!

  165. 166

    I love the zuzu dress!!!!

  166. 167

    I think I would START with the Hope dress. What a great line! And a great story.

  167. 168

    I love, love, love the Cinnamon Sally dress! What cute clothes and they look so comfortable.

  168. 169

    hope dress and katherine dress pleeze! thanks for sharing that super cute site! :)

  169. 170

    I love ruffles! Because of a double masectomy I am a bit partial to have ruffles and frills, buttons and scarves to ‘fill’ in. ;)
    I am in LOVE with the ‘Genie top and Genie dress’ ! I also love the one you are wearing, the ‘ Leighann top’!!

    thanks for the chance to win.
    I love reading your WIW posts, especially since right now I am babysitting myt grandson and am sitting here in SWEATS! You inspire me to go change and put something other than sweats and actually ‘get ready’ for the day! LOL

  170. 171

    I would get the Genie dress for sure. I am a sucker for solid colored dresses with ruffles; I also love the Leighton top that you are wearing in your post, it would be a toss up between those two!

  171. 172

    Oh! I like the Sarah Top or the Hope Dress.

  172. 173
    rebekah denmark says:

    i love the New* The Sherri Top
    and the

    The Mary Alex Dress

  173. 174

    I am all for the Lindsey dress and the genie top.

  174. 175

    Such fun clothes! I would buy some shirts I think–so hard to decide, but I love the ruffle one you’re wearing in your post! I hope I win. :)

  175. 176

    Love your ruffle top :)

    Just Better Together

  176. 177

    I have to say that I love both shirts that you have on!

  177. 178

    I really like that ZuZu dress! Please count me in!

    Just Better Together

  178. 179

    I love the genie top

  179. 180

    So many I like! But I would start with the tatum shrug or the madi shirt…super cute!~

  180. 181

    What a great idea! love that site/mission!!
    I would order the lindsey dress…just because I like it, not because I think picking one named after you would increase my chances of winning!! :)

  181. 182

    I love the Leighann top! I’m about ready to have a baby, and know that afterwards would love a little boost to my wardrobe!

  182. 183

    I love the Leighann top and the Lindsey dress. Great stuff, thanks for sharing the site.

  183. 184

    The Tantum Wrap looks genious! A shirt or a cardigan? Can’t go wrong with that one! Beautiful clothes, beautiful philosophy! Fantastic!

  184. 185

    The Benita Dress looks pretty cute. Have this new liking for yellow and am always a sucker for gray!

  185. 186

    I am from Birmingham, AL and I had no idea this even existed! I LOVE her message and the clothes are adorable too! I think its a tie between the Yellow Bird Dress & the Lindsey Dress. So cute!!

  186. 187

    The Genie dress looks cute! Thanks for the intro to this company.

    And thanks for the giveaway!

  187. 188

    The benita dress I must have. Such cute clothes.

  188. 189

    Thank you for introducing me to this shop. What a lovely mission and great clothes! Besides the Sarah top you were wearing, I also like the Sherry top.

  189. 190
    Amie Mendenhall says:

    I have never heard of this store but I am LOVING their clothes!!!!!! So happy I found out about them! THANKS http://www.nationsoutfitters.com/shop/product.php?cn=24&cat=SKIRTS

  190. 191

    The Madi shirt for sure! A good lift-up-to-nurse shirt! :)

  191. 192

    LOVE the Benita dress!! All of her clothes are really cute! Would love to win this giveaway especially because I never win anything!

  192. 193

    Oh how cute! I love the Tricia shirt, the Lindsey dress, and the Saige top. They’re all so adorable!

  193. 194

    Tricia Shirt- TOTALLY LOVE it! Would be so cute with jeggings & grey uggs for the holidays!
    Thank you for sharing!

  194. 196

    So I would go with the The Leighann Top and the The Tatum Wrap

  195. 197

    Love Nations Outfitters!! There’s a lot I love on the site, but right now I’d choose one of the shirts or dresses. Hope I win!!

  196. 198

    I would definitely go with the Leighann top- you make it look so cute!

  197. 199

    Oh my! I was just looking at Nation’s Outfitters yesterday drooling over their Sarah top and their Tatum wrap. I never (ever) win anything on these giveaways, but figured it was worth trying anyway. VOTE for ME!!!! (:

  198. 200

    I love the yoga skirt/shirt. So cute!

  199. 201

    I love the Tricia Shirt and Tatum wrap. Your outfits are super cute as always! Thanks for hosting.

  200. 202

    i LOVE the lindsey dress and the top you’re wearing! what a cool company!

  201. 203

    Love all the dresses! It would be so hard to choose just one! They are so adorable (and affordable)!

  202. 204

    Definitely the Leighann Top & the Lindsey Dress!

  203. 205

    My lands! How fun! I love, love the Madi Shirt in silver! Very cute stuff, thanks for sharing this and hosting!

  204. 206

    I am totally into some of their shirts…

  205. 207

    Totally loving The Lindsey Dress and The Katerine Dress! I think both would look great with heels and a cardigan for a night out.

  206. 208

    Such cute dresses, I’m a fan of the Sophie!

  207. 209

    LOVE those shirts! but i would get the Genie dress…for a weekend away coming up with my husband!

  208. 210

    i LOVE the leighann top and the lindsay dress!

  209. 211

    I love the Madi shirt! Such cute clothes!

  210. 212

    Madi shirt and Genie shirt – what a great company. Thanks for introducing it to us.

  211. 213

    OMG! Amazing clothes great prices to boot! I’m all about the Lindsey Dress in Turquoise & The Bandana skirt.

  212. 214
    Laura Vasquez says:

    I wouls totally go with you and get the leighann top!! it is absolutely adorable!!!

  213. 215

    I too would get the Leighann shirt and Genie shirt! Such cute stuff!

  214. 216

    The sophie dress and the maddi shirt, and the leighann top, and….. I love it all! Thank you for introducing us to this awesome shop!

  215. 217

    Oh, what an awesome shop! I just adore the Katie Skirt!

    I had never noticed the tiny pouch in your shop, and just had to run over and buy one. It’ll be great for just slipping in my back pocket, like you did. I already do that with my ID and credit card, but I’d rather have a cute little pouch! Thanks!

  216. 218

    Oh my goodness! What don’t I love! I love the concept. I would pick the Hope dress…or the Benita dress or the Sophie dress or the Madie or Tricia shirt! Can’t decide!

  217. 219

    Really, I have to choose? What a wonderful style and concept. I love the Tatum wrap, the Leighann top and the Bandana skirt in sage. I’m adding these to my husband’s “to buy” list. Whether I win or not, I will be wearing.

  218. 220

    so hard to decided…I like so many of their things. Here are a few that caught my eye:

    Asymmetrical pocket burnout
    Tatum wrap
    Madi shirt
    & Leighann top

  219. 221

    the Benita dress! so unique!

  220. 222

    Wowl…thanks for sharing this group – I hadn’t heard of their clothing (or mission) and now I am in love! While everything was fabulous- if I had to choose – I’d pick the Leighann top and the Tatum wrap….of course more things might make their way into the shopping cart..but these two for sure to start!


  221. 223

    I {heart} the benita dress ….sooo cute !

  222. 224
    Darlene Bych says:

    Wow! Love their stuff! I would have no problem spending $50 twice! First, I love the “New” Linda Dress in blue/brown. I would pair it with leggings and some awesome new brown boots I just landed at Nordstrom rack. Then I must have the Genie top and the Leighann top (because you model it so well!). Please let me know what size you’re wearing. Love your stuff too Lyndsey! I am a proud owner of some of your posy pins and hoping for an apron and bloom bag! I don’t have a blog but you’re an inspiration for me to start one so I can hook up with the WIWW.

  223. 225

    What a cool company. Awesome prices, too! I’d choose the cute Sallly dress. The rust is perfect for fall. Thank you!

  224. 226

    Oooh, I think I love that madi top. And the tops you have. Love anything that is forgiving, yet interesting and stylish! Hope its me that gets it!!:)

  225. 227

    Thanks for letting us know about this company. I’d choose the Genie dress or top :-)

  226. 228

    I like the yellow bird dress!

  227. 229

    There are so many great choices! I love the Benita, Hope and Yellow Bird dress along with the Leighann, Saige and Sarah tops! I just bookmarked their site for later! Thanks for the great find!

  228. 230

    I love the Linda dress!

  229. 231


  230. 232

    I love the Sarah top and The Cinnamon Sally Dress! Great shop and mission.

  231. 233

    Oh My Goodness! Thanks so much for the introduction to this company! I love the Yellow Bird Dress & Hope Dress! I’m gonna spread the word about these folks! Thanks Lindsey!

  232. 234

    What an amazing concept for a shop, I love it! I would get the madi top for myself (Seriously how versatile and punchy is it?! & school appropriate & a little hip, which my students will appreciate) and then a Christmas gift for my sister, perhaps along the lines of the “be the light” tee.

  233. 235

    I love the Linda dress! I’ll be needing some cute outfits for my post-baby body in another month or so – this would be perfect!

  234. 236

    I was wondering (you may have already answered this elsewhere), but what kind of camera do you have. I am in the market for a new digital and would love something other than a point and shoot.

  235. 237

    That was easy, I would get The Tatum Wrap

  236. 238

    Saige and Leighann. The look flattering even for short people like me.

  237. 239
    Leslie Schneemann says:

    Where do I begin..I would love the Yellow Bird dress, the Genie dress, the Sarah top and the Genie top….just to name a few. What a great shop.

    Leslie S

  238. 240

    Such cute clothes. The Cinnamon Sally dress and the Lindsey dress are adorable…and so is everything else.:)

  239. 241

    Love, love the madi shirt–in black and in white. So, so cute. Love all the ruffles! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to get my new tiny pouch in the mail! So, so excited! Love your stuff!

  240. 242

    I love their clothes!! I loved the saige top and the assymetrical slub top, oh yeah, or the lindsey or judith dress! So many things to love!!

  241. 243

    I was really excited when I checked out the link and saw all the cute clothes, but….apparently unless you are a small or Xsmall, there’s not much selection. I emailed them and they said that’s all they’ve got — no chance of restocking. Bummer.

    • 244

      Call back call back….there are many great styles in medium and large…we are having a great response and love our customers……can’t wait for you to see the Spring line, very cute!!!
      Thanks for loving our clothes, and supporting our mission…
      Nations Outfitters!!!

  242. 245

    the sophie dress —- love!
    kristinmik at gmail dot com

  243. 246

    What a great giveaway! I love your new shirt!

  244. 247

    I love the Laura shrug!!!!

  245. 248

    I would snatch up the Katharine or the ZuZu!

  246. 249

    ALL their dresses are to.die.for! The Hope Dress.. it makes me happy (: ..I’d love to have it!

  247. 250

    I REALLY want The Saige Top, The Zuzu Dress, and The Hope dress… the $50 would help go towards that! :)

  248. 251

    Love, love, love the Benita dress!!!

  249. 252

    I would love the Tatum wrap…so versatile!
    P.S. love WIWW, one of these days I’m gonna do it too.

  250. 253

    LOVE the Madi shirt… so cute!!

  251. 254

    What an awesome company. Love their mission! It’d be a toss up between the Madi shirt and the Tatum wrap. Both so cute and comfy looking, too!!

  252. 255

    Wow what a fantastic find! I have been stuck looking at these great dresses ;) I would LOVE LOVE LOVE The Cinnamon Sally dress. So fabulous <3

  253. 256

    oooh. i’m a sucker for cardigans and don’t have a sleeveless one, so i’d have to go with the laura shrug: http://www.nationsoutfitters.com/shop/product.php?cn=54&cat=WOMENS_TOPS



  254. 257

    I love the sage top. its my favorite

  255. 258

    I would buy one of LisaAnn’s cute dresses!

  256. 259

    hmmm…I’m torn between the ruffled top you got for yourself and a cinnamon sally dress…choices, choices!

  257. 260

    I love all of the dresses!!

  258. 261

    I love the vision of this shop! It is so refreshing to see some one not only promoting good but promoting a health esteem beyond the clothes wear! I recently have gotten into make my own clothes, and I love the artistic look of the “yellow bird dress”. I think that would be my pick !

  259. 262

    LOVE the Sage Top, and the Cinnamon Sally, and the Tatum Wrap….and about 10 other things. I could definitely plunk down some money, there. Thanks for the introduction!

  260. 263

    Tatum Wrap in turquoise or that Leighann top – looks adorable on you! Thanks for sharing this … wonderful mission for a clothing company. I love the tagline “it’s what you do in your clothes that makes you beautiful.” Fabulous.

  261. 264

    I would buy the new Tricia shirt, the Laura shrug, or the Yellow Bird Dress. There are so many cute things to choose from!! :)

  262. 265

    I love this! I would probably get the Tricia top or the Lindsey dress (on sale!). Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  263. 266

    Such a neat store. There ate so many options, but I do love the yellow bird dress.

  264. 267

    I love your clothes! :) Not sure how I’d spend $50! There are too many cute things. I’d have to decide between the Tatum Shrug, the Yoga Skirt or the Sarah top. :)


  265. 268

    I’m gonna be totally honest here and in doing so am going out on a limb to be very unfun. With the $50.00 gift card, I would buy a polo T and Dove shirt for my amazing husband who desperately needs a wardrobe update due to the fact that he is always giving all he has to me and our seven children. I would love to see how stylish that would be on him. What fun! Thanks for introducing this site to us…I just might do it regardless- ;-)

  266. 269

    I love it all! But I think my favorite is the Cinnamon Sally dress! Oh, I hope I win!!!!

  267. 270

    very cute!

    I really like the Katherine dress, the Hope dress, or the Cinnamon Sally dress(I would have to choose one of those)
    I like the Navy polo for my husband too!

  268. 271

    I love both of the shirts that you have, but I would LOVE to get the Benita dress :) What a great giveaway!!

  269. 272

    Love the new top and I also really love the green one in your last photo. They have adorable stuff!

  270. 273

    Oh, your outfits are so cute this week! I love this *New* The Tatum Wrap. How cute!!! and perfect with the fall temps just beginning to bring our temps below the century mark.

  271. 274

    I love the Leighann top and the Sarah top!!

    I have been trying to do a WIWW for my running clothes in an attempt to make me 1) care more about what I wear while running and 2) stop repeatedly wearing the same few things! So far I have yet to be successful. BUT I am inspired by you and will keep trying!

  272. 275

    The Tricia Shirt is super cute!

  273. 276

    OoOoo! Love it all! I could definitely use a yoga skirt!

  274. 277
    Adrienne S says:

    I would totally buy the Cinammon Sally dress!

  275. 278
    Leigh Ann Jones says:

    I am loving everything about Nations Outfitters! I’ve heard their advertisements and thought it was a great concept…had no idea their clothes were so stinkin’ CUTE!! I would like one of everything…

  276. 279
    Stacey V. says:

    I love the “Be the Light” shirt….I am a sucker for white t-shirts and absolutley LOVE what this shirt stands for. I may get one even if I don’t win this giveaway!

  277. 280

    I love Nations Outfitters clothes. Adorable! I would buy a new fall dress if I won the giveaway. Thanks for introducing me to this great brand.

  278. 281

    They have very nice clothes pieces. Love the yellow bird dress. Thanks for the chance!!

  279. 282

    hello gorgeous KATIE SKIRT. I’m a teacher and that is a perfect Fall parent-teacher conference skirt! Yes please!

  280. 283
    jenny rozema says:

    love the burnout baseball tee so pratical and fun! i would also add the “madi shirt ” totally dress up or down! the go tot shirt! love them! thanks for the giveaway! JOY

  281. 284

    great company! i’d choose the tricia shirt and the leighann top. SO cute!

  282. 285

    Oh I love the ruffled top. So cute!

  283. 286

    I am IN LOVE with “The Maddi Shirt.” Gorgeous stuff all around.

  284. 287

    I am LOVING the zuzu dress or the benita dress! but everything is adorable! and i love that she is from Alabama – my home! :)

  285. 288

    I love the tautum wrap and Sarah shirt.

  286. 289

    OOh, sign me up! I love the cinnamon sally dress :)

  287. 290

    My favorite is the Tricia shirt!

  288. 291

    I love the cinnamon sally dress. Love, love, love it!!

  289. 292

    Oh goodness, where do I begin?! There’s so many things, but I really do love the Saige top. Green & grey are my favorites!

    (P.S. I am from Birmingham, Alabama and had not heard of this company yet, so I was so glad to be introduced to it via you!)

  290. 293

    I really like the Sherri Top for starters! Love to win!

  291. 294

    I’d choose the Yellow Bird dress and then I’d give it to my SIL who is in the middle of losing a ton of weight after having two babies back to back.

  292. 295
    Aimee Kulla says:

    I really like the The Mary Alex Dress . . . and obviously I’d have to find something else to buy to spend the rest of the $50 . . . :) Aimee

  293. 296

    I love the Saig Top so cute!

  294. 297

    I have to own the LA Dress!!! I love it!

  295. 298

    this is an amazing concept. if i win it would be hard to pick but… i am thinking the Lindsey dress in yellow and the sarge top with the cute buttons and ruffled sleeves. love them.

  296. 299

    I like the LA dress or the Hope dress!

  297. 300

    I really like the yellow bird dress, the Hope dress, the tricia shirt is fabulous, or the leighann top. I really like what they’ve got and their prices, thanks for introducing me to them!

  298. 301

    i love the The Benita Dress, it’s so pretty.
    songyueyu at gmail

  299. 302

    I visited Nations Outfitters…I LOVE their clothes. I would be a happy winner!!! I think several shirts would come home and a few dresses too. Love the grey ruffle shirt….must have! Thanks for this great opportunity! BTW Your clothes this week were SOOOO cute. I only wish I looked that great everyday. Love the pic with Gracie, and the old navy cardi with the tank…Very cute!
    Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  300. 303

    I would so buy the Katy skirt and the Laura shrug!!!

  301. 304

    definitely a Lindsay Mustard Dress, and a Sage Bandana Skirt! Such cute clothes!

  302. 305

    I love the Saige top. Very cute!

  303. 306

    I would love the Madi shirt even if I have to pack it away until I deliver my baby in March. But what a wonderful surprise to find in my pre-pregnancy clothes!!

  304. 307

    What a cool place. I would love anything but especially The Madi Shirt. Love that it is made in the USA


  305. 308

    What cute things! I would buy the Tricia shirt and the Saige top. Love them!!

  306. 309

    I’ll never win- 308 comments! But, I absolutely love the Candy dress!!! AMH fabric! I die!

  307. 310

    I LOVE all of there stuff–especially their dresses. If I won, that’s what I’d buy! Being a women’s student pastor I appreciate any company that promotes modesty! Thanks for sharing!

  308. 311

    I glad you introduced me to Nations Outfitters – I adore the “The Sarah Top” & The *NEW* “Madi Shirt” & on sale the “Lindsey Dress” is very cute and could be paired with a little sweater and boots for the fall. :) Gosh, I hope I win the $50 gift card – it would be a fabulous birthday present to myself!

  309. 312

    I like all of them. I’m looking to get some new clothes b/c I’m in the process of loosing a ton of weight, so this would help my closet & my wallet!! :)

  310. 313

    I swear I’m not brown nosing, but I’d get the Lindsey dress! Or maybe the Genie top….

  311. 314

    I live the madi shirt and the Yoga skirt/shirt… what a great idea! :) Great giveaway and just glad to hear about another option for cute, modest clothes with a good story behind them!

  312. 315
    Tracy Minor says:

    Hi Lindsey! Ok. Where to start? The Benita. The Hope. The Linda. The Madi. Where to end is actually the more pertinent question. And her mission just makes you want to throw money at her, doesn’t it?!

  313. 316
    Amy Anderson says:

    What a great concept – and what cute clothes! I’ll be shopping there whether or not I win. :) One of my favorites is The Gale Dress. And The Katie Skirt. And The Madi Shirt too. Beautiful things!

  314. 317

    I would buy a couple genie tops! Cute!

  315. 318

    Wow, that’s a tough decision! They have such cute stuff! I love the Madi shirt, but I also love the Genie dress!

  316. 319

    The Linda Dress… Oh my goodness… so cute. Thanks for telling me about this site. I live in Huntsville, AL, not too far from Birmingham and had never heard of it. I love the tops you got. I’m in love with ruffles too.

  317. 320

    They are all so cute but I’d have to say the Lindsey dress.

  318. 321

    Everything is super cute and I love that a percentage of sales goes toward a good cause. I’m really loving the Lindsey, Bonita and Yellow Bird dresses!

  319. 322

    I’d buy the ZUZU dress. So cute. Thanks for sharing!

  320. 323
    Lauri Thomas says:

    I love seeing your adorable outfits!!

    I would totally buy the Asymmetrical Pocket Burnout…LOVE.

  321. 324

    Definitely would be the Madi shirt or the Leighann top, both cute and forgiving, for sure! Thanks for the chance to win.

  322. 325

    I would spend my $50 if I had on the dresses! I had a baby at age 36 in February and my post pregnancy body is not the same. I have a hard time every Sunday trying to find something to wear to church and am still not back to my old clothes. I am about a size off but even so things just shifted :( I LOVE how flattering and modest her designs are! Also, LOVE her name ;)

  323. 326

    love love love her stuff!!! the hope dress is my fav. :)

  324. 327
    rebecca miller says:

    Their stuff is so cute!!! I am a sucker for ruffles, so I would definitely have to go with the cinnamon sally–too, too cute!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  325. 328

    I would buy The Hope Dress! So cute!

  326. 329

    Hi! Absolutely love the clothes, the style (especially with the cowboy boots!) and the goal behind the company. If I had $50 I was thinking I would buy some clothes like the t-shirts for some of my students in the low-economic school district that I teach elementary art at. Then I read everyone’s replies and I would pick the Hope Dress so I can wear my brown cowboy boots with it for myself!!! Perfect to wear to work or a nice dinner out ;-) Definately will keep this site in mind for Christmas gifts – Thanks for the great ideas!~Erin

  327. 330

    I love the Leighann Top and the saige top! So cute!!

  328. 331

    Well I added almost $200 of stuff to my cart/wish list so I think I could use the $50 to help pay for it! :) Adorable stuff! thanks!

  329. 332

    Thanks for the head’s up on this company since I’d never heard of them. Now I have a long wish list — but at the top would definitely be the Saige top!

  330. 333
    Brittney S says:

    So much cute stuff but the madi and the tricia are absolutely adorable!

  331. 334

    The Benita dress is just way to cute for words and I love the message of the little tshirt. Shine on!

  332. 335
    Michelle S says:

    I love the Cinnamon Sally dress!! So adorable

  333. 336

    I love the Sherri Top and Laura Shrug! It would be nice to win but the moment I saw your cute shirts, I knew I’d be shopping at Nations Outfitters!

  334. 337
    katherine hoffman says:

    Awesome clothes… I would love the The Hope Dress

  335. 338

    I’d choose the Benita dress. Lovely clothes. Thanks for the WIWW posts. I really enjoy them.

  336. 339

    ok, my faves. in order. ready? go.

    1. burnout baseball tees (totally adorable.)
    2. the madi shirt. (fun and different!)
    3. tatum wrap. (kinda like a cardi, but flowy and and a little fancy.)


  337. 340

    I love your leighann top and the Laura shrug is really cute too. thanks for the giveaway.

  338. 341

    The Madi Tee is my favorite and there are a few more things I’d love to spend the $$ on! Thanks for featuring this site…cute stuff.

  339. 342

    Love the yoga skirt/shirt and the Leighann top. Thanks for a chance to win!

  340. 343

    I’m loving the Judith Dress, Yellow Bird Dress and Saige Top! Love this shop – and it’s prices :)

  341. 344

    I love the benida dress and the cinnamon sally dress!!

  342. 345

    I love the Linda dress!

  343. 346

    The cinnamon sally dress is AMAZE-BALLS!
    I’m in looovvvee!

  344. 347

    I’d get the yellow Lindsey dress! I’d wear it with a thick braided brown belt I’ve had for years and my fave brown boots. Thanks for letting us know about a great online sources for cool stuff!

  345. 348

    Cinnamon Sally dress! What a great company! I didn’t know about them!

  346. 349

    I’m loving the Leighann top!!

  347. 350

    what a great site! I think the Benita dress is super cute. Thanks for introducing us to Nations Outfitters!

  348. 351

    I love the Leighann top.. so many beautiful things and the premise behind it is AMAZING!!

  349. 352

    Just found your blog through My Pink Life. Love it!

    Also love Nations Outfitters. I am currently shopping for my girls thanks to you!

    As for what I would want? The Katie skirt. The Leighann top. Oh and definitely the Flower Art Graphic tee!

    Thanks for the intro to their website. Cute clothes, Great message!

  350. 353
  351. 354
  352. 355

    I’m loving this dress: *New* The Benita Dress! Never heard of them! thx for sharing!

  353. 356

    you definitely chose my two favorite tops from their site! they’d look so cute with my new baby bump, too! ;) what a great shop with an awesome message!

  354. 357
    erin stewart says:

    oh – loving this new clothes store –
    i love your ruffle shirl – leighann
    the madi shirt in black
    and the bandana skirt –


  355. 358

    The Benita Dress is my favorite!! So hard to choose! Thanks for the chance to win!


  356. 359

    I love the Genie dress and the Be The Light T- what a great clothing maker! So glad you introduced me to it! Thanks!

  357. 360
    Hannah S. says:

    Love the Madi shirt and the Lindsey dress. Thanks for showing us a new site.

  358. 361
    maggie b. says:

    What WOULDN”T I shop for at Nation’s Outfitters? I think I’d start with a couple of the CUTE dresses before moving on to the fabulous tops. Love the fun prints and the cute ruffles on everything. What a great company to boot! Thanks for the 411 Lindsey!

  359. 362

    How about the cinnamon sally dress…

  360. 363

    My fav. is the Leighann top… I could also see me in the Madi shirt… So very cute!!

  361. 364

    I LOVE the cinnamon sally dress. I keep thinking of cute ways to wear it. I really want to pair it with jeans, a cardi and some flats, so cute!

  362. 365

    I love the Sarah and Seige tops! thanks for introducing us to such great stuff!

  363. 366

    Wow! What a wonderful organization! I think I’ll support them even if I don’t win the gift card. But if I do, I’d have a hard time picking between the The Sherry Top, the Saige Top and the Sarah Top. I love the names of them too. Makes them sound more personal!!

  364. 367

    Yeah, this may be my new favorite online clothing store….I would totally snatch up the Tricia shirt and Laura shrug…oh and a couple of the baseball Ts…oh and dresses…I could go on.

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  365. 368

    I really love the Tatum wrap!! All such cute things!

  366. 369

    Hi Lindsay! Love your shop and blog :) Thanks for all the inspirations and also for the introduction to this great shop! What a fabulous store and concept – woot!

    I love the items you picked! If I were to be so lucky, I would chose the fabulous Benita dress or the Saige top…so many items caught my eye!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  367. 370

    Wow. THAT is really cool. I must say for me, my daughter (turning 14 on friday) in ages of 9-12 was impossible to dress. Not because she asked for any thing inappropriate, she’s great like that. But finding something that fit her ( COVERED HER) and was right size and not too cutesy any more was impossible.
    i already love this passion.

    Um, and for me. I’d SO buy the grayish ruffle take I {heart} it. And then give the rest to my sweet girl who is 14!! *sigh*

  368. 371

    the grey/pea colored top you are wearing is so adorable and cute. i would love to get this top, but i didn’t see it on their site.

  369. 372

    oh, i missed it the first time around. it’s the sarah top that i would love to have in my closet. it is so cute.

  370. 373

    Thanks for the introduction to this very cute site. I love their style and the cute clothes they have to offer. The Genie dress and top are so cute and I would love to get these.

  371. 374

    LOVE your new tops and I am loving this shop you have now exposed me to haha!!! With $50, it would be a tossup between the adorable Madi shirt OR the Katherine dress. Choices, choices!!! I am crossing my fingers, eek!!!! xoxox Holly

  372. 375

    I’ve been checking out Nations Outfitters a lot lately because my Dad actually referred them to me! I’ve been considering getting either the Tricia Shirt or the Hope Dress and doing a review of them on my blog! Oh I’d just love to win and get to try out their clothes!!! :)

  373. 376

    Clothes – how I need thee! After 4 kids in less than 3 years, I would just spend it on me!

  374. 377

    Um, I am in love with your tops from Nations Outfitters!! If I won, I would get one of the dresses. Now… to decide which one…

  375. 378

    Too many to choose, but I love your Leighann, the Cinnamon Sally, and the Madi top! So cute! Thanks for sharing the site!

  376. 379
    Renae Reis says:

    I love the Leighann and Saige tops…great new resource for interesting and beautiful clothes that are sure to get many compliments!! yay!

  377. 380

    I love the Madi top for fall. Very cute things!! Thank you for sharing.


  378. 381

    i’d totally get the burned out baseball t…..it reminds me of my high school days…and looks so comfy! thanks for introducing us to that site! love it!

  379. 382
    Jennifer Ensor says:

    I love the hope dress :)

  380. 383

    I really love all of the dresses, but my absolute favorite would be the yellow birdie dress!

  381. 384

    Would probably pick some cool new shirts to wear with my jeans. Just a little something to change things up a bit.

  382. 385
    Emily Mitchell says:

    New* The Cinnamon Sally

  383. 386

    Ooh, I love both of the tops you showed in your post, and I also love the ‘Madi” shirt!!

  384. 387

    I would choose two of the flower art graphic t-shirts – one for me and one for my daughter. :)

  385. 388

    I LOVE the Yellow Bird Dress and the Cinnamon Sally dress. It would be one of those if I won the giveaway. Or…the Leighann top.

  386. 389
    Katie Bowell says:

    The LA Dress. Pretty! Please!

  387. 390

    i would definitely get a couple of those asymmetrical tanks. they look super comfy and flattering!

    very fun!

  388. 391

    I’d get the Katie Skirt in the Harvest plaid and the The Cap Sleeve Crew shirt in brown.

  389. 392

    I really like all the clothes here, but my favorites are the Hope and Benita dresses and the Laura shrug and Tatum wrap!:)

  390. 393

    Wow, I have never been to the Nation outfitters website before !! I would spend my money on the New HOpe dress. I am a sucker for dresses and I think this one is way cute!! Thanks for sharing your WIWW I love it!!


  391. 394

    Gorgeous clothes! I would choose the Lindsey dress or the Tatum wrap. :)

  392. 395

    What a great new website to be discovered! Thanks so much for sharing. LOVE the Hope dress (and may need to get one of those ruffle shirts you are wearing, too!).

  393. 396

    I LOVE the Yellow Bird Dress. It’s so simple and cute, but not like dresses I’ve seen many places.

  394. 397

    Love the new Hope dress. Cute stuff!

  395. 398

    Two words. Cinnamon Sally. I think I’d wear it every day! I’ve never heard of them…thanks for introducing such a worthy and well priced new clothing option!!!!

  396. 399

    Wow -I love the tops you got but I’m also enamoured by the Hope dress. Good to have this link before the holidays – I know what to put on my wish list :)

  397. 400

    the dresses! i am a sucker for dresses!!

  398. 401

    Let’s see… I would have to get a his & her’s combo.. One for me… One for my hubby….For him, I just love the men’s crew dove graphic.. and for me??? Well…. Be the light graphic tee… I’ve been working on just trying to (be).. So that tee hits it right on the dot…. :0)

  399. 402

    I love your blog!…and one of these weeks I’m going to have it together enough to do a WIWW post! :)
    I had never heard of Nations Outfitters, but looked around and pretty much love it all, but especially that ruffly Madi shirt. SO cute!

  400. 403
    FoxyMomma says:

    i looove this store! my fave is the The Yellow Bird Dress!

  401. 404

    The HOPE dress for sure……and maybe just maybe a little matching pleated poppy would come with it :0)

    btw…LOVE LOVE LOVE the first outfit with the tan cardi and white dress. tooo cute!

  402. 405

    I really like the Yellow Bird Dress, but I actually love it all!! Thanks so much for introducing us to such a great site- I love the Anthro style without the killer pricetag!

  403. 406

    I’d be in trouble because I can’t decide between the Madi shirt and the Sarah shirt.

  404. 407

    let’s see… the madi shirt and the laura shrug for starters:)

  405. 408

    i love all of their dresses, from the Benita Dress to the georgia dress…adorable

  406. 409

    I love the Sara top (and you’re very adorable in it). I’d also get the Katie skirt…and probably the printed tee with “nations outfitters” on it….but that’s more than 50 dollars…ahh…forever my problem with shopping!

  407. 410

    I love The Benita Dress and The Hope Dress. If I won I would probably just get both!

  408. 411

    Always love your outfits, so inspiring!
    If I won, I’d get a dress for sure. Maybe The ZuZu Dress, love the long sleeves!

  409. 412

    DYIIIIING for the LeAnn top! I love that I can dress it up for work with a little 3/4 length sweater, wear it out on weekends with the girls or wear it on a date with my husband!:)

  410. 413

    wow what a great site. I love love LOVE the gray top you have on – I’m a sucker for a cute detailed neckline as a metal allergy prevents me from wearing a lot of jewelry! I also really like the Yellow Bird dress.

    thanks for the great website.

  411. 414
    stephanie says:

    I would love to win! I would spend it on the madi shirt and the zuzu dress!

  412. 415

    I hope I’m not too late.
    I would buy the yoga shirt/skirt or the Madi top or BOTH!!!!

  413. 416

    The Sherri or Madi shirt… This clothing line is awesome!

  414. 417
    Keshet Shenkar says:

    Love the LeighAnne top and the skirts!

  415. 418

    the ZuZu dress.. no, the Benita dress… no, the zuzu dress… or..

  416. 419

    That Leighann top is great, I think my daughter need the “be the light” t.
    I bought barrettes from you at the Creative Connection and the CC necklace from Lisa Leonard and have been following your blogs since. So adorable and full of inspiration!

  417. 420
    Tracie Koenig says:

    I love the tatum wrap, I too enjoy cardies!

  418. 421
    Tracy Vaninger says:

    Her stuff is too cute! I’d get the *New* The Cinnamon Sally.

  419. 422

    oh my. tatum wrap and tricia shirt. Cute cute stuff.

    ps my adorable posie pin came last week, I might be guilty of picking my clothes around the pin so it matches :)

  420. 423

    The cinnamon Sally dress is so wonderful, but after seeing the Leighann on you, I might have to have it.

  421. 424

    I like the *New* The Laura Shrug – what a pretty name :)

  422. 425

    Tatum wrap…vintage black!

  423. 426

    Love love the Laura shrug & the Madi top!

  424. 427

    It would have to be the Madi top in silver. Love it!!

  425. 429
    Angela Beverly says:

    I love the cinnamon sally dress. Its the same styling as your new top, but in a dress format. The color is so pretty and vibrant! Great color for fall!

    I also love how they donate a portion of every sale to their local community. Charity is an amazing thing!

  426. 430

    I love the madi and leighann blouses!!!!

  427. 431

    Oooh I love the Lindsey, Sophie and Zuzu dresses.

  428. 432

    I love the Leighann Top, but the dresses are all adorable as well! Thank you for this giveaway!

  429. 433

    I love the Be the Light t-shirt. As well as the Leighann top that you wore. super cute!

  430. 434

    i love the lindsey dress in mustard!! perfect for the fall with some tights, a cardy and boots :)

  431. 435

    The tops (esp. the ones you’re modeling) are really cute.

  432. 436

    I love the Saige Top! Very cute!