some fun little shots of details from around my house.

pretty crystal knobs – aiming for a vintage look (by emtek).

hooks (from anthropologie) by the back door – holds backpacks, soccer bags, and my bloom  bag.

5 panel doors and honeycomb tiles.

subway tile backsplash that runs all the way down the wall.

just a few fun details for now.

more to come soon!


  1. 1

    It is lovely! I love the hooks and hardware from Anthropologie!

  2. 2
    Stephanie says:

    Very nice! I’m a big fan of the vintage look.

  3. 3

    Aren’t you fun:) We have doorknobs like that in our home. Ours must be almost 100 yrs old now. Love it.

  4. 4

    I am a huge fan!!! I love your subway tiles, 5 panel door and honeycomb tile! Perfect!!

  5. 5

    Absolutely beautiful! I am such a sucker for honeycomb tile in the bathroom. I wish I lived in an older home that home some of that charm.

  6. 6

    i love this! i love anytime you show your beautiful house!

  7. 7

    Oh, your house looks so pretty. I would love to see more. I really like those hexagon tiles. I got some, that are made of stone, for my little tiny half bath. We have yet to install them though. Best wishes :)

  8. 8

    Beautiful! And I just LOVE honeycomb tiles!

  9. 9

    Love the style in your home… so much character! If you ever visit Nebraska you can stop by my house and do some re-decorating! ;o)

  10. 10

    I love that Good Housekeeping print you have above your toilet. I was actually planning on ordering that from when we re-do our bathroom!

  11. 11

    hi! where did you buy your subway tiles? I have been looking all over for ones that are the exact same shade but I haven’t found any – only white and other colors that don’t match very well.

    • 12

      hi amy!

      our neighbor owns a high end tile shop locally and he gave us a crazy deal on hand glazed tiles. its called artisan tile. but i’ve seen others at home depot for a much better price, without the hand glazing.

  12. 13

    Love it all! More please :)

  13. 14

    Our home is an old cottage, we love it’s charm and warmth! The lady who owned it before us did a ton of work to the home and tried to remain historically correct. She found door knobs from the same era and made a coat rack out of them by the back door. It’s useful and cute! Knobs can make such a difference.

  14. 15

    Love seeing pictures of your awesome house. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of the, “where did you get the…” comments, but where did you get the wire basket on the back of the poilet? I’ve been looking all over for one like that. Found one at Ballard’s but I’m just not sure! Thanks!

    • 16

      oh i bought it YEARS ago – like TEN years ago. actually, my mom will probably correct me, because she bought it for me. it was from a small boutique in san clemente – sorry to be completely no help at all!

  15. 17

    i LOVE your house! i would love to see more with more information – like paint colors and stuff! also – where did you get that cute picture above the toilet? i LOVE your house!!

    • 18

      i so wish i was better at keeping track of all that stuff! but i promise to get better at the details on future house posts! the poster was a gift, but mandy commented above that she saw it at

  16. 19

    What beautiful details!

  17. 20

    Love the beautiful details!

  18. 21

    Love the doorknobs! I would love to have them in our house, but they seem to be pricey… *sniffle*

  19. 22

    You have a beautiful home:) Are the five panel doors old or new, and if they’re new where did you get them? Thanks!

    • 23

      the doors are new, and we just ordered them through our local door company when we built the house – sorry i don’t have any other info!

      • 24

        I was just introduced to your blog today…I’M IN LOVE with your style. I love it love it love it. I have a question about your kitchen dark gray counter tops. Is it solid surface? What is the color called? I’m trying to find the RIGHT color for our kitchen counters and am really liking yours. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent of home decorating.

  20. 25

    Your house is so lovely. It has so much character. I love the vintage look too!! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. 26

    oh i love the hooks:)

  22. 27

    Mmmmmm….yummy!!!! =)

  23. 28

    Ha! I did an “Around My House” post today too! {doo do doo do….} Can’t wait to meet you at the Queen Bee Market.

    And I’ll be joining WIWW again tomorrow! It’s been great to get me out of my ‘ho-hum’ routine!

    ♥ april

  24. 29

    Hi Lindsey! I just found you and I’m going trough your site. I am in love with inlaid cabinetry like your kitchen where the door and frame are flushed to eachother, is there a way I can get a “kitchen tour”


  25. 30

    that’s funny, i have that same good housekeeping poster in my house ! it’s in the 1/2 guest bath :) came to your blog from Lisa Leonard’s…very nice.

  26. 31

    Could you tell me what solid surface counter top you used for your kitchen? I love the gray. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent in home decorating.

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