night at the round table

last friday sean and i had the pleasure of volunteering at the annual fundraiser for our kids’ school.

for those of you who don’t know, gracie and lily go to san luis obispo classical academy, a private school/homeschool.  the kids go to school 2 days a week and are homeschooled 3 days, with optional elective classes on fridays.  we love this school and how it has allowed our family to homeschool in a way that is not terribly daunting, and also for the kids to have classroom experience, but with smaller class sizes (14 max).

every year we study a different period in history.  last year it was ancient times – think ancient egyptians through the collapse of the roman empire.  this year we are studying the dark ages.

we were called in last minute to volunteer last year and wore these amazing roman god/goddess costumes that a fellow parent had designed.  the event was so amazing that we offered to volunteer again this year, in costume again.

the fundraiser was held at a local winery that perfectly fit the theme of  “a night at the round table” – isn’t it amazing?  it even had a mote around it!

the entry door was GIGANTIC!

i thought this was a brilliant idea for tying in the kids to the fundraiser – their pictures were strung all along the handrail.

i helped with the centerpieces again this year.  cost = $1.  each table had the name of a character from king arthur, with a picture and caption from the book about them.

my dad and i went to the property of another family of the school and cut rounds of logs for the stumps on the tables.  it was really fun to do this with my dad.  i haven’t cut wood in years, but it was a big part of my childhood.  we had a wood burning stove and always got out own wood for it.  that meant driving up into the high country, dropping old trees, cutting them into rounds, loading them up in to the truck, bringing them home and splitting them.  well, since i was younger, i really didn’t participate in much of that other than getting in the way, but i do remember moving and stacking tons of wood!

for the daggers that held up the table names, i got dollar store knives,

my mom added the squigglies (official term) with hot glue,

and i hit them with a few coats of gold spray paint – voila!  daggers!

here’s sean and i in our costumes again this year – they were amazing with so much detail.  i wish i had gotten more pictures of my dress.

a bunch of parents volunteered, along with our friends (and sean’s business partner) chad and julie.

isn’t it hilarious how guys get all serious when they take a pic together?!

i felt like i was getting ready for the prom!  my parents and sister took the kids for the day while we got ready and helped out a few hours before the dinner.  it took a couple piles of mousse, a lot of spray gel, and a ton of hairspray to get these curls to stay.  its official – i wish i had curly hair.

and look at the tiara i was given for the night!  i was so thrilled with my costume and besides it weighing about 20 pounds – the dress being out of heavy tapestry and the cloak out of drapery fabric – it was really comfortable.

we will definitely be volunteering for this again next year.  i more than covered all my required volunteer hours and got a date night with sean!

about halfway through the night he reminded me that it was the anniversary of our first date (14 years ago) – how sweet!


a quick update: the vintage petal pushers sold out quickly yesterday, but i made more!  also back in are the teal and heather grey petal pushers.


  1. 1

    what a neat concept for a school! WOW WOW WOW on your fundraiser site!!!!! The whole thing is right up my alley! And I LOVE those centerpieces! that is just brilliant! What a fun and beautiful evening!

  2. 2

    I couldn’t help but think that this will help make for a very interesting WWIW post! :)

    And how about those daggers?! So clever!

  3. 3

    How fun! Great idea for the centerpieces – the “daggers” looked really good! Love the costumes too….

  4. 4

    LOVE the daggers…you and your momma are so clever:) My hubby is a history teacher and loves the medieval period so much that our second(yes, I said second) wedding reception was themed as such and guests wore period costumes. My dress was very medieval(and a two piece dress at that!)
    Hubby still loves to dress up. Each era he teaches he wears the clothing from that time period so that the kids can actually SEE a bit of history.He even has extras so the kids can try stuff on. Last week, he wore an outfit someone gave him thats literally from the time of Abraham Lincoln. He looked amazing!
    All that to say, you guys looked great!

  5. 5

    Lindsey, you looked so pretty, just had to tell you!

  6. 6

    You look wonderful in your costumes! How fun!

  7. 7

    what a neat experience! you are so creative in your centerpieces. you look great in costume!!!

  8. 8

    you and your hubby look great!! What wonderful parents you have??

  9. 9

    That looks like so much fun!!!

  10. 10

    your are so great, both of you! I think is so wonderfull what you’re doing!

  11. 11

    AWESOME! The costumes are great. What a fun event.

  12. 12

    Your dress and tiara are so beautiful and fun! I’m going to have to look for a fun event like this close to us…

  13. 13

    This looks like such a fun night, Linsdey! I love the centerpieces, your outfits & your hair…I’d love to go to something like that! :)

  14. 14

    What an amazing fundraiser, and great centerpieces! Thanks for sharing these photos.

  15. 15

    That is way to awesome! I may have to move; I don’t think we have any schools like that here and I would love to play dress-up!

  16. 16

    Wow! What an awesome event, and great idea for a fundraiser! My kids went to a private school and all we did we did for fundraisers was sell candy bars and wrapping paper!!

  17. 17

    I have been reading your blog for sometime now…Never knew you lived so close to me…We live in Bakersfield. What winery was this? I will have to stop at it next time we are over at the cost. Great event!

  18. 18

    I love the idea for a fundraiser.

  19. 19

    Oh my goodness, what a fantastic fundraiser! You look great – and what a neat school. :)

  20. 20

    Absolutely dreamy! I love the creativity.

  21. 21

    Hi! I’d heard of your blog a while back but only recently became a regular reader. This night sounds great! And wow, why haven’t I heard of classical schooling before?!? I am thoroughly intrigued and will be researching this option!!! Thanks for sharing :)

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