cyber monday!

oh this last week has been GLORIOUS (and that may or may not have anything to do with the fact that we had school off all week)!  yes, i have been doing quite a bit of work (as you may have seen in my twitter updates), but a lot of relaxing as well.  my parents and my oldest brother and his family joined us for the long weekend and we cooked and ate and the kids played and we relaxed and played games… just my kind of break!  my sister-in-law was super helpful with cutting out more petal pushers, so i was able to refill my nearly empty stock of those – thanks denise!

and thank you for sharing your stories with me on thanksgiving – its so good to get a new perspective and see the good in all we’ve been blessed with!

michael and i (and silas) made an apple pie – suuuper yummy!

we decided to get all fancy and do a basket weave pattern.

i was even able to sneak in a catnap on the comfiest spot in the house!

a huge thank you to michael and denise for having 2 girls and a boy who love my kids and played so wonderfully with them all weekend!  notice the fancy table decor? oh wait, there isn’t any – that’s because i have realized that something has got to give, and a pretty table was definitely it!

and another big thanks to them for the fun family photo shoot we did downtown – just before the downpour!

(wait ’til we edit all the pics, then i’ll share!)

ok, you have been so very patient – here’s the deals for cyber monday:

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and a big thank you to all of you who supported small business saturday!


let’s get ready to ramble, k?

i was thinking the other day while i had just silas with me (the girls were at a playdate ALL DAY), how hard i thought it was to go to the grocery store or run any errands for that matter when i only had gracie.  and really, it was hard.  it was the hardest grocery stopping that i had done.  but now i look back and laugh because it was so easy compared to doing it now with 3 kids!  so when i just had silas with, it was enjoyable and fun and not anything i’d ever describe as difficult.

so that made me think.

how is it that some people have that perspective with everything in their life?  how do people have life-threatening illnesses, suffer great losses, go through long hardships… and still do it as though they were grocery shopping with just one child?  as if they have done something harder and this was not the worst.  (am i even making any sense?)

anyway, i was just feeling like my perspective needs to change.  i so often see any trial i’m going through as pretty difficult, but really, it could be so much worse.  in comparison to most others, my life has been wonderful, easy even.  as my friend joy says, we operate under a lucky star.  so my perspective should be one of thankfulness when we do go through a time of trial, thankful that my trials have been few and far between, that my trials have been NOTHING compared to most other’s.

i need to remember my 7 year old’s prayers: she always says thank you for x, because it could be worse.  like, “thank you for our clean drinking water, because we could have to drink dirty water that would make us sick and we’d have to walk miles just to get it.”  and, “thank you for our cozy house, that we aren’t homeless”.

so today i am thankful.  though the struggles we go through now are real, they are small.  i am thankful for that.  i am thankful for being shielded from such hardships.  am am thankful for a husband that loves me more than i could ever imagine, that i have 3 very healthy kids, that we have a very loving and supportive family, that we live in a town that we love and are blessed by our church and school.

i am thankful.

and i am blessed.

and now, if that was a little too heavy for you ;) click here for a hilarious thanksgiving song!