let’s get ready to ramble, k?

i was thinking the other day while i had just silas with me (the girls were at a playdate ALL DAY), how hard i thought it was to go to the grocery store or run any errands for that matter when i only had gracie.  and really, it was hard.  it was the hardest grocery stopping that i had done.  but now i look back and laugh because it was so easy compared to doing it now with 3 kids!  so when i just had silas with, it was enjoyable and fun and not anything i’d ever describe as difficult.

so that made me think.

how is it that some people have that perspective with everything in their life?  how do people have life-threatening illnesses, suffer great losses, go through long hardships… and still do it as though they were grocery shopping with just one child?  as if they have done something harder and this was not the worst.  (am i even making any sense?)

anyway, i was just feeling like my perspective needs to change.  i so often see any trial i’m going through as pretty difficult, but really, it could be so much worse.  in comparison to most others, my life has been wonderful, easy even.  as my friend joy says, we operate under a lucky star.  so my perspective should be one of thankfulness when we do go through a time of trial, thankful that my trials have been few and far between, that my trials have been NOTHING compared to most other’s.

i need to remember my 7 year old’s prayers: she always says thank you for x, because it could be worse.  like, “thank you for our clean drinking water, because we could have to drink dirty water that would make us sick and we’d have to walk miles just to get it.”  and, “thank you for our cozy house, that we aren’t homeless”.

so today i am thankful.  though the struggles we go through now are real, they are small.  i am thankful for that.  i am thankful for being shielded from such hardships.  am am thankful for a husband that loves me more than i could ever imagine, that i have 3 very healthy kids, that we have a very loving and supportive family, that we live in a town that we love and are blessed by our church and school.

i am thankful.

and i am blessed.

and now, if that was a little too heavy for you ;) click here for a hilarious thanksgiving song!


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    What a great reminder! The sad thing is that I do feel like hauling my 8 month old to the grocery store is so hard, but really, it’s just more inconvenient than it was before we had him. I’ve been grumpy all day about having to work on Thanksgiving today, but I should really just be thankful for a job and a loving family and home to still go to after work. Thank you for this post!

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    I wanted to comment, but I don’t have the words for the thoughts tumbling through my mind right now. I remember when I felt it was difficult to take my daughter to the grocery store, and now I have sole custody of all four of my children, and we all go together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have had quite a bit of hardship in my life, people tell me I ought to write a book! But really, I have been blessed more than any other person I know.

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      That is the most beautiful thing ever…and I believe it, because I know that when we endure our trials well, they are in turn made up for in an abundance of blessings. Bless you!!!XoXo

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    very beautiful post today! I totally agree with you too!!!

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    A lovely and timely post on this day that we gather to give thanks…

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    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. 7

    truly beautiful……thankyou for reminding me to be thankful!! TK xx

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    I feel like my family is one of those that has seen more than their fair share of hard times during the past year…but we’re so, so thankful. I know (because they’ve told me) that people look at us and think “at least we have it better than them.” And they’re right. But I think the same thing about the single mother, the abused child, the neglected orphan. It could always, ALWAYS be worse.

    I’m thankful my son’s still alive, when everyone promised he wouldn’t be. I’m thankful we’re at home, together, this Thanksgiving instead of in an ICU room like last year. But mostly I’m thankful for a loving God that forgives us, redeems us, and gives us a hope for the future.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful reminder tonight. Many blessings to you and your family.

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    Those are such sweet thoughts. I completely relate to the feeling of even the smallest things being difficult. Sometimes we forget how much we really do have. I’m grateful for reminders to look at things from a different (and more thankful) perspective. Life is good.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. 10

    I completely agree with you and thanks for the reminder – I often times catch myself in the middle of a complaint and realize I have it so good compared to others.

  10. 11

    i feel exactly the same way! we spent 4 days in a children’s hospital with our oldest a few months ago and i’ll never forget the feeling i had walking down those hallways…seeing room after room of gravely ill children and weary parents. and our situation was scary to us…but it only lasted a few days and now she’s home, happy, prefectly healthy. it became abundantly clear to me in a very short time there that we had nothing to complain about and oh so much to be thankful for!

  11. 12

    Beautiful post! I have to always remind myself that my problems aren’t as big as they seem. Happy Thanksgiving!

    p.s. I love your blog design! I’ve admired it for a long time!

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    I’m having a hard time wording my comment so it doesn’t sounds like “oh ya..well my life is worse than yours…” because we don’t know how good we have it until we experience something bad and the things we used to complain about can seem so trivial after the fact. A quick blurb about my personal life: in the last year I became a single mom when my husband was arrested for a dispicable crime. My husband worked and I stayed home so when he lost his job we in turn lost our home and just about everything actually. I’ve had to move across the state to be near family and live at a much lower standard of living than I had before all this. BUT, I still have my kids and they are healthy (but slightly damaged) and we have sunshine on our faces and air to breath and the the list goes on. There is always things to be grateful for and always someone who has it worse than you. I have to live my life that way or I’ll go crazy! lol

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    I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! I love The Pleated Poppy! Please check out my new craft site . I hope it gives you some ideas…keep posting on The Pleated Poppy, please!

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    that was not heavy, that was wonderful!

  15. 16

    We talk about that ALL the time, “I can’t believe we ever thought one was difficult” but you’re so right…it’s all about perspective. Life may now always be in our control, but our perspective on it is!

  16. 17

    I love this. I was diagnosed with MS three years ago and have a very mild case, but I was devastated when the doctors told me. Just a few months earlier my nephew was born premature and since has battled many days in the hospital receiving a seven organ transplant. Everyone has their own battles in life. Watching my brother and sister-in-law dig deep in the trenches for their little boy all while being unemployed I get a nice dose of perspective. I still have hard days that are all my own to bare, but I truly believe in the saying God only gives us what we can handle. Sometimes, I pray he didn’t think I was as strong as I am, but most days I’m just thankful for grace.

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    I love this and thank you so much for posting it! Perspective is such a key part of gratitude. I have a rare disease that only 500 people in the U.S. have called Cystinosis. We do not receive any government funding for research because we are so rare. There is no cure and most likely never will be because it is a genetic illness. It affects every organ and tissue in my body. I had a kidney transplant when I was 11. Many people younger than me have passed away from complications. I gave birth to our miracle girl earlier this year in February; there are only about 5 other women in the world with Cystinosis who have had successful pregnancies. I feel lucky every day for the experience to be a mother, even though it is draining and incredibly challenging on top of taking care of myself and battling my own health issues.


  18. 19

    Hey Lindsey! This is a great post. I feel like I am CONSTANTLY putting things in perspective as that is the only way I know how to get through difficult circumstances. Unfortunately I get help from my friends who are going through worse. For example…I got diagnosed with cancer, but a friend of mine got diagnosed with a life threatening cancer…my parents recently separated, but a friend of mines father just committed suicide. It’s all about the perspective. :-)

  19. 20

    Thank you for this post. Sometimes I need a little reminder!

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