what i wore wednesday (and a giveaway!)

here we go, yo!

shirt dress – zoe clothing company

cardi – target

jeans – forever 21

flats – target

necklace – lisa leonard designs

petal pushers – the pleated poppy

here’s the dress without the cardi – quite possibly the most comfy outfit ever!  see the cute detailed embroidery near the hem?

silas was sick (sniffles) this sunday so we went on a donut date and christmas shopped for his siblings.

cardi – target

shirt – made by me

jeans – forever 21

boots – target

necklace – lisa leonard designs

i’ve been wearing a lot of grey lately, which i love, but i realize it tends to be a bit bland so i’ve been trying to add pops of color with scarves and my flowers.

scarf – forever 21

orchid petal pusher – the pleated poppy

silas is wearing a paul frank sweatshirt from target, sweats from old navy, and converse.  oh, sunnies from walmart!

another version of the shirtdress from zoe clothing company

jeans – local boutique

flats – target

cardi – forever 21

necklace – lisa leonard designs

wrong choice on the cardi – should’ve gone black, the grey looks sloppy.

detail on the dress

tank – zoe clothing company

white tank – target

jeans – local boutique

flats – target

this tank was cut great!  i love the racerback and the band at the waist!

long sleeve hoodie – zoe clothing company

jeans – local shop

tennies – very old converse

hat – target

more great detailing – love the chandelier!

sooo, can you even guess what the giveaway is for?!

that’s right!  today’s giveaway is sponsored by zoe clothing company!

“Zoe” in Greek means life and represents the new life we have in Christ:

“And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life (zoe), and this life (zoe) is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life (zoe); whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life (zoe).” — 1 John 5:11-12

As Christians, this new life — zoe — defines who we are. Our goal is to live out this truth in the way that we practice business and in the passion that we put into designing our clothing. We have created a line that is not only on the cutting edge of fashion, but also represents God’s living and perfect Word. We hope that the simple messages of our clothing will be a light to others (Matthew 5:14-16), and an encouragement to the the one wearing it (Psalm 1:1-2).

zoe clothing company has christian apparel for the whole family – from t-shirts, to sweatshirts and these adorable dresses!

and they are so generously offering a $75 gift certificate to one winner!  think of all the gifts you could get with that!

and even better: they are offering all of my readers 20% (!!!!!) off their orders now through december 8th with coupon code PLEATEDPOPPY!!!!  that is an amazing discount!

to enter, just pop on over to their shop and let me know what you have to have!

and link up below if you want to join wiww!


mark you calendars for this coming monday – cyber monday!  i will have some amazing sales and promo’s – so fun!


  1. 1

    I really like the He Loves Me Lots shirt and the Love
    Sweatshirt in Aqua.

  2. 2

    I love the vine dress, and the creation tshirt and the floral striped shirt….. soo cute and they look comfy too!
    Thanks for the chance to enter lindsay!

  3. 3

    fun fun fun… love the vine dress and the kids he loves me shirt

  4. 4

    Has to be your dress!

  5. 5

    i would love that cute little yellow bird cage t-shirt. and i love all of your outfits. you are the target cardi queen!

  6. 6

    What a fun store. I like Birds of the Air.

  7. 7

    ooooh! i love the striped dress and the bird cage tee-shirt. what a cool company!

  8. 8

    would love the thumbprint tee for my daughter

  9. 9

    I really love the fading flower racerback tank and the shirtdresses!!

  10. 10
    Leianne McMillan says:

    What a precious idea! Inspirational clothing that doesn’t look like you raided the gift shop at youth camp!!!! I love them all, but I am really feeling the bird motif. I love the bird cage, birds of the air and the thumbprint. Oh….of course the dresses…..so versital! Thanks for all you are doing Lindsay…..you make me want to get dressed up! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  11. 11
    Adrienne S says:

    I love the fading flower tank.

  12. 12

    i LOVE the shirt dresses… love them. the tank is awesome too.

    it is on my target list to get a full length mirror so i can do what i wore wednesday. i seriously look forward to this every week and so does Morgan :o) i have tried to get pics from standing on my bath tub but it just doesn’t work out so well. on my next target run i will be picking up a mirror! i may do the kids what they wore wednesday like heather at angel face designs to get started :o)

  13. 13
    Gina Brown says:

    I LOVE the grey striped shirt dress ! So fun !

  14. 14

    I love the Peace tee (and REALLY love those dresses!!!!)

  15. 15
    BornInaZoo says:

    I love the “Let Your Light Shine” fashion top.

  16. 16
    Jennifer C. says:

    I like the “delivered” tshirt for men- that would be for my husband. And I like the light gray striped shirt dress! I like the verse on it!

  17. 17

    i like the let your light shine hoodie and the birds of the air shirt. What a fun giveaway….love it! :)

  18. 18
    Kari Tandberg says:

    I have to have the vine dress and let you light so shine shirt. Thanks!

  19. 19

    I love the vine dress! I am starting to wear more dresses and I love the look of the dress! Of course I also would like some t-shirts. What an awesome shop! Thanks for introducing me to it!!!!

  20. 20

    I LOVE the Beauty is vain shirt and the fading flower….this is WAY better than ugly old school christian unisex tees! Way to go Zoe!!!

  21. 21

    They are all great! I guess I would be pretty torn between “He loves me lots” and “Let Your Light Shine Hoodie.” Thanks for offering a giveaway!

  22. 22

    You are so cute!!! I love all those outfits… but especially the shirt dresses! I’d love to wear them, but I always think I’m too short ;)

  23. 23

    I’m with you Linds….the vine dress is awesome! I also love the Thumbprint Bird Tee! How fun is that!? Thanks for the chance to win! Fingers Crossed!!!

  24. 24

    LOVE the Beauty is Vain v-neck tank! Gotta have it!

  25. 25

    I LOVE the vine dress. you look super cute in it! I just might have to get it, too!

  26. 26

    I love both of the shirt dresses!!! They are absolutely adorable and would love to get them!!!

  27. 27

    the “i am the vine dress!”

    can you tell us when the giveaway is over b/c if i don’t win, i’m buying! :) and if i have to wait to long t find out if i won, i’ll buy now! :)

  28. 28

    I love both of the shirt dresses! Super cute over jeans or leggings for Fall.

  29. 29

    I love the floral striped dress!

  30. 30

    Awesome shop! I love the Floral striped dress in gray Looks super comfy


  31. 31

    I really like the thumbprint bird t-shirt!

  32. 32

    Um, I just made a whole list of things I like!! Especially the He Loves Me Lots top & the Floral Striped dress. It’s all so cute!

  33. 33

    I would love this! My kids go to a Christian school and are limited on what their shirts can say so a lot of things are not school friendly. I will be passing on this site to a lot of teenage moms!

  34. 34

    I love the Birds Of The Air shirt. Just love it all.
    I could have selected every.single.item!

  35. 35

    Love the Creation t-shirt! Love the shirt dresses too. Tough decision. Hope I win!

  36. 36

    Wow such cuteness!!! I have a few favorites but I think the Let Your Light Shine Hoddie is my favorite!

  37. 37

    i love the vine dress!!

  38. 38

    The “thumbprint bird” t is pretty cute…but so is the black/grey striped shirt dress! I may not be able to wait for you to choose a winner! What a great site!

  39. 39

    I like the birds of the air top.

  40. 40

    Oh… such cute stuff- and not at all cheesy! I love it all, but the lightweight hoodies are my fave.

  41. 41

    wow! I love everything!! For me…I love the Birds of the Air tee.
    But i am totally going to take advantage of that 20% for Christmas

  42. 42

    such sweet things! I love the floral tank…the white one like your black one. But I could certainly buy it all!

  43. 43

    Love the Birds of the air.

  44. 44

    Great clothing which makes choosing a favorite even harder. My favorites have to be the Fading Flower tank and the He Love Me Lots shirt. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  45. 45

    My faves are the tank dresses – they are so cute & versatile :) I also think my niece would just adore the peace t-shirt & that’s one of my favorite verses….Christmas shopping almost done!! Thanks!!

  46. 46

    I love the flying birds with the thumb print bird right with it. Very cute. I love that it is stylish along with a great message.

  47. 47

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the floral dress you wore. I will definitely be adding it to my wardrobe.

  48. 48

    ooooh! LOVE everything!- but the ‘fading flower tank’ is my very favorite!!

  49. 49

    I love the Let Your Light Shine and the He Loves You Lots shirts — super cute!!!
    kathy k.

  50. 50

    I love the two women’s dresses and the girls Elephant T. What a cool shop!

  51. 51

    I love the tank dress, it looks so comfy.

  52. 52

    fear no evil shirt for boys…so cute

  53. 53

    I like the thumbprint bird or one of the Zoe International t’s :)

  54. 54

    Love the “let your light shine” hoodie, thanks for the chance to win.

  55. 55

    Love the Vine dress!

  56. 56

    I love the living water shirt!

  57. 57

    love the vine dresses! and i love your style – such cute outfits!

  58. 58

    I love the embroidered vine dress, but my daughter would love the bird cage T-shirt (we could share!). Very nice website!

  59. 59

    I really love the vine dress- such cute clothes! Thanks for featuring them today!!

  60. 60

    I love the vine dress and the verite et de grace shirt. I would love to have either, and if I don’t win, will definitely be shopping here for some great Christmas presents. Thank you for the giveaway and the discount code!

  61. 61

    Love the hoodies!!! They are perfect!

  62. 62

    LOVE the vine dress!

  63. 63

    Lindsey, this line is awesome! I’m not a fan of “Jesus junk” t-shirts (please don’t take offense readers – I love Jesus but just don’t love tacky screaming t-shirts). This line is really pretty! That chandi t you are wearing is so creative and classy.

    WHAT? The prices are awesome! Yeah, I think the Let Your Light Shine hoodie is still my fave.

    BTW, your hair looks adorable in pic one. How can you get your cute cut in a pony??

  64. 64

    I would want either the Floral Striped dress or The Vine dress. They are both adorable! Oh, I hope I win then I could get both. :) Thanks for the code, I’ll definitely be doing some shopping here in the near future. ;)

  65. 65

    I Love the floral striped dress! Looks very comfy! Also loving the color combo on the creation t-shirt!

  66. 66

    Love the flower dress!

    Thanks for the chance!

  67. 67

    The things I love the most about this clothing line is the fact that they are such a witness to others around us about Christ and His love for us. I just might need to do some Christmas shopping for my whole family :) Thanks for the link and I will definitely take advantage of the 20% discount.

  68. 68

    “Let Your Light Shine” looks so comfy. That’s what I’d like.

  69. 69

    Gotta have the bird cage t-shirt!

  70. 70

    Love the yellow bird cage tee!

  71. 71
    Jennie Lindstrom says:

    I love the dresses! The Hope t-shirt is great too. There are so many cute things!

  72. 72

    I love the Thumbprint Bird shirt! It is all very cute! And just a side note… my husband is 100% Greek and we named our Baby Zooey! Ok we changed up the spelling a bit still pronouced Zoe. So special that it means Life. Our little Zooey is getting baptized this weekend!

  73. 73
    Christie J says:

    What cute and fun clothes with the most important message! I like that they are fashionable too and my favorites are the tank and hoodie and probably most of the t-shirts, so hard to choose!

  74. 74

    I LOVE the vine dress and the bird cage t-shirt! Thanks for sharing such an awesome giveaway and introducing me to this shop!! Crossing my fingers to win! : )

  75. 75

    Its getting cold outside I would get the Long Sleve “Birds of the air” shirt to start with.

    I can’t believe they have such good prices!


  76. 76

    I’ve never heard of Zoe clothing. It’s cute and inspirational. That’s awesome! The name reminds me of the verse in John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” Thanks for sharing. By the way, I like the petal pushers together in the first outfit. Very cute!

  77. 77

    what cute stuff & i love your style!! I must have that hoodie you have “Let Your Light Shine”
    love the chandelier on it!! thanks for the chance to win & happy thanksgiving!!!

  78. 78

    I love the creation graphic T and the vine dress!

  79. 79

    I love the tanks too! I like the fading flower one.

  80. 80

    I have to have the flower striped dress! So cute!

  81. 81

    sign me up!

  82. 82

    ..for the long sleeve hoodie (oops), i don’t follow directions very well do i. :-)

  83. 83

    I’m your newest follower! I came here via Along for the Ride.

    I love the birdcage t-shirt! Too cute!


  84. 84
    Mary Jo Smith says:

    I love the 2 dresses that you wore AND the birdcage shirt! LOVE their style!!

  85. 85

    i love the birds of the air tee as well as the shine your light hoodie. the dresses are great, too!
    decisions, decisions…

  86. 86

    love the vine dress you wore. you always look so cute!

  87. 87

    Thanks for introducing me to this great company…how can I pick one favorite? OK, I think I’d first get the thumbprint bird Tee…how adorable! And I love wiww!

  88. 88

    I love the shirt dresses- so cute!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  89. 89

    I love the Let your Light Shine hoodie :)

  90. 90

    I would love either of those dresses you bought, although they probably look better on you lol! What a great company, thanks for getting the word out about them! :)

  91. 91

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for sharing that company with us! I would love that Vine dress – since I’m pregnant, I might be able to wear it for a bit! :)

    BTW, I love that backwards picture you took! Happy Thanksgiving!

  92. 92

    i love the vine dress!

  93. 93

    I love the here am I send me hoodies! My hubby’s a missions guy. That would a great gift.

  94. 94

    I love the graphic tees, especially the thumbprint one! Thanks!

  95. 95
    Amber Treat says:

    What a great company name and idea! LOVE the yellow birdcage shirt and the 2 dresses you have. So very cute. You have the best giveaways!

  96. 96

    Oh my, these are wonderful. Two of my daughter are going on a mission trip this spring and their favorite song is a Leeland song about ‘use my hands and use my feet to make your kingdom come’ so my FAV is the sweatshirt that says, ‘send me’…I love it.


  97. 97
    Laura in LA says:

    I love the chandelier hoodie you chose. Such cute stuff!

  98. 98
    Jenna Nelson says:

    I’m so going to copy you… either of the dresses would be a delight!

  99. 99
    Patti Adams says:

    I’ve fallen in love with the clothes at Zoe Clothing Co. I would love to have the vine dress, Let your light shine hoodie and Birds of the air t-shirt! Plus my doggies name is Zoey! Hope i win!

  100. 100

    Ummmm maybe one of everything!!! Oh my love it all!!! I think my fav though is the Vérité et de Grâce t-shirt.

  101. 101

    That post made me want to check out their website!

    I love the shirt dresses, the fading flower tank, the birds of the air long sleeve t, and the beauty is vain tank!

    What an amazing deal and amazing clothing line!

  102. 102

    cute new clothes! do you think it possible for me to win again?? i’d take anything in their shop.

  103. 103

    I love the Bird Cage tee, the thumbprint bird tee and the vine dress! Count me in!

  104. 104

    The vine dress is awfully cute as is the thumbprint bird tee in both women’s and youth. My girls would look adorable in it! Thanks again for hosting WIWW and such a great giveaway.

  105. 105

    Oh my how I am coveting the Vine Dress (in black/grey) from Zoe Clothing Company. I’ve been following your WIWW for a few weeks now. Maybe if I had something super cute to wear like this Vine Dress I wouldn’t be so intimiated to link up! Thanks for your fashion inspirations!

  106. 106

    Very cute clothes…can’t decide!

  107. 107

    Like the Verite de la grace shirt!

  108. 108

    What could I have…..What COULDN’T I have, that website is great! I love the sweatshirts and graphic tees for the boys, I could dress all my boys in something adorable with an adorable sweatshirt for the cold. You know you’re a mom when you get the chance to win something and you immediately think of how you can spend it on your family. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Fingers crossed!

  109. 109

    i love the vine dress and the let your light shine hoodie!

  110. 110

    Oh definitely the living water one or the striped dress!

  111. 111

    I really love the dresses, and the “Fear No Evil” hoodie! Ok, ok, I love everything!

  112. 112

    i love the let your light shine hoodie, looks soo comfy!

  113. 113

    Amazing line of clothing! I would luv the Beauty-Vain tank for me. Girl’s bird shirt for daughter & Fishers Koi for the hub. Thanks for posting a giveaway about such a neat clothing company!

  114. 114

    I have to have the embroidered vine dress! Love their stuff! Thanks so much for introducing them to me!

  115. 115

    i love the let your light shine shirt! and of course the vine dress too :)

  116. 116

    Love the vine dress! Great stuff!

  117. 117

    i would love to have the “he loves me lots” shirt!! or the dresses!! they’re very cute!

  118. 118

    I love their clothes, what a hard choice so either the stipe dress or vine dress would be perfect.

  119. 119

    Their clothes are too cute and look so comfy! I could get something for the whole family and I would definitely get the vine dress for me.

  120. 120

    Love the grey striped dress! such cute stuff!

  121. 121

    I love the bird shirt . . .


    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  122. 122

    Lots of great choices! I really like Verite et de Grace, He Loves Me Lots and Let Your Light Shine. THANKS for the chance!

  123. 123
    Brittany Hamman says:

    I love the let your light so shine hoodie! It is just perfect!

  124. 124

    I have to say I really like the “Let Your Light Shine” grey hoodie, but I would take just about anything from there!

  125. 125

    Wow. I could buy a lot with $75! For me…I would get the Thumbprint bird shirt and/or the Let Your Light Shine long sleeve hood shirt. For my daughters…I would get them each their own matching Thumbprint bird shirt!!!!!

  126. 126

    WOW! the prices are great and their stuff is so cool! I LOVE the vine dress and the hoodie. I also like their youth stuff! LOVE it!

  127. 127

    I looked at the website and couldn’t pick just one! How awesome is it that the Word is on the clothes. I would wear any of it. Love the dresses!

  128. 128

    How could I chose just one thing? I love the He loves me lots, the thumbprint bird and both striped dresses. Maybe then I could actually do a What I wore Wednesday! I am still not brave enough for that. Someday.

  129. 129

    I have to have the He loves me lots and the Hulalujah one! I’ll definetely be ordering some of these. And so reasonably priced! Thank you!

  130. 130

    What a great shop!!! I’ve never seen it before. I love the bird thumbprint shirt and that vine dress that you’re wearing! So great! I hope I win!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  131. 131
    Lauri Thomas says:

    Wow! I’ve never heard of Zoe – but their stuff is adorable and the message is amazing! I would love that shirt dress you are wearing :) Or their Birds of the Air shirt. So many cute things!

  132. 132

    I like the Let your light shine hoodie…cute stuff!

  133. 133

    I LOVE the Let Your Light Shine hoodie. Great giveaway. Thanks for introducing me to this shop.

  134. 134

    thank you for introducing me to this company! my 2 favorites: He Loves me Lots and the Vine shirtdress!

  135. 135

    I like the birds of the air long-sleeved tee.

  136. 136

    I love the Hulalujah shirt!

  137. 137
    Rosemariee says:

    i love the vine dress!

  138. 138

    I love the Floral Striped Dress for myself and the Fear No Evil tee would look adorable on my boys.

  139. 139

    I love it all! I really like that chandelier shirt you are wearing. But I’d love to buy any of their clothes!!

  140. 140

    I love the Birds of the Air shirt. Really cute and relevant for this point in my life!

  141. 141


  142. 142

    I really love the chandelier shirt that you’re wearing! They have some adorable things!! Thanks for sharing!

  143. 143

    What an awesome store! I have to have the birds of the air shirt, I love it!!!

  144. 144

    Love the birds of the air!


  145. 145

    What a creative way to spread the love of Christ! I love the black striped shirt dress……….lovely!

  146. 146

    I think all of the clothing is cute, but I especially like Hulalujah, Beauty is Vain and Peace. Any of the youth things are great too. Thanks for the chance and the intro to their store.

  147. 147

    I love the dresses, but would use it to buy Christmas presents for my kids :)

  148. 148
    Mary Lynne Jones says:

    I LOVE their dresses! Ive been looking for some casual wear dresses! & that thumbprint bird tee in the youth section is adorable!!!

  149. 149
    Michelle S says:

    I love the Birds of the Air tee and the Fading Flower tank.

  150. 150
    shannon stinson says:

    i love, love the bird cage sihirt! it holds much for me! very specific to me on so many levels! and i love the dresses like you have worn! what a great witness to others! i think this is a beautiful company and i wish them much success!

  151. 151

    i love the dress but i also wouldn’t mind any of the cute tee’s!

  152. 152

    wow !
    i love the bird cage t-shirt !
    and the cute dress of course !

  153. 153

    I love the grey and white striped dress that you modeled so beautifully! Love all the clothes!

  154. 154

    I really love that “Let your light shine” hoodie.

  155. 155

    I love the “he loves me lots” shirt!

  156. 156

    Let your light shin hoodie.

  157. 157

    LOVE the beauty is vain tank AND either one of the stripe dresses. VERY cute stuff! :) Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!!

  158. 158

    Found you by way of FVK – April!

    Love everything Zoe Clothing Company has to offer. I really like the grey/white stripped dress. I have never heard of their company and am already planning out the giftcard (yes, I’m that confident I’ll win… just kidding… I really never win anything! hahaa) and which item I’d buy for myself, husband, and handsom little toddler of mine!

    Aside from the giveaway {which is aweeesome!} I’m loving your blog. I’ll have to thank April for sending me here!


  159. 159

    My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing is the He Loves Me Lots shirt…Thanks so much

  160. 160
    Jasmine Yen says:

    I would love the Floral Striped Dress.

  161. 161

    LOVE the vine shirt dress!

  162. 162

    I love the “He loves me lots” shirt. Thanks for letting us know about this company, I’d never heard of them before but they have great stuff!

  163. 163

    I love the vine dress!

  164. 164

    Love the grey striped dress. Thanks for the hook up!

  165. 165

    I love the fading flower tank. Its so cute. All their items are lovely and how awesome would it be to give these as gifts. thanks for the giveaway

  166. 166

    I love the bird cage and vine dress!! I love your petal pushers too! You should do a giveaway of those!! :)

  167. 167

    I am loving the shirt dresses, too. I really like the black and grey, but I love the detailing on the white and grey. What a fun giveaway!

  168. 168

    My favorite is the hoodie you wore with the chandelier~ I would give it to my sister for Christmas!

  169. 169

    I love the shirt dresses too. I have that same gray/white striped sweater from Target–love it too. The scriptures on the dresses make them extra special.

  170. 170

    I love the shirt dress with jeans ! Very cute !!


  171. 171

    aww, I like the thumbprint birdie. :)

  172. 172

    Thanks for the Intro… what an awesome company! I love the striped shirt dresses! Good pick Lindsey!

  173. 173

    Love, Love it all!! What an awesome way to share your faith!! Couldn’t make up my mind on what i liked best…

  174. 174

    What a great idea! I love the birds of the air long sleeved t-shirt. Happy early Thanksgiving!

  175. 175

    i love the hulalujah shirt and the love hoodies! the kids shirts were all pretty cute too!

  176. 176

    What a great clothing company!! LOVE the vine dress! Thanks for sharing!!


  177. 177

    I love the “He loves me lots” t-shirt. Such a wonderful reminder of our Father’s love! :)

  178. 178

    love the birds of the air tee and the let your light shine hoodie!

  179. 179
    Stephanie G says:

    I love the grey striped dress that you have on! It would look so cute with a pair of leggings and cardi :) Love your blog and especially WIWW!

  180. 180

    I love it all! What a great way to wear Christ. Love it! It’s hard to pick a favorite but I think it’s the fading flower tank……oh wait…maybe it’s the bird cage t-shirt.

  181. 181

    I love the gray and white striped dress–what a wonderful way to express your faith. The black and gray dress is pretty cute too!

  182. 182

    I love, love the thumbprint bird shirt. So cute. I also love the birdcage and cone of shame t-shirt with the dog. This is such an awesome way to proclaim your faith in Jesus.

  183. 183

    There are too many things I would love to have, but I especially like the girls bird shirt and the vine dress! What an awesome giveaway!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some great clothing.

  184. 184

    My favorite is the Let Your Light Shine hoodie. I really like everything they have though – your dresses are so cute!

  185. 185

    what an awesome company! i love that gray and white striped dress :)

  186. 186

    So many cute things. Love the Fading Flower tank.

  187. 187

    I’d love to get a few t.shirts for my husband!

  188. 188
    Lindsey Lollar says:

    I love it ALL! I can’t decide…would I be selfish and get for me…or sweet and get for my hubby? ;)

  189. 189

    i really like the black and grey dress, that would be awesome with black tights and a nice red scarf :)

  190. 190

    I love both the dresses! I’ve been looking for a casual t-shirt dress to wear with jeans or black leggings. Both these are perfect.

  191. 191

    It’s hard to decide, but that fading flower tank is really cute!

  192. 192

    I just love the fading flower tank.. so pretty!!

  193. 193

    LOVE everything !! but especially the dresses! they are so versatile!! thanks!!

  194. 194

    There are too many things I would love to have, but I especially like both the women’s dresses! What an awesome giveaway!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some great clothing.

  195. 195

    love the let your light shine hoodie!

  196. 196

    I love the birds of the air long sleeve, so cute!

  197. 197

    Oh I love the yellow scarf and orchid petal pusher. So adorable!

    You must be loving me this week, Lindsey. The Pleated Poppy shop and my Paypal account are bossom buddies by now ;-)

  198. 198

    everything is so cute! i love the dress you were wearing with the flowers. love that verse!

  199. 199

    The gray floral stripe dress is my fave! So cute AND I love the verse on it! Thanks for introducing us to Zoe!

  200. 200

    Love it all…. I especially am feelin’ the shirt dresses, thumbprint bird, and the “Fear no Evil” hoodie sweatshirt.

  201. 201

    Love your blog- you seem like such a neat lady!

    Also- my fave things at Zoe is the Birds fo the Air long sleeve shirt and the white and gray shirt dress you had on!

  202. 202
    Lisa Richards says:

    I like the bird cage graphic tee.

  203. 203

    I like the Let Your Light Shine On hoodie and the Love sweatshirt!

    Very cool clothing. I like your tall boots from Target.

  204. 204

    What a neat store! I love it! My favortie was the Vine Dress! Thanks for the giveaway & I hope I win! :-)

  205. 205

    I LOVE the birds of the air long sleeve tee!

  206. 206

    I LOVE the Floral Striped Dress you have!

  207. 207

    I really dig racerback tanks. Thanks for a fun giveaway, and happy holiday!

  208. 208
    Sheena Rae says:

    The Peace Shirt!

  209. 209

    I must have the Stripe Flower dress!!! :)

  210. 210

    I knew that I’d be ordering AT LEAST a striped dress before I even saw the discount. Thank you so much for introducing me to this company!

  211. 211

    Have to have the origami birds shirt for my soon to be 17 (on Sunday) son. He loves Christian shirts. This would be a hit for his bday! (I might pick one out for me too!)

  212. 212
    Amanda Angert says:

    I LOVE both dresses you’re wearing but also the “cone of shame” t-shirt….so cute!!!!

  213. 213

    oh my gosh, i hope i will. i loved the vine grey stripped dress.

  214. 214

    oh my gosh, i hope i win. i loved the vine grey stripped dress.

  215. 215

    I want the love hoodie!

  216. 216

    I love the Hope graphic tee and that they are giving 100% of proceeds from those shirts to fight human trafficking.

  217. 217

    i LOVE the fading flower tank and the let your light shine top

  218. 218

    SO CUTE!!!

    I love the birdcage tee and the fading flower dress (the grey and white one).

  219. 219

    Has to be the Birds of the Air tee–both origami cranes and Matthew hold special meaning to me and to see them together, it’s meant to be.

  220. 220

    i am loving the floral striped dress!
    what a fun clothing line!
    and what a great giveaway!

  221. 221

    I love the creation shirt!

  222. 222

    Love the yellow tee with the birdcage on it!

  223. 223

    The Creation tee is really cute. And the black and the Vine Dress too.

  224. 224

    i really like the ‘let your light shine’ hoodie and the ‘birds of the air’ t-shirt. (: happy thanksgiving!!!!!!

  225. 225

    The thumbprint bird is cute :0

    Just Better Together

  226. 226

    I love the little man shirts. Love that my boys can procalim who they beleive in on a shirt at school or anywhere they go. The “Don’t be afraid” shirt is my favorite.

  227. 227

    I love the vine dress! Great prices too!

  228. 228
    Charity B. says:

    I love the Vine Dress! So cute, and it looks super comfy!

  229. 229

    Really liking the Vine Dress! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  230. 230

    Love the Vine Dress… and I really think I should win, because my name is Zoe! I love the meaning of it – always a fun thing to tell people when they ask about it. And sometimes an opportunity to plant a little spiritual seed.

  231. 231

    I love ALL of it. But, I really love the “Let Your Light Shine” chandelier hoodie.
    The dresses are darling too.
    I totally LOVE clothes with scripture on it and spirirtual meaning.
    I am going to shop at Zoe for sure.

  232. 232

    So I accidentally commented on the wrong post :-) Haha…but I love the vine dress and I also love the tanks. The Lots of Love is very fun; looks like a flattering cut.
    I’m so glad that, if they are boldly proclaiming Christ, the clothing is adorable and not cheesy :-)
    Perfect timing right before Christmas!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Yours

  233. 233

    I like the Fading Flower Tank!

  234. 234
    Wendy Cole says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dresses!!!!

  235. 235

    love, love, love the chandelier shirt!

  236. 236

    I LOVE everything. I love the concept behind the clothing but I really love the chandelier hoodie. and i really like the dresses.

  237. 237

    I love it all. Love this company and its innovative way to spread the Gospel. I really love the chandelier hoodie and both dresses.
    Definitely placing an order before the 20% expires.

  238. 238

    I want the shirt dress — Might have to go get it right now!!! So cute!

  239. 239

    I love the dresses!!! So great.

  240. 240

    I like the fading flower tank & the cute dresses!

  241. 241

    Thumbprint birdie tee is MINE if you pick me! I am really going to do WIWW one of these weeks…

  242. 242

    OH! what a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for hosting this! I would love the Thumbprint Birdie tee, the Birds of the Air tee, or actually, pretty much anything! I love Christian clothing and usually shop at C28.com! I’m so glad you’ve pointed me to this site now. I love it!
    oooh! i hope i win, i hope i win, i hope i win!

  243. 243

    Love the creation top (with that sweet elephant!) and the striped dress. What a wonderful company!

  244. 244

    I love the concept of these clothes, I would pick the floral stipped dress.

  245. 245

    Okay, it came down to three, but the ultimate must have would be the “Cone of Shame” shirt! Next, it would be the thumbprint shirt & for my husband, the “Birds of the Air” shirt. Thank you, for introducing me to this company; It’s nice to hear about companies that drive through their desire to do God’s work!

  246. 246

    I forgot to take pictures this week…sick kids again. I do love the shirt dress. Want one desperately!

  247. 247

    Love the chandelier hoodie!

  248. 248

    I love the Let your light shine hoodie!

  249. 249

    I really like the See the Birds long-sleeved tee. Thank you!


  250. 250

    Looove their stuff! I had already clicked over before I saw the giveaway. I was thinking, man she likes that brand!
    I love the shirt dresses you have, but also the Beauty is Vain tank and the He Loves Me Lots tee.
    Such a neat idea for a fashion line!

  251. 251

    I love the Birds in the Air tshirt :)

  252. 252

    I love the kids clothes… I love the “fear no evil” shirt for little boys and the “he loves me he loves me lots” great as a mommy and me shirt… I also love the dress you were wearing.

    I would go crazy buying all these items what a GREAT store!!!

  253. 253

    I can’t decide between the peace t-shirt and the birdcage t-shirt! Love love love! :)

  254. 254

    I love the vine dress & the floral striped dress!

  255. 255

    Cone of shame!

  256. 256

    Love the vine dress!

  257. 257

    i love the let your light shine hoodie… so cute!!!

  258. 258

    Wow, love this store! Love the Thumbprint tee and the Floral Stripped Dress. So Fun!!

  259. 259

    I LOVE all of their things!! I really love the bird cage shirt…it just speaks to me! I’ve always loved birds! I did send my hubby a wishlist after visiting the site, too! My b-day is 2 weeks before Christmas so it was a subtle hint! ;)

    Hope to win!!!

  260. 260

    I love the shirt dress with the scripture.
    It def. looks like a style anyone can wear.

  261. 261

    I love the fading flowers tank! super cute stuff!

  262. 262

    The Bird Cage GRAPHIC T & the Vine dress…LOVE them both!

  263. 263

    The Thumbprint bird and “let your light shine” shirt are my favorites!

  264. 264

    I like the ‘creation’ t-shirt with the cute elephant.


  265. 265

    I like the He Loves Me Lots shirt and the Let Your Light Shine hoodie. Very cute stuff!

  266. 266
    janene frank says:

    Love the Let Your Light Shine long sleeve shirt: )

  267. 267

    Love the racerback tank. Great line of clothing!

  268. 268

    I would need more time to look around, but I love that fading flower tank in white..

  269. 269
    Maggie Ortiz says:

    Let you know what we want? Are you kidding? How about a list of what we DON’T want from Zoe? It would be MUCH shorter! Their clothes are amazing and those dresses are absolutely fabulous! Shirt dresses seriously made up 99% of the “Christmas *hint* list” I gave my hubby, lol.

    P.S. Someday hopefully I’ll have the courage to join WIWW!

  270. 270

    I think the beauty is vain tank is adorable and would be so lucky to wear something cute and something with a great message!

  271. 271
    Jessica Blood says:

    I love the floral stripped dress, and the racer back tank but I can not remember it’s name. This is an awesome site, thanks for sharing!!

  272. 272

    Wow! I love everything! I just have to have it all! I think I am going back to shop. Thanks again for introducing us to a great talent! The bonus is we can share our love of the Lord and look great!

  273. 273

    Wonderful shop with a powerful message. Thanks for the chance to win! I love the “He Loves Me Lots” shirt. One of my favorite verses.


  274. 274

    How fun!! I love the chandelier hoody and the
    Vérité et de Grâce tee. How wonderful!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  275. 275

    I think the “Vine” dress is adorable!!

  276. 276

    I look forward to Wednesday’s here on your blog. You have inspired me to dress a little cuter. I love your fashion sense!

  277. 277

    Love the striped dresses you wore!!

  278. 278

    I really like the “let your light shine” shirt and i really, really like the idea behind zoe clothing company

  279. 279

    How funny! I thought, oh, that shirt is CUTE! And that one…..and that one….wait! They’re all by the same company!

  280. 280

    Oops, forgot to say – love the “Let your light shine” – please delete my other comment! :)

  281. 281

    I LOVE the grey and white striped dress and the fading flower tank. How cute and what great messages!

  282. 282

    I like the creation shirt for kids.

  283. 283

    I’d love the Birds of the Air tee…though I love them all! =0)

  284. 284

    Great clothes! I love the thumbprint bird shirt for me and the “Fear no evil” shirt for my son. He’d love that!

  285. 285

    I would get the bird cage & the floral striped dress for my little sister. She’s 15 and is always looking for things that are cute and also representing of her strong faith. It’s hard for girls her age to find things… and I saw these shirts and thought of her!!!

  286. 286

    What great clothing, I’d not heard of them before. I love the two stripe dresses.

  287. 287

    Everything is so beautiful, but I really love the the striped dresses, though!

  288. 288

    I like a lot of their stuff but I think the 2 shirt dresses are my favorite ;-)

  289. 289

    I love the Let Your Light Shine hoodie and the Vine dress!

  290. 290

    What a great company1 I love the tank dress that you were wearing.

  291. 291

    I love the Vine tank dress! Perfect for teaching at school with a cardi.

  292. 292

    I love the striped dress.

  293. 293

    OK, I must have the cone of shame shirt….LOVE IT. I also love the vine dress :)

  294. 294

    I love the Creation T, and the vine dress!

  295. 295

    Love the living water shirt!

  296. 296

    I really want the let your light shine shirt…ok, I’ll be honest. There’s quite a few things that I want! :-)

  297. 297

    I’d like one of each, please. : )

  298. 298

    LOVE the floral striped dress…love ! Crossing my fingers extra tight for this giveaway !

  299. 299

    Love the DELIVERED t-shirts. So funny, but so profound. Thanks for the shout out to Zoe, because anyway to get the message of Christ out there is a great one.

  300. 300

    What a wonderful website! I “heart” the Fading Flower Tank–it’s message is so special and it’s super-cute! Love the Let your Light Shine shirt too–it would be perfect for teaching Kindergarten!! The 2 striped dresses are adorable too–stripes are my new fave!

  301. 301

    I love the girls little blue bird t-shirt for my daughter!

  302. 302

    The vine dress. Love it!

  303. 303

    I love the Birds in the Air shirt and the Vine Dress. Thank you so much for introducing me to this awesome company!

  304. 304

    My top 3 favs are the Elephant Creation tee, white racerback tank and the grey and black vines dress. I’m sending my husband this link for some Christmas ideas :)

  305. 305

    I love so many. Especially the “Grace” shirt!!! I love the whole line!!

  306. 306

    I love that Floral Striped Dress! What a cute store.

  307. 307

    I would LOVE to have the vine dress :)

  308. 308

    Wow, so many I can’t pick just one! Would love to win!!

  309. 309

    LOVE the Vine Dress and Here Am I sweatshirt! Cute stuff with a great message. :)

  310. 310

    Either the vine dress or birds of the air shirt…so cute.

  311. 311

    Wow – I love their site. I like the dresses, the thumbprint bird tee, and the He loves me lots tee. Thanks for the chance to win!

  312. 312

    Their site just makes me smile. Can’t help but love the youth shirt, “Fishers of Men.” What a great way to share your faith!

  313. 313

    They’ve got lots of great stuff! I would love to get the blue bird tee for my daughter!

  314. 314

    I love the striped floral dress and the he loves me lots t shirt! CUte shop! Thanks for the giveaway!

  315. 315

    i love the floral striped dress!! that is…among lots of other things!!!

  316. 316
    Shelly Primm says:

    cute clothes. love the peace shirt. thanks

  317. 317

    I love your Bella dress, and the long sleeve tee with the origami birds!!

  318. 318

    I love the creation shirt! I’d get one for me and for my daughter! :)

  319. 319

    WOW! Awesome company! I LOVE their shirts—-I’d probably go with the Bird Cage one right now with what it represents…freedom in Christ.

  320. 320

    There are some great t-shirts at the site … especially like the birdcage and creation ones! Thanks for the chance to win!

  321. 321

    I love the new clothing line. I will be doing some Christmas shopping for sure. Praise the Lord!!

  322. 322

    the birdcage tee is my favorite. what a great shop!

  323. 323

    Love all the graphic Ts!

  324. 324

    love the shirtdress!

  325. 325

    I love the Let your light shine hoodie – I also love the little youth shirts. What a great company!

  326. 326

    I love the Let your LIght Shine shirt. Such cute stuff with an even better message!

  327. 327

    I love both of the shirtdresses!

  328. 328

    I love the let your light shine hoodie.

  329. 329

    i would love the vine dress and some “fear not” shirts for my two boys:)

  330. 330

    LOOVE the “Let Your Light Shine” and the “Birds of the Air”. What great shirts!

  331. 331
    susan evin says:

    I absolutely LOVE both dresses & think the aqua Love hoodie wud b just the color pop as the sun sets or the sky gets cloudy. I honestly would wear all3 year round in freezin’ Cleveland, just with leggings/jeans & a Tneck once summer fades. With the hoodie layer of course. ;)

  332. 332

    Cute stuff! I would looovvvee to win!