what WE wore wednesday

nope, that’s not a typo (surprised mom?).

i stole borrowed this idea from lisa at the creative connection to take pics of other people for a different take on wiww.  and i sorta failed because i forgot to take very many pictures.  and i didn’t take any of myself while i was there – oops!

but i did take a pic before i left.

it was a chilly day, like so chilly and windy that i also wore a thick wool coat and was still cold.  then the next day it was about 80*.  fickle weather.

sweater – gift from my sister

scarf – made by my m.i.l.

jeans – gap

boots – target

my hat collection was needing an update, so this guy fell into my cart at target last week.  a little old petal pusher perked it right up!  i love how the masculine prints of the herringbone and the men’s shirting fabric are made feminine by the ruffly flower.

my first participant at the queen bee market: april!  april had the cutest booth (won best booth! i totally voted for her!), and a personality to match.  she also is a regular participant on wiww link-ups.  when she walked into the room of our team meeting before setup at the market, jeannett and i were picking apart her entire outfit – it was just too cute!  too bad you can’t see the fossil purse she had on earlier – it MADE  the outfit.  her top is from anthro.  jerk. ;)

my always adorable sister-in-law, courtney – preggers with baby boy #2.  it was so fun having her booth right next to mine.  all i know about her outfit is that her bracelet is from anthropologie and that i’m jealous of that.

oh. these. girls!

they just make me happy!  this is jess and mique, THE queen bees (note their superiority in their walkie talkies).

and this is mique’s friend (and i am terrible but i forgot her name!).  and her adorable top is from anthro, too!  sheesh people – how do you get to find such great deals there?  oh. maybe its because you actually live near one.

and me again. excitement over.

cardi – target

top – tulle (gift)

jeans – forever 21

flats – target

top – nations outfitters

jeans – local shop

alright party people, get your link on!

(and don’t forget to enter the burlap and blue giveaway – i’ll announce the winner tomorrow)


  1. 1

    I wish I was small enough to fit in forever 21 pants. You always look so cute.

  2. 2

    Everyone looks so cute!

  3. 3

    lindsey. you are so darn cute. i love love love these posts and i’m realizing more and more that we have similar tastes in clothing! i have that grey herring bone hat from target and i love it. i never thought of putting a posey pin on it but guess what??? i’m going to now!! cuh-ute!!! thanks for sharing!

  4. 4

    Love your Target hat. I saw that and wished I had bought it! Ummm, I also love April’s style! I check out her WIWW every week for inspiration :)

  5. 5

    Cute cute CUTE! You’ve inspired me to go hat shopping! I scrolled further back and your pictures from Market were wonderful! I can’t WAIT to see the updates for what you’ve been working on!

  6. 6

    Love the “we”!

  7. 7

    Great idea, Lindsey. How do those girls find such great deals at Anthro?! Ugh- I’m with you-ubber jealous!

  8. 8
  9. 9

    I love, love, love your first outfit! I have those target boots, too, but unfortunately my man calves dont let them work with jeans ;) such is life, eh? love the pop of color the scarf provides and of course the flower on the hat!

  10. 10

    So cute! And I love that you included others in your WIWW. I like the thumbnails in the linky too. Wish I had participated this week. And can I just thank you for providing this linky? It’s fun and always brings a ton of traffic to my blog… so THANK YOU, LINDSEY!!

  11. 11
    Michele Alger says:

    you always look adorable! Thanks for sharin’ all your fun associates w/ us from the market!! Wat too much FUN! :-)

  12. 12

    I totally was thinking about doing that! How fun…I was thinking of mixing it up and having guest bloggers show off what they wore!

  13. 13

    I always enjoy seeing your outfits Lindsey but it was a treat to be able to take a peek at some of the creative gals from The Queen Bee Market too.

    Great hat and your petal pusher really classes it up!

  14. 14

    Can I ask what kind of boots those are in the first picture? Did you get them recently from Target? They are SO cute! I am looking for a cute pair of flat boots, but can’t seem to find any that I love. Thanks!!!

  15. 15

    I want those boots too! I always have a hard time finding tall riding boots for my longish legs. Those ones are soooo cute! By the way, I told my husband how you called me a jerk and he said, “i think I love her”….but just so you know…he is all mine and he really only loves me!

    ♥ april

    p.s. we still need to chat!

  16. 16

    I really like your new hat. That’s so cool that you highlighted all of the ladies at the market. They have great style. I love all of the Anthro clothing the ladies were wearing. I have never met an Anthro item that I didn’t like. My husband bought me a lamp there when we first started dating (almost 10 yrs ago) so I’m always sentimental about that store. True love :)

  17. 17

    Love the boots in the first pic…and as always all soo cute!

  18. 18

    very cute! i really enjoy your website and ‘wed. wears’ ! i am loving your cardi gift from your sister – who makes it?? :)

  19. 19

    Mange damer bare venter på at du melder deg på så du burde ikke la dem vente
    noe lenger. Med litt glidemiddel eller olje på hendene kan du gå litt mer grundig til verks i rumpe-opphisselsen.
    Bedre er å ha en ”anal douche” en ballong
    du kan fylle opp med væske, helst tilsatt litt salt.

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