the girls are out of school for the next 3 weeks and silas is done after this week.  we (the girls and i) so enjoyed a playdate with friends today without silas while he was at school!  i know that sounds terrible, but sometimes it is really nice to not have to worry about him destroying anything and to just be able to sit and talk.  and talk. and talk.  it was great.

and then, even better than that!  when si woke up from his nap he joined the girls and i in the play room – me sewing, the girls reviewing math facts.  the kids ended up playing together nicely for hours!  now i know many of you have kids that do this all the time, but just imagine for a moment if they didn’t – how nice it was for me to not play referee all afternoon!  i just sat and sewed and laughed and they played and played and played.

but just wait – it gets even better!  i texted sean telling how wonderful the kids were being and told him jokingly i was afraid to get off my seat to go make dinner for fear that i’d stir the pot and ruin such a good thing.  so he brought home dinner for us!  i love that man!

now, the kids are all in bed, i’ve said my goodnights, sean is chatting with gracie (a long nightly ritual that just tugs at my heart), and i am about to finish the last few bloom bags that have been taking over my entire sewing space.  next up on my list is to tackle the huge stacks of fabric i have paired together for more covered notebooks, then zippered pouches.  i have some really fun new combos coming…


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bloom bags

wristlet clutches

tiny pouches

and checkbook covers

i am a busy busy bee around here!  i kinda was naive thought that things would slow down around here, but not so much!  i know you all want more petal pushers, but my wrists are aching and they need a little break – but for now, enjoy all the other pretties and you can still expect them in time for christmas!

off to enjoy a quiet night with sean.  and a pile of fabric. *smile* i’m in my happy place.


  1. 1

    Awww what a wonderful day! Enjoy your night, mama!

  2. 2

    I have 2 boys and can understand completely how good it must have been to go out without your son…boys are so destructive!
    I would kill (well, almost) for an afternoon that was like yours, well done!

  3. 3

    Oh, it’s started for you, Lindsey! I remember the first day my two finally played well together … I was in shock and you are right … you don’t want to do anything to interrupt it!!! It keeps getting better … just watch! Before you know it they will play for at least an hour together before coming to get you for breakfast on the weekends. :o) It took years to get to this point but I’m so glad we made it!!!

  4. 4

    It sounds llike a wonderful day! I remember how excited I was when I would get time to do something I wanted AND be with the kids (at least in the same room). It didn’t happen very much until they were about 7 years old. And now, I miss that they used to want me to play with them ALL the time :).
    Enjoy it! And, your finished products are quite beautiful.

  5. 5

    that sounds lovely! i do love those times when the kids get along well, isn’t it encouraging? i have to hold on to those times for the many other times that they drive each other crazy!
    we do the classical/university model school thing too and i am so looking forward to 3 weeks break!! just to play and relax and craft! :)

  6. 6

    Ok, lady . . . I’m officially wearing all three petal pushers at the same time. I’m sure this a fashion statement of some sort. I just couldn’t make up my mind on which one to wear. *snort* I love them so much. They’re so soft and pretty.

  7. 7

    Just wanted to let you know that I bought this same adorable check book cover from you at the Queen Bee Market I LOVE it!!!
    LOVE your things!!!

    aka The VIntage Rabbit

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