i was a bit naive {& a winner!}

my whole house was messy, so i decided to clean my closet first. of course. totally logical – choose the one place the least people see, and clean that first.  moving on… i like to give myself little challenges, and i thought i could finish my room in 3 songs – meaning i was listening to steve miller band radio on pandora on my iphone, and i thought i could finish cleaning the closet in the time 3 songs were over.  i thought that would motivate me to work quickly.

with sean traveling a lot, he tends to bring home his luggage and leave it in the closet… sometimes long enough to repack it and leave again. with me being crazy, messy and lazy, my side (the right) gets piled, too.

and if you turn around in our closet, the washer and dryer are on the other side.  so that means i sit on the ground right in front of the dryer and sort the laundry.  by “sort” i mean i toss my clothes on my side of the closet and sean’s on his, then make 2 piles for the kids: 1 for silas and 1 for the girls.  those last 2 piles get moved into their rooms and usually get put away by the girls and i do silas’.  so our clothes generally just get tossed into our closet and i feel like the laundry is then “done” and move on to whatever is next on my list.  but the above 2 pics show what happens when i let that happen for more than a few days.  disaster!  and that isn’t anywhere near to how bad it gets sometimes!

so i say i was a bit naive because apparently i don’t work nearly as quickly as i thought.  either that or my closet was waaay messier than it looked on the surface to me, because it took me about an hour to do :(

but look at that!  i have carpet in my closet!  and i even vacuumed it – bonus!  all the laundry was cleaned and put away, hung or folded. *sigh*

sean’s got a lot of shoes for a guy, huh?

and i even refolded many of the linens on the laundry side that were getting out of control.  i’d love to have a flat counter all the way across the machines – wouldn’t that be nice?

and since some of you might ask, all my closet system and shelves, etc were built by my husband and his company.  that also goes for the entire playroom (scroll down for pic) and “studio” (i think about 40 of you have asked!).


and the winner of the back40life giveaway is


“I’m a huge fan of any of the wall decals that include scripture. However, like you the one thing that really makes me drool is a canvas print! I have always wanted to have one of those, they just look so cool.”



  1. 1

    ummm…wow. you are my hero. i’ve just been planning to fold the same load of clothes in the dryer since sunday. (it’s still there by the way)


  2. 2

    You have just motivated me to do laundry. It’s going to be a fun day!

  3. 3

    i was going to say…. i’m in shoe heaven with your closet <3

    PS – i know whirlpool makes a flat countertop/workspace for their FL machines that are similiar to your machines. it doesn't install or anything, just lays on top and would probably work with your washer/dryer set up! i used to work at an appliance store… i'm still sort of obsessed with laundry rooms.

  4. 4

    Oh wow, so glad to know I am not alone! My laundry is downstairs, in a hallway, so I usually manage to get it about as far as the dining room area. Then it sits there, on the floor at the end of the room, for sometimes days at a time, waiting to be folded. Many times the clothes just get re-worn right out of the baskets… You have certainly inspired me to organize my closets though! Old house, no walk-ins – just three teeny little master closets here. sigh.

  5. 5

    I’m the worst with laundry. I don’t know what it is, but I will procrastinate folding laundry for days.

    Maybe I need to reorganize my laundry room as a motivation ;)

    • 6

      Estela, I think any excuse to reorganize a room is a great idea! I am so bad at it too. Just last week I posted on FB that I needed a personal Laundress. The replies went on for days! There is a definite need for that profession. :)

  6. 7

    genious idea . laundry room in closet. mind. is. blown.

  7. 8

    Oh wow, that looks great! I wish I had some great built-ins in my closet like you do! I loved your crayon roll tutorial by the way. My daughter and I have made two so far! Not that you asked for any input, but have you ever thought of hanging a tension rod (like the kind for a shower) up at the ceiling of your laundry area and making a simple curtain to hang over your shelves? I did that for some shelves in my house. It would look so good in there, and you are great with the sewing machine.

  8. 9

    I am attempting to work on my closets as well. Being a newlywed, they are fairly bare. However, my closet is a regualr sized closet, but the door is just that, a door. So attempting to grab what is at the far end of the closet is extremely difficult. Sometimes I fall in. Your closet is AMAZING! Someday . . . sigh

  9. 10

    My hubby has a lot of shoes too!
    Your not alone ;)

  10. 11

    wow! your closet looks great! doesn’t it feel good accomplishing a big task?! well done :)

  11. 12

    In only andhour!?!? I’m impressed! I spent the whole weekend off and on trying to get out MB closet organized and picked up. Still not done :(

    Seeing yours all nice in tidy is motivation to get my fourth wind on that closet and get it done once and for all!

  12. 13

    OMG, I want your closet! So big! Plus, you have your washer and dryer right there! LOVE

  13. 14

    Girrrlll!! You have officially become the coolest blogger I know. Don’t get me wrong–I was already a huge fan, but the fact that you put your closet and all it’s non-organized glory right out there for the whole world to see? It doesn’t get better than that! You rock!

  14. 15

    Slow or not…I wish you could come do that at my house.

  15. 16

    Hey Lindsey,
    Quick question that is way domestic. Noticed your front loader in the pics. Do you have any trouble with a musty smell in it and if so how do you get fresh smelling towels from it? My LG front loader set leaves a nasty damp smell in it that I can’t seem to shake. Any thoughts?

    By the way, love the organization too. But, i gotta have fresh smelling linens…. Weird, huh?

    • 17

      I can try to answer that one. Do you leave the door open or close it? When we bought ours they told us to make sure that we left the door open or else the rubber won’t dry completely and can mold. Check underneath the little rubber parts in the door jam. If you can’t leave it open, maybe try to dry it before you close the door?

  16. 18

    Doesn’t it feel so much better now? Hubby and I just cleaned out and organized our closet last night. I walked into it this morning and just smiled. It was so organized and neat and there wasn’t anything on the floor anymore. Love your closet systems! That’s my next project!

  17. 19

    Yay! I won!! I never win anything, this is highly exciting! :D Very organized closet by the way. Looks super!

  18. 20

    The closet looks great! I just did mine. It always takes longer than I think it will!

  19. 21

    Your closet is amazing! (and I do the same thing with the songs… 2 songs to clean the bathroom, and 5 songs for the kitchen!) LOL

  20. 22

    I often find that cleaning and organizing the places that people don’t see, gives me enormous satisfaction. I love feeling organized. BTW, totally jealous of your closet with the washer/dryer right inside… what a time saver!!!

  21. 23
    FoxyMomma says:

    i’ve given up on trying to fix my husband’s side of the closet. and i let him put it up.. because i do it, i am compelled to either throw everything away or have to refold everything.. so i don’t look at his side!

    and yes, i think sean has a lot of shoes for a guy!! but i don’t think it’s a bad thing!

  22. 24

    i love you more and more every day. ;)gina

  23. 25

    love that you showed us pictures of the messy before you got it cleaned.
    makes me like you even more.

  24. 26

    I love your closets! A place for everything and now everything in it’s place. So jealous. I just need to either get rid of some things or find a better system to store them. Clutter in my closets!

  25. 27

    Drooling over all your cabinet space…..my house is 2,400 sq. but unfortunately the builder didn’t allow for much closet space. All of my neighbors complain about the same thing.

    Your hubby and mine are from the same mold….the both have the cleaner side of the closet. Why is that?

    Have a sweet day.

  26. 28

    My that is a lot of shoes for a guy!

  27. 29

    Thanks for the motivation.. I need to work on my laundry room and my linen closets!!

  28. 30

    I am jealous. Of your closet. Good gracious! I wish I had that much space. My husband and I share a super tiny closet and I am having to “simplify” my clothes and shoes so that it doesn’t seem so crowded in there. :(

    Great job cleaning and doing laundry by the way! I absolutely detest laundry. :)

  29. 31

    Love it…and I agree with the counter for your washer/dryer…and I followed YHL idea, and made one myself! Here is the link to theirs…


  30. 32

    Great job! Now, doesn’t it feel good when you walk in there?

  31. 33

    I am insanely jealous that you don’t have to trek into a basement to do laundry!!!!!

  32. 34

    lindsey, you’re a “joker, you’re a smoker, you’re a midnight toker” to think you could get that closet done in 3 s.m.b. songs! don’t you know that “time keeps on tick’n tick’n tick’n into the future??” cleaning the closet and laundry room (which is really what you’ve got there) is a minimum of 7 s.m.b. songs.

    have fun blissing!

  33. 35

    you are a organizational queen, linsday!

  34. 36

    feels great to have a clean closet!
    Yes, Sean does have a lot of shoes for a guy

    Just Better Together
    come check out my giveaway!

  35. 37

    Seeing vaccum lines on the carpet in my closet makes me so happy. I moved to a home with berber carpet which I HATE. But the builder original beige carpet is in my master closet and I love it.

    Your shelving in the closet is dreamy!

  36. 38

    Thanks for the inspiration! I finally got everything put away tonight. Just in time to move on Friday. Here’s to starting fresh with an actual laundry room that does not double as a kitchen!

  37. 39

    you have such a great closet, a space for everything! that is supposed to keep us organized isn’t it?! :)
    i LOVE when everything is in order and you can stand back and smile!!!

  38. 40

    Oh how I know how you feel! I feel like I have soo many clothes…but goodness…how could you even have enough?!? I love your blog! It is adorable! I have been blogging for 2 years now but now I am opening an etsy store and wanting to get my blog more ‘out there’! Thanks for letting me know that even though your blog is perfection your closet can sometimes be messy:)
    {simply delicious}

  39. 41

    mike has lots of shoes for a guy too. i think he has more than me! nice work, i need to do the same!!

  40. 42

    Congrats,Maria! By the time the comments hit 400,stoopidphone cant get to the comment form. So i’m tickled to be able to get in on the congrats! :D Hey MsLindsey, u are one brave chicklet. NObody can see pix of anything but my outside (mostly) til I can shovel a couple levels down. (sigh) But I DO Want Your Closet-with the washer/dryer *right* ~there~. Since my up bathrm needs major work on the potty piping,requiring ripping&replacing,and there’s a closet on the backside of all that, the closet wall is being pushet out and the hardwoods will be ceramic-tiled around needed pipes&drains for an up laundry and a ta-da! water closet with a pockie door to the main bath. I can’t wait to be able to keep up with laundry. It’s just me&the dogs! And by the time I lug lug2loads to the bsmt,i am done. It gets done a day later. Sheesh! And yep, a counter across the top of the machines is suh-weeet! U need one. U work hard. I sed so. Will that help at all? :D happy Blissdom dear one! Njoy! -snooz

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