lisa leonard designs giveaway {my treasure}

hey y’all!  (that’s the nashville talking)

since y’all love mason jars as much as me, would you like to have a necklace with one on it?!

seriously, how pretty is this necklace?  i love the idea behind this necklace from lisa: “just like collecting shells on the beach and keeping them safe in a jar, the ‘my treasure necklace’ represents how love – each hug, each kiss, is a treasure to be held onto and cherished!”

lisa has generously offered a “my treasure” necklace to one of you – yay!

tell me something non-tangible that you treasure most, and you might be the lucky winner!


  1. 1

    Out of all the non tangible things I can treasure, I think that I treasure my love for other the most.

  2. 2

    The breath of life every morning so that I can tell my children that I love them everyday.

  3. 3

    HOPE – For the small every day things, such as my son enjoying school. Hope for the bigger things, that the future will bring a happy bright future for my family and for everyone that is having troubles and drama in their life.

  4. 4

    PEACE – The peace that my faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ brings.

  5. 5

    I treasure the fact that I have a wonderful, hardworking husband and am anticipating the arrival of our first little one this summer! Along with my faith in Christ, my little family is the gift I treasure the most.

  6. 6

    PASSION – holding onto the passion to live, the passion to love, the passion to give, the passion of motherhood, the passion of marriage, the passion to continue celebrating all the beauty there is in this world. :o)

  7. 7

    I treasure my family’s love!

  8. 8

    I treasue time….every hour, minute and second! So wish I could put it in a mason jar!

  9. 9

    I treasure my son’s memory. =]

  10. 10
    Leah Martin says:

    As a new mom, I treasure early {sometimes VERY early} morning feedings with my daughter. No tv, no distractions, just us. Such a sweet time for me to pray over her and love on her.

  11. 11

    I treasure my religious freedom. I love that I can choose and practice whatever I believe. I love Lisa Leonard, thanks for the opportunity!

  12. 12

    i have been loving this necklace since she came out with it because i too have mason jars all around, i treasure so many things, mainly my creativity. but really i’m just a sentimental fool. thanks both of you for the opportunity.

  13. 13

    I treasure the feeling of comfort and safety when I’m with my family.

  14. 14

    What I treasure the most is my time with my granddaughter : )

  15. 15

    I treasure love!

  16. 16
    Amanda K. says:

    I treasure the memories of being with family when we all can’t be together : )

  17. 17

    I never thought I could love so much until my child was born. If I could save time in a bottle, I would! ~Alyssa of Boston Bee

  18. 18

    I live away from my parents with my husband. We manage to go home only once a year and the day I reach home my mother is all jumpy and excited and lays a spread on the table and the next morning she gets into the vacation mood and its starts with staying longer in bed :). Gosh the expression in her eyes is one of love and relief and pride…its hard to put down in words but I treasure that the most. I hope I can be there for her always!

  19. 19

    What an awesome giveaway, thank you!

    I treasure my children’s innocence, their awe at learning new things..

  20. 20

    I love it when my 3-year-old son wakes up with a sleepy and happy face and hugs me like he hadn’t seen me in 2 months!

  21. 21
    Barbara, Vienna says:

    Hello from Austria! First I had to say that I started to read your blog some days ago and I like it very, very much.
    Well, answer your question – the non-tangible that I’m treasure most – the love from and to my kids. I’m a mother of three and there is nothing better to watch them growing up. It’s just incredible and sometimes it’s hard, too. Love from Vienna.

  22. 22

    It would have to be love! What a beautiful necklace!

  23. 23

    I cherish time spent with my son who is a Marine now and we rarely get that time to just talk, I cherish his letters from boot camp, and his phone calls and texts. I cherrish time spent with all 4 of my children together talking about old times when they were smaller. Listening to them laugh. In a nutshell….. I cherish time with my children and husband.

  24. 24

    I cherish being married to my best friend and being able to be mama to the two most precious chickies everywhere!

  25. 25
    Christine Aldinger says:

    so much in life to treasure….peace hope love laughter waking up everyday and having the right to say and do as you please….so many in the world don’t have that and sometimes we forget how dang lucky we are. ty for this chance this necklace is adorable

  26. 26

    For me it’s all about the peace in my heart that I treasure the most. I try to be the best person I can be each day.

  27. 27

    i treasure my relationship with my Father God more than anything…it is so true that where your heart lies, your treasure will also be {matt.6:21}…would love to inscript that verse on this beautiful necklace!

  28. 28

    I treasure the time spent with my boys the most, and we have a park near our house with a field that lights up like MAGIC on summer evenings at dusk, with a million fireflies – and my little boys and I catch them – in mason jars :)

  29. 29

    I treasure forgiveness and second chances

  30. 30

    I treasure most the relationships I have.

  31. 31

    Peace of mind, heart, and home. How could I ask for anything more.

  32. 32

    The smiles, hugs and giggles from my two-year old. Makes me a happy momma!

  33. 33

    I treasure the gift God has given me to be able to sit with people and process their pain, joy, fears, desires, sadness, etc. What a blessing it is to be a counselor and work with people every week, to meet them where they are at emotionally.

  34. 34


  35. 35
    Kim Ducker says:

    The joy I get from being a wife and mommy:-)

    love, love your blog! :-)

  36. 36

    I cherish time. Time spent with my beautiful family. Time spent with my heavenly father and time with friends whom I adore.

  37. 37

    I think I honestly cherrish life. I didn’t realize how precious and short life can be until my husband was diagnosed with cancer when I was twelve weeks pregnant with our first child in 2007. Not only was it a scary time but we hit some hard times as a couple. Then after being told we could have no more children I had a daughter last summer. Basically. Life is short. “Life is what we make it. Always has been always will be” this qoute is so true and why I cherrish my life and time on this plant with my husband and my children ( who all drive me insane sometimes…. hehe) but we only get one life so let’s make the best of it, be kind, be happy and give back!

  38. 38

    I treasure all the blessings from God. Mainly my wonderful family!!!!

  39. 39

    I treasure the LOVE that I have for my family and friends. They all mean soo much to me and I don’t know where I would be without them. The little things in life like a simple I love you from my nieces and nephews…make me the happiest Auntie on the planet!! =)

  40. 40

    I treasure being around when my boys are belly laughing! I brings such a smile to my face!

  41. 41

    Love Love Love this necklace and love is definitely the most important to me! Love from my family, my wonderful husband, God, and the love we can use everyday to help others. By far the most important thing…everyday! Thank you for a super-cute (and inspiring) giveaway!

  42. 42

    I treasure how my husband I were raised by lovely Christian parents. I now see the importance of that in my family life and with my own children.

  43. 43

    ….family, young and old. :)

  44. 44

    I treasure snuggling on the couch with my little girl drinking a warm cup of coffee & watching the snow fall. Love winter time!

  45. 45
    Adrienne S says:

    I treasure every healthy day with my mom who is awaiting a double lung transplant.

  46. 46

    I treasure TIME – six years ago yesterday my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The timing in his diagnosis was very important – he received better treatment, had better doctors and we were able to devote 100% of our time to him just because of timing – the way it happened and when it happened. I’m so thankful that we still have so much TIME with him!!!

  47. 47
    Molly Byrd says:

    I treasure moments like this: last night, we were out going to to a church class, and our two-year-old, Luke, kept saying he was scared of the dark. His big brother Thomas, age 5, leans over and says, “Don’t worry, Luke, I will protect you. You are my heart.”
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway and have fun in the great state of Tennessee!

  48. 48

    The husband I have for working so hard, and always supporting our family. The health our family has, and the experiences we are able to explore. The God we follow, for his forgiving ways.

  49. 49

    I treasure my family above all else. After my 34 year old husband almost died 3 years ago, I know that everyday is a gift. Our sons bring us joy everyday and our daughter who was born after the incident is our little miracle. My life is my family.

  50. 50
    Leslie Schneemann says:

    I love random hugs from my kids. Hugs just because they are walking by me, especially from my 10 year old son. There is something special about him still wanting to hug me. I am hoping they all still hug me as teenagers :)

    Leslie S

  51. 51

    Nursing my baby!!!

  52. 52

    the favor of God. his “for no reason but just i love you” love & his “for no reason but that you accept it” grace. i loved your mason jar post, btw.

  53. 53

    I treasure my husband who works hard all day but still comes home and helps out with the our girls. I also love hear my 6 year sing just out of the blue what a sweet little voice to hear after a long hard day!

  54. 54

    I treasure the special quiet time at home with my family. When all three of my kiddos…from 3 to 12 years…want to snuggle in a pile in the living room or play a board game at the kitchen table. This time is so precious to me :)

  55. 55

    every time one of my babies tells me that they love me spontaneously!

  56. 56

    GRACE. No matter how much I mess up, Jesus has me covered.

  57. 57

    I treasure those fleeting moments when the kids play so well together and you realize they really do like each other.

  58. 58

    The atmosphere of my home….. full of love and laughter! So precious and reminds me that what I do as momma is a great job.

  59. 59

    I treasure my sister. No one can make me laugh as much as she can and no one thinks I’m as funny as she thinks I am. As long as I have her, I have my best friend.

  60. 60

    Oh, I do love mason jars, and this necklace! I treasure the gift of my current job: staying home with my little girls and just being their mommy…and my husband that encourages me to do so.

  61. 61

    I treasure my family & friends the most!

  62. 62

    Time…it slips away too fast! Enjoy the time with family and friends…

  63. 63

    I treasure all the cute, little things my kids say to me every- now- and- then. You know, the ones you just HAVE to write down!

  64. 64

    I love this necklace! I treasure , more than anything, my little girl. She was brought into our lives by adoption. She is perfect for us and we are truly blessed to have her!

  65. 65

    Such a beautiful necklace!! Time with my three kids is my biggest treasure… I know they won’t be little for long so I’m trying very hard to treasure each day- even the rough ones :)

  66. 66

    oh it is beautiful! i would love to win!

    i treasure my Jesus’ constant love & nearness. i treasure my husband who is more than a dream. i treasure my 3 sweet babies that i get to spend my days with.

  67. 67

    ugh – i have been eyeing this necklace since she introduced it!! my husband is away for a couple of days which really makes me realize just how much i treasure him and just how much i need my other half. bedtime with 3 little boys is very difficult without him!

  68. 68

    I treasure these days when my kids are small and we can all snuggle in and enjoy cold winter evenings together. . . As my oldest turned 9 this December, I know these days are fleeting. . .

    God bless and thanks for a chance to win!

  69. 69

    I guess I have two: faith and love. Hands down. Totally non-tangible, but I treasure them both and know my life wouldn’t be the same without either.

  70. 70

    Christ’s love for me. Every time I think about His unconditional love, it takes my breath away and brings a tear to my eye. That someone would love me enough to die for my sins, and that someone would love me enough to protect me, even with all my faults and failures….well, I just can’t get over it. He loves me like I was His only child.

  71. 71

    My family first and then my shoe collection, lol.

  72. 72

    I treasure my Heavenly Father…because thanks to him I have my 3 babies and a husband to love

  73. 73

    I tresure my big family ! Iam the baby of 6 .. and Iam alway’s thinking about my Mom and Dad and how they alway’s wanted to have “a bunch” of kid’s ! My Dad alway’s say’s “if I would have known you would all turn out so good , I would have had 6 more !!! Love that ….

  74. 74

    My family.

  75. 75

    I treasure that as my daughter is growing (pre-teen, yikes!), we continue to have a close relationship and I’m getting to see the wonderful person shes destined to be.

  76. 76

    Having our family all together. My husband was deployed last year and I am ever so grateful to know he’ll be home all this year!

  77. 77

    I treasure my faith.

  78. 78
    Jill Pierce says:

    I treasue God’s Grace. What a wonderful gift that is for all mankind.

  79. 79
    Traci Colquhoun says:

    Would have to be my faith and family. We have raised our 3 young kiddies to know God and to love Him. Lord willing, they will treasure their faith and grow in Him and live their lives serving Him.

  80. 80

    I treasure Christ and his unconditional love for me and the sweet husband and my 2 kiddos he has blessed me with. The necklace is beautiful by the way and would love to have one of Lisa’s handywork.

  81. 81

    My Family!

  82. 82

    I treasure the love of my family and I treasure the ability to learn and grow. Thank you for the giveaway!

  83. 83

    I treasure the love from and for my husband the most. He is so amazing to me!

  84. 84

    I treasure when I’m putting my daughter to sleep, she rubs her whole face and tells me to kiss her all over, then she points to an exact spot on her little nose and I kiss it, then at the end she wants a big tight bear hug!

  85. 85

    those very best moments with one of my 5 grandchildren – when they’re loving being at my house and saying those precious things that they say and owning my space as if it belongs to them. It does.

    That’s a tie between the other treasure – the end of the day spent with my husband – on the couch watching TV, laughing, watching, talking. End of the day with him.

  86. 86

    lately I’ve been treasuring sweet moments w/ my thirteen year old…. like cuddling in my bed (at 5:30 am!) before it’s time to get up and take her to school… precious.

  87. 87

    I would have to say that “still small voice” that God uses to direct us. Without it…I would be lost! I love Lisa Leanords things and am dreaming of winning one one of these days! HAHAHA


  88. 88

    I treasure “Time.” Time to be with family, time to be with my love, time to be with my friends, time to be in solitude, time to be talking with my Lord and Saviour.

  89. 89

    The most treasured “things” in my life are my wonderful husband and my precious baby girl who just turned 6 months. They truly are my greatest blessings!

  90. 90

    I treasure the little giggles and laughter of my children. There is no better sound than that!

  91. 91
    Tiffany LaRocca says:

    After just recently finding out my best friend has leukemia, I’ve come to realize just how special my children are to me. My sweet little treasures are gifts from God, gifts that continue to teach me about life every day. What a blessing children are…….thank you Lord for choosing me to be Reese and Charlie’s mommy!

  92. 92

    FAITH – this would be something I treasure very much………….Faith in God, my family, my life.
    Thanks for the chance.

  93. 93

    I treasure giggles, whether they be between myself and my husband, my two daughters, or any combination of the four of us. When the giggles are pure, they are infectious.

  94. 94

    Besides my eternal salvation {best treasure ever!}, I treasure my husband. OK, he’s tangible :), but I treasure the relationship we share…the way his love teaches me about Christ’s love…the way I have the joy of submitting to him “as unto the Lord” {you know how much security there is in that?!}…the way we laugh and enjoy the little things together…the way cooking and grocery shopping and cleaning take on a whole new excitement b/c I get to do them FOR HIM. He is my #1 treasure here on earth.

  95. 95

    i treasure my little family and the moments we have spent together. My kids are growing up and moving on, but we will always have our family memories. For that I am forever happy!

  96. 96

    I treasure the time I’m able to spend with my family and friends! We often take it for granted. It feels so good to just stop and enjoy the time we spend together! Love this necklace, actually I love all of the pieces in Lisa’s shop! This one though, is extra special because it has my name on it!

  97. 97

    I treasure the laughter of my boys. I just love hearing brothers enjoying each other so much.

  98. 98

    I treasure the morning ritual of getting my son up and out of bed in the morning. I snuggle under the covers with him and gently stroke his hair until he finally opens his eyes. He does a big, exaggerated stretch of the arms and he’s off – ready to start the day. I want to cherish that innocence, that closeness, because I know that ritual will soon come to an end as he grows older. I would love to win a Lisa Leonard necklace – hoping some of God’s grace she has been blessed with rubs off on me, just a little.

  99. 99

    The most treasured thing in my life is my beautiful daughter and her brother who’s in my belly right now.

    I love this necklace! I love collecting Mason jars and putting seashells in them from all of the beaches I have been to. Each one has a label with the beach name so I can remember.

  100. 100

    I treasure any moment with my children, but especially when something special happens, like when my son, who is three, and a big boy, asks for me to rock him in the rocking chair and sing to him… and I sit there with him and remember rocking him as a baby, and can’t believe how big he’s gotten!

  101. 101
    Amy Henson says:

    LOVE the necklace! I treasure my job as a mom more than anything!

  102. 102

    I treasure watching my children sleeping peacefully in their beds. I also treasure a yummy cup of hot coffee in the morning!

  103. 103

    I treasure most my daughter’s kisses. When we kiss eat other on the cheek, we rub it in so that it goes straight to our heart! That is our speical thing.

    Love this necklace and Lisa! It is so cute.

  104. 104
    Renell Smith says:

    I’m treasuring more and more each moment with my children. As I see them getting older so very quickly, I know that too soon they will be grown and I’ll then miss these special times so much! ~ Love this necklace!

  105. 105

    I treasure my mom’s reaction upon meeting her grandson for the first time…I came down the staircase with him in my arms…she didn’t hear me coming and when she turned around she put her hands to her face and just took a huge breath…I think that was the only time I got to hold my son that weekend! She passed away from breast cancer 9 years ago; I am soooo thankful that I have such an awesome memory to hold on to…

  106. 106

    My redemption by my Savior. Without the knowledge of that I couldn’t make it through the day.

  107. 107
    Stephanie says:

    Having just lost my Mom in August of last year, one of the things I treasure most are my memories of her. :o(

  108. 108

    This is my first time writing on a “strangers” blog. I absolutely LOVE yours!!!! Your are so inspiring to me! I think your town may have been featured on Oprah as the happiest town in the US. Is that true? Jenny McCarthy was there interviewing people. I want to move there!!! Second, I love Lisa’s jewelry! I am going to BEG my husband for a Valentines Day gift from her. (maybe I’ll just win it!) Third, my favorite non-tangible item is hearing my two girls giggling in the backseat of the car when we go places. It is like music to my hears! It hope that it last for years. (They are 4 and 9 months.) Finally, keep blogging. I recently quit my job to be a stay at home mom, and it is bloggers like you who keep me feeling connected to the world!

    P.s. You inspired me to venture to a flea market. I bought a $50 desk that we desperately need and love it! Now after your post on Mason Jars, I am heading back there asap to find jars to put my desk supplies in!

  109. 109

    my relationship with my heavenly Father. I am so thankful for the love, peace, comfort and joy that only He can give! those are things that can not be bought and they are treasures for sure!

  110. 110

    I treasure all the time I spend with my husband, kids, and my mom. :o)

  111. 111

    I treasure the way my son comes up to me & says, “Take a hug”, with arms outstretched to me. I savor each hug!

  112. 112

    I love Lisa’s work!!! I’ve been wanting one of her necklaces for too long. My treasures are my 4 children!!!

  113. 113

    I am treasuring these moments of being at home with small children, and serving my family.

  114. 114

    the unconditional love from my husband – he appreciates me, supports me and makes me giggle. Love him!

  115. 115

    I treasure the unconditional love that I have with my best friend, my husband, who accepts my many moods, who is always there for me no matter what, who knows me better then I know myself, and who makes me want to be a better person just by being in the same room with him. I never knew I could love someone other then my children so much, every day I fall in love with him all over again. So our love story to me, is what I treasure most and if I could would put it in a mason jar.

  116. 116

    I treasure the memories we’ve made as a family.

    And I just have to say, this necklace reminds me of that amazing, true story about the young Polish social worker during World War II, Irena Sendler. She smuggled thousands of children out of a Jewish ghetto, saving them from the Nazi concentration camps. She wrote their names and where she had taken them on slips of paper that she tucked into glass jars and buried under an apple tree. She hoped that someday, the information she saved would help reunite those children with their families. I love that story.

  117. 117

    a cool breeze on a hot day!
    (missing summer!)

  118. 118
    April Taylor says:

    I treasure the love my family gives me. Deserving or not. I treasure silence. It’s a rare treat for me.

  119. 119

    There is a possibility of new life that my husband and I may experience this year.
    I can’t fathom what that will be like…I have immense hope & joy and the feeling of anticipation is beyond me!

  120. 120

    I treasure my morning quiet time. I spend an hour every morning praying and studying my Bible and feel blessed to have this time with Jesus every day.

  121. 121

    Tender Mercies great and small…Lately, I find myself very grateful for the car ride to school. We’ve had amazing conversation, breathtaking views of the mountains. We’ve even had the chance to watch a couple of bald eagles soaring.
    I love that something I had expected to dread has turned into something I really treasure.

  122. 122

    i treasure my beautiful little girl, who is healthy and happy! we prayed for a baby for 4 years and God blessed us with her. all the time, we wanted a baby so badly, i would remember this scripture at psalm 37:4 to “take exquisite delight in God and He will give you the requests of your heart.” she is my treasure!

  123. 123

    God’s grace!

  124. 124

    My most beautiful treasure is my wonderul son. When I remarried my new husband (who lived almost 2 hours away) I choose to move there as my new husband owned his own business and it was easier for me to move. My son, then 11, choose to stay in our home town with his father. “As he didn’t want his dad to be alone” (isn’t he sweet?) I miss him very much, and don’t get to see him as much as I would like. But when we do get together I treasure every single second we have. He is the best son anyone could ever ask for. He makes me very proud to be his mom!

    Hope your enjoying your time at Blissdom!!

  125. 125

    treasures…oh so many of them!! the laughter of my children, being able to homeschool my children, hearing my kids pray and recite scripture, learning to pray myself…moments where I feel God’s love. Gosh, so many treasures to cherish. :) Love the necklace!!

  126. 126

    I treasure the time i get to spend with the three year old I babysit a few days a week. She lives with her grandparents and is like a daughter to me. She’s a little nuts, but she’ll only be this way once so I love it!


  127. 127

    Right now, I treasure these last couple of months with my husband as a family of two before our baby comes. It seems like everything we do lately is extra special with that in mind.

  128. 128
    Jennifer C. says:

    I treasure hugs and kisses from my husband and kids!

  129. 129

    Right now, the thing I treasure most is nursing #4, my sweet Pete!

  130. 130
    Calie Shackleford says:

    I treasure the moment whem my husband walks in from work and the boys get so excited running to greet him. I love that part of our day!

  131. 131

    I treasure my husband and the wonderful relationship that we have!


  132. 132

    I treasure the sweet sleepy first-thing-in-the-morning smiles from my daughter. They make me start my day with a smile.

  133. 133

    I treasure those lazy Sunday mornings sleeping in, then sipping tea (for me), coffee (for hubby) at the kitchen table while we read the newspaper together and decide what is on the agenda for a lovely day together. I treasure the simple, little times together that we have. xo

  134. 134

    The fact that no matter what I do…how dumb I act or how many bad decisions I make…my God has me in the palm of His hands. Period. That is unchanging.

  135. 135

    Time~ so many moments in time that I’d love to tuck away in my heart.

  136. 136

    I treasure the time I get to spend with my family. It’s so special because we live far away from them, so the time we are together is very treasured because it doesn’t happen that often!

  137. 137

    I tresure all the little moments we sometimes take for granite. The random big slopy kisses from little man, his giggles, the way he mocks everything we say and do not only the Mr, and I but the dog and cat as well, splash fights in the bath……all the little moments that will not last forever. I also treasure my husbands ability to make me smile and laugh everyday–EVERYDAY since we met, and be my bestfriend, my loves grows for him everyday. These are the things I tresure the most and would put in my mason jar!

  138. 138

    time well spent with family and friends….those moments that you just wish would last forever.

  139. 139

    what i most treasure is my relationships. first, with jeus. he has been the constant main stay in my life.who does that? i love him with all my heart. next, my husband. after 12 years of marriage, we are experiencing the honeymoon period we never had. jesus has revitalized our marriage, and i am so grateful. next, my precious girls. they are amazing little masterpieces. i treasure these people dearly, and we have been at a place where we have lost everything, but nothing changed about these treasures. they just became more precious. more dear, more valuable. sorry to ramble, but cant keep it short when telling you what he’s done ;)

  140. 140

    I treasure hearing the unprovoked words “I love you mom!” from my 3-year-old.

  141. 141

    Time in a bottle…I’d love to be able to tuck away a few special moments in a memory jar.

  142. 142

    i’m grateful for everyday that i’ve stayed home with my girls…16+ years…best thing ever.

  143. 143

    I’m am so smitten with my 3 little girls right now and I have enjoyed my relationship with each one where it is right now. Playing Uno with my oldest daughter Lola who just turned 4. Watching Charlotte’s web with my 2 year old Amelia and reading books together and spending the wee hours of the morning nursing my 6 month old Ellie kate. My time with my girls at each stage of their life is so precious to me and it goes so fast I am working so hard to enjoy each moment.
    Thanks for this giveaway because as much as I would love a necklace it’s also just another great opportunity to express how blessed I am by what the Lord has given me.

  144. 144

    I treasure the time that I spent with my mother before she died :)

  145. 145

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace! Thank you so much for a wonderful give-away!

    I treasure FAITH. Faith in my God that He is the one true way to heaven. Faith that He is with me when times are good and times are hard.

  146. 146

    i treasure my life. staying at home during the day with my kids. seeing my baby girl scrunch up her nose and give the biggest gummy smile. hearing my little boy just randomly say, “mommy, you’re my best girl. i love you.” i truly treasure every moment at home i spend with them. I am so thankful to my husband for giving me this gift. :o)

  147. 147

    I treasure the little moments, instant in time, that are so “us.” Right now: the snow-capped potty-trainer, the self-proclaimed Wiimanic cleaning for 15 minutes of glory, the pajama/ponytail/glasses gal off to school, and the lead player recommending the plan for everyone’s day. It’s a treat to be part of it all.

  148. 148
    sylvia mclaughlin says:

    Lisa Leonard has the most beautiful jewellery!

    My most treasured “non-tangibles” are my babes. I feel so fortunate to be their mother. Every single day THEY teach me something new. I can’t imagine what today will hold…

    averybryce at hotmail dot com

  149. 149

    I treasure the fact that my 12 year old daughter still likes to tell me everything. I have to admit, sometimes I have a hard time listening. I get caught up in the day to day. But, I try to remind myself that this will not last forever and I need to focus.

  150. 150
    Rosemariee says:

    i treasure the love of my family and friends.

  151. 151

    The non-tangible thing I cherish most is my relationship with my youngest brother. Getting choked up just thinking about it. He is five years younger than me, which means he is 22 now, but he is still my “little” brother. The age gap made me a sort of second mother figure while we were growing up. When little bedtime meant 1-2-3 banana tree (he would run down the hallway, jump on me like a monkey, and I’d carry him to bed). It also meant him calling me in the night when my parents were gone and saying, “Jenny, I miss mom” to which I always replied, “The sooner you close your eyes, the sooner you will be able to see her when you wake up!” (I am pretty sure I told Lily this when I babysat! Then as he entered junior high it was always “Jenny, does this match?” and “Will you comb my hair the cool way?”. We still give eachother fashion advice. Now, as adults, our relationship has grown into so much more. He lives 4 hours away, but we skype, talk on the phone, text. He asks my advice. That is what I treasure. Whenever he is struggling he asks my advice. Recently he has been struggling with some things and we talk a lot more often. He listens to my advice, thanks me, tells me he loves me. I can’t believe he is grown to be a man (and such an awesome godly man), and I am so thankful that our relationship stayed strong, even if we can’t do banana tree anymore. I definitely cherish our relationship!

  152. 152
    Evelyn Dalton says:

    My family is what I cherish the most. There is no subsitute, no replacement.
    Thank you for such a cool site. God bless you!!

  153. 153

    My non-tangible treasures are my kiddos. They are the light of my life and I am so blessed to be their mommy. Getting to stay home with them is also a treasure!

  154. 154

    i LOVE mason jars and i LOVE that necklace! i bought some mason drinking glasses from target a few years ago and they have HANDLES on them :) in LOVE! and i have four, big turquoise mason jars i love to decorate with!
    i love knowing people are praying for me. especially when something specific i’ve requested prayer for happens – because i don’t know who prayed for it and how much they prayed… but i know their prayers avail much! and i love praying for people. i love appraoching the throne of grace with boldness to make my requests made known to Him, who is exceedingly able to surpass what I expect Him to do!

  155. 155

    The love & support of my husband! We were high school sweethearts and we’ve been married now for almost 9 years. We have 2 beautiful daughters, and his selflessness and constancy are simply amazing.

  156. 156

    I love that my 2yr old son still wants to cuddle with me at night. He tries to get as close to me as he can and he has to have my arm around him holding him tight. Then his face is touching mine while he goes off to sleep. I love it so much!

  157. 157

    I treasure alone time to read a good book.

  158. 158
    Jen Doyle says:

    I love Lisa Leonard’s designs and can’t wait to have one of my one. I absolutely treasure my son, Finn and would love a constant reminder of this to wear around my neck! Great giveaway – thanks!

  159. 159

    family – love them!

  160. 160

    I treasure time with my mom. I don’t get to see her as often as I like so each moment is a gift. :-)

  161. 161

    I treasure more and more everyday the time that I get to send as a family. My husband can get a call or orders to deploy again and each and every day is worth it even if its a few hours we get to laugh together with his crazy work schedule. I also cherish how happy and healthy my kids are!

  162. 162
    Kristy S. says:

    the “little moments” with my children!

  163. 163
    Amy Weisgerber says:

    Aside from the love and grace of Jesus, I treasure having family close. My kids have a relationship with both sets of grandparents and to me there is nothing better than that!! : )

  164. 164

    My non-tangible treasures that I wish that I could bottle or store in a jar would be the amazing hugs and kisses that my two liitle boys (age 1 and 3) give me. I am trying to imprint in my head the scrunched up little my face my one year old has when he puckers up and the feel of my three year olds arms when he hugs me! I wish that I could have them forever.

  165. 165

    I treasure rocking my son to sleep in the peaceful still of the evening! He’s almost 3 and almost too big for my lap. I plan on rocking him until he is too big to sit in my lap! :)

  166. 166

    Watching my 3 year old daughter run….pure joy.

  167. 167
    Barbara Brown says:

    I love his steadiness, the rock like quality that is just there – when I need it the most.

  168. 168

    waking up every morning knowing that i get to spend the entire day with my son. i just became a stay-at-home-mom last month, and am loving it so much!

  169. 169

    The sound of my boys laughing together. I love to see the brotherly bond they are developing!

  170. 170

    i treasure my family. that’s cliche but it’s very true. i have a great one that i love very much. My husband is the best and i have great parents that call and check in with me often.

  171. 171

    Listening to my children belly laugh….the full out cackle is sweet music to my ears.

  172. 172

    Non tangibles I love…
    the smell of my brand new babies’ heads
    the feeling you get when you remember something from a long time ago
    the warmth from a really good hug

    I love that necklace!

  173. 173
    Jamie Weathers says:

    I treasure just laying beside my girls and enjoying their company. Doesn’t get to happen very often now that they are bigger, but I will take it whenever I can. :)

  174. 174

    I love napping with my nephew. He’s adorable and he’s so sweet when he’s sleeping. And I love him more than anything!

  175. 175

    I treasure nursing my joyful toddler girl, my turning four next week daughter, my music composing six year old daughter, my tumbling flexible eight year old daughter, my 11 year poet son, my hard-working/serving husband.

    I’m going to go through my day thinking of the many treasures in my life. Thanks!

  176. 176

    When my four year old comes running outside to give me another hug and kiss on my way to work. Melts my heart!

  177. 177

    My treasure is the love of my husband. I am truly blessed! He has helped me through some difficult times (the death of my brother, my dad’s cancer diagnosis, my grandmother’s death) and been with me through the best of times….the births of our three precious girls. He daily lifts me up in prayer and encourages me. I would be a lost soul without him. Would love to have a necklace to show others my treasure!!

  178. 178

    I treasure the time I get to spend with my husband!!! We have our own accounting firm and we spend our days (and nights) together!!! Our girls are off at college so we do treasure the time we spend with them!

  179. 179

    I treasure the snuggles and “I love you”s I get from my kids…I know it won’t last forever and so I am building a storehouse with them now so I can grab some out when they hit the teenage years! :)

    Hope you are having a blast at Blissdom!


  180. 180

    I treasure every minute I spend with my grandchildren. Years ago when I was told I had cancer the first thing that I said was, “But I want to be a grandma.” My kids were still pretty young then. It was just the first thing I thought of. I now have 6 wonderful “littles”. Only two live close to me so I really treasure the time when I get to see those that live far away.
    Thanks. I love Lisa’s work. That mason jar is so sweet.

  181. 181

    I love quiet time. Time to ponder. Time to be grateful. Time to sigh with contentment.

  182. 182

    I treasure the comfort I was to my sick baby last night as she was up several times in the night…only to be comforted by her mama!

  183. 183

    I treasure my relationship with God. There’s nothing like knowing I have a Father in Heaven who loves and appreciates me beyond measure.

  184. 184

    LOVE the necklace!! I treasure my family. In the last four years my husband and I had two kids and lost both of our fathers to cancer. I had no idea that the joy of parenthood would come at a time when we would lose our parents. It has made me realize how very precious life is and that we need to enjoy the moments. I too love mason jars and your post yesterday gave me so many great ideas!!

  185. 185
    TonyaElise says:

    Grace. No other words needed. God’s grace is…ahhhh. Praise the Lord for it!

  186. 186

    I treasure adoption. Without it we wouldn’t be parents. ..and I wouldn’t
    have changed in so many ways.

  187. 187

    I treasure time with my 17 year old. Teen-agers start to want independence, which is natural. If they didn’t you might wonder if something was wrong. He is going to college in a year and a half. I treasure my time with all 3 of my boys.

  188. 188

    I love the spirit in people. I think it’s a great trait to have a lot of good spirit!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  189. 189

    What I treasure most is my marriage to my wonderful husband of 8 years. He is my rock and if I could fit him into a mason jar and carry him around with me, i would. Thanks to Lisa and the pleated poppy for this giveaway.

  190. 190

    I love the feeling of my last baby snuggled up in my arms, with her head laying on my shoulder, and how she looks at me with her sweet little face.

  191. 191

    I treasure the lessons I was given as a child to live my life with grace, thankfulness and an open heart. I can only hope to provide those same lessons for my children so that they can be becoming wonderful, loving big people!

  192. 192

    I treasure my husband and two children the most. They are all a tremendous blessing from God. I am so humbled that he brought them into my life.

  193. 193

    I treasure that He loved me first,
    the warmth and security of a hug,
    an unexpected surprise and
    the selflessness of others!

  194. 194

    my treasure is my family’s health. i feel so lucky that my kids are healthy, and so are my husband, parents, and brother. a friend’s daughter was just diagnosed with cancer, and i look at my own kids and wonder how i got so lucky and i am so thankful.

  195. 195
    Anne Saloff says:

    I treasure my daughter Mackenzie…. I am a very blessed mom. BTW – love mason jars :)

  196. 196

    I treasure my relationships. My relationship with Jesus, family, friends, co-workers and my volunteers, they are so special to me.

    LOVE the cute necklace!

  197. 197

    I treasure my family and our surprise baby #3 that is one the way.

  198. 198

    My boys! My two sons and my husband are what I treasure the most.

  199. 199

    I treasure my precious little boy. It took us a while to have him so I treasure every moment I get to spend with him. So thankful God blessed us with him. :)

  200. 200
    Jennifer Tinn says:

    I treasure our Family Reunions at the beach every three years. Seeing my Grandmother beam having all 28 of her children. grandchildren and great-grandchilden play cards, cook dinners together and play in the ocean is an absolute treasure. She’s the matriarch of our family and has helped us build such strong bonds. I’ve learned so much about being a family from her and these reunions keep our bonds so tight.

  201. 201
    Mary Jo Smith says:

    I treasure my son’s health! After a little but of a rocky start in the NICU 3 years ago, he’s a miraculously-healed perfectly healthy little firecracker! :)

  202. 202

    I treasure the fact that God save me ! And also my wonderful family !

  203. 203

    I treasure all the blessings in my life. My marriage, my relationships with my family, quiet time with God, and being able to wake up everyday and striving to do His will. These are just a few of the many things I treasure.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Have a good weekend!

  204. 204

    I treasure my strength. I’m going through a divorce right now, and my strength is what gets me through it, what makes me seek out happiness, and keep going even though everything around me crumbling.
    I love this necklace! So beautiful!
    maryw1981 at yahoo dot com

  205. 205

    Oh, I do love Lisa’s jewelry! Hmm…something I treasure most…notes my husband wrote me when we were dating…recipes handwritten by my grandma…hugs from my kiddos.

  206. 206

    I would have to say my little nephews laugh. Gets me everytime

  207. 207

    The thing I treasure the most is my family. What a blessing they are straight from God!

  208. 208

    I know it is corny but my kiddos and hubby are my favorite treasures on this earth!! My relationship with Jesus is a tresure as well!

  209. 209

    I treasure my health.
    The old saying “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” couldn’t be more true.
    I also treasure the friends and family that got me through the times when I didn’t have good health to be thankful for.

  210. 210

    hands down the undconditional love i receive from my 3 beautiful princess’. they are always there to lend a listening ear, a helping hand, words of advice, (even when it’s not necessarily what i want to hear) :o) their opinions and their strength. they are the reasons i get out of bed EVERY DAY! i love them!

  211. 211

    Time spent with my family is my simplest, most valuable non-tangible treasure!

  212. 212

    I treasure my family of course! But on a fun note, I treasure my ribbon that I use for all my crafts, scrapbooking, presents etc. I know it’s corny, but something about seeing all the difference textures, colors, shapes and sizes together is kind of a cool thing. They don’t ‘belong’ together, but look fantastically fun when they are all squished in the bin together. :) I know you have written about feeling good looking at all your fabrics, so I guess I’m the same way with my ribbon!

    kristenculleton at yahoo . com

  213. 213
    Morgan S. says:

    I love this necklace! I treasure love :)

  214. 214
    Rachael B says:

    I treasure nights snuggling on the couch with my wonderful boyfriend, my favourite kind of date night! I also treasure the hugs I get from the little ones I care for, they make me smile. What a great giveaway, Lisa Leonard is fabulous!

  215. 215
    emily mitchell says:

    Dreams- they keep us going,living,striving for things greater.

  216. 216

    I treasure my daughters’ love for me.

  217. 217

    As a mom, I treasure each and every memory I make with my children. They grow up so fast and those moments don’t last long so I try to make a mental picture of their faces, their laughter, their funny faces. I wish I could bottle them all up in a mason jar!

  218. 218

    I treasure every photo and especially every scrapbook page, I have ever taken/made.

  219. 219
    Melinda S. says:

    I don’t even know when I started doing this, but it’s been a long time. I consider it a special treat just for me. I’ll pick up my sleeping boy at night, sit in our chair, and rock him back and forth, back and forth. I stare at him in the dark, and every single time I do it, I remember when he was days, weeks, months old, staring at that same face in the dark. I sit and stare and time just stops. I so treasure this moment and wish I could bottle it all up.

  220. 220

    I treasure my children’s laughter! I definitely wish I could bottle that up for I need it most!

  221. 221
    Laura in LA says:

    Watching my husband sleep in the mornings. He is so adorable and innocent then!

  222. 222

    Well thats an easy one,, HANDS DOWN, my family. But in addition to that what i treasure most is our get together times for birthdays and such. And with 2 sisters and a brother and their kids that are getting married and have families of there own I know i’m blessed that we are all still able to come together like we do.

  223. 223

    I treasure my own little teething 9 month old Mason. Because we didn’t think we would ever get to do the teething thing.

  224. 224

    Hi Lindsay, Im new around these parts. What an awesome giveaway :) So here goes, what I treasure most is all those things my parents said (that annoyed me then) – but I remember and think about quite often now. My Mom always called me “Daughter” (like I needed a reminder)..and my dad always says…”people dont plan to fail, they fail to plan” – aint that the truth!.. Anyhoo, hope u pick me. Have a great weekend!

  225. 225

    just thinking last night how much I treasure the special moments with my kids that will be long forgotten when they are grown. My 5 year old is sick and I was up holding him in my arm last night as he coughed. All he wanted was me and all I wanted was to hold him and love him and cherish my baby in my arms.

  226. 226

    I treasure my faith in Christ and that He has not given up on me yet!

  227. 227

    I treasure that overwhelming, knock ya down feeling of love I often when looking at my husband or son. It never fails to bring a smile to my face!

  228. 228

    oooo! that’s so cute! I treasure the time I spent with my mom and step-dad. After a hard life of not finding love my mom finally found it. They were perfect together and loved each other well. They were only married 7 years when he died of cancer. I treasure those moments when I saw my mom loved like she deserved to be!

  229. 229

    i treasure my family!

  230. 230

    CUTE necklace!! Wow, I treasure my family and friends…precious memories of past moments and eager anticipation of those yet to come! My heart is full!

  231. 231

    I treasure the health of our 3 children more especially after the loss f our 4th.

  232. 232

    Cute necklace! I just realized this morning, as my 2 year old came down the stairs after waking up, that this is one of my most favorite times of the day. I love it when she says “gmorning mommy” and then comes and gives me a nice big wet kiss…makes me want to scoop her up and never let her go;o)

  233. 233

    I treasure my memories the most. I watched as my great-grandmother lost the battle to Alzheimers and now I see the beginning stages of the same dreadful disease in my Grandma. Memories are so important to who we are…losing them is the worst possible loss.

    <3 Ashley
    ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com

  234. 234

    i treasure every little square inch of my 4 year old daughter. she tells me how much she loves me “to the rainbow and back mommy”! How can you not just want to put that in a mason jar and keep it forever? love the LL necklace! and love all your PP stuff! just got my valentine trio last night! {heart} ;)

  235. 235

    my marriage.
    i know i’m so lucky to have such a great marriage.

  236. 236
    maggie b. says:

    I treasure the smell of my babies (even now that they are bigger and sometimes a bit sweaty!) and time spent with my Girlfriends!

  237. 237

    it’d have to be the love for my family :)

  238. 238

    Ahhh, that’s an easy one…hugs and kisses from my boys! The sweet two year old kisses…and the ones that come from my 17 year old…because sometimes those are hard to come by! They grow so fast…if I could bottle those up, I would.

  239. 239

    my friends and family!

  240. 240
    JennaLynn S. says:

    What I treasure most is the laughter of my nephew. His innocence is exuded through heart-warming laughter after a fun game of peek-a-boo or incesant tickeling. His smile and laughter are things I wish I could wrap tightly in a mason jar and when I miss him most, slighty unscrew the lid and allow his beautiful voice to surround my heart with love.

  241. 241

    I treasure the love of my Saviour Jesus Christ, the love of my family and friends!

  242. 242

    I treasure my children the most. I love this necklace. Thanks for the chance to win!

  243. 243

    I treasure being able to wake up everyday to the sweet face of my 3 year old baby girl. She brightens everyday and makes the challanges of life seem much easier to face.

  244. 244

    Being in college and away from family, I treasure two things. The time I get to spend with my incredible family and the friends that God has blessed me with. I know each relationship that I have is completely and totally because He put them in my life for an exact purpose, and I love the moments when I get a little peek of what His purposes are.
    I love the necklace and it would be a great reminder of all the love that’s stored in my little heart!

  245. 245

    i have to keep my ability to trust Christ in all things in a jar… lest it escape.

  246. 246

    I, too, have mason jars all over my house! Not as many as you, I’m afraid, but I love decorating with the blue ones!

    I like to treasure the simple things in life: playing board games with my family, snuggling with my kitties, phone conversations with my grandma, holding hands with my boyfriend, sharing giggles with my best friends. I have to remember to sit back and take it all in. If I could take all my treasures and seal them in a jar… that would be a dream come true. :)

  247. 247

    When I was 16, my mom gave me her pearl and garnet ring that her mom gave her on her 16th birthday. What a special treasure!!

  248. 248

    I treasure Jesus, my husband and my family, especially my niece and nephew. I live 3 hours away from them, and don’t get to see them very often. In addition, they lived in Mexico for almost 2 years while my brother’s wife was working on becoming a citizen…LONG STORY! But, there was a time where we thought we’d never get to see all three of them ever again. So, every moment I get with them, I really cherish. Their sweet spirits make me look forward to being a mother one day.

  249. 249

    I treasure my husband so much, we don’t have any kids yet. I couldn’t be more blessed to have him, God is so good!

  250. 250

    My belief and faith in God and the love of my children.

  251. 251

    patience!!! i treasure it most! to have th patience to sit still and just BE and play with my kids and not listen to the buzzer of the laundry the dirty counter or that i have to pay bills!

  252. 252
    FoxyMomma says:

    i treasure my family…and my time with them.

  253. 253
    Stephanie says:

    Two of my greatest treasures are time and family. I never seem to get enough of either, but I love them so!

  254. 254
    Michelle Skalet says:

    I treasure the evenings and watching my husband “wrestle” with our little girl and hearing the roaring laughter. And, I treasure our 3 mo. old son watch them and grunt and look as though he wants to jump in on the fun

  255. 255

    i treasure the fact that my family is healthy and has never had to deal with a major illness. so many people i know are going through such hard times dealing with cancer and other serious illnesses. i am so thankful to be healthy and that my husband and children are healthy. we have the freedom to love eachother and enjoy life without the stress of being sick. i pray daily for those who are not so fortunate.

  256. 256

    I treasure my mom. Without her I wouldn’t be the woman and mother I am today. I thank God every day for her. Almost 9 years ago she was diagnosed with Leukemia, and every day that I have with her is a treasure.

  257. 257

    I treasure my faith. It gets me through each and every day, and in turn, that allows me to treasure my time with my wonderful husband and three children.

  258. 258
    Kristen Borland says:

    one thing? right now, i’m treasuring my relationship with my sweet husband. :)

  259. 259

    “Just one more hug and kissy” from my daughter.

  260. 260

    I’m thankful for God’s unconditional love that I can count on every day.

  261. 261

    I treasure each morning spent drinking coffee and enjoying my family. Mornings are the sweetest time of the day!

  262. 262

    I treasure those days when everything seems to just go right. Most days aren’t horrible at all, but there are those days when everything just seems to fall into place and feel ‘right’.

  263. 263

    i treasure my family, of course, and my jesus!!

  264. 264

    I treasure each day that me and my family are happy and healthy.

  265. 265
    Jaime Angel says:

    I treasure my little boys and the way they light up when they see me. I also treasure my hardworking hubby. So proud!

  266. 266

    I treasure the chance to start over every morning. I was very short-tempered with my daughter last night, and it was wonderful to start again this morning with a big smile and a big hug.

  267. 267

    What a fab giveaway! Love Lisa’s designs!

    I treasure my children’s laughter. It is truly what sustains me.

  268. 268

    I treasure the laughing and smiling moments with my two daughters.

  269. 269
    Kristen Borland says:

    one thing? right now, i’m treasuring my relationship with my sweet husband. :)

    and i’m having trouble posting this… keep getting an error.

  270. 270

    My family!!

  271. 271

    God’s love & grace

  272. 272
    Maya in Eugene says:

    brother love… i treasure watching my sons adore each other.

  273. 273

    This pregnancy that is 7ish weeks from being over–I have cherished every moment that the Lord has given me to carry this precious life. And of course as much as I’ve love this pregnancy I absolutely can not wait to meet our little one!

  274. 274

    Right now I’m treasuring these tiny little flutters I feel in my belly. I’m pregnant with our first baby after four long years of struggling with infertility. I don’t want to miss a thing! I love every moment of it and I want to hold on to it forever!

  275. 275

    “Just one more hug and kissy” from my five year old daughter.

  276. 276

    Realizing just how beautiful this earth really is and that God created an entire world for me to enjoy…it’s mind blowing and humbling.

  277. 277

    I love watching my girls play together (when they don’t know I’m watching them)…

  278. 278

    the way the house sounds late at night when all the little people are tucked in tight and sleeping like angels.

  279. 279

    Health- Last year was a rocky year and I’m thankful to be feeling well!

  280. 280

    I treasure my family!

  281. 281

    Seeing my daughters learn.

  282. 282

    I treasure all the loved ones in my life. Kids, family and lifelong friends!

  283. 283
    Jodi Goad says:

    I love the encouragement and energy I get from a good girls night out. Just another way God uses to fill my cup for each new day.

  284. 284

    I treasure the few moments that I can be light-hearted. Since it rarely happens, it’s something I really embrace when it does occur.

  285. 285

    I treasure the love of my husband every single day. I know how lucky I am to have him in my life and remember that every day.

  286. 286

    I treasure sweet snuggles with my boys!

  287. 287
    Amber Treat says:

    What a sweet necklace! I homeschool my 3 kids (16,14 and 10), and I treasure each day I get to spend with them. They will be gone, all too soon!

  288. 288
    Katie Marshall says:

    I love the sweet smell I get when I hug my youngest daughter goodnight. It melts all the stresses of the day.

  289. 289

    Time with my family, my husband has been gone more than at home the past six weeks and we are all missing daddy. So when he is in town we love on him as much a possible.

  290. 290

    I truly treasure the love I feel from my furbaby and my sweetie the most.

  291. 291

    Something I treasure the most is the fact that Christ died for me and for you!!! We get to reside in Heaven with him one day if we believe!!!! AWESOME TRUTH!!!

  292. 292

    I treasure the health of my 3 boys.
    As a pediatric intensive care nurse, I see how
    Blessed I am every shfit to have healthy boys.

  293. 293

    I treasure the moments my boys, who are 20 mths and 4yrs, play together and giggle and laugh. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing the people who mean the most to me laugh and play. I just want time to stand still so I can soak it all in.

  294. 294

    I treasure the health of my 3 boys.
    As a pediatric intensive care nurse, I see how
    Blessed I am every shift to have healthy boys.

  295. 295

    I treasure the time with my babies and watching them grow. I am truly blessed.

  296. 296

    I treasure my husband and time with him.

  297. 297

    I treasure the sounds of three little girls (twin 2.5 year olds and a nine month old) making each other giggle from their cribs as I wake up each morning.

  298. 298

    I treasure the feeling of joy and love that swells up inside me when I see my husband playing with my children. The overwhelming joy and gratitude makes my heart swell so much it feels like it may burst out of my chest. My family is everything to me.

  299. 299

    I treasure going into my son’s room at night when he’s sleeping and snuggling with his calm, toasty little body.

  300. 300

    I treasure my boys – the wonder, the joy, the energy (!), they give off. When you get off track in terms of what is truly important, they rein you back in a heartbeat and remind you time goes so fast!

  301. 301
    Mary Feagley says:

    Oh. My. Word.

    I need that!


  302. 302

    I love the unconditional love dogs give! They are never mad at me and always wanting to cuddle!

  303. 303

    I treasure the puppy dog kisses from my sweet Molly ^..^

  304. 304
    jessica m says:

    Ny grandfather’s legacy. He’s an amazing man and we are losing him to cancer as I write this. The memories I will treasure forever.

  305. 305

    My salvation is my biggest treasure and the only one I’ll take from this earth.

  306. 306

    More than anything, I treasure good health. The health of my kids, husband & myself is a gift that I don’t go a day without being thankful for! And I LOVE that necklace because I also have a thing for mason jars. We fill them with collections of items from trips and keep them on a shelf. They have shells, rocks, ticket stubs, wrist bands, and all kinds of other fun memories in them!

  307. 307
    Katie in California says:

    I treasure the brother/sister bond I see growing between my two children as they get older…may they always have it!

  308. 308

    I treasure each precious moment I get to spend with my family because I know life is fragile!

  309. 309

    The love of my family!

  310. 310

    My boys–my husband and 9 month old son!

  311. 311
    girlsmama says:

    My husband’s endless desire to provide for us and make us happy. With 5 females swirling about he has a lot of drama and emotion to wade through.

  312. 312

    i treasure stolen moments with my husband. a look from across the room or a smile we share when our 9 month old does something amazing… this i will treasure forever.

  313. 313

    I treasure the feeling of accomplishment I get after completing a sewing/crochet/craft project in which I have invested a lot of time and energy. Especially when I am completing the project to give to someone special!

  314. 314

    the grace and forgiveness my daughters and husband show me! these are little girls, it is amazing to see how quickly they offer forgiveness to a sometimes short tempered mother!

  315. 315

    Right now I’m treasuring all that is “todlerhood” watching him grow and explore and be his own person is the most amazing thing!

  316. 316

    the hope that is in Jesus…

  317. 317

    The things I have learned in my life so far that make me who I am.

    I have a cupboard full of mason jars that I have left over from a Christmas present project that are waiting for me to do something cute with them…. :)

  318. 318
    Shannon M says:

    I treasure snuggling under blankets with the kiddos. I know that they won’t want to do that forever and so I treasure every moment of it!!

  319. 319

    I treasure the quiet times with my kids where we curl up together with a blankie or a book and just are together.

  320. 320

    i love inspiration and the corresponding feeling of accomplishment when something is created!

  321. 321

    i fell in love with this necklace the first time lisa showed it on her site. i love mason jars and hearts and this necklace has the perfect amount for my family. the big heart is my husband and the 3 little ones are my 3 little boys. they are my everything and i cherish every single day (good and bad) that i get to spend with them. they are my most precious gifts and keeping their hearts in a mason jar is the perfect way to preserve their love.

  322. 322

    I treasure lazy Sunday mornings, sleeping in and then enoying tea (for me)/coffee (for hubby) at the kitchen table while we peruse the morning newspaper. The we ponder what our day of activities being together will look like.

  323. 323

    I am obsessed with the moments when my little french bulldog nuzzles her way up onto my lap and just looks at me with her little brown puppy dog eyes!! {no kids for me yet…but im sure those cuddly moments will trump these!!}

  324. 324

    hearing my children laughing–can’t ever get enough!

  325. 325

    i love squinty eyed full body smiles from my ruby d, songs from my gracie lou, and the love and support of my family.

  326. 326

    i treasure lazy weekend days with my husband…every weekend i learn more about him. hard to do since i’ve known him since i was 15!

  327. 327

    I cherish the love between family and friends the most!

  328. 328

    I treasure being able to teach my children at home and being present when they learn every new thing. I love to look at their faces and hear their enthusiasm. I just love having them near. :)

  329. 329

    I’m in the middle of a separation and likely divorce. The care and comfort of my faith family are treasured gifts beyond any real measure. So blessed, even when distressed!

  330. 330

    time with family

  331. 331

    I think at different times of my life, I’ve treasured different things…but at this moment in time I for sure cherish the opportunity to have put my career as a teacher and principal “on hold” and be a stay at home Mom to my two babes {Jack and Kate}. I am so thankful that my husband has a wonderful job, a loving heart and the conviction and dedication it takes to soley support our family so I can be at home with the kids! What a treasure indeed!

  332. 332

    I treasure so much, but as of the moment, I’m treasuring holding my almost 3 month old son and sniffing his beautiful little noggin’. Ahh…baby.

  333. 333

    Rocking my baby boy to sleep!

  334. 334
    Tami Veer says:

    my baby girls beautiful brown eyes looking up at me!

  335. 335

    The time I am given on earth with my lived ones, and specially my Mum as she is sick…

  336. 336

    the item most non tangible that I love is my children’s love, I couldn’t imagine my world without it…it keeps me going when things get tough and keeps me smiling every day…

  337. 337

    The hope God has given me through Christ.
    My family, friends and the opportunity to help people.

  338. 338
    Becki Brallier says:

    The fact that my little baby only wants ME sometimes. Her love and trust mean the world to me.

  339. 339

    I treasure my health, which gives me the ability to do all the fun stuff in life!

  340. 340

    i heart snugs & kisses. and fabric. ;)

  341. 341

    Cherishing my husband’s arm wrapped around me each night in bed. I finger his ring and remember our promise.

  342. 342

    After watching my 4 year old neighbor boy struggle with cancer, I treasure the health of my own 3 kids and the rest of my family.

    Love this beautiful necklace!!

  343. 343

    I treasure watching my children grow and learn and become everything that they can be. I am so proud knowing that I had a hand in that. They are such beautiful little kids.

  344. 344

    I treasure love the most…love from Christ, love for and from my family…love is a good thing!

  345. 345

    At this moment in my life it is when my almost 12 year old tells me several times a day that he loves me! Heading into the teen years I hope we don’t lose this special connection, so I am soaking in these special moments and putting all those “I love you’s” in my memory mason jar! Thanks for the giveaway, I love Lisa’s jewelry.

  346. 346

    watching my husband and son do everything together. whatever daddy does he wants to do! love it!

  347. 347

    I attended a memorial service this week for a coworker who lost her husband to lymphoma. They have three young girls. It was truly devastating. This whole situation has reminded me that family and love are what matter the most.
    Thank you for this opportunity -hope you are enjoying Blissdom!

  348. 348

    I treasure my faith and my family and friends more than anything else in this world.

  349. 349

    Definitely to see another day. I have so much around me and I don’t want to miss a thing!

    Thanks you soo much!


  350. 350

    My knowledge. I’m pretty happy I’m not stupid. (Does that sound awful?)

  351. 351

    Faith..plain & simple. I loved your post about the mason jars. My grandma loved her jars. She stored all of her sewing-quilting notions in them. I need to get her blue-green Ball jars out of the garage & use them. And stop fearing they will get broken by guest.

  352. 352
    Katie Snow says:

    I treasure all the times my three little ones make me laugh hysterically at myself. I also treasure all the times they make me question my sanity just because I treasure THEM so much and all of our imperfections. God gave his perfect son to us so that we didn’t have to be that way. Now THAT is a treasure.

  353. 353

    i treasure those quiet moments alone.
    and those moments when i can see or hear my children playing happily together!

    i love your blog,
    your faithful stalker.

  354. 354

    i treasure, above everything else, God’s promise that we are never, ever alone.

  355. 355

    I treasure when my little boy runs up and “charges” me, just to give me a big hug!

  356. 356

    I treasure my family more than anything.

  357. 357

    I deeply treasure my time nursing my babies. I love everything about it, and now with my third and possibly my last, i don’t even mind the middle of the night feedings :)

  358. 358

    I treasure the salvation I’ve been given, and the grace that accompanies it. :)

  359. 359

    Hands down it is the small short moments my fifteen month old lets me rock him in our glider. Doesn’t matter when…I soak up every emotion from it!

  360. 360

    I treasure most my faith and the life God has given me. I feel extremely blessed each and every day.

  361. 361
    georgeann says:

    snuggle time with my family!

  362. 362

    Of course the obvious, my family and children, God, my health. But right now, really…. SUNSHINE would be awesome!

  363. 363

    i treasure the grace god gives me each day…it’s new and it’s amazing.

  364. 364

    Joy- The indescribable joy I am feeling as I am carrying our twin boys right now!

  365. 365

    I treasure the days (that may not last) my son wants me to hold his hand as he’s falling asleep. It’s so sweet and really makes a mama feel loved :)

  366. 366

    I treasure my health. :-)

  367. 367

    My husband and children, the joy that they bring me.

    LOVE that necklace!

  368. 368

    I treasure my family!

  369. 369

    What a pretty necklace! I treasure God’s forgiveness and healing.

  370. 370

    I’m treasuring rocking my two year old while pregnant with my second baby. Such a neat feeling to have both my babies together for just a little while!

  371. 371

    A quiet house in the morning, expecially when the moment ends with little feet tiptoeing down the hallway.

  372. 372

    my relationship with Christ is by far my greatest treasure.
    I also cherish my kiddos.
    sorry- that’s two.
    thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway!

  373. 373

    I treasure the moments when my children brings me books to read to them and then snuggle up in my lap. I love those cozy times!

  374. 374

    I think I treasure this moment right now – quiet kids and a chance to read through all these inspiring entries! Wow, ladies! Love it! :)

  375. 375

    what do I treasure? after having cancer twice while my girls were still so small, I can truly say, I treasure LIFE. It is good, it is a gift and I treasure each and every day!

    *crossing my fingers and toes!*

  376. 376

    I treasure moments with my daughter as an only child for another 3 months…and this morning, I treasured the moment while my husband and i were hugging and he could feel our son kicking inside of me. Precious moments that go too quickly!

  377. 377

    Being diagnosed with lupus and having a ton of joint pain, I now am much more grateful for my health.

  378. 378
    Stephanie says:

    I treasure time. Time with my boys, my husband, my friends.

  379. 379

    Thats an easy one! My 19 month old son Finnegan! He is the best thing that has every happened to me. He is the highlight of each and every day (c:

  380. 380

    The sound of my children’s laughter and hearing them talk to each other / seeing them love on each other. Melts this mama’s heart every time.

  381. 381

    I love those moments were life almost seems to freeze for a split second, and you are able to see just how much you have been blessed with. It can happen in the simplest moment; when your five year old cracks a joke and everyone is laughing so hard that you feel you just might burst, or when your three year old says during evening prayers that YOU are what he is thankful for today, or when you see your husband wrestling the two boys and the house is filled with squeals of delight, or a table full of warm, fun food and surrounded by friends and family….those are the moments when life freezes for just a second and you are able to look in from the outside and really SEE just what you are blessed with!!!

  382. 382

    I treasure my daughter’s hapiness and feeling loved & safe :)

  383. 383

    I treasure the love of my hubby :)

  384. 384
    Stephanie Matlack says:

    All my family…and man do I have a large one. With both my parents being divorced and remarried, my husbands family. I have lots of treasures.

  385. 385

    I treasure the minute I hear my fiance’s car pull in the driveway and know he is home safely and going to walk in the door and come straight to me -no matter where I am in the house- to give me a kiss, his sweet smile, and undivided attention no matter what kind of day he’s had. I treasure that we have found each other even though “later” in life!

  386. 386

    Feeling the love of my family(like when my husband picks up diet coke at the store…just ’cause!) ! I know it’s cliche and all…Also…cherishing memories of times past, cutie little things my kids have said, little hugs, and kisses, cuddles…OH! Now that my oldest is reading chapter books, having those times where we read our own books and snuggle! Precious times…

  387. 387

    the amazing relationship of love and friendship i have with my little sister, i call her my shunshine! =)

  388. 388
    Elizabeth says:

    Without a doubt the thing I treasure most is my family. My husband and son are so important to me and I appreciate my time with them all the more because my husband just got back from Afghanistan. If anything makes fighting over who takes the trash out seem stupid, its not seeing your hubby for a long time!

  389. 389

    I treasure my family the most … and by family I include my boyfriend, his son, and our pets.

  390. 390

    Watching my one year old walk towards me to jump into my arms with a big hug. Melts my heart!

  391. 391

    that is GORGEOUS! love it!
    what i’m treasuring most right now are the sweet smiles and hugs i get from my son, whom we just adopted and brought home from korea last month. he brings me so much joy, it’s ridiculous!

  392. 392

    I treasure normal.
    A couple years ago I found myself living on the edge of an abyss, unable to cope and do the things I needed to do. The simplest tasks, like reading my kids bedtime stories, were unmanageable.
    I thank God everyday for returning me to normal.

  393. 393

    I treasure simplicity and the moments in time where I can just “be”.

  394. 394

    Aside from the normal things I treasure (my husband and kids), right now I treasure the sunshine and warm(er) weather. I am not a winter girl and this cold winter has felt very brutal but I am loving the more temperate weather.

  395. 395

    I would have to say the joy that my kids bring me, even on the gloomiest days!

  396. 396

    The necklace is lovely. I treasure time. I feel like I never have enough of it.

  397. 397

    I can’t even tell you how much I love this…it speaks to my heart, haha! Something non-tangible that I cherish…. the sound of sprinkler pipes and frogs in the summertime outside my bedroom window when I was growing up will always have a special place in my heart. I miss it.

  398. 398

    Faith and Love….because without those you really have nothing. If you have not faith you are void and if you have not love…..well I can’t even imagine what that would be like, a really big void! Love the mason jas and this necklace rocks!

  399. 399

    I have been a stay at home mom for the last 14 years. I have had many ups and downs and even a few days of longing to be out in the workforce so someone else could watch my kiddos all day =) But I wouldn’t trade even one of those hard days for the joy and the treasure it has been to know my children so well. Every day I treasure the fact that I was there for thier first words, first steps, first days of school, first crushes, first heartbreaks, etc.

  400. 400

    i treasure time…my oldest is turning 15….time is going so fast with him.

  401. 401

    My kids. Good days, bad days. I treasure each moment.

  402. 402

    One of my greatest treasures is the love of a good man. I always find it amazing that H loves me through the ups and downs, that he’s going to make me his wife in October. He’s wonderful. :)

  403. 403

    I treasure the ability to start each day with a clean slate, because Heaven knows I fail miserably every day trying to be the wife, mother, and woman God wants me to be.

    What a beautiful necklace. Thanks for the opportunity!

  404. 404

    i treasure my family and my Lord.

  405. 405

    What a cute necklace! Love it!

    I treasure giggles from my little kids!

  406. 406

    My husband’s willing, servant’s heart. He just held two our heads last night as we were sick, then stayed home from work to take the little man to his follow up strep/dehydration appt…then came home, started laundry, let me rest, then went to work when he would tell that I was going to “make it”. He no work, we no get paid.
    I love him. He’s such a treasure!

  407. 407
    Kimber Hagans says:

    I treasure most my love for our CREATOR. HE has made this incredible life I am living possible. My hub, teenage girls, my family, blessed beyong belief♥. My beloved sis had MS, and after 10 years of injections, is a candidate to try an new medicine, injection FREE. HOPE♥

  408. 408

    I treasure even the smallest milestones my special needs son makes. He is 10 now, but has come so far in his short lifetime, that everyday he never ceases to amazes me :) I treasure the miracle that God has entrusted me with!

  409. 409

    What a beautiful necklace. I love it!

    The non-tangible thing I treasure the most is forgiveness.

  410. 410

    The silly things my daughter says to me everyday! She truly has a mind of her own and says whatever she is thinking. I never anticipated how much joy she would bring in to my life {you have an idea but when it actually happens it’s like being struck by lightening} I’m so inspired by her creativity and imagination. I wish I could trap it in a mason jar somehow so I could keep it forever. I hope she never loses it.

  411. 411


  412. 412

    i treasure the tiny moments that can go unnoticed when you’re busy – the way my daughter smiles at me when she wakes up was my favourite today!

  413. 413

    hugs and sticky kisses from my little guys, love and encouragement from my big one.

  414. 414

    I treasure the time I spend at home with my son Cole while we are home schooling. I LOVE the one on one time we have together, learning and exploring new things everyday. That is a treasure to me!

  415. 415

    Time alone with each of my kids!

  416. 416

    God’s Grace!

  417. 417

    This is going to sound odd but with the place my life is at right now, today; what I treasure most is certainty. That feeling inside yourself that you have when you know that you are doing exactly what you should be doing, where you should be doing it and with whom you should be doing it with. Certainty. Right now, I treasure certainty the most.

  418. 418

    I treasure hope and possibility! For with God ALL things are possible!

  419. 419

    I love my Jesus that offers me salvation!

  420. 420


  421. 421

    I treasure every minute I get to spend with my little family. Just to wake up each morning to see their beautiful faces is a wonderful thing!

  422. 422

    Right now I am treasuring every minute with my husband who is home on leave from Afghanistan. He met our daughter for the first time since I had her while he was deployed. Our time together is going by quickly and I just pray that the rest of his tour goes by quickly too.

  423. 423

    Time with my husband.

  424. 424

    i guess people are technically tangible, but oh i do love my kiddos- my wild& crazy 2 year old & her little brother who is hanging out in my ginormous belly for just a few more (hopefully!) weeks. oh, & the husband that gave them both to me is pretty special too :)

    love me some lld, thanks for the opportunity!

  425. 425

    I really treasure the flowers my husband gave me on our first date. Every time we move, we give those dried flowers the VIP treatment, hoping they’ll make it to our new home.

  426. 426
    jessica shumard says:

    i have have been wearing a smile on the inside lately when i think about my marriage… God gave me an amazing husband… he is kind, strong, and sensitive… and he loves me despite my greatest flaws!

  427. 427

    Without a doubt it is the time I get with my little family of three (almost four). I love it when we do things all together. Even if it is as simple as driving around in 4 wheel drive after a big snow!

  428. 428

    Time with my family. My kids are grown but not with families of their own yet. I know that when they enter that stage things will really change, so I still treasure having this time with them.

  429. 429

    Oh my. How could I make this NOT a novel? In one word… I treasure mercy. Eighteen months ago, my precious angel girl was born with a devastating brain disorder. The highest recommended neurologist in our state (also an amazing man of God) gently told us the deficits of her brain were too significant to ever live a normal life. Walking, talking and and recognizable cognitive functioning just may not be possible for her. After 24 hrs of the deepest ache Ive ever known, the LORD began leading my husband and I to believe in His word, all yes or all no, to claim the power of blood of Jesus Christ over our sweet one’s brain. EVERYONE around us told us we were in denial and absolutely nuts. We chose to believe God is who He says he is. We prayed (and still do) surrendering our girl to the sovereignty of the LORD, but claiming the abundant life His word promises. Eighteen months later, our girl has shattered every expectation ever put against her through ONLY the merciful power of our Lord Jesus Christ. She is an unexplainable medical phenomenon. My miracle girl… by the mercy of the healing hand of Jesus!

  430. 430

    Grace. It makes an appearance in all sorts of circumstances and people and makes me grateful every time I am able to recognize it.

  431. 431

    Health…because without health there wouldn’t be the opportunity to love. I think when the health of you or the ones you love is jeopardized…this understanding/reality truly hits home.

  432. 432
    michele fry says:

    God’s provision and his Love, every single day!! Would give the necklace to a friend who just lost her son in a car accident last week, to treasure his memory.

  433. 433


  434. 434


  435. 435

    having a family that loves me no matter what

  436. 436

    love, good health and my awesome family. Is that too many??? :)

  437. 437

    I treasure all my blessings, my family, home, a job, good health.

  438. 438

    Tucking my children in bed each night. They are 9 and 12 and still ask for hugs and kisses before falling asleep.

  439. 439

    Conversations with my son…who is 2 yrs. old! Never a dull moment…he’s amazing and so funny!

  440. 440

    FAITH…no matter what’s going on in your life–good or bad, if your faith is strong you are blessed.

  441. 441

    Oh my goodness it is precious! Without a doubt the thing I cherish most is feeling my boys’ hands in mine…what a wonderful connection.

  442. 442

    My parents. They will do anything for me and I can’t seem to show them enough how much I appreciate it.

  443. 443

    I treasure every day staying at home with my baby girl watching each new step she takes and each new little thing she learns! :)

  444. 444

    love from my family and friends

  445. 445

    I treasure my 7 year old’s little girl giggles and belly laughs!

  446. 446

    My daughter’s health. Her heart surgery at 5 days old really sent me through a greatly unexpected loop. Keeping her and her heart healthy is my main goal every day!

  447. 447

    Today, more than anything, I treasure my family and my health. We just found out that the 27 yr old daughter of our school nurse has stage 4 cancer-one that is very rare. From this day forward, I choose “happy” every day. My children are too precious for me to ever wallow in a “bad day”.

  448. 448

    My kids, each day with them is so special and precious!

  449. 449

    I treasure the moments that I share with my family in music-making. Every so often (when we can wrangle all of us together) we take out our instruments and play string quartets. There is something magical about sharing these intimate moments of creativity and beauty with those you love most.

  450. 450

    Laughing with my family.

  451. 451

    I treasure the time that I can spend with those I love…it’s so precious and you can never get it back!!!!

  452. 452
    shannon stinson says:

    i know this sounds CRAZY…but i would bottle up the smell of my children’s breath! the smell of them all together! it’s such a sweet smell (when young) to me! when they are close, and they are breathing….well…there just aren’t words…i LOVE it!

  453. 453

    I treasure being a stay at home mom with my sweet son Alex. And I treasure my wonderful husband that makes that possible.

  454. 454

    The privilege of teaching my children everyday. Also, reading time snuggled on the couch.

  455. 455

    Snuggling with my sick baby who was up several times in the night, only to be comforted by her mama!

  456. 456

    I treasure that heart swelling feeling i get when one of my kids says/does something amazing. it stops me in my tracks and always makes me remember the beautiful blessings and promises God has given.

  457. 457

    I have a son away at college many miles away. I deeply treasure hearing his voice on the phone, when he calls me….just because! :)

  458. 458

    I treasure my sleep. I don’t get much of it anymore, haven’t for the past 5 years so when I get to sleep in an extra hour…man does it feel good!

  459. 459

    Watching my kids when they don’t know that I am. Seeing them in their own little ways makes me smile!
    I saw this necklace & thought it was so perfect! Love it!

  460. 460

    I treasure family.

  461. 461

    I treasure peace. I am a teacher and it is always so chaotic and loud. I go home to two teenagers and sometimes it is equally chaotic and loud. I treasure the times when it is quiet and all are getting along. I treasure the peace.

  462. 462

    I treasure my family!!

  463. 463

    Family–it’s the most important thing to me.

  464. 464

    Something tangible that I treasure? My wedding rings! They’re a daily reminder of how much I’m loved, especially when I’m having “one of those days” at work :)

  465. 465

    I treasure laughter.
    It often goes unnoticed, but its the sound that makes the whole day worth while!!!!

  466. 466

    Teardrops- whether they are from happiness or sorrow, the tears I have shed during my lifetime are connected to many memories. So many that my jar would be overflowing…

  467. 467

    I absolutely love the time right when my son wakes up from nap, and he wants quiet cuddle time. Definitely my favorite time of day.

  468. 468

    I treasure watching my boys look out for each other because “that’s how brothers work” as my 4 yr old says.

  469. 469

    I treasure the moments my children are playing well together. Hearing their laughter and enjoying each other’s company and not bickering or fighting…priceless!

  470. 470

    I treasure my family and how much we love one another.

  471. 471

    My family. I’m sure many people will say this, but I treasure the times when I get to just hang out with my husband and my daughter. Just being with them makes me happy. My Lisa Leonard jewelry also makes me very happy so this is a wonderful giveaway. :)

  472. 472

    When my 3 year old takes my face in his hands and says, “I wuv you, mommy!”. His little eyes are just shining with that childlike love. I melt everytime.

  473. 473

    The love between my 3 year old son and his cousins! It makes me so full of joy to see them play together, laugh, whisper, be silly, and to think about what great memories they are making to talk about in 20 years at their weddings! :-)

  474. 474

    I treasure how my two older children dote on their baby sister. Seeing the love they all have for each other is priceless.

  475. 475

    I treasure forgiveness. Especially when I don’t deserve it.

  476. 476

    My family.

  477. 477

    i am treasuring that my 3 year old is so excited to be a big brother this summer, and that he comes to pat the baby in my tummy already. so sweet!

  478. 478

    Non-tangible? My amazing sense of style? (that sentence actually showed off my amazing sense of irony and sarcasm!0

    My family and my faith. Most treasured.

  479. 479

    I treasure the relationship I have with my mom. She is truly my best friend :)

  480. 480

    Being a twin! :)

  481. 481

    my babies :)

  482. 482

    I treasure time. I thank God for time on earth with my precious children and husband.

  483. 483

    I treasure my husband and three babies :)

  484. 484

    Hugs from my husband, especially after a long day!

  485. 485

    I treasure the time that I get to spend with my family. It seems like we are always going in different directions, and with a hubby that works out of town a lot I am so grateful for those moments when we are all together :)

  486. 486
    Aubreylaine says:

    God’s forgiveness, grace and love! :)

  487. 487

    Time with my family. Need more and more and more of it!

  488. 488

    Don’t mean to go all caps on you but I LOVE THAT MASON JAR NECKLACE!!!!! Seriously, how cute can that get? Also, after your last post, I’m starting to think I need to stockpile mason jars. They can so cute and decorative in such an easy-going way. A nice touch to organizing or decorating for a party. Love.

    I too cherish my husband and the way he take such GREAT care of our finances. He’s so good with money and I never have to wonder if we’ll be okay should a problem strike because he strives so hard to make sure we always have money tucked away. He’s the perfect combo of being frugal and not super spendy, but knows when it IS appropriate to spend more money for the value. Love it about him.

  489. 489

    hugs from my 4 year old. i know one day they won’t come so freely.

  490. 490
    Shannon Watkins says:

    Snuggling with my three precious girls and reading stories with them. I am starting to read less adn they are starting to read more. They grow up so quickly and I can’t get back a single day when they “were that age” again. May I can the in Mason jars?

  491. 491

    i treasure the relationship i have with my parents.

  492. 492

    I heart Lisa Leonard! And I heart following your WIWW! Something non-tangible that I heart as well? My kids’ sticky lips after they’ve eaten pancakes with syrup and I give them a kiss before I leave for work. I smell of syrup all day! :)

  493. 493
    Rachel C. says:

    I treasure and cherish the hope that Jesus Christ fills me up with every single day no matter what is coming my way!

  494. 494

    SO many things to treasure but what do I treasure most? My relationship with my husband is right up there on top….

  495. 495
    jen reynolds says:

    I love when my 4 year old randomly shouts out “I love you, Mom!” throughout the day!

  496. 496

    The love between my husband and I.

  497. 497

    I treasure the memories I have of my dad the most. He passed away 16 years ago at a young age of 46. I miss him dearly.

  498. 498

    I love my husband’s desire to work hard to provide for his family. It has allowed me to stay home with our daughter, graduate from school, and finish my pregnancy in peace.

  499. 499

    I treasure my family and my home all being together and in one piece.

  500. 500

    I love the “jokes” that my 20 month old daughter makes, she can be so silly and I love her silliness!

  501. 501

    I have a friend on a Mission Trip in Haiti right now and looking through her pictures I have an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness that my family and I have a home to live in. My husband and I are able to provide our kids with a safe, warm place to live and nothing in the world measures up to that. Looking at the pictures of the tent cities in Haiti and the mothers living their with their children, scared and probably feeling hopeless, is a reminder for me to never take for granted what I have in this life.

  502. 502

    I treasure my two boys. Due to problems, we thought we’d only have one; our second has been a blessing especially for them to be able to have a sibling.

  503. 503

    i treasure early mornings when my 2 1/2 year old son gets in bed with me to snuggle. i lay there & try to pay very close attention to every little detail so that i can remember it in years to come when he might not want to spend mornings snuggling with momma. the smell of his hair, the softness of his cheek, his little hand holding mine, the way he breathes.

  504. 504
    Jeannette M says:

    I love being with my family. I treasure my time with them! Jeannette

  505. 505

    I treasure my precious sister Lauren! She is 11 and I am away at college for the first time this year– I love getting emails from her and hugging her sweet neck when I am home :)

  506. 506

    i really treasure the time i spend with my family the most… precious necklace!!

  507. 507

    My greatest treasure is unsolicited and unexpected “I love yous” from my kids and husband. Nothing makes me smile bigger than that!

  508. 508

    I treasure the infectious joy that is in my boys’ hearts!

  509. 509

    Mornings with my 3 boys–a brand new day, their sweet smiling faces (usually) and the joy of knowing I’m the one that GETS to take care of them.

  510. 510
    Nancy Barnes says:

    I treasure my scarce one-on-one time with my 12 yr old son – and the fact that he likes it as well.

  511. 511

    Oh how to narrow my collections down… hmmm I love to collect the letter G, but I think my favorite happy thing to look at in a giant glass mason jar is my collection of vintage Little People! BTW I love this necklace…

  512. 512


  513. 513

    Forgiveness and love.

  514. 514

    I love this necklace.. it’s beautiful! what I treasure most is laughter.

  515. 515
    Stephanie Z says:

    I am in high school and hardly have anytime to just read for fun and have a few moments to my self. I love waking up early on school days and making a cup of tea, and going outside to read. I read for a half and hour or so and watch the sunrise, I sit in my pajamas and just enjoy the view. I clean the tea up and sneak back into my bed and pretend like it never happened. My mom will come in and wake me up, its my little secret.

  516. 516

    I tresure my life. As I continue to battle stage 3 breast cancer i am greatful for waking up each morning. I have children that are 3 and 10 so I have to contine this fight. I want to be around to see them graduate, get married and see my grandbabies.

  517. 517

    Faith that God will do exactly what he promises. it’s what gets me through each day.

  518. 518

    i treasure the time we have as a family, in this military season of our lives.
    and i treasure the extra sweet, sweet good night hugs and kisses that my littles one call for just moments after i walk out of their rooms.

  519. 519

    I’d like to bottle the “I love yous” I receive spontaneously from my 4 year old son.

  520. 520

    I treasure my security I get from my family. I always feel safe when I’m with them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  521. 521

    I treasure the kindness of others, particularly when I am finding it hard to be kind to myself.

  522. 522

    Oh, I LOVE this necklace…something intangible that I love…my relationship with God and the love of my husband and daughter.

  523. 523

    i would have to say my 2 year old daughter. she is seriously the love of my life! beautiful giveaway!!

  524. 524

    I treasure all of the the quiet little shared moments that make up my life, like today when my son cupped his hands around my belly button and shouted “Hello in there!” to his unborn sibling.

  525. 525

    The thing I am treasuring most is the time I can spend with my husband – just the two of us – before we start our own little family!

  526. 526

    My 3 year old niece…she is pure sunshine. :)

  527. 527

    “Morning love” from my 5 yr old ~ he just melts into my arms when he wakes up in the morning and doesn’t mind how many times I kiss his little head!

  528. 528

    like so many other people who have commented– i treasure my family. I have the worlds greatest husband, and two adorable kids (and one more on the way in 4 weeks!!)

  529. 529

    how God is constantly teaching me that He is all I need

  530. 530

    I get up real early, before the sun these days, to pour a cup of steaming coffee and do nothing but sit and sip. I know it seems silly but it makes me a better mom, it starts the day right, it gives me a good perspective. It’s one of those things that you can always give yourself, just set the alarm clock and the coffee pot. It is the sweetest treasure for a busy mom of three

  531. 531

    I think one of the things I treasure most is the way my baby smells when he wakes up from a nap. Warm and delicious!

  532. 532

    The JOY that I have in Christ!

  533. 533

    The love of my family.

  534. 534

    {swoon} over this necklace!

    I treasure the LOVE that is in my life: from my God and His Grace, to the unending love from my husband, to the friends and family I am so unworthy of — “…and the greatest of these is LOVE.”


  535. 535

    The unending love from my heavenly father.

  536. 536

    Great Giveaway!! I treasure my girls’ laughs. There’s nothing like the uninhibited laugh of a child! :)

  537. 537

    i treasure belly laughs, there’s nothing like them :)

  538. 538

    My 16 month old son’s laugh. It makes me smile everytime :)

  539. 539

    The way my children love each other. I’m still waiting for the sibling rivalry to kick in….

  540. 540

    I love the way I can see my angel Grandma in thousands of everyday things.

  541. 541
    Lesha Fox says:

    I tresure how God pursues us and his neverending forgiveness.

  542. 542

    I cherish the times that I ask my husband a question (usually about our future, our goals in life or as a couple) and he takes a prolonged moment of reflection before he speaks. When he doesn’t fire back an answer right away I’m so thankful, because I know he takes me (and all my endless questioning) to heart.

  543. 543

    i treasure the way my kiddos love each other!!!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  544. 544

    I treasure the way my husband loves to tell me all about his day. =)


  545. 545

    I treasure my Lord, my husband, my girls.

  546. 546

    My memories – lots of inside jokes with my husband, fun times remembered with my kids and with my best girlfriends, not to mention my sister.

  547. 547

    I love that I’m the “breakfast/lunch lady” at the kids school. It gives me secret peeks of them all day long!

  548. 548

    WORDS! I am a words person – written, spoken, sung, whispered, giggled…i love words! and my husband knows it – my bathroom mirror is covered with words of encouragement!

  549. 549

    I treasure my husband’s love and perseverance through tough times…

  550. 550

    I treasure the fact that I have turned into my mother and I looooove it!

  551. 551
    Amanda Luchtefeld says:

    My son was diagnosed with autism 4 years ago and I treasure how much he has taught me. He showed me how to slow down and appreciate things I took for granted. Of course I treasure my daughter too, but my son’s diagnosis makes every little progress he makes extra special. I love my kids!

  552. 552


  553. 553

    I treasure the strength of unspoken love. Glances between my husband & I, knowing exactly what the other is thinking or feeling. There is something about not always having to use words that makes our love just that much sweeter. He knows how to comfort me without me ever saying a word. He sees my soul when the world only hears my words.

  554. 554

    I love that my dogs and son ENDLESSLY entertain me!

  555. 555

    Salvation for sure!

  556. 556
    kat-in-texas says:

    I treasure my faith in Jesus Christ…..and laughing….lots of laughing!!! :D

  557. 557

    I treasure snuggling with my kids, especially after a busy day

  558. 558

    I have been reminded when I wake each day that having something tangible is a priviledge. I am the mother of 4 girls PLUS 1 more for the last 3 months. I am an assistant in an at risk preK and God has blessed my family by letting us care for one of my former students. She is 5 years old and teaches us all how to be grateful for something as simple as a bed, a homecooked meal, GETTING to do her homework and loving it, the gift of calling someone “mommy and daddy”, the thrill of a “first” christmas at 5 years old, and being so sweet to love MY 4 girls even though she is seperated from her own 2 older sisters. SHE has nothing tangible and yet she is completely satisfied with where God has placed her……everyday I am reminded that having tangible really is a luxury.

  559. 559
    Mary Jo Smith says:

    I treasure my son’s health! He had a little bit of a rocky start in the NICU 3 years ago, but he’s now a miraculously healed, healthy little firecracker!

  560. 560

    Of course I treasure my boys more than anything.

  561. 561

    I treasure my relationship with Jesus and the blessings in life that He has given me- My husband and my son on the way :)

  562. 562

    I treasure this life I have made for myself with my hubby and two kids. I have been lusting after this necklace since it first came out.

  563. 563

    I definitely treasure the sound of my children’s laughter RIGHT NOW, at this stage of life.

    Seth is just-3, and his laugh is loud and stacatto, and half the time I’m shushing him ’cause the baby is sleeping, but he laughs so BIG and the joy just pours out of him.

    Erin, tiny bean at 8 months, has a more mellow guffaw. Really, that is the only word for it. The very first time we heard her chuckle/chortle, it was directed at Seth — he can make her laugh in a heartbeat. He is for sure her favorite person, and I love the adoration I hear for him in her laugh.

  564. 564

    i TREASURE MY HUSBAND. He is my most valuable possession.

  565. 565

    I cherish time with my husband and kids. Getting all the kids together is becoming harder and harder so I am learning to cherish the moments with just the one or two who happen to be around and not get so caught up in wanting them all to be here for *insert event*.

  566. 566

    ~My Salvation~

    Also came across this blog today….Check it out! There is a picture of your peddle pushers

  567. 567
    Stacey Vickers says:

    I cherish the history my grandfather left for us. We live out on a ranch that he bought and ran…I love that this rich heritage is being passed on to my two boys and they can be a part of that legacy.

  568. 568

    My most treasured “gift” is the fact in knowing that Jesus Christ died for my sins and loves me as His own! Jesus gives me more JOY than anything tangible here on earth.

  569. 569

    Time & Sunshine xxx

  570. 570

    The fact that when my daughter gets hurt at school and she goes to the nurses office, besides a bandaid, she just wants to talk to me on the phone.

  571. 571

    the smell of my little girls head after an afternoon of outside play–ahhh

  572. 572

    the thing that i treasure the most is time with my family…

  573. 573
    julie mcbryde says:

    i treasure the moments of pure joy~and when i stop and notice them! bliss!

  574. 574

    I treasure the family I became a part of when I married my husband 28 1/2 years ago and the way it feels when you walk into a room where ANY of them are. The grown nieces are glad to see their auntie and make me feel like a college girl again whenever I see them. So good to be loved!

  575. 575

    i treasure the love of my lord & savior Jesus Christ and the precious gift of my family.

  576. 576
    Jennifer Wiser says:

    I treasure the health of my children. For it was almost five years ago that the doctors diagnosed our newly adopted son from Guatemala with a very rare form of leukemia. After he struggled and fought the cancer and underwent a bone marrow transplant in 2006, I have realized that healthy children are indeed a blessing that not everyone is privileged with. May I always treasure the health God has given us and celebrate the gift of REMISSION He has given our son!

  577. 577

    I treasure my little girls who are my miracles….and who are the bookends in our family…We lost twin boys in between them. They truly are my treasure!

  578. 578

    I treasure the time that I spend with my grandparents. They are wise, Godly people who give great life advice. I am so blessed to be able to have such a great relationship with them. I will always treasure my memories of times we spent together.

  579. 579

    My kids for sure! Love ll necklaces!

  580. 580
    Kim Callaway says:

    I treasure the simple moments-playing with my baby girl, talking on the couch with my husband, spending time with friends.

  581. 581

    My kids and the love I have for my husband.

  582. 582

    i love all the times throughout the day my 4 year old son tells me he loves me. i wish i could bottle that and save it for when he is grown and i don’t get to hear it as much.

  583. 583
    Susan Hahaj says:

    I love when I am crafting and I realize I’m in the middle of a real creative out of this world moment and I realize it’s when I feel the happiest. Suzie

  584. 584
    Lori Seipp says:

    I love the early mornings when my two boys come climb in bed with my husband and I. They snuggle in between us and we talk about whatever is on their mind and tell them how special they are. I’m Blessed.

  585. 585

    When my best friend’s 2 year old daughter calls me Aunt Leigh because it sounds like At-ee. Melts my heart every time!

  586. 586

    i treasure the moments with the kids when they learn things for the very first time. i’m so thankful to God for our children, they truly are a blessing especially since we never thought we would have any.

  587. 587

    I treasure “snuggle time” with my 11 yr old son. With 17 & 19 yr old sons, I know the snuggling doesn’t last forever.

  588. 588

    I love mason jars too! They harken back to the olden days…so simple and clean. I treasure my children’s voices – 2, 5 and 7 years old – so spirited and sweet. I wish I could bottle those voices up in mason jars and keep them forever to hear again when I am an old woman :)

  589. 589

    Love mason jars-so versatile. I actually store my homemade maple syrup in mason jars-looks so great on the breakfast table. What I treasure most and wish I could capture in my memory forever is the sound of the children playing with their father. It melts my heart.

  590. 590

    Faith and camraderie. I am so blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful group of family and friends that help me through evey aspect of life and God who loves me despite my many, many faults.

  591. 591

    I treasure each moment I get to spend with my fiance, as he is overseas 8 months out of the year!

  592. 592

    My treasure is comraderie with all the honest, genuine, and good people in my life.

  593. 593

    belly laughs

  594. 594

    I love this necklace so much!

    I am originally from Nashville and your posts this week are making me so homesick. My treasure is my husband’s love and laughter, The reason I live so far from Nashville is because my husband is in the Air Force. We are thousands of miles away from family because of my husband’s service to our country, but his love and the sound of him laughing make the distance bearable. Home is where he is, no matter where in the world we are. :o)

    • 595

      thank you for the reminder. My family is moving AGAIN….and I have been having a small teeny pity party thinking I needed my OWN home like everyone else I know……If you can do it….I can! Bless you and your family!

  595. 596

    HOPE! Love this necklace

  596. 597

    I treasure the simple things in life, my family, our health, and a good marriage…

  597. 598
    Shelly foster says:

    Hummm…let’s see…

    I’m going through a difficult pregnancy that requires daily heparin shot in my belly :( . What I treasure is way my sweet hubby takes care of me..and with tender loving care, gives me my shots . It never seems to hurt as bad when he gives them …maybe because he never fails to kiss my belly . Xoxo…

  598. 599

    i treasure curiosity and the quest for learning something new…

  599. 600

    My 4 year old daughter tells me she “loves me to the rainbow and back”. Now that is something I would love to put in a mason jar and keep forever! Love LL and love PP! Just got my valentine’s posies yesterday. So cute! Thanks for the chance to win a give-a-way Lindsey!

  600. 601

    I treasure the gift of salvation that Christ has given me, though I surely don’t deserve it.

  601. 602

    I love my husband’s laugh. :-)

  602. 603

    This is a hard one. There are so many things I treasure. But lately, most of all, I treasure my time with my baby boy. He was a gift from God. I had tried for several years to get pregnant and he is finally here. My blessing. I will treasure these moments, lack of sleep & crying and all!

  603. 604

    The time that I get to spend with family. I wish I could keep and remember every moment forever.

  604. 605

    Oh how fun! I love this necklace (and have been a mason jar hoarder since a teen :)

    Something intangible? My kiddo has learned that with Mommy’s broken ears, he has to make sure I’m looking at him to know he’s speaking. How sweet is it when he climbs into my lap, carefully puts his hands on both sides of my face, and turns my head to meet his eyes. Then says, “I love you Mommy!”

    Gosh, I melt. Intangible? Irreplaceable! :)

  605. 606
    Emily Carr says:

    I treasure the men in my life, my husband, and my three energetic wonderful little boys!

  606. 607

    I treasure my two amazing kids more than anything in this world. I wish I could bottle that feeling up in a Mason jar forever!

  607. 608

    I treasure time. Every ordinary and extraordinary moment.

  608. 609
    Tiffany Kraght says:

    i treasure the memories i had with my mother. she died when i was thirteen (i just turned 30). i now have three kids and can’t even imagine what she had to go through. but, eventhough our time was short, i really knew she loved me!

    thandk for the chance to win!


  609. 610

    My most wonderful treasure is my salvation and the love the Lord has for me that he would send his Son to die for me. I am in awe that I will spend the rest of my life with Him. My husband is my next most treasure. He loves me even when I’m unloveable. He had help me care for my aging parents as well as taking care of his aging parents. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to reflect on my life.
    God Bless you, Lori

  610. 611

    Lindsey, I have been reading your blog for a bit now. I love your style and creativity. Now on to what I treasure…

    I treasure my Mom, who is non-tangible now as she passed away about 26 years ago, but before she passed away she instilled in me a love of thrifting, a love of making things, a love of antiques and vintage, and most of all a love of mason jars! And hearts are my favorite thing!

  611. 612
    Jaime Brewer says:

    So many things to treasure…my salvation, my husband, my 3 kids, dear friends and family…I am so blessed!

  612. 613

    That there is hope for all of us because of Christ. That I live in a country that allows me to worship and pray to Jesus Christ without persecution. I am so fortunate and blessed!

  613. 614

    I work in education and every morning I get to stand at the door and welcome the students…it is amazing the relationships I have with some of the students. I truly treasure them and getting to see their lives grow and change!

  614. 615
    Tarra Young says:

    family memories past and future mean the world to me!

  615. 616

    God’s grace and love

  616. 617

    I treasure holding my son’s hand.

  617. 618

    Waking up with my little sunshine’s hand on my shoulder.

  618. 619

    The hope I have in Christ

  619. 620

    Adoption. The process, the emotion, the love that goes into it.

    We are all adopted into Christ’s Kingdom. My husband & I are awaiting our first child. I can’t wait to fill our mason jar with hearts!

  620. 621

    Memories!! Thanks for the chance. Love this necklace….so sweet!

  621. 622

    Health — mine and my family’s. Thanks for the chance!

  622. 623

    I Love this necklace!! Okay, if I’m honest, I love all of Lisa’s designs. :)

  623. 624

    Oops, I hit enter too soon…the tangible item I treasure the most…my Hubby! Followed my my camera and my computer. :) Funny that they out rank the house. :S

  624. 625

    I treasure the way my girls eyes light up when they see me. It warms my heart.

  625. 626

    New days and being able to start over fresh! Love this necklace!

  626. 627

    I treasure my little family. My favorite thing to do is cuddle up with my hubby and our two big dogs who are just the sweetest things ever!

  627. 628

    My new life in Christ!

  628. 629

    I treasure my family most and how they make me laugh. My one year daughter brings a smile to my face

  629. 630

    i was just admiring this necklace the other day….so super cute! i treasure my sweet little girl….even through the 3 year old tantrums!….she is my joy!

  630. 631
    Katelyn C. says:

    I treasure joy. It is fleeting without God, but when he shows me the joy that is around me it is the best moment of my day.

  631. 632


  632. 633
    Tanya Bliven says:

    I treasure the moments where my Deaf students connect to what I am teaching them. When I see their “A-ha!” moment. It keeps me going in a very difficult, yet rewarding job.

  633. 634

    I treasure my family and my close friends. If it were not for them some past times would have been excruciatingly difficult. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not thankful and treasure their kindness and support!

  634. 635

    I treasure the moments with my kids and my husband that just let me know how complete and blessed my life is.

  635. 636

    I treasure the family God has blessed me with. I know that they are His and I am thankful to have them in my life.

  636. 637

    Life…the good, the bad and EVERYTHING in between ~ life is too short not to.

  637. 638

    I treasure family moments when all 6 of us are together and no one is fighting or whining. We’re all just together enjoying family.

  638. 639

    I treasure my faith in God above all else. No matter what, my faith is something that can never be taken away and it is definitely something to be treasured and shared! Love, love, love the necklace!!!

  639. 640
    Sue Murphy says:

    I treasure the silliness that is “our family”. Each of my 7 children and my husband make me laugh in their own clever and unique way. Love the stomach wrenching laughter moments and the “remember when”…moments that can always send us down the road to uncontrollable laughter!

  640. 641

    Joy- but you could have probably guessed that :)

  641. 642

    I treasure (time) time with my family all together. This is when we have the best time :)

  642. 643

    What I treasure most is the love from Heavenly Father. What a blessing to called His daughter!

  643. 644

    I treasure the blessings of my family and our good health. : )

  644. 645

    My husband. I’d be nothing without him. :)

  645. 646
    Jen Boris says:

    I treasure my loved ones the most :)

  646. 647

    My Lord – without him I would never make it

  647. 648

    I treasure my teeny, tiny family; we are a cord of three strands that won’t easily be broken.

  648. 649

    grace, each day is an opportunity to give and receive grace. to live humbly in grace.

  649. 650

    I treasure the progress my little boy has made in the 2 years

    We went through a rough patch where doctors and specialists were quick to throw out a diagnosis with only a short one time office visit. I fought (and was constantly told I was in denial about my son)… and it turned out my son is a fighter too. He has progressed so beautifully and quickly that a few of those experts have had to eat their words.

    I love the my son is driven and strong.

  650. 651

    I treasure my education. Its non-tangible but love of academics has brought me my fiance.

  651. 652

    I treasure my journals. I wrote faithfully before kids. :) My husband’s wedding present was a bound copy of all of the journal entries I had written about him before we were married. I’m so glad that my 3 daughters will have that to cherish one day.

  652. 653

    Oh goodness! So many things, but if I only had to choose one, I would say sweet kisses from my boys! They can be rough and tumble, but when they snuggle up or even give a quick sweet, soft, cheek kiss…Awe Man!!!!

  653. 654

    i treasure the man who God planned for me, and the family we have created. i just need to remember to treat them like a treasure each and every day.

  654. 655

    I treasure my babies and the way they make me laugh, and my Savior.

  655. 656

    I treasure my faith in God & the blessings that He has given to me in my life.

  656. 657

    My 16-month old’s giggle…it goes perfect with his part-tooth/part-toothless smile.

  657. 658

    I am thankful for HOPE, and for the newness the dawn of each morning offers.

  658. 659

    My children’s laughter…

  659. 660

    A good conversation. I recently drove from San Fransisco to Los Angeles with my best friend from college. We were able to talk about so many different things. There’s something about a conversation that is so heart warming!

  660. 661
    Tina Paulson says:

    I travel a lot for work and I am always telling my husband how much I love him and miss our daily “I love you’s” when I don’t see him in person, so before I head out on a trip for work, he always makes sure to give me a few extras to savour until I get home again! :)))

  661. 662
    all shall be well says:

    I love walking early in the morning, when the dark is just beginning to get light, and everything is still waking up to a brand new day, and also walking in the evening on a snowy day, when there is that special hushed quiet and sotfness in the air, and of course walking on the beach and hearing the ocean and feelling the breeze on my face and sand under my bare feet.


  662. 663

    i treasure the cuddles with my baby girl at night. there is nothing better!

  663. 664

    I just recently became and “empty nester” and I treasure every moment I can spend with my grown up kids who live far away.

  664. 665

    I treasure my parents’ annual visits to me and my family in Australia. And they’ll be here in one week! They’ll be shocked to feel the 40 degrees celsius temperatures here after leaving 20-below coldness in Canada.

  665. 666

    I treasure my morning pets from my kitty. She comes and lays on my pillow to awaken me (or my husband if she isn’t successful with me) for some snuggles.

  666. 667

    i treasure my mom’s example of a patient, loving, and selfless wife.

  667. 668

    Life! It’s way too short and I treasure every moment (both good and bad) that I get to spend with my family.

  668. 669

    I love that when I ask my M to “guess what?”…he sighs & says “I know, you love me to the moon and back!”…….its been our thing ever since he entered this world 9 years ago!!

  669. 670

    I treasure time – time with my husband, time with my family, time with my friends, TIME ALONE….

  670. 671

    I treasure when one of my boys wants to sit in my lap and read a book.

  671. 672

    I treasure creativity! Listening and watching my little girls and the 4 year old in my class create with the good little brains that God gave them. WOW! That is priceless!

  672. 673

    I treasure that on the days when I don’t want to be “mom” anymore, my daughter still wants to be with me.

  673. 674

    I treasure my constant need to wonder how others are doing.

  674. 675

    I treasure the gift of being able to stay at home with my kids and be a full time mom! And, I treasure my husband for giving me time “away” from that mommy job when I need it!

  675. 676

    My treasure is kissing their chubby cheeks. Holding on for one last hug before going to sleep. Learning to treasure each moment.

  676. 677
    Chrissie Kimble says:

    I treasure the fact that our “newest addition,” 11 day old Finn, has come into our world with the unconditional love of his two older sisters! My husband and I are absolutely amazed at how they already adore him…and will sit and hold him for “minutes” on end!

  677. 678
    stephanie says:

    Something non tangable that I really tressure is my children’s laughter! I love when I am in another room and I can hear them chatting away giggling at each other:)

  678. 679

    I treasure my husband who is willing and able to provide for our little family so that I may stay home with our three beautiful girls.

  679. 680
    Sharon Martens says:

    I treasure most the joy I feel when the sun slants long and low on late summer evenings. There is something about *home* in it that I cannot define. When that moment comes, I stop everything to immerse myself in it.

  680. 681

    I treasure time with my husband and two little girls. My husband travels a lot so having time with just the 4 of us is a gift! Whether it’s a lazy Saturday morning (like today) or going on an adventure, I love our little family. :)

  681. 682

    I treasure my family……my huband and my four children!!!!

  682. 683

    God’s unwavering love! (:

  683. 684

    I treasure the times in the kitchen when all three of our kids are helping make something out of the chaos. Hearing their laughter and seeing that, yes, they will be close when they officially leave our nest!

  684. 685

    i heart. heart. heart *good*taken for granted*health…in my babies and my man, and well, me too. happy day.

  685. 686

    I treasure time spent snuggling on the sofa with my little girl and the time spent hanging out at the park. I know she is going to grow up so fast so I treasure this time so much!

  686. 687

    I treasure the sparkle in my children’s eyes as they learn how to share life together…dancing, singing, playing and discovering, and the glances between my husband and i as we realize how truly blessed we are.

  687. 688

    I treaure lazy Sunday monrings, sleeping in, drinking tea (for me)/coffee (for hubby) while we peruse the newspaper and decide on a plan for the day. I treasure the little, simple things in life like time with those I love.

  688. 689

    i collect coffee mugs. I find it fun to have a set where not one matches and each one has a story behind it :)

  689. 690
    connie tacazon says:

    Of course I treasure my family. But a random around the house item I treasure is quotes framed. I like a little piece of joy when I look around and read things that remind me of who I am and who I want to be. It’s inspirational and fun!

  690. 691

    I really treasure the time spent with my family and kids!

  691. 692

    The flowers in my garden!

  692. 693

    I treasure most the relationship I have with my husband and the ability to recognize that it is a more powerful gift to our children than either of us could possibly grasp.

  693. 694

    i treasure the *LOVE* i receive from the Lord, from my husband and my kiddos. i feel bathed in it and i don’t want to take that for granted!

  694. 695

    I treasure the bright sunshine after a hard snow. The white and quiet of the field behind our house is a gift from God.

  695. 696

    My kids laughter.

  696. 697
    Danielle Salard says:

    family time!

  697. 698
    maria moussavi says:

    I treasure “time”….especially quiet time..all to myself! :)

  698. 699

    I want to store up all of the baby giggles that a mason jar will hold!

  699. 700
    kayla monk says:

    I treasure my girls hugs and kisses and sweet smiles. xo

  700. 701

    I treasure when my son writes “snuggle with Mom” on the calender, counts down the days, and then follows through. Melts my heart!

  701. 702

    I treasure a good laugh w/ great friends!

  702. 703

    I treasure time around the dinner table with my family & friends most!

  703. 704

    I got a breadbox from my grandparents cabin that I used to go to every summer. It sits in my kitchen and now that they are gone it reminds me of them each day. I always love to pull out sourdough bread just like my grandma had every morning.

  704. 705

    i treasure the time i get to spend with toddlers. i watch them at church and their cuddles and their little laughs melt me.

  705. 706

    I treasure the time I have with my family….those moments are so precious….they are all growing up so fast and before I know it, they’ll be off raising their own families. treasuring every moment.

  706. 707

    For a long time, I thought that I treasured my house so much… what I have realized is that I treasure the “home.” Family, warmth, cozines…

  707. 708

    I treasure honesty. It’s really about who we are as people that matters, I believe.

  708. 709

    I treasure the time I get to share with my family and friends.

  709. 710

    I have treasured the last 8 months I have been able to be a stay at home mom. The time with my sons is priceless!

  710. 711
    Stacey Aplanalp says:

    ” If I could save time in a bottle…” I am most thankful for the time I have with my 3 daughters and hubby. Time travels way to quickly and I want to save these precious moments in a jar:)

    Love the necklace:)

  711. 712

    I treasure quality time with my family.

  712. 713

    I treasure the love of my life – my sweet and wonderful husband.

  713. 714

    i treasure Jesus!

    thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

    danielle muller

  714. 715

    Grace… without it I would be simply lost each day.

  715. 716

    Laughter! It can turn any situation around, make you feel 10 lbs lighter and fill your heart to bursting with joy. :)

  716. 717

    I treasure my family’s health the most. Over the past 10 years we have a had a heart transplant ( my father in law), broken leg (husband), torn rotator cuff (husband), rare bile duct cancer (mom) among other assorted ailments. Let me tell you though, everyone is fine. Through surgeries and wonderful doctors and staff, the Lord’s blessings and prayer, everyone is healthy. I will never take that for granted. I had type 2 diabetes, but had gastric bypass in 2008 and lost 133 pounds. I am no longer diabetic and feel so lucky. Thank you for the opprotunity to tell a small part of my story.


  717. 718

    Okay, am I bad for wanting this when I just got one of her lovely charms at Blissdom? I treasure so much… more and more as each day goes by, but mostly those moments that make my heart swell with love for my husband and children. You know those moments, there doesn’t have to be a particular reason, but you look at them and feel like your heart could explode? I treasure those.

  718. 719

    I treasure my family most of all! My daughter and husband own my heart.

  719. 720
    Christy J says:

    I would have to say my husband and children. They are pretty special!

  720. 721

    I treasure my family most–my husband and 2 adorable baby boys!

  721. 722

    i treasure the hope i have in Christ!

  722. 723

    I treasure my grandson and the 4 years I was blessed keeping him before he started Pre-K. We made many memories together and I will go to my grave honoring the Lord for allowing me the time spent with him. Not many grandma’s get the chance to do this.

  723. 724

    I treasure my friends. I think who we are friends with says a lot about the person we are.

  724. 725

    I treasure my family. My daughter is 19 months and growing so fast each day. I tell my husband that I just want to put her in a jar and take her out when I need some extra love( later on in life..). Each stages is so special..but something about her little sweet voice,giggle and innocents..I just want to put it in a jar and save this age forever!
    This necklace is exactly how I feel and I have to have it:)

  725. 726
    Shelly Primm says:

    I treasure my memories of my brother and I growing up. He died when I was in 7th grade but I treasure every day I had with him.

  726. 727

    I treasure my little boy and my husband… life is so good with them.

  727. 728

    I treasure the smiles and giggles of my children! :D

    So great to meet you at Blissdom! I absolutely adore my posey pin. I had hundreds of people ask me where I got your pin from. I told them all about you. :D My 7 year old girl is begging me for one of your necklaces now as I type. lol

    P.S.: Thanks for taking my picture, too! Made my day! Keep up the good work!

  728. 729

    My most treasured thing is my children! I know probably everybody says that, but it truly is. They are truly the greatest joy to my life. I can’t imagine this world without them.

  729. 730

    My babies and husband! I LOVE my family!

  730. 731

    My children have just been memorizing verses in Matthew – so we have been talking lots about ‘where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’. What a lovely necklace!

  731. 732

    I enjoy spending time with my kids and their friends – I think it’s super important!!
    Thanks, so much,
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  732. 733

    I just had twins and I love when they hold on tight to my finger and look at me! Melts my heart!!


  733. 734

    My sons voice:) He talks non-stop and when he was 3 years old they told us he would probably start loosing his speech due to his disability. He’s much older now and at the age of 18, I still never tire of it.
    Thanks for hosting such a great give-away!

  734. 735
    lizz selders says:

    such a sweet necklace…..

  735. 736

    We just watched the movie “Up” tonight with the kids…it reminded me how my earthly treasures are just stuff…I’m so grateful for the relationships in my life. From my wonderful grandparents to my husband and children, they are all I really need.

  736. 737

    love … God’s love, my husband’s love, my friends’ love, my family members’ love … love. i love love.

  737. 738

    I treasure great moments to look back on and smile!

  738. 739

    …all the tiny things that make life beautiful. Dancing with my kids, hearing their silly stories, sharing a high school memory with my sweetheart, eating my grandmother’s strawberry cake, laughing with a friend….the list goes on and on and on…

  739. 740

    My daughter rolling over in the morning and whispering “Mommy the sun is up!” Its the best part of my day!

  740. 741
    debbie n. says:

    I treasure moments – moments of health and moments of strength – the ability to get up each morning and enjoy the day that God sets before me – my family, my loved ones, my work – because He has given these gifts to me!

  741. 742

    I treasure my healthy family most! My best friend is thousands of miles from home with her little boy who is undergoing treatment for a rare form of cancer. This has brought me to realize that every day that our precious children are healthy is a gift!

  742. 743

    I’d have to go with the feeling I get when I see my girls grin from ear to ear because I walked into the room. Can’t beat that.

  743. 744
    Hillary Ebert says:

    I treasure my camera the most!!! I LOVE the fact that my camera can capture those special moments in time that I don’t ever want to forget and make them last forever…. Thank you for this amazing giveaway:) Happy Weekend!

  744. 745

    Friendships! I am thankful for women who have been and are still in my life after 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 1 years!

  745. 746

    LIfe. I take care of very sick children everyday and I see the things that are never talked about. Very sad things. Very hard decisions made by parents that always lead to heart ache. So I treasure Life. The ability to live it and the ability to love it.

  746. 747
    Deidre Reinhart says:

    I treasure the little moments with my three little ladies when I am spending intentional time with them (often times feel as if being a stay at home momma, I have a constant to do list in my head)…but I have committed 2011 to intentional time with my kids and hubby, and to embrace each and every second with them as they grow so quickly…and I will never gets these moments back!

  747. 748
    josephine says:

    Faith. Were would I be without it?

  748. 749

    God’s saving grace. definately!

  749. 750

    Grace. Such a simple word, but I literally couldn’t do *anything* without it.
    THank you!

  750. 751

    What do I treasure the most? the security of our little family unit. It’s such a comfort being in the ‘familiar’ of your family and basking in their love.

  751. 752

    Obviously I cherish these fleeting moments with my small children as they all-too-quickly become independent, confident, Godly, young women. But in thinking beyond what is most obvious to me, I think the gift God has given us to be creative. We are created in his image and he is most definitely a Creator!! So to possess that, and to possess it uniquely amongst all of creation, to me is quite huge and makes me feel so small and individually loved.

    Spiders spin amazing webs, but each species have been spinning the same web for centuries. We can think with endless possibilities, attempt new things, build upon previous ideas and create things the world has never seen before.

    No, it’s not at the same level as Grace, Mercy, or Joy, but it is a gift that I treasure with all my heart.

  752. 753

    I treasure reading to my children – board books, story books, caldecott winner books and now chapter books. We all cuddle up on my bed and I read until I can’t talk any more and my boys plead for me to read just one more chapter.

  753. 754

    I treasure the sound of my children laughing.

  754. 755

    hugs that they don’t end first

  755. 756

    when my baby snuggles into my neck.

  756. 757

    I heart that feeling you get right after a great coffee chat with a good friend. :)

  757. 758

    I treasure God’s grace for every day…without it, I am nothing!

    Love the necklace…thanks for the chance to win. :o)

  758. 759

    I treasure my family – my kids and my husband. They are everything to me..

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  759. 760

    I most treasure God’s undeserved grace toward me!

  760. 761

    Peace and calm

  761. 762

    I treasure quality time with those I love the most.

  762. 763

    “Loves” from my daughter in Oregon who actually said we are the “best parents in the world.” Gotta bottle that up!

  763. 764

    healthy children

  764. 765

    I treasure time…and mason jars!!! (a fellow addict!)

  765. 766

    I treasure time…and mason jars!!! (a fellow addict!)

  766. 767

    I treasure the simple things in life. The wink from my husband, the hug and kiss from my 2 yr. old in the morning when he wakes up, encouraging words from a friend, and sunshine spilling through my windows.

  767. 768

    I treasure my fabulous marriage and any moment of peace I can snatch for myself!

  768. 769
    Briana N. says:

    Love- the love I give and receive.

  769. 770

    I treasure the look on the faces of family and friends when you do something special for them when they least expect it. They are just awe struck and THAT look is PRICELESS!!!!

  770. 771
    Danielle J. says:

    My children’s smiles and laughter. Warms my heart!
    Thank you Lindsey

  771. 772

    I treasure the fact that after struggling for so many years, I finally have my health back.

  772. 773

    I treasure having my family all together. My husband was gone for 21 months in the military. I was home with our 5 children and things just weren’t the same without him home. But he is home now, and we are LOVING it. Thanks.

  773. 774

    I treasure my amazing memory because as long as I have it I know I’ve never truly lost anyone or anything that I’ve loved.

  774. 775

    I treasure little everyday moments with my husband and kids…driving carpool, making dinner, “game night”…the stuff I will miss when they are gone.

  775. 776

    I treasure being able to escape into a book. And of course my kids’ smiles and laughs.

  776. 777
    Lisa Guccione says:

    I treasure a family dinner where my children are laughing and sharing funny stories and they are gobbling up the meal we prepared for them.

  777. 778

    I treasure the joy for life that my sweet 2 year old has.

  778. 779

    i treasure with all of my heart when i hear any of our 3 kids spontaneously shout out “I LOVE YOU MOM”!! melts my heart each and every time! :)

  779. 780

    Oh so beautiful!

  780. 781

    i treasure JOY & happiness. from a smile. or a sunny day :)

  781. 782

    I would have to say the feeling I get when my thirteen-month-old looks up at me, smiles, and then claps his hands because he did something he wants me to see. It’s the best feeling and always almost brings tears to my eyes :)

    Your blog has become part of my nap-time ritual! It’s amazing :)

  782. 783

    I treasure love–from God and from my family. That’s my greatest treasure.

  783. 784

    i love snuggle time with my kids on sunday morning the most!

  784. 785
    Sarah Beth says:

    I love the smell of my husbands skin in the morning…its unique to him and I love snuggling up to him knowing that only I am so blessed as to have this man!!

  785. 786

    eyelash kisses with my kiddo’s.

  786. 787

    I treasure every moment with my only grandchild, Mary Margaret…just the way I treasured every moment with her Mommy…life is so short and they grow up so fast! I just want to enjoy my life with my girls!

  787. 788

    I LOVE when one of my sweet little boys tells me “Mommy, I’m your boy…” Absolutly melts me!

  788. 789

    Get-together with my family are treasured most by me! Thanks!

  789. 790
    Amber Silvey says:

    My heart melts when my baby sons (twins) look for me in a room full of people when they hear my voice. It melts me. My boys are adopted and my prayer answered. Sometimes i still cant believe that i’m a mommy, then I see the way they look at me and no one elce. that makes it real. There are many thing s i heart but that comes to mind as numero uno. BTW luv ur blog!!

  790. 791

    I treasure each day that my 4 year old son comes home from pre-school. He is my most challenging child (#3 of 5 boys) but when he is gone I miss him and love that sweet feeling of being re-united with him.

  791. 792

    I treasure my girls and my hubby they are my WORLD.

  792. 793
    Jamie Pickrell says:

    I treasure Grace from God. I also treasure sweet moments with my family.

  793. 794

    I treasure the times that both my daughters and their husbands can be home with my husband and me. It doesn’t happen often so it is always special!

  794. 795

    watching tv on the couch and falling asleep in my man’s shoulder… or whenever he hugs me (:

  795. 796

    Seeing how much my son loves being with his uncles- and vice versa!

  796. 797

    I love mason so much-almost as much as hearts and would so like the necklace :) Carla

  797. 798

    I treasure Saturday mornings with a good cup of coffee while chatting with my friends while our daughters take their weekly ballet lessons. We discuss so much, current events, technology, homekeeping, our children, etc….my life would certainly be diminished without this 90 minutes and their friendship. The extra wonderfulness of this is that we parents are all bonding, our girls are bonding in their friendship too!

  798. 799

    I love it when my boys come up and want to be hugged (they are 8,9,11 and 13) like when they were little (picture my 5’7″ 13 yr old trying to snuggle on my knee and get a backscratch! lol) :-)Andrea

  799. 800

    ballet Saturday mornings with a good cup of coffee and my friends while watching our daughters dance!

    We discuss everything and I learn so much from these parents!

  800. 801
    april kelly says:

    It has really been a tough couple of years. While we were going through our rough times I kept hearing a small still voice saying…I am all you need,I am enough. So I would have to say that my God is my treasure and yes,he is enough..The past two years were not easy but God was faithful and did see us through!

  801. 802

    I love the smell of freshly washed baby hair!

  802. 803

    I treasure the feeling of my 10 month old’s arms around my neck in his own little version of a hug! That’s the best feeling in the world!

  803. 804

    The treasure hidden in my heart is the Word. I’m so thankful for this wonderful book of truth that has gotten me through every trial in my life.

  804. 805

    I treasure time with my family. I love spending time with my hubby and son….and we all LIKE being together. My son is 14 and the time just seems to be going by too fast for this mama. I love my boys! xoxo

  805. 806

    My dearest treasure is my family. With two little fellas who are God’s miracles given to me and a husband who takes the extra time to spend with us, I am blessed!

  806. 807

    The memories of my family when we were together. Especially the times when we had just spent the day sailing. I can still feel the breeze cool off my burnt shoulders as I inhaled my father’s cooking and while we listened to some reggae.

  807. 808


  808. 809

    My husband and I just started the breading part of our life. We have one lit’l one to our name, and they were all right-it goes by way too fast!!!

    A necklace to remind me of what my husband and I always tell each other,

    “He’ll only be this little once.”

  809. 810

    Oh goodness me, how I’d love this necklace!

  810. 811

    I didn’t mean to submit that last comment…I wasn’t finished!

    It’s true…I would so love to win that lovely necklace!

    I truly treasure and thank God for my family’s health every single day.

  811. 812

    My faith in God

  812. 813
    Vanessa W says:


  813. 814

    I treasure the adventures I’ve had with my honey throughout the 25 years we’ve been together.

  814. 815

    I treasure my family!

  815. 816

    I treasure the sweet, every-day moments with my two little people, who are growing up too fast.

  816. 817

    I treasure time the most. My daddy (whom I lost very unexpectedly 3 years ago) always said that the best gift you can ever give anyone is your time. It is one of the greatest lessons he ever taught me.

  817. 818

    I treasure the relationships in my life—those with my family members and friends that I’ve met along the way-

  818. 819

    I treasure time outside. At the beach, a hike in the woods just time looking at God’s beautiful world.

  819. 820

    I treasure all my bottoms to sewing in a mason jar. Love the neckless!

  820. 821

    Precious time with my family, sunshine (which we actually got some of this weekend), the smell of the ocean, too many to list…

  821. 822

    Wowza that’s a lot of comments. I love that new necklace.

    My marriage.

  822. 823

    I love my baby’s smiles in the morning. Priceless!

  823. 824

    I love my daughter’s laugh especially when she can’t stop and little tears form in her eyes. She can light up an entire room with her laugh.

  824. 825

    Kisses from my little one year old! Is there anything better than a slobbery kiss! I think not!

  825. 826

    I LOVE all the hugs and kisses I get from my babies!

  826. 827

    Love the necklace! I treasure so many things….my wonderful husband & when my kids crawl up in my lap and just want to snuggle!

  827. 828

    I treasure time spent outside in God’s creation. I love the necklace!

  828. 829

    I completely dig time spent with my three kiddos and loving husband…particularly time spent outdoors away from anything with a screen.

  829. 830

    There is nothing more treasured than my girls excitement when I get home from work everyday!!

  830. 831
    melissa barber says:

    I treasure my family: 7 kids ranging in age from 2 to 21. They really do grow so fast, especially once they hit high school. Its like trying to catch the wind in your hands…..

  831. 832

    I treasure my family!

  832. 833

    I treasure my faith…it has gotten me through some very rough spots and difficult times in my life. Most recently, having to put my oldest son in rehab for addiction…knowing that my Heavenly Father is with me, guiding my footsteps and that He kept my son safe from harm, while he continued to put himself in harm’s way.



  833. 834

    My mom’s love :)

  834. 835
    Jessica G. says:

    My treasure is my wonderful fmaily and my faith! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  835. 836

    HOPE – above all else I treasure Hope – it is the air I breath.

  836. 837

    What do I treasure the most? My salvation! What is more important than knowing I’ve been saved by grace and will be spending eternity with my creator? :)

  837. 838

    What I treasure most are my two sweet boys, my wonderful husband and my Saviour, Jesus Christ!

  838. 839


  839. 840

    Knowing that I am loved by God and blessed greatly by Him every single day!

  840. 841

    I treasure hearing my 3 and 5 year old say the words, “I love you mommy”!