monday’s update

oh. my.

things have been busy here!

i want to give a big huge fat gigantic THANK YOU!!!!! to all of my customers and how fabulously supportive you are of me and my little shop!

overwhelmed is not an adequate word.  GOD is good and His timing is perfect and He has used so many of you to bless our family – so thank you.

this week i am dubbing “pre-blissdom week”.  as in, figure out my outfits, finish my goodies i want to bring for friends (new and old), meal plan for the fam for when i’m gone, try to get some posts lined up for while i’m away, set up a home school itinerary (thank you mom for being a willing helper!), wait impatiently for my new business cards to come (eek!) and try to get my shop filled before i head out.  just a few things ;)


i can check one thing temporarily off my list:  restock shop… check!

this morning i am adding more new ruffled scarves, in mustard and dark chocolate.  sorry for the bad pictures (night time photography).

oh, a little tidbit about my scarves: what i have in stock is all i have available.  i make them whenever i have a chance, but i can’t take any pre-orders – sorry!

i have also added more tiny pouches

and more petal drop necklaces.

i’ve also put in a handful of sets of chubby button hair clips, just for fun!

zippered pouches are in the works and also more covered notebooks (check back in midweek for those).

for those of you who are doing a mad scramble to pull details together for blissdom, if you place your order today and add priority shipping to your cart, then you should get your order before the weekend – yay!


my plans for today are:

– home school, even though it’s a holiday (i kinda took off thursday and friday last week)

– try to fit in a much needed playdate

– photograph new products

– write some blog posts

– pick out a few blissdom outfits

– go to growth group tonight (yay for not cooking dinner!)

– and i should probably start addressing those christmas cards i have sitting on my desk.  that would be a good idea! (not happening)

are your mondays crazy, too?


  1. 1

    Im glad Im not the only one who hasnt send out Christmas cards (yet)

  2. 2

    Luv the scarves !!! Ordering a scarve is going on my to do list !

  3. 3

    I was sooo bummed when I saw that i missed the polka dot scarf. I am IN LOVE with it. i will check back every day! (like i dont any way ) :)

  4. 4

    I absolutely love those scarves!

    And for once, I actually got my Christmas cards out before Christmas. However, since they were coming from Japan, I couldn’t guarantee if they would make it in time. Unfortunately, some still haven’t arrived Stateside. So much for my planning!

  5. 5

    stop. it. hold. the. phone. when do you sneak such fabulous ones like the pink stripe and black polka dot? do you know i checked your shop for kicks and giggles before i went to bed after the globes last night and they weren’t there and when i woke up two hours ago they were sold. you are a talented lady lindsey.

  6. 6

    That is a whole lotta stuff to do.

    Go-go-gadget arms!

  7. 7

    I have today off of teaching. PRAISE. But, that makes it busier than usual. I think it is becuase I realize what a rare opportunity this is to get things done. Today: Groceries. Laundry for sis-in-law’s guest who is coming. Clean entire house (for growth group we are hosting). Finish crocheting hat (from Christmas). Finish wedding webiste (we will see). Start planning for weekend trip (fun). Gym (work work work).

  8. 8

    Well your list just made me want to go crawl back into bed and hide. I’ve got a long to-do list too. Much of the same things on the list….outfits for Blissdom, goodies to bring, product to make and stock…..except I’m not planning meals for my family and I’m hoping Dave does a few blog posts for me while I’m gone. I usually leave him with a few questions to answer. He ‘ahems and haws’ but is usually game. Happy Monday friend! See you next week!!

  9. 9

    it’s always hard to get back to work (even though i worked all weekend) on Mondays. Zack is gone and my day feels so off :]

    (i know you can relate.)

    see you in a week, my dear!

  10. 10

    OK, I have totally missed out on the scarves I wanted, so I will definitely be stalking your website. I have today off of teaching, but it’s still crazy…that’s what Mondays are for, craziness!

  11. 11


    I’m so excited for the “birdcage” tiny pouch to arrive that my hubby bought me.

    Have a great Monday!

  12. 12

    My husband just surprised me last night with the news that he is sending me and my sweet 17 year old daughter to Blissdom next week! We are both VERY novice bloggers, but are really looking forward to it! Someone suggested that we get calling cards printed, so we just ordered those today, and since I homeschool too…I need to make sure that everything is lined out for my 7th grade son (poor guy…he has to miss out on all of the fun!), and also for my 4 year old son! I can’t wait to see what all of the excitement is about, and learn more about blogging!

    I love the look of your site!

    Please stop by and visit me at :)

  13. 13

    I need to start checking back first thing in the morning, so I can get an order in for your scarves. Every time I check they are sold out!!! You’re going to have to start mass producing these!! :) Very cute.

  14. 14

    Hi Lindsey,

    I don’t think I have ever left a comment but I love your Blog and your little shop of goodies.
    I bought two tiny pouches for Christmas gifts. However….I decided I needed one, too:) I just ordered two more. Your work is beautiful and how nicely packaged they come.

    Thank you!!

  15. 15
    maggie b. says:

    That polka dot scarf is to die for! So sad to have missed it … can’t wait for it to come up for sale again!

    Have fun at Blissdom.

  16. 16

    whoa! I had to take a breather after reading this! you go girl! i don’t know how you do it! :)gina

  17. 17

    You are one busy lady! Don’t feel bad about the Christmas cards—you are not alone. My stack of Christmas cards is still staring at me from the counter in my kitchen. Oh, the guilt! :)

  18. 18

    I, too, love the polka dot scarf and wish i wasn’t so late reading your blog!!! Make more!!!!!!

  19. 19

    I’ve recently become a regular reader of the blog and love perusing your shop! The dark ruffled scarf is darling!

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