lisa leonard designs giveaway {my treasure}

hey y’all!  (that’s the nashville talking)

since y’all love mason jars as much as me, would you like to have a necklace with one on it?!

seriously, how pretty is this necklace?  i love the idea behind this necklace from lisa: “just like collecting shells on the beach and keeping them safe in a jar, the ‘my treasure necklace’ represents how love – each hug, each kiss, is a treasure to be held onto and cherished!”

lisa has generously offered a “my treasure” necklace to one of you – yay!

tell me something non-tangible that you treasure most, and you might be the lucky winner!

i {heart}mason jars

so i’ve kind of got a thing for mason jars.  just a small collection :)

i find them everywhere: thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, leftover spaghetti sauce jars…  you can even buy them new at the grocery store, but i don’t think i ever have.

i use mason jars a lot. A LOT. they are all over our house, and have many uses, mostly to contain smaller items and look pretty while doing it.

these jars are used in our playroom above lily’s desk: white board markers, pencils, and special markers.

i love how the jar contains something so simple, but it makes it look pretty!

i love to use mason jars for holding office supplies – paper clips, business cards, staples, rubber bands, thumb tacks… the list goes on!

ahhh, the work space! holding vintage buttons, covered buttons, big buttons, hair elastics, and silly bands.  yes, silly bands.  i tried using them as a reward system for my kids.  it didn’t work.  but they still look cute up on my shelf, so there they sit!

here’s my drawer that i hold my tiny pouch stuff in, and these jars organize my snaps into colors.

these 2 items are by my side nearly nightly!  i keep my glue sticks in a huge ziplock bag, but i don’t want to lug it around with me (’cause i tend to glue in bed while sean and i watch a show), so i bring a tiny mason jar filled with glue sticks to make things easier.

a little drop zone, place to empty the pockets, by the back door.

though these aren’t technically mason jars, they serve the same purpose.

i bought these mason jar soap dispensers, but heather bullard gave a great tutorial on how to do your own here.

these were gifted to me and will hopefully be hanging above my table on our porch by summer, and i may have to try to make a few more to add with it.

in my free time.

my girls’ hair clips get out. of. hand!  these jars help to corral it all, and look good while doing it.

this just makes me happy ;)

and mix it up for v-day

and here were my jars for christmas, with little votive candles inside.

i love using mason jars as glasses for large parties, but sometimes it gets tricky figuring out who’s cup is who’s, so its fun to take simple tags from office supply stores to tie around the rim.

i use mason jars to hold utensils for parties as well.

actually, i use them for all sorts of things for parties.

for an asian themed party, put chopsticks in a jar

easy use – a simple vase

sorry, bad old picture, but still a cute use!  i helped with this baby shower years ago, withe mason jars as vases and drinking glasses.

and drinking glasses. again.

and again.

and again.

and a little different twist on the mason jars are my favorite aqua glass ones. and with the red accents it is so fun!

so… i’d love to get some new ideas for uses for mason jars.  what would you do with them?