what i wore wednesday, blissdom edition

hey y’all! (still practicing for my trip to blissdom in nashville next week)

since i have yet to really nail down what i’m going to pack for blissdom, i figured i’d go through my wiww archives and use it as a portfolio to help me make up my mind.

if you’re a blissdom newbie, this may be really helpful for you (or not).  i was super anxious about what i was going to wear last year.  silly, i know, but i was.  see, last year i mostly just wore sweats and pj’s all day, until i committed to wiww, so wearing real clothes was daunting.  i found a few posts that were helpful, so i thought i’d throw in my 2 cents and give you some other ideas.  i hope this is helpful! and if you need more ideas, pretty much everything leslie, from a room somewhere, wears is fabulous.  i totally covet her closet.

this is most likely what i’ll be traveling in. something comfy, but not sloppy. nice but not so nice that i’m uncomfortable.  and i’ll definitely be wearing a scarf because i’m always cold.  and planes are often chilly.

here’s an example of what i will not be wearing.  although it’s nice, a tank top will be too chilly for me.  although we’ll be inside almost the entire time, unless we venture out for  a meal, it still gets chilly in big conference rooms.  and did i tell you i’m always cold?  and the shoes are a definite no-no.  cute, yes.  but the opryland hotel is e.norm.ous.  i will be walking miles between my room and the seminars and meals.  last year i went barefoot a few times.  lesson learned.  and i’m not comfortable in heels and i really want to focus on being comfortable with meeting people and not with being uncomfortable in my own shoes, literally.

this is a definite yes for me.  fun and funky, a little bit of color, fun accessories.  its a little on the casual side, but i think the accessories up the look a bit.

this is an easy look: cardigan, skinny belt, trouser jeans, and flats.  i’d probably do punchier jewelry since the rest of the outfit is so simple.

another easy one: a nicer blouse with a cardi, denim trousers and comfy flats.

i think the sparkly flats dress up the pants a bit.  and i’d definitely wear a colorful scarf with a few petal pushers pinned on.

this is a “me” outfit.  casual on the bottom with a dressy top and a fabulous allora handmade necklace on.  love.

again, ditch the wedges, but the rest is nice and comfy.

there will be a few times you may need to dress up a bit (still need to look at the itinerary).  terrible pic, but you get the idea: fun sparkly top, with dressy jeans and flats.

a simple black dress with a chunky belt and boots.  some people do dress up really formal, but most are just in “going out” clothes.  think girls night out attire.

i think this would totally work, too.  i’d have to cover my legs a bit because, you know, i’m always cold.

although these pics didn’t represent it very well, i think the key to outfits are the accessories.  i have a few necklaces that i really want to wear, so honestly, i’m going to plan my outfits around them.  i have a couple of great trouser jeans that i’ll bring and pair them with cute tops, cardigans and flats – easy peasy.  and remember you don’t need to go out and spend a fortune – shop your closet.  surely you have nice jeans, flats and cardigan and a shirt you love!  just pair it with a fun scarf and some posies and you’re good to go!  if you do go out and shop a bit, remember you can find great deals at walmart, target, old navy and forever 21 – that’s where almost all of my clothes are from.

i hope this helps some of you feel more comfortable at blissdom.  i know fashion is silly and it truly is your personality that counts, but who am i kidding, we’re girls!  as much as i hate to say it, we always feel better about ourselves if we feel like we look good.  or at least i do!  and one more thing – smile.  really.  i have a really hard time approaching people i don’t know, but i can tell you for sure i won’t approach someone who isn’t smiling – way too scary for me!  a smile is warm and inviting and makes everyone want to meet you!

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  1. 1

    Oh-Blissdom sounds amazing! Thanks for pulling from the archives. Sometimes it’s nice to see a refresher of easy ways to pair things. The simple black cardigan, tank, and pants with the skinny belt was so classic, yet so perfect.

  2. 2

    Cute, cute outfits!

  3. 3

    Ok…that was awesome. I wanted to offer up that perhaps the tank in picture 2 would work if you put a long-sleeved tee under it. Just a suggestion cuz I really like the tank! :)

    have fun…I am jealous you will only be 2 hours away next week…as opposed to 2 time zones away! :)

    Can’t wait to read all about it!


  4. 4

    LOVE them all. I want to come shop in your wardrobe :P

  5. 5

    Thanks for hosting. I think all your outfits are just adorable. I always get cold too…nothing a cute pair of black boots can’t fix.

  6. 6

    Beautiful looks! Hope you have a wonderful time at Blissdom. Can’t wait to read all about your adventure!

  7. 7

    You have great style, I think anything you wear will be great! Rock those petal pushers! :-)

  8. 8

    I DID IT! I joined today! And I see that I have some improvements to make! lol It’s not easy doing the very first post but I think it will be fun! You are such a beautiful young lady and you have some great ideas! Thanks! ♥

  9. 9

    I always love all of your looks! You know just how to put things together & accessorize it up! I’m uber jealous of everyone going to Blissdom. Had I planned ahead I would have had a great friend to stay with who just moved to Nasheville. Bummer! I have heard rumor to Blissdom 2012 being in San Diego (I think that’s what I heard?!) and I have a friend there as well who I may just have to hit up for a room in order to go!

  10. 10

    We have so many of the same clothes. :) I still need your boots from Target, though. Cute pictures!

  11. 11

    Love your outfits and love that you have this linky party each week! I LOVE seeing what everyone comes up with! Thank you!

  12. 12

    LOVE the pink cardigan with blue dress outfit – so cute! Your outfits are always so cute – seriously – have fun at blissdom!

  13. 13

    Linds — you’re hilarious!

    first — i noticed your mirror is a bit cleaner in some of the archived pics, nice job on that ;]
    second — smile. i’ll be sure to smile the whole time because i want you to talk to me <3
    third — see you soon, muh friend!!!!!!!

  14. 14

    Have not posted in awhile on WIW .. it feels great to be back on schedule :)

    blessings & giggles


  15. 15
    Catherine says:

    I LOVE that gray and white cardigan. Where is it from?

    You really have the cutest clothes!

  16. 16

    Cute stuff! Love the outfit in the 4th photo!

  17. 17

    i love the cardigan in the third picture. i’m jealous…i want to go to blissdom and have to pick out outfits! thank you so much for hosting this fashion party every week!

  18. 18

    Have fun a Blissdom! You’ll be totally cute!

  19. 19

    Outfit 1 and 2 are my favorites. I don’t think you can go wrong with those. The all black more corporate look like you’re an admin in an office, so I’d dodge those for this event.

  20. 20

    So fun and practical/helpful for Blissdom attendees (and those of us who aren’t going).

    I agree about Leslie’s simple style. Wish I had her budget too.

  21. 21

    My favorites are the one with the skirt and the sweet boots! Wish I had long legs to pull of those suckers! I also like the one with the long black cardigan and the super cute shirt. You will knock em dead at Bliss! Good luck!

  22. 22

    Super cute outfits, Lindsey!!

  23. 23

    I know I am bringing an extra pair of ballet flats to throw in my purse…because I now at some point after walking around Blissdom ~ I’m gonna wanna get comfy! I think boots and flats are the way to go shoe wise ~~think comfort and then you’ll put your best foot forward! :)

    Looking forward to seeing your adorable self there!!

    ~Chris Ann

  24. 24

    WARNING!! I live close to Nash-vegas, snow is coming this weekend. eek! :) Cold, but beautiful! I have been to the Opryland Hotel since the flood.. not too many changes and still huge and gorgeous! Have fun!!

  25. 25

    See? This is why I need help! Haha! I definitely need to buy more accessories this year, and get some trouser jeans ;) adorable outfits!

  26. 26

    Have fun! You’re going to look great. You have challenged me to get out of my sweat funk and for that I thank you.

  27. 27

    Oh, my work it girl!

    Love WIWW, and have wanted to join the fun for a while now. So I think in 2011 I will make it my goal. Now that I’m turning the big…well let’s just say it is a big one this year, I need to step it up! Plus, my 11 year old is quickly passing me up in style!

    Thanks for the inspiration! Linking up today with my Notebook (tumblr) but next week hopefully on my home blog!

    P.S. Have a great “Bliss” filled conference!

  28. 28

    OK, this week I’m going to take pics if it’s the last thing I do! I love looking and I love dressing up, so why can’t I just take some pics??!! ARGH! I’m goin’ for it this week!

  29. 29

    cute cute cute!!! i love the pink cartigan and ruffly top.

  30. 30

    no matter what you wear you will be adorable !

  31. 31

    Thanks so much for doing this every week! Such fun. Have a fabulous time in Nashville…my home town! ;)

  32. 32

    I barely ever take the time to plan out “Cute” outfits unless I’m actually going somewhere. I usually drop the kids off at school, come home and work in my home office, taking breaks to eat, clean, do laundry (yeah right).

    So. . . I need to try this. Maybe I should link up next week.

  33. 33

    Great looks! Practical and pretty!

    Angela @Whatcha Find?

  34. 34

    You picked some great outfits from your archives… trendy mama!

  35. 35

    Your tights. I need to where you find them! Also, I love how you said you were going to build some outfits around key jewelry pieces. AMEN!

    Hope to bump into you at Blissdom!

  36. 36

    Great outfits, it’s so great that you really know yourself and your style, that’s half the battle! PS I’m always cold too!

  37. 37

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