master bedroom redo, part 947

i am really beginning to think that i’ll never actually complete this room.  not that i feel like it needs to be “done”, ’cause i know i’ll change my mind about what i like and want to add or change things, but still.  it still looks a little “in progress” to me.

but i did find a little time not too long ago to whip up some quick pillow shams for a couple euro pillows and a tiny throw pillow.

the fabric is called arcadia, by moda, but it has long since been out of print, so finding it may be difficult.

for the rest of the room redo, see here.

what’s left to do in this room?

-switch out the lampshade, but feeling uninspired

-embellish the curtains

-slipcover the chair in the corner

– make a few new pillows

– change out the fabric mat i attempted (and failed)

anyone have some amazing links to lampshade ideas for me?  i’m thinking anthroplogie on the cheap, k?


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    i think your room is lovely! Why not cover them with painters drop cloths and add some tiny petal pushers and posies to the front in a small grouping. Do you see what I mean? ;)

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    I think the lampshade would be really cute covered in fabric rosettes. It’s what I immediately pictured when I noticed the dark color should be lighter, maybe?

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    Okay call me crazy, but here is what I’m thinking. Repaint the whole room in a light, light blue maybe robin’s egg toned down. I think this is what you need to feel like wow! I’ve got it! You have sooo many beautiful accessories, frames, light curtains, it’s beautiful! I especially LOVE the frame over your bed. You are well on your way girl! Or, I could have maybe no idea what I’m talking about ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

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      I’m with Alyssa! That wall color is dragging your decor down down down. But then again, I just picked out swatches of that very color to start my master bedroom redo…

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    beautiful fabric….

    love the post title….

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    I’m loving your master bedroom! I can relate to feeling like there are so many things you could/ want to change!

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    Lamp shade idea sounds good. You sound like me. I have changed the look in our master bedroom about 4 times in 6 years. I just can’t seem to figure out what will make it look “right”. I am now thinking I need to paint again. So I guess that will be a summer project. The list is beginning to grow.

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    ruffles! stitch some up and hot glue them on!!

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    Okay – so spill the beans. Do you like that duvet cover from West Elm? I’ve been eyeballing it for months, but havent’ had the courage to take the leap. Pros? cons?


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    I love the applique look. A few years ago I saw this amazing ($350) lamp shade at anthro with a flat branch applique around 2/3 of the lamp, a few 3d applique flowers and blooms, and a flat applique bird. Of course all the fabrics were gorgeous prints used in ways I never would have thought of. It was fabulous. I’m also a big fan of the soft white layered ruffled shades. Can’t wait to see what you decide! You taste is so fun and eclectic.

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    I’m going to jump on the color bandwagon too. I think another color would give you the WOW factor your looking for!

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    Not sure if this is your style but I like this lamp shade:
    If you wanted it a bit prettier you could add tiny vintage coaster size doilies here and there. Wouldn’t it look so cute?



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    I saw a wonderful idea for a lamp shade on hgtv’s designed to sell yesterday! the gal took an existing shade (like) yours, found cool textured placemats in a pretty linen color, and covered the shade with them! and i think all she used was hot glue! amazing. well hope that helps! thanks for sharing you blog… your projects are very inspiring!

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    It looks great. Our master bedroom is my next project.

  15. 16

    If I could just whip up some shams I would be so happy! They look great. Our master room is always changing too! It’s never finished. :)

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    I’m loving the burlap lampshades from Pottery Barn right now. I purchased them for my master bedroom but they didn’t quite match my turquoise lamps. I’m looking for a neutral linen now. I think the burlap ones would look great in your room though with your color scheme and lamp bases! Happy Weekend!

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    I love the pillows and the room looks very Anthropology!! Love it.

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    your bedroom is adorable!!!!

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    can’t wait to see what it looks like all finished, linsday!

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    I actually really love the brown color on your walls. I think it would be so pretty to find lamp shades in the blue color in the beautiful shams you made to tie it all together. Love the pics, thanks for inviting us into your home! :)

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    I think your bedroom is coming along just fine. You did a great job on those Euro pillow shams. Moda fabrics are my fav.

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    I love that yellow fabric. Yum! I vote for burlap. It’s a great way to add texture to the room and it’s very inexpensive. Then you could applique’ a bunch of your gorgeous flowers and leaves around the rim. I have a tutorial on recovering a lampshade in burlap with a flat ruffle at the rim. Not sure you’d like the ruffle, but at least you can see the results of what spending 2 bucks and an hour can get ya. Can’t wait to see what the room turns out to be. No pressure, though!
    Here’s the link

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    I wanted you to know that your bedroom makeover wan an inspiration in my room
    check out where what i made

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    I have this EXACT same comforter – I loved the detail – –

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    Wow, I love the pillows, but I have so been looking for a nice brown paint for my bedroom. Would you mind sharing the color and brand. I love, love, love, love it.

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    I got your lampshade fix right here!!! Def Anthro AND def cheap!!!

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    Stephanie says:

    How about putting your petal pushers all over a shade. Maybe something monochromatic. So, white shade and white petal pushers, or turquoise or yellow. You could make the petal pushers a bit flatter and bedazzle the center with something like a crystal or diamond. Not real of course. Or if you wanted quite a bit of texture you could do it in burlap with burlap petal pushers.

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