nourish baby ogranics {sponsored giveaway}

i am so happy to introduce you to one of my sponsors: nourish baby organics!

i so wish i had these products available when my babies were babies!  all 3 of them had eczema for their first couple years, and finding products to soothe their skin was so difficult!

meet melissa, the owner and creator of nourish:

“Nourish Baby Organics started in my kitchen with a single bottle of oil that I made for my son.  As a newborn he developed eczema as a result of multiple food and environmental allergies.  I wasn’t happy with the products I had tried on him and I wanted something even more pure than the “natural” skin care I could find so I did some research into herbal skin remedies and began formulating my own products.  Word got out and people started asking to try them.  I quickly gained a local following and the line grew into an assortment of lavender, coconut, sweet orange and eucalyptus balms, washes and oil.  All ingredients are 99% or higher certified organic and 100% natural.
I have a large number of adults who use the line too which I love.  I’m currently working on expanding the line with more maternity products including a sugar scrub, belly butter and lip balm that I hope to have out by this summer.  Right now I have a lot of pregnant women who use the lavender oil as belly oil to prevent stretch marks.  I used it throughout my entire second pregnancy with really good results and now I use it on my baby girl in the bath tub.”

nourish has generously offered an organic lavender gift set to one of my readers!

the gift set includes a organic lavender wash that can be used all over even as a shampoo along with a organic lavender oil and balm.  melissa recommends using a couple capfuls of the oil in the tub followed by a application of balm on dry sensitive areas.  the organic beeswax and shea butter from the balm leave a protective layer on the skin to keep moisture in while the herbs and oils heal and repair.

nourish has also generously offered a 20% off discount for 1 week to all of you!  just use coupon code “poppy20” at checkout.

nourish shop

nourished nest  blog

nourish on facebook

nourish on twitter

check out the nourish shop and tell me which of their items you’d love to have in your home!


  1. 2
    Barbara, Vienna says:

    Oh, the look great! I would like to have all these products in my home – but hm – we don’t get these products in Austria. Like other great things too – like your pleated poppy products! I think it’s to expensive to ship to Austria! Well – but like to read about. Nice weekend.

  2. 3

    The lavender gift set would be a treat! I bet it smells really good! Thanks for the chance!

  3. 4

    I’d love to have any of the lavender or orange items… but the lavender wash would be lovely. I’ve just started to go organic with our wash stuff, and I’m not loving my options right now–this is a great looking choice!!

  4. 5
    Leah Nagel says:

    Everything in the shop looks like it would be great to have at home but the Sweet Orange sounds wonderful! This giveaway is so great. Thanks!

  5. 6

    I would love the lavender balm and wash. It all looks so good!

  6. 7

    I’m sure the sweet orange scent would be right up my alley… This stuff looks great!

  7. 8
    Rebecca Bradley says:

    Wow, this would be great. My little girl has excema and I love the smell of lavender!

  8. 9
    Michelle B says:

    I am eying that sweet orange wash!

  9. 10

    Ooh… looks good! I have a little baby boy who I’d love to try it out on!

  10. 11

    Definitely the coconut wash. I can imagine how good it smells!

  11. 12

    the eucalyptus chest rub sounds AMAZING for those times where you’re feeling “under the weather”… but that gift set looks awesome! What a win that would be :)

  12. 13

    I would love to try the coconut wash for my new baby boy coming in March. Mmmm new baby smell + coconut…sounds delicious!

  13. 14

    I would love to try the coconut balm on my daughter!

  14. 15

    i would likethe organic lavender- lavender is my fav- its calming

  15. 16

    I would like to try the Lavander line, it’s my favourite!

  16. 17
    Natalie Gwillim says:

    The Coconut Oil wash looks great!

  17. 18

    I would love, love, LOVE the eucalyptus rub for my daughter who is SO stuffy this time of year, but I feel very apprehensive using the traditional baby rub on her. I think I’m going to have to take advantage of the generous discount code for that!

    Personally, the coconut wash sounds devine. I would use that myself!!! YUM!

  18. 19

    Wow, what great information. My Ian has eczema, and nothing seems to be working. We woul dlove this giveaway. We would love to have the coconut balm, and body wash in our house!

  19. 20

    The sweet orange wash sounds yummy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. 21

    I’d love to try the lavender oil on my preggo belly.

  21. 22

    Mmm lavender smells so good! What a fun giveaway. I would also love either the sweet orange wash or coconut wash!

  22. 23

    The lavender wash sounds lovely! thanks for the chance to win! love your blog!

  23. 24
    Amanda Angert says:

    My girls aren’t babies anymore but they both inherited my husband’s extremely dry skin! I would love anything from their shop to help ease this!!!

  24. 25

    i love lavender, so i’d def. go for the package you’re giving away!! oh man…i hope i win! ;)

  25. 26

    My sweet girl has a couple patches of eczema and I would love to clear them up! This looks like just the product. It would be a great win!
    The sweet orange product looks great!

  26. 27

    The organic coconut balm looks awesome! I love products for the skin that also sound and look good enough to eat!

  27. 28

    Wow! I can’t believe the perfect timing! I’ve been considering buying some of these products for my baby’s eczema and had decided last night that I would place an order today. And now I can enjoy the discount, too!

    The coconut balm is what we really need, but I’d love any of the products. They all look fantastic!

  28. 29

    I am newly pregnant and would love to try the lavender oil!

  29. 30

    I love things that smell delicious and are great for our skin. The coconut wash sounds yummy!

  30. 31

    I’d love to try any of the lavendar products. Especially with a baby on the way it would be great to try some new products this time.

  31. 32

    The lavender set sounds wonderful! I think I would love the sweet orange wash too – I’m a citrusy kinda girl! Thanks!

  32. 33

    My son also gets eczema due to food allergies and I would love to try the coconut balm or the lavender oil. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  33. 34

    Coconut wash -sounds so great. I could really need some “tropical island feeling” while working on mount laundry :o)))

  34. 35

    oh, love these! I would love any, but the Sweet orange wash sounds delish!!

  35. 36

    I am due in May with baby #4–I would love to spoil this one with the baby products! THANKS!

  36. 37
    Amber Treat says:

    All the products look amazing! I don’t have babies in the house anymore, but the lavender set would make a great gift! Thanks!

  37. 38

    Oh my goodness, everything!!! The lavender wash sounds especially nice. Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. 39

    lavender would be so nice as a gift for my friend who is having her second son soon :)

  39. 40

    The coconut balm & Eucalyptus Chest Rub for my little guy!!!

  40. 41

    I would love to have the eucalyptus chest rub. My kids are sick alot with allergy and asthma issues & I’d love to give this chest rub a try. Great giveaway, thanks for hosting!

  41. 42

    Thank You for the wonderful information on this product. I developed eczema not do long ago and the lavendar sounds really soothing.

  42. 43

    The chest rub looks like that would help around here!

  43. 44

    love her products! I’ve been using the lavender oil and wash and have been wanting to try the coconut balm!

  44. 45

    I would love the orange wash! I love the smell of citrus and spring-which I am hoping for soon around here!

  45. 46

    I am a SUCKER for sweet orange..

  46. 47

    my baby has eczema so i would like to try the coconut balm

  47. 48

    I would take any of it! We are due in May and I have begun the “nesting” stage. It’s a little crazy. I want everything for baby! :)

  48. 49

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Oh I would LOVE to try her products. I have heard of them, but have never tried. Thanks so much for the opportunity! Great giveaway!!

  49. 50

    I am so glad to be introduced to this brand, both my daughters have really bad eczema as well because of food allergies. I love citrus smells, so sweet orange sounds lovely!

  50. 51

    I would probably buy the Coconut balm for my daughter’s African skin.

  51. 52
    Michelle Butler says:

    I love coconut, so for sure the coconut balm!!!

  52. 53

    I would love any of the sweet orange product! mY favorite candles are Mandarin Vanilla so anything with a citrus scent is right up my alley!

  53. 54

    Hm…the sweet orange balm sounds delicious in a non-edible sort of way. : )

  54. 55

    i would love to win! we are expecting a baby in august, so this would be perfect! :) love the beautiful packaging…would be so pretty to display in the nursery. :)

  55. 56
    Jaime Curren says:

    Coconut. It’s been raining for 2 straight weeks and coconut will remind me of warm summer days :)

  56. 57

    The lavender balm sounds like just the thing for our winter dry patches. :) My poor kids, I’ve turned into the Lotion Nazi.

  57. 58

    The coconut and sweet orange wash sound really good!

  58. 59

    Yummy! I’d love to use these products on my little guy!

  59. 60

    I love that lavendar wash. I think it would be lovely to wash my (soon to be arriving!) baby in that before bedtime. It’s so nice to see a line of products that I can use without freaking out about chemicals.

  60. 61

    I love anything coconut. With our second on the way, I am always on the hunt for organic things to use on their bodies!

  61. 62

    I’m in the middle of my 3rd pregnancy right now, and these products are calling to me!!! :)
    I love lavender, so this gift set would probably be my first pick.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  62. 63
    BridgetSoup says:

    I love the idea of the chest rubs. And MMMM the Sweet Orange anything sounds delicious, too!

  63. 64

    These look like amazing products. I would love to have any of the lavender products as I love to use lavender on my daughter before she goes to bed.

  64. 65

    I would love to try the lavender and eucalyptus balms – bet they smell heavenly.

  65. 66

    I love lavender, so I would love to try all of the lavender products, especially the lavender oil.

  66. 67

    I’d love to try the Organic Lavender Wash on my baby girl, her skin is super sensitive and I can never find anything that works!

  67. 68

    I would get some of the lavender wash for my baby!!

  68. 69

    the smell of citrus wakes up all of my senses, i’d have to pick the Orange Wash!

  69. 70

    oooh! I LOVE these kinds of things! How did you meet her, Lindsey? She’s not from here is she? Well, anyway, I would love anything from her site, but i think I’m especially fond of the eucalyptus or lavender scented oils. :)

  70. 71
    Kayla Monk says:

    i would love the coconut;)

  71. 72

    I would love to try the coconut wash on my baby!

  72. 73

    these products sound great! my little boy suffers from eczema and gets flare up all the time, especially in this cold weather. can’t wait to try some of this stuff!

  73. 74

    Oh, how lovely! I would start with the Lavender gift set.

  74. 75

    I would have to go with the coconut balm. Anything coconut scented makes me feel like I am at the beach!!

  75. 76

    Oooo… maybe the Organic Coconut Balm!

  76. 77

    I would LOVE the lavender wash!!!
    I use the coconut balm on myself and my daughter…works wonders for my feet as an added bonus :) and I love the scent. I just finished using the eucalyptus balm on my daughter’s chest following a few days of a cold. It smells fabulous and was a nice alternative to help her sleep. Thanks Melissa!!! Great products and hope to win the set :)

  77. 78

    Love the lavender gift set!

  78. 79

    I would love to have the lavender blam and wash ! Love natural products!
    ~Molly P

  79. 80

    Lavender products are always wonderful. What a great giveaway

  80. 81

    What a great giveaway – thank you!!

  81. 82
    jessica kiehn says:

    We love Lavender oil over here at our house so the set she’s giving away is what I’d love! Thanks for the opportunity!

  82. 83

    The sweet orange body wash is an item I would like to try. Thanks for the giveaway.

  83. 84

    I would love to try the sweet orange body wash on my 3 year old who has sensitive skin…

  84. 85
    Jenni Potter says:

    The coconut wash sounds heavenly. It would do wonders to this pregnant soul that longs for the warmth of summer.

  85. 86

    I’ll take any and all things lavender. Any and all.

  86. 87
    Jennifer Rivers says:

    I would love any of these products. Probably the lavender body wash. Two of my children have eczema and I’m about to have my 4th baby in 4weeks!

  87. 88

    I have two little ones and another due in 3 weeks so I’m always on the lookout for great products. I would love the coconut body balm.

  88. 89

    Their items all look great but I would love to try the Coconut Balm!

  89. 90

    The lavender wash would be what I would LOVE to have! The oil would be great too!

  90. 91

    I’d love to try the Organic Lavender Wash! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  91. 92

    I would like to have anything from the sweet orange line. I am sure it smells amazing! Although the lavender would be nice too! Thank you for the opportunity and for introducing me to another wonderful shop!

  92. 93

    I’d love this lavendar gift set, the coconut wash sounds pretty great too. thanks for the giveaway! p.s.-love your blog, especially all the tutorials. :)

  93. 94

    I would like to try the lavendar wash. I bet it’s very soothing and perfect to use right before bedtime!

  94. 95
    laura arens says:

    would love to try the lavendar wash on my son who has eczema!

  95. 96

    I’ve had eczema ever since I was a baby and I’m pretty tired of dealing with it. I’d love to try the balm!

  96. 97

    Our household loves anything Lavender! I continue to love the idea of other moms supporting moms for the wellness of their family! Great giveaway!

  97. 98
    Terra Sapp says:

    Sweet orange wash looks wonderful. I lvoe the small of oranges-reminds me of California when its cold and dreary in Missouri! My 4 little boys would love it too!

  98. 99

    The chest rub or the coconut balm sound like just what I’ve been looking for!

  99. 100
    Alexandra Wright says:

    My second baby in 13 months is due in July, so my “bump” would love the lavender oil for now and the orange oil for the summer….sounds refreshing!

  100. 101

    I would love the lavender balm.

  101. 102

    The sweet orange wash sounds very refreshing! All the products look great!

  102. 103

    I would LOVE all of these products in my home :-) Love all the scents & love the organic and natural touch. I am expecting my first baby in 7 short weeks so I know it all would go to great use between my big belly and my up-and-coming bundle of joy :-0 Thank you for your lovely blog, and for sharing info on such wonderful vendors!

  103. 104

    The lavender set would be perfect – lavender is supposed to help with sleeplessness; my babe should would benefit from some sleep (and Mama, too!).

  104. 105

    I would love to share these items with my friends that have babys or with my nieces!

  105. 106

    I would love to have some of the coconut balm and wash! Coconut reminds me of the tropics and warm sunny weather, which I could really use some of right now!!! I will mention this give-a-way on my blog as well!!

  106. 107

    Love the Organic Lavender Wash

  107. 108

    I love anything lavender! The wash would be great!

  108. 109

    the eucalyptus chest rub… all 3 of my girls have a hard time with snotty noses and coughing/snoring at night. very pretty packaging!

  109. 110

    Baby #3 has eczema too…I love the smell of coconut and I think the balm would be just the thing. I might just have to splurge on the wash too.

  110. 111

    I would definitely get the coconut balm. I love a coconut scent and my sons skin is a bit troublesome at times. These products look amazing!

  111. 112

    mmm… lavender anything & i’m hooked! the balm sounds especially fabulous.

  112. 113

    oooooo definitely the coconut wash!!!


  113. 114

    the eucalyptus chest rub… oh or the coconut body wash look amazing!!

  114. 115

    I would love to try the coconut balm, I’ve got a house full of eczema peeps :)

  115. 116

    Coconut… sounds divine… I would love to give these products to my new grandbabies… twins in July…

  116. 117

    Mmm… The coconut balm sounds so tropical and refreshing! Fun! Thank you for the opportunity!

  117. 118

    finding out about this makes me so excited! I have A LOT of allergies and have struggled for the last year to find a wash that meets my needs and doesn’t have the chemicals that makes my skin go crazy!

    I can’t wait to try one of the washes. maybe the orange!

  118. 119

    Hmmm. . . the coconut wash sounds dreamy. it reminds me of home. Thanks for the giveaway, I heart gentle aromatherapy products.

  119. 120
    MrsHellbillyHero says:

    I would LOVE to try the lavender oil…….. ummmmmmmmmmm on my daughter. Ya that’s what I mean I want it for my daughter. lol Just goofing. I really would use it on her. She turns 6 on March 9th. Oh the poor thing has awful dry skin. Having cold nasty winters here in western NY state doesn’t help either. Her skin is BAD!

  120. 121

    The organic coconut balm sounds so useful, plus luxurious! Or the coconut body wash.

  121. 122
    Shelly Foster says:

    Ummmm….coconut sounds wonderful ! I’m expecting a little boy in a few short months … Would love o try it out on him ;) !

  122. 123

    They all sound wonderful! My little lady would love it. The sweet orange sounds wonderful and so does the lavender!

  123. 124

    The Coconut balm!!! My sweet baby girl has horrible eczema. I use jojoba oil before I wash but these products would be wonderful to have!!!

  124. 125

    I would love to try this on my little darling.Eczema, I’m supicious thats what those dry spots are I ‘m seeing on her.

  125. 126

    That lavender balm sounds dreamy for nighttime (no pun intended).

    So glad to know about this line!

  126. 127

    I would love the coconut balm for my little peanut, he has terrible excema and we’ve been scouring the shelves to find something safer than steroids to soothe his skin.

  127. 128

    Oooo! I would love this! Twenty weeks prego with #3 and just starting to stretch out! I’m sure these products would help a ton!

  128. 129

    Some lavender oil would be lovely in a bath at the end of the day!

  129. 130

    oh my, i would love the sweet orange wash! just thinking of my little diva smelling all orangey and yummy makes me excited :)

  130. 131

    M’mmmmm… sweet orange!! Wonderful giveaway!

  131. 132

    Thanks for the chance to try to win some good smelly stuff.

  132. 133

    ahh the organic lavender balm looks so yummy!

  133. 134

    oooh…it is so hard to pick just one!! I think I would pick the lavender oil. Thanks for sharing this company with us!

  134. 135

    These sound like they smell yummy. And the packaging is super cute too! ;)

  135. 136
    Tricia Ferrell says:

    i would love the sweet orange. With baby #2 on the way, I see a definite need for this product. : )

  136. 137

    Sweet orange or lavender sound great to me!
    Thanks for the chance!
    Julie dot m dot mall at gmail dot com

  137. 138

    i would love to have all the products. but the lavender gift set would be my favorite, seeing as i am expecting my 5th baby and need all the help i can get with the stretch marks. thanks for the chance to win. God bless!

  138. 139

    Oh, the Organic Lavender Gift Set would be awesome. We are about to have a brand new baby in the house, that would be perfect for her!!

  139. 140

    The lavender balm or wash would be lovely. I love when my kids smell like lavender after their baths.

  140. 141

    would love to win this! and I may pop on over and take advantage of that discount as well! thanks!

  141. 142
    Laura Stewart says:

    sweet orange wash looks awesome!

  142. 143
    julie mullen says:

    The sweet orange sounds lovely! Would love to try it!

  143. 144

    I love anything lavender or orange–what pretty products!

  144. 145

    The lavender set is definitely my favorite! I even thing about growing some lavender in my garden :).

  145. 146

    What a treat that would be! I love lavender. Thanks!

  146. 147

    Sweet Orange looks divine….all of it looks lovely. My daughter has troubled skin spots especially in the winter :( I would love a chance to win, thank you! Smiles, Jackie

  147. 148

    The Organic Coconut Balm looks awesome!

  148. 149

    I’d love the lavendar wash!

  149. 150

    I’d love the try the sweet orange wash!

  150. 151

    The organic coconut wash would be fun to use during summer!

  151. 152

    This is a little bit unrelated, but I was wondering where you get your camera strap from. I think I remember seeing something about them on your blog ages ago, but can’t seem to find it now.
    I would use anything with the Organic Coconut in it. Since I’m fair skinned, I tend to get sunburned easily….did you know that coconut oil is great for sun burns? I use it frequently in the summer months.

  152. 153

    I’m actually expecting, so this would be a fun prize to win! :-) I think the Coconut Body Wash would smell so good I would just want to eat my little one! LOL :-) Looks like a great product & I hope I win! Thanks! :-)

  153. 154

    The 3 balms are my favourit, lavender is always the best for me!
    Saluti da Bolzano (Italy)

  154. 155

    my skin has been so finicky and dry this winter, i’m willing to try ANYTHING to stop the discomfort

  155. 156

    the organic coconut balm! My son has severe allergies and she is just what I am looking for! Thank you for posting this!

  156. 157

    My little men have terrible eczema! I would love to try the Organic Coconut Balm lotion. :)

  157. 158

    I love anything that smells like coconut! As we are in the middle of a mini blizzard here in MI anything that reminds me of summer is appreciated:-)

  158. 159

    I have struggled so much to find products that will soothe the raw skin of my 17 month old’s eczema. Please pick me! I would love the wash, oil, and cream set!

  159. 160
    Rosemariee says:

    i think i’d like the organic sweet orange wash! this would make a great gift!

  160. 161

    I would love the coconut balm for my little man on his eczema

  161. 162

    I lean toward anything tropical, so the coconut balm and oil would be perfect on my four kiddos, or me :)… a little vacation in a bottle!

  162. 163

    Is it fair to say that I want it all?!

  163. 164

    I bet sweet ourange smells delicious!!

  164. 165


  165. 166
    Jennifer Tinn says:

    She’s chosen wonderful “flavors” for all of her products: Lavender, Coconut and my favorite, Euchalyptus! I would love to have the Euchalyptus scrub to make my little ones breath with ease when they have the sniffles.

  166. 167

    What lovely sounding products! These would have been wonderful when my children were little. I love to win them. I have a granddaughter coming in May! It would be so lovely to be able to gift these to a new little one starting out! Thanks for the chance to win!

  167. 168

    That coconut line would be fantastic. My poor kiddo’s skin gets all rashy when we use the big name stuff everyone gives at baby showers. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coconut fragrance for littles! Lavender is fantastic for night time too.

  168. 169

    I think I would actually pick the lavender gift set. Right now, I am using the Johnson & Johnson lavender night-time stuff for my babies (I have 10 month old twins) b/c I love the way it smells. So I bet this cool stuff smells even better!

  169. 170

    Any or all of them! :o) I would send them to my 6 month-old nephew in PA who has really bad eczema that they can’t get a handle on. Thanks!

  170. 171

    The coconut oil wash would make me so happy with thoughts of the beach!

  171. 172

    The Organic Lavender gift set!

  172. 173
    Christine Kimble says:

    I would LOVE the Organic Coconut Wash! I can almost smell it now!!

  173. 174
    Laura in LA says:

    I bet this smells and feels wonderful!

  174. 175
    kristi betz says:

    I would love to have the coconut balm! I love the smell of coconut, and my daughter could really use it, her skin gets so dry after her bath.

  175. 176

    Sweet orange wash please! Sounds yummy- what a great line of products.

  176. 177

    The lavendar oil would be great. I would love to try any of these products. After moving to Oklahoma from Texas my skin is so different. It’s just dry. Nothing really helps in the winter.

  177. 178

    I am a coconut nut! Ha! The wash, the balm, I want it all!!

  178. 179

    I’d love to try the wash. And any of those scents sound amazing!

  179. 180

    The coconut balm and wash sounds dreamy, reminds me of the summer and tropics! Would love to win it, thanks for the opportunity.

  180. 181

    I would love any of the body washes for my one year old boy. He too has had eczema since he was 4 months old and we have tried EVERYTHING! It breaks my heart to watch him scratch himself until he bleeds.

  181. 182

    I would love everything on her site! I have eczema and I am 32! I hate it and have tried everything. I would love to finally get rid of it and keep it at bay. I am also pregnant with my second and am praying that he/she gets her dads silky smooth skin not my itchy, bleedy, peely skin!

    Thanks, Lisa

  182. 183

    The entire lavender line of products! My little baby boy has eczema and those would be so nice to soothe him with his bath before bedtime.

  183. 184

    The all look great but I think Sweet Orange would be nice….so spring! thanks for the great giveaway!

  184. 185

    I would so love to have ant of these products in my home, especially the lavender oil. My 5 year old daughter has been suffering with eczema since she was one and is using a steroid lotion for it now. We would love to try something natural!!!! Thanks very much for the opportunity!

  185. 186

    The Lavendar gift set! I’m a huge fan of lavendar and have had great success using it for different remedies. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  186. 187

    I would enjoy the lavender oil, as I am 16 weeks pregnant and am going through gallons of lotion attempting to prevent those lovely stretch marks! Thanks for the give-a-way :)

  187. 188

    I would love the Organic Eucalyptus Chest Rub. My kiddos have been sick and I just ran out of our Vick’s Vapor rub. I love that this can be used as an organic alternative.

  188. 189

    How cool! I like the Sweet Orange wash.
    Thanks, Karen
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  189. 190

    I would love any of the lavender items–it’s such a soothing scent!

  190. 191

    I would love to have the lavender gift set. Lavender is my favorite scent to wear!

  191. 192

    My Nieces all have eczema! This would be amazing. I just sent the link to my sister in law.

  192. 193

    Lavender is my favorite! I could really use some of the organic oil. I think it’ll really help moisturize my dry skin.

  193. 194
    Jessica G. says:

    I would love any of the Lavender or the Orange Items! Love that they can be used by anyone in the family!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  194. 195

    Lavender would be a must for me and my baby :)

  195. 196
    Cindy Jones says:

    Lavendar is my absolute favorite scent since childhood.

  196. 197

    oh the Organic Coconut Balm would be great. i’d love to try it on dd skin.

  197. 198

    the organic lavendar balm looks great. love lavendar scents because it reminds me of the spa. and i like the eucalyptus chest rub. would be good for the kiddos when they catch colds. what a great giveaway! thanks!

  198. 199

    I’d be happy to try any of those products, but I think the Coconut balm is the most intriguing.

  199. 200

    I love anything with Lavender. Mmmmmm.

  200. 201

    The coconut wash sounds yummy! Great giveaway!!

  201. 202

    so wonderful. My son has eczema and asthma. I am loving Organic Eucalyptus Chest Rub. All nature and no need for those chemical alternatives. Perfect!

  202. 203

    The lavender gift set would be a treat! I bet it smells really good! Great giveaway!

  203. 204

    I think it all looks amazing…I would be curious to know which product they recommend the most for little ones with eczema. Our 4 year old daughter has had it since she was just weeks old…we use a variety of lotions/creams and a prescription steroid cream…they seems to work okay, but just haven’t found just the right thing yet! These products look amazing!

  204. 205

    I would love to try any of the products!

  205. 206

    I’d love to try the coconut wash