how did this happen?!

no one asked me if my baby could get so big.

no one.

scrappy lampshade tutorial (and long story)

awhile back i found this beautiful lampshade skeleton.  i knew immediately it would hang above the girls’ window seat in their room, but not sure yet what form it would actually take.

so i started with some pretty silk chantung, ruffled with raw edges.  i thought it would be the perfect girly addition to the girls’ room.  but then i had to take it a step further.

meet the fiesta FAIL.  i thought it needed more color, the white was too plain and clean.

so the lamp shade sat and sat and sat on top of lily’s dresser, waiting for me to actually hang it up in their room.

but i couldn’t stand it!

then at the queen bee market in may i saw april’s beautiful booth and her hanging, naked lampshades!  i knew right away that this is what i wanted to do!  i was woo’ed by the pretty, bare lampshade when i first saw it, and i was reminded by april that i could leave it just like that!

so i went home and ripped off all that hideousness (and apparently didn’t even bother to pull off the stray threads!).

and i loved it.  I loved it.   the girls, not so much.  they kept asking when i was going to finish the shade.

then last week when we were in santa barbara, i snuck away for an hour to go to anthro *sigh*.  as i was running and leaping over puddles back to my car in the downpour, i passed the free people store, and something caught my eye.  it was raining too hard to take out my phone (plus i forgot an umbrella), but they had lanterns, like the paper covered round chinese lanterns, but without the paper and only the skeleton.  but there were strands of fabric (i think – it was seriously for about 1/2 a second i glanced at it!) strung between the wire frame pieces of the lantern and then *light bulb* i had an idea for the girls lampshade!

so i grabbed my scissors and a pile of scrap strips (i have a ton of these from all my ruffles).

the strips were all random lengths and widths, but mostly between 1 and 2  inches wide.

first step: knot on end of the fabric to a bar.  tricky, i know.

step 2: pull fabric to nearest bar and tie there, with a little tension.  i just tried to make sure the fabric was not twisted between the bars so the front of the fabric was facing out.  then i trimmed the end and started over again.

step 3:  do it over and over and over again.  go to bed, then do more the next day.

how fun is that?!  the girls are super happy with it.  so am i!

and look at it at night!  soooo fun!

but even better, look at the shadows it creates – a cross between a spider web and a snowflake!

look at all those fun colors!

i love seeing all the pretty fabrics that i’ve used over the last year or so on fun products.

so… what do you think?