what i wore wednesday

ack!  its after midnight and i need to go to sleep!

i will post my what i wore wednesday in a bit, but i thought i’d at least leave the linky for those of you who are much better at this than me!


ok, i’m back after getting my beauty rest!

this is me at o’dark thirty, getting ready for the drive to lax with jeannett to board the party plane to nashville for blissdom.

sweater – all saints

ruffled scarf – the pleated poppy

grey thermal shirt – target

skinnies – target

leopard flats – little shop in paris (which fell apart on the trip and got trashed)

hidden necklaces – lisa leonard designs

this was wisdom workshop day

cardi – target

top – forever 21

skinnies – foever 21

necklace – allora handmade

flats – target

welcome party

cardi – target

sequin tank – forever 21

skinnies – target

flats – target

necklace – forever 21

cardi – old navy

skirt – made by me

petal pushers – the pleated poppy

shirt – made by me

tights – urban outfitters

necklace – local shop

boots – forever 21

wrap sweater – nordstrom

skirt – forever 21

leggings – target

flats – target

necklace – borrowed from allora handmade (huge benefits to sharing a room with the crafty girls!)


and now for a little “what they wore”!

there were so many others that i wanted to take pictures of, but asking to do it was a little too intimidating most of the time!

lori – love that she’s wearing crew cuts!

maggie – don’t you just want to squeeze her?!  and she was kind enough to sport her petal drop necklace !

susie – i *love* her top!

laurie – yes, she always looks this good!

and kelly (part of the party plane crew) – just the cutest, laid back style!  love the peep toe tom’s wedges!


don’t forget to link up below!

aaaand….. check my shop in a bit because i’m listing more ruffled scarves!


  1. 1

    I’m up after midnight when I shouldn’t be, so now I’m one of the first to link up when I like to be lower on the list. Oh well. Thank you so much for the link up, can’t wait to see your pics!

  2. 2

    Oh I am oober jealous of these types of posts. Love all the fashion and the outfits… I long for the day I will post up a ‘What I wore’ post… my day to day attire isn’t all that interesting [I work in aircraft maintenance so I can’t dress up boooo…].

  3. 3

    Thanks Lindsey! I’m here again….oh my! It is a bit intimidating but FUN! Can’t wait to see your photos this week! ♥

  4. 4

    I preposted, but I can’t link up. The blizzard has knocked out Internet service. Stop on by for a visit. I’ll post blizzard pics later too!

  5. 5

    I saw you from afar a few times at Blissdom but never got to say hello. Such a bummer. Maybe next year! Thanks for this carnival. SO FUN.

  6. 6

    Sorry for the double links! The first one was giving a 404 error.

  7. 7

    OK, only my second week of doing this so I hope I get better at it each week!! Hope you had a wonderful time at Blissdom! Thanks for hosting this party. It is making me get creative about what I wear which is EXACTLY what I needed!

  8. 8

    You always look fantastic! I love those burgundy tights!!! I love WIWW, so much fun!!

  9. 9

    I love “What They Wore” — very stylish, Ladies.

  10. 10

    so fun to see my friends, laurie & kelly! i’ve got to come to blissdom next year! :)

  11. 11

    I love to see what you wear each week because it inspires me to add some accessories! You always look so cute!

  12. 12

    This is my second week as well and I have to say, this has motivated me to dress up a little nicer than I normally would! It’s so easy to go for the hoodie sweaters, converse, and jeans… but I’m trying to avoid it!

    Does anyone have any tips for taking the actual pictures? The only full length mirror is in my bedroom and I don’t have a window for good lighting. (I live in an apartment in a historic building- only windows are in the living room)

  13. 13

    Love this edition! I might have to go through Blissdom pictures of me and post them. LOL….

  14. 14

    So fun!! One of these days I hope to be brave enough to join all you stylish ladies:-)

  15. 15

    Look like Blissdom was blissful! What great looks you sported and spotted!

  16. 16

    It was so nice meeting you even though it was brief! Hope you enjoyed your manicure and massage. Good call on taking Lori Danelle’s picture- she was so cute all last week.

  17. 17

    LInking up late today! it’s been a busy Wednesday!

    I love all of your looks & the fact that you got some shots of the other fashionistas at Blissdom! So jealous of ya’ll…I want to go next year :) Fingers crossed!

  18. 18

    I really can’t say thank you enough for hosting WIWW and inspiring so many of us to be cute! Your ruffled scarves are so stinking cute. I’m in love with them! Thanks for sharing other people’s cute looks this week. Laurie is adorable. And that top lined in rosettes-fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  19. 19

    Love that pink and black skirt, Lindsey! It looks great on you. And looks like you had a super time at Blissdom!

  20. 20

    Well I guess yesterday was just weird with the entry form coming up early on (sigh). And like I sed yestrday,it isnt cuz I don’wanna read comments–i do. But stoopidphone has limits. If it’s over 50 I dont even try. And I love the features&goodies. Like WIWW. Glad got here early so to speak. OFF TOPIC AGAIN (warning) I gather we all love MasonJars (go look at all the comments,lol) but FunRetro on Etsy has some vintage blue ones and a pair of bicentennial ones, and even an old blue one full of old thread on spools. So if anybdy reads my comment they might get some good vintage jars! Oh,and the thread one has orignl zinc lid.-s-

  21. 21

    Oh–I so hated to read that those simply adorable leopard flats from the first photo had fallen apart! I was drooling over them.

    Your outfits looked so “put together” at the conference. Really like the photo of the last one too—how great to take that little Forever 21 skirt and pair with some inexpensive target leggings…

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