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highs and lows

do you ever play the game “highs and lows”?  we try to remember to do it at the dinner table with the kids, asking them for their highs and lows of the day.  it gives us some good insight to the details of their days, and gets the conversation flowing.  so here’s my highs and lows from yesterday:
high – celebrated my dad’s birthday with him!
low – sean had to head out of town :( so thankful to have my parents to keep me company!
high – got to take the girls to the symphony
low – my computer died again.  after dying yesterday and being resurrected, it went kaput again
high – i got more scarf fabric again (9 bolts!)
low – no computer means no blogging (thank you jeannett for posting this for me!)
high – i finally got a decent vlog recorded (thanks mom!)
low – no computer to edit said vlog
high – i had a huge amount of comments for yesterday’s giveaway!
low – i had to fill my gas tank – kaCHING kaCHING kaCHING!!!
high – my dad shared his birthday snickers with me :)
high – went to target with my mom to buy lots of baby essentials for my prego sister!  so. much. fun!
high – i have a really fun new product that is so close to it’s debut!  if only i had a computer to help me with it…
and last but not least…
high – i have another giveaway for you!

i have a beautiful sweet life bag by amy butler that you are going to lu.u.u.u.ve!  it’s so fun with springy colors and a super organized interior: a zippered center divider and 3 separate pockets!  and c’mon, it’s made with amy butler fabrics – doesn’t get much better than that!

just leave me a comment telling me what kind of posts you want more of from me: crafty, mom stuff, house/design details, or make a suggestion!

one comment per person, por favor!