get real {a house tour}

who wants a house tour?!

we all love a good peak into other people’s lives, right?

well, this is going to be the most realistic tour of my house you’ll ever get…

:: the entry way ::

don’t stumble on the trains as you walk past my still unfinished ottoman and bolts of scarf fabric.

:: the kitchen ::

anyone want a smoothie? ’cause we make them almost daily so that big silver base is out all.the.time.  also appropriately placed on the island: house plans (not sure for who’s house?), packet of seeds, base for gumball machine, and a bag from the pharmacy.  hungry? look at the fruit baskets – you have the options of an onion, a lemon, or an over ripe cantaloupe. mmmm, sounds good. i’ll have that. (name that movie) oh, and day old coffee is brewing in the corner.  help yourself!

and of course the laundry thrown in the hall in front of silas’ room.

to be fair, some of these dishes are clean – everything to the left of the sink.  see the cups with straws? held smoothies.  i don’t lie.

don’t you have speakers, a christmas cookie jar, birdseed, random papers, and sunscreen on your kitchen counters?

:: the drop zone ::

where everything goes when we walk in the back door from the garage.  this actually is pretty clean!

flip flops next to our still empty and nonfunctional but still very pretty gumball machine, school folder on the floor, a beach bag full of clothes for the dry cleaners, a box outside of snowboard clothes.  totally normal.

can’t see that pretty galvanized counter so well, now can you?

a borrowed movie, a need-to-be-returned too-short tripod, bag o’ bathing suits, a big brown bag of ???, giant enamel bowl and tray from a baby shower, and a pile of baby things to send to my sister.  where else would you put all of this?!

:: the dining table ::

box of playdoh, random papers, and the box from my new monitor.  ’cause when you’re buying a new laptop, you always buy a new monitor, too.


that will complete our house tour for today.  sorry i didn’t take you into the other rooms, i think this was enough for one day.

don’t trip on your way out the door!


  1. 1

    your house is so pretty and stylish! my guess for the movie quote is “when harry met sally”- but i think the quote was: “I’ll have what she’s having.”

    so not sure if it’s the same movie we’re talking about.


  2. 2

    all i could think of the whole time was how beautifully decorated your house is. I LOVE the while kitchen.

  3. 3

    You don’t even want to see mine! Thanks for sharing.

  4. 4

    And still your house looks lovely! Just lived in – like the rest of our houses.

  5. 5

    love the light colors & the reality! such a breath of fresh air… looks lived in and loved, isn’t that the best kind?

  6. 6

    I love it! So pretty!!! Glad to see you’re HUMAN! ;) Alyssa

  7. 7

    Even “messy”, your home is beautiful! While I love to see staged, “perfect” homes, I love to see how people live in real life too. :)

  8. 8

    This is the best house tour I have ever seen! Having two young ones myself, I would love to see more pictures of homes that look “lived in” but still beautiful!

  9. 9

    its a breath of fresh air. love your home. lovely and lived in…two of my favorite things!!

  10. 10

    Looks like a real home for a real family. Thanks for sharing.

  11. 11

    LOL! Love it! I have some of those things laying around in my house too, Where else would you put them!!! hahahaha. Im in love with my christmas cookie jar on my counter.OMG i thought that i was the only one who did that. My mother gives me a hard time about it, and i just LOL. Love your blog and your creations!!!!! Kendall from Ontario.

  12. 12

    Our Bench in our mudroom looks like your galvanized counter ALL THE TIME. Full of random odds and ins. Drives my husband NUTS!

  13. 13
    Missy G. says:

    Dumb and Dumber. I think?

    Thanks so much for sharing! A few of my favorites in your house: your yellow dresser in the entry way (and how the drawers pop out for the kiddos), your front door (LOVE, actually), the pullout basket drawers/cabinets in your kitchen, and the photo wall in your dining room. Great house and great style!

  14. 14

    love it, thanks for sharing your house. I feel like sometimes mine is the only one that needs pick up {ALL THE TIME}! so glad to see others that have a “few” things out!

  15. 15

    Awesome decorating, but what you’re telling us is. . .you’re normal. That is very encouraging. I’m looking at my dining room, which is also our homeschool area, so there are books and papers everywhere most of the time. I say I’d rather live and enjoy than stress about the house constantly being picked up. That being said, we trip here often ;)

  16. 16

    Looks better than my house ;)

    Love your style though… it just looks fun!

  17. 17

    Thank you. Thank you for allowing us to realize that no one is perfect and that what we don’t see online sometime is the life we are all struggling with. The chaos and the constant chores.

    I just wanted to say thanks before I started putting MY counter full of dishes away!

  18. 18

    Just what I needed this morning!! Of course I have a Christmas cookie jar on my counter…you mean there are people who don’t?!

  19. 19

    To me, it simply looks “lived in.” To be honest, I get annoyed at times with peoples’ “perfect looking” homes on blogs. Its not reality especially when you have kids and a husband:) Have a great day Lindsey!

  20. 20

    I love the color grey on your walls. We are going to be painting ours grey, but still deciding which grey. Do you know what color yours is?

  21. 24
    Barbara, Vienna says:

    Hope we will see the other rooms soon :) – great to see a little bit of your house. Love the entry way and the “drop zone” with your beautiful counter so much. And the living room with the dining table. So nice! Thanks for sharing!!

  22. 25

    You crack me up! Your house is beautiful whether or not there’s a couple of smoothie cups on the counter.

  23. 26

    STILL cleaner than mine!!!



  24. 27
    Ashley A. says:

    I love it!! This makes me feel normal. I sit on my computer each morning with a cup of coffee to tune into my favorite blogs and I see everyone’s perfectly clean and manicured homes and have always wondered are they always this perfect? I am very OCD and like my home tidy and clean of germs :) but life gets in the way and a busy schedule of kid activities my home gets cluttered also. So thank you for keeping it real!!

  25. 28

    I always drool over your house in your pictures so I looove this tour! And, I so appreciate your transparency in showing it to us without feeling like it has to be spotless.

  26. 29

    I don’t have kids, but I would say that my apartment usually looks like this. Who needs kids to create a mess when I can just do it myself?!

  27. 30

    I think it’s amusing that we ALL ‘move junk’ outta the way for those home tour photos and take pics at angles to miss the messes. It’s the real world and we all live in it. Funny, that EVERYONE must have a ‘drop zone’. Ours is a long counter top in the kitchen. It holds 2 coffee pots (because we drink different brands, yeah I know). A mini stereo, flashlights, misc parts that go back to the van that came out of work pockets, camera bag, misc papers, etc etc etc. Get the picture? LOL Even ‘cluttered’ your house is homey, beautiful and welcoming!

  28. 31

    thank you… i needed that today! and i’ll have the soup du jour too, please. ;)

  29. 32

    i love that you are so real! everyone’s house is a wreck at times… i think the random things you have on your counters, table, etc. are so funny! your home is truly lived in :)

  30. 33

    I love the honesty. This looks like our house too. We may not have birdseed on our counter but as I look at it right now I see a box of bandaids, an iron (my sewing space is my kitchen), unopened CD’s, 3 bags of sugar I was too tired to put away, fruit, airfreshener (I went grocery shopping yesterday) and many other weird and random things. Thanks for the tour.

  31. 34

    Best post ever! love your realness girl, LOVE IT! And yes, many of us have random crap like this all over too :)

  32. 35

    The movie line- from Dumb and dumber when he orders the soup of the day! Your house is beautiful even in its messy state. My home usually has dog hair on the floor—even after I just vacuumed- I think my dogs come in and shake it off on purpose! Don’t even look in my daughters room…eek!

  33. 36

    Seriously? If my house was that adorable I would give you a tour too. But? Yeah. Let’s just say that your “messy” counters can still be seen. Mine can’t :(

  34. 37

    I just adore your house. Seriously. And while my house has as much crap out, yours somehow feels cleaner. I think its the white. GOod choice. lol.

  35. 38

    i love this tour, and even if your house isn’t spotless at the moment, it’s still amazingly beautiful!!

  36. 39

    “What’s the soup du jour?” “It’s the soup of the day.” I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen that movie! LOVE your house. It’s so bright and happy. I’m working on taming my jealousy. For real. ;)

  37. 40

    Even your beautifully messy house is inspiring. I love the idea of using the dresser drawer to house little toys out in the main space. I’ve done it in their bedrooms…each kid has one drawer that is there ‘treasure drawer’ but not a drawer just for toys!

    I also have posted a picture of my dining room table before in it’s ‘before photo’ state and loved seeing someone else has a ‘just pile it up’ place….even though it probably drives both of us equally crazy. As I get older though….it seems to drive me a little less crazy. That scares me!

  38. 41

    Ha you are so funny! Looks like a happy family lives there… What did you decide on for your computer?

  39. 42

    I love how real these photos are!! I mean, no ones house looks like a potter barn catalog ALL the time!! :) I love it all though, your house is so beautiful!! I love the ottoman and your beautiful pillows!! How pretty! xoxo

  40. 43

    Where did you get your Family Rules sign? I LOVE it! And the rest of your house too!

  41. 46

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the yellow dresser in your entry…so cute!

  42. 47

    ALL I could focus on was the FAB pops of yellow (LOVE the dresser and gumball machine), the great color scheme…soothing and modern and all the wonderful custom touches (the baskets in the kitchen “drawer” slots, the galvinized counter, the chandy in the dining room). Thanx for keepin’ it real BUT I barely noticed the “other stuff” that says a real family lives there!!

  43. 48

    I love your real life home tour … especially because your blog tagline is “beautiful imperfections of the every day”. It’s great that your house is lived in … and it still looked pretty darn tidy to me! Our house has seen much worse days. You have a really beautiful home!

  44. 49

    Your home is beautiful! I love all the white!

    I am shopping for a blender/smoothie maker…would you mind sharing what kind you use?

  45. 50

    you are too cute. and thank you for posting your lived in house and putting the rest of us at ease. i always ask my daughter when she has a playdate at a friends house, “was their house clean or did it look it like ours?” its a season right? i keep telling myself that. your house is still gorgeous, love it.

  46. 51

    2 things

    1.) Thank you for making me feel normal. Our house is in the exact same condition. No matter how much or little time I spend trying to combat it, it always looks the same.

    2.) I just bought that same monitor and I love it, enjoy!

  47. 52

    simply gorgeous! i cannot wait until we have our own house so i can decorate the way i want! we are military and so moving from place to place really puts a halt to my designing ideas :(

    one day. one day i can only hope i will have a house as beautiful as yours!

    p.s. i am coveting that beautiful chandelier!

  48. 53

    I have gray walls throughout too and am slowly adding in pops of color. Love what you have done, especially that yellow dresser. Thanks for sharing a real house tour.

  49. 54

    I think your house looks awesome! I don’t like houses that don’t even have personal pictures or everyday life on the house tours!!! So I think your house takes the cake!

  50. 55

    I love all the storage you have in your house!

  51. 56

    Your house is cool!!! I want to see a close up of “Family Rules” It looks so colorful, and fun. I might need to make one of those. :)

    I feel so much better now. :) My house looks just like this — like people actually live in it!! It would be a hilarous linky party — posting pictures of what your house looks like before your kids walk out the door for school.

  52. 57

    It’s refreshing to see someone post pictures of a house that isn’t perfect! Thanks. :) That makes me feel better about my house being a little less than perfect… or a lot less than perfect!

    And, it’s beautiful! You’ve done a great job of decorating. :)

  53. 58

    i love that you showed it to us well lived in and not all perfect and tidy, makes you so much more real! it makes me feel kinda normal too, so thank you.

    i love the family rules sign you have going on and would love to know where you got it from or if you purchased it.

  54. 59

    First timer reply: Love this post! I was especially interested in the fruit baskets and coffee pot (got some of that going on at my place as well). My favorite piece of furniture was where you hide the kids toys -yellow dresser- beautiful and functional!

  55. 60
    Trina Miner says:

    Even with the chaos, it is all still pretty gorgeous! Thanks for keeping it real!

  56. 61
    erin stewart says:

    thanks for being real – honestly it is hard not to compare with all these amazing women and all their talent when i feel like i can barely get the dishwasher unloaded sometime with my 3 kiddos.

  57. 62

    Love your house’s style… just right..

    How keep clean.. with white in the house…. :)

  58. 63

    Makes me feel 1000 time’s better!! My house is in a constant state of disarray and looks very lived in. Good to know there are others out there that are normal:) haah

  59. 64

    Thanks for the tour of your home; it’s fabulous!! And I totally love that you kept it “oh natural” for the tour. It’s great to know that other’s live in the real world :)

  60. 65

    I love the wall colors. Very clean with your white couches. I love it.

  61. 66

    I am envious of your open spaces. My home is so tiny and cluttered. I NEED to find time to remedy that. Thanks for the peak!

  62. 67

    I adore this house tour. Makes me feel so much more normal. :) Clutter is my middle name!!!! But seriously… your house is still SO FREAKING CUTE.
    xoxox Holly

  63. 68

    I love to see people’s “real” lives. It’s so easy here in blogland to think you’re the only one who isn’t “perfect” when the truth is, none of us are…but we never show the truth. Thanks for giving us a “real” tour ;)

    I started a weekly series on my blog called “Truth Be Told Tuesday” where we can all share some truths from our “real” life. It’s been so much fun reading everyone’s truths! Stop by if you ever need to confess or if you just want to realize that you are not the only mom who is drowning under a sea of laundry!

  64. 69

    Love your house…especially in this “real” state. Always good to know I’m not the only one with random things on my dining table and kitchen counter and all those other flat surfaces.

  65. 70

    LOVE it! Cute house and it looks lived in (in a good way). Thank you for not being the perfect housekeeper and for making me feel normal. I’m going to show these pictures to my husband.

  66. 71

    I feel right at home…except your home is decorated so much prettier :)

  67. 72

    Great post. Loved it. It is nice to see that other people are as normal as we are.

  68. 73

    I so needed to see this today! Your house is beautiful, and cozy and LIVED IN! So important! And so good to know that you’re human! I love it! :)

  69. 74

    your house is absolutely beautiful….even with the “reality” :) thanks for sharing!

  70. 75

    i seriously am in love with your house. and just the way it is. thanks for sharing the real.. because that’s where we all live, i’m sure. :)

  71. 76

    Loved this! Feel like I might go crazy sometimes with the “lived in” status of my house, but hey, that’s real life! And, I totally have that christmas cookie jar! I hate when you find random holiday items months from when you supposedly put all of them away.

  72. 77

    Oh, Lindsey, you make my day! (Mine is still worse BTW!)

  73. 78

    I LOVE when bloggers do a “keep it real” post. I think it’s so COOL. It’s almost like posting no make-up pictures but not as scary.

  74. 79

    I <3 your "Family Rules" board, could you post a close up pic of it?

  75. 80

    ooooo, I need a drop zone! LOVE your house!

  76. 81

    Love a good Lloyd Christmas quote! (I use that line often as well….so funny!) You are one brave lady, thanks for the glimpse into your adorable home. :)

  77. 82

    I LOVE it and appreciate your post. Yes, this is what my counters and drop zone look like! It is refreshing to know I’m not the only one. Your home is beautiful and even more wonderful because it is lived in! Thanks for sharing:)

  78. 83

    I love your house, and thanks for keeping it real :)
    Also, I request smoothie recipes! I have been wanting to make smoothies for my little ones :)

  79. 84

    That’s nothing, my house seems like that all the time and there is just 3 of us! My mud room looks as if 40 people live in this house with all the shoes; when there is only 3!


  80. 85

    You have a beautiful home! Clutter just comes with the territory when you have a family. Mine looks like a Cat 5 hurricane just tore through it…LOL

  81. 86

    Welcome to my world. Sometimes I think I’m the only person who lets their house get out of control. Thanks for keeping it real, Lindsey! I still think you have the most charming house–messy or tidy!

  82. 87

    Love it! A “home” has heart and is a tad messy and looks lived in. A “house” or “museum” is always clean and sterile, no? We have the same wood floors – how do you prevent your dining room chairs from scratching, felt pads??

  83. 88

    A typical every day look for us….unless company is on the way! Thanks for giving us a ‘real’ peek! It’s still beautiful! :-)

  84. 89

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Seriously….thank you! I have SOOO many blogs that I read and totally love, but I usually walk away feeling like the only looser mom ’cause my house NEVER looks like what I see pictured. I always want to ask, “So you really have kids?” You’re house is still absolutely so adorable and not bad at all, but it is definitely nice to see that it’s not picture perfect all the time! Thanks for being real! :)

  85. 90

    Love your blog & love the house tour. So refreshing to see a house that’s decorated beautiful yet looks lived in. Thank you :)

  86. 91
    Mrs. Gumshoe says:

    I’m with those above….LOVE the wall color! What is it?

  87. 92

    what is the soup du jour?


    love it.
    if your house had been perfect i’d be ticked!

    love it anyway.
    love it because of the mess too.

  88. 93

    So pretty and what I love it it’s lived in and it looks like a home and not a museum!!

  89. 94

    So, you may not read the 91st comment on your post but in case you do…I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! When my young family is ready to take this leap, I will own one of my own and after 10 years of saving rooms and ideas from magazines, I will pretty much end up with a house like yours. So simple and clean…and messy at the same time. Love your style!
    Also, the movie you quoted is Dumb and Dumber. Lloyd wants the Soup of the Day…LOVE THAT MOVIE!

    Hope you show us more soon…love the ideas and inspiration!

  90. 95

    Best house tour EVER!!! I’m totally a follower now :D

    Your house is seriously gorgeous! And, how refreshing to see that I’m not the only one without a perfectly staged house 24/7 :D What a great blog you have, I can’t wait to go through everything!

    Also, if you’re interested, I’d LOVE to have you stop by my blog and enter to win my 1st giveaway (chevron ruffled pillow, chalkboard coasters, thank yous – all made my me).


  91. 96

    Thanks for the house tour. LOVE your display of photos in the dining room. Might need to copy that one day down the road. Beautiful home!

  92. 97

    I LOVE your kitchen! That island is to die for. Thank you for your house tour. Your home is lovely and looks really inviting.

  93. 98
    denise r says:

    I would love to see what your family rules are! Do you have a pic of that, that you can post?

  94. 99

    Thanks for the honest, open and humorous tour!
    You’re awesome!
    I love the reality of it all cause other mom’s such as moi am always trying to keep up with the house and it never happens!

  95. 100

    thanks for being so honest! i’m glad to know that we aren’t the only mess family around!

  96. 101

    Thank you….for reminding us gals out here that we’re actually normal!!!!

  97. 102

    Lovely! Thank you for the tour. I am smitten with the light flooded entry.

    A bit off topic, but at the center of my mind is, can you share a bit about your front door?

    It’s EXACTLY what I’ve been dreaming of for our cottage. Dutch doors are hard to find, and yours is perfect.

  98. 103

    Love your lived in home! Right now I have a 13″TV , dvd player, and old laptop on my kitchen table. Lived in looks good on all of our homes. Thanks for the reminder that our homes don’t always have to be show room perfect.

  99. 104

    Love, love, love! Thanks for showing us all NORMAL.

  100. 105

    I love, love your floors. I am looking to redo my floors. Where did you get yours? I found you on the nester’s today. Beautiful home by the way.

  101. 106

    2 questions……what kind of paint/color gray is on the walls- and tell me about your white cabinets/shelvings/island/cupboards…..did you do them yourself-where did you get them from? Thanks!

  102. 107

    I love you. Seriously.

  103. 108

    You know you have a beautiful house when it still looks amazing even when it has “lived in” things sitting around!!!

    I love this post!

  104. 109

    I followed a link from Nesting Place to your blog today. I love your house. You have a new blog reader!

  105. 110

    Thank you for taking me on your house tour, I love your home! And I see that stuff lying around homes is just normal. Thought I was a mess… Would have been too shy to show anyone on my blog but hey, I love it, so I might share it. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Oh and never forget: we LIVE there, it is no show room!!!

  106. 111

    Dumb and Dumber! =)

  107. 112

    I would love to see a close up of the house rules that I glimpsed above the clothes pile. :)

  108. 113

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of the dresser?/table in your entryway.
    May I ask what color it is???

  109. 114

    dumb and dumber! i also have that cookie jar, hallmark, right? lovely home.

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