happy monday!

we had a fabulous weekend, garage sale-ing, planting our veggie garden, dinner with friends, roasting oversized “shmarshmallows” in our backyard fireplace, enjoying bathing suit weather (for the kids), and rearranging our porch (and enjoying a couple meals out there).  so nice to have a weekend at home!


i am so excited about our new monthly series show & tell!  thank you to those of you who participated!  and the 3 winners of $10 gift certificates to my shop are….

kathleen – she is a loyal wiww linker and is a great customer as well!  she could have linked up any of her wiww posts as well since she is always wearing my products (love that!).  i love how she uses posies to pull an outfit all together!

swell swag – you know i love me a good purse dump, and this one did not disappoint!

kelly is inspired – ok, another purse dump, but i just love looking in other people’s purses!  it gives you a little glimpse into their daily lives!

so ladies, email me so i can get those gift certificates to you right away – congrats!


i finally got a tripod!  no more camera-in-my-face shots in my bathroom.  now i just have to figure out how to not feel totally lame smiling at a camera with no one behind it.  my kids keep asking me questions about what i’m doing and why.  it realy was so much easier and quicker to snap a quick pic in front of the mirror!


this is boutique season for me.  the biggest is the queen bee market coming mother’s day weekend.  if you live in the san diego area, or want to take a little road trip, this market will not disappoint!  join me may 6th and 7th at the del mar hilton!

but before the queen bee i have a boutique this week at my friend kim’s house.  if you live in south orange county and want to do some shopping on wednesday, email me!

then we also have a stitch market coming up in just a couple weeks.

aaaand, i may have just signed myself for another event in about  a month as well…

sometimes i wonder, “why do i do this to myself?” then i remember: it is so much fun!  i really do love doing boutiques, setting up my goodies like i own a brick and mortar shop.  i am super excited to start working on my booth since i’ve decided to try to step it up a notch, but still make it affordable and portable.


so what’s new in the shop this fine monday?

i listed bloom bags over the weekend and nearly all of them sold!  check out the last couple to see if they have your name written all over them (not literally, gullible ones).

i also restocked my ruffled scarves.

and wristlet clutches.

and i will be adding new checkbook covers and sunnies cases today, as soon as i can get some good light to photograph them!


have a great day!



  1. 1

    Sounds like a great weekend!
    Love the bags!

  2. 2

    Beautiful bags! Love them!

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  3. 3

    Congrats to the winners! We got out veggie garden planted as well and spruced up our flower beds and front planters. My girls had a ball getting dirty. I am not sure how exciting it will be for them when I ask them to help weed but we’ll see. Love that red purse. It sort of looks petite, I’ll have to check it out. Have a great Monday!

  4. 4

    Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Loving the ruffled scarves ~ think I need one!

  5. 5

    Thank You Thank You!!! Emailing now with more thank yous!

  6. 6

    woooohooo!!! Thanks, Lindsey!!! You just made my Monday pretty bright.

  7. 7

    Congrats to those winners. I love all the new stuff in your store!

  8. 8

    Darn. I wanted that yellow striped bloom bag. Oh well……I hesitated. My fault. I will keep watching.:)

  9. 9

    oh my goodness! yay!! thanks so much Lindsey! now… what to get… what to get…? (emailed you) (:

  10. 10

    ooooh! beauty!

  11. 11

    I love reading your blog and your little “brick and mortar” work and California. And I saw you on the Nester this morning. Holler!

    Love from Tennessee, Meg

  12. 12

    Oh, those boutiques sound like so much fun!! And I am loving that bag. Beautiful!!

  13. 13

    boo hoo :( the sunny stripes bloom back had my name WRITTEN all over it, but alas, it is sold. Oh, well, my name is pretty much written on all of your stuff! I LOVE IT!

  14. 14

    SO funny! My brother bought me a tripod for my birthday and I never thought about using it for WIWW! That will make my life SO much easier!

  15. 15

    Oh dear, now I want everything your shop! Those Bloom Bags are daaaangerous. :-) Wish we could lure you to Austin TX for a show!

  16. 16

    LOVE that clutch at the bottom!!!!!!

  17. 17

    love your stuff! would be all over a cute tote!
    just a thought…

  18. 18

    So, I just found your blog for the first time and I must say I am smitten! This is what I dream of having one day…and speaking of dreaming….your home?? That IS my dream home. The layout, decor, every little detail! You have great style and beautiful products! I will be going through your shop later.

    I do have one question though. It is the grand ol’ white slipcover debate-do you really love yours and how bad is it finding all the little smudges, stains and who-knows-what dripped on them? Do you have a no food rule or cover them with blankets to keep them cleaner? And how often to you clean them?

    I got all my supplies together, ready to make my own for my sofa and love seat and just the other night-the day before I was going to buy my fabric-I got cold feet and I read a lot of the good and bad reviews for white slipcovers. I would love an honest opinion from someone like you who obviously really lives in her home {which is great!} instead of making it a museum. Thank you so much!!


  19. 19

    Hi Lindsey, i am hoping to make you a little busier. Hoping you will share all your lovelies at our After Party. please, please, please!
    ruby rose

  20. 20

    Congrats to all the winners!! Wish I were closer so that I could attend some fab boutiques!

    Happy Monday!! :)

  21. 21

    I’ve set a goal of doing my first craft fair/boutique for this fall. I’d love any tips/advice you have on setting up a booth! Love all of your stuff!

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