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i first met dee last year at the creative connection and then again at blissdom this year.  in 2008, she launched Red Letter Words as a line of modern wall art featuring a clean, bold, vintage-modern typeface on a distressed background.  her idea of using scripture in a cool, typographic way as modern wall art is genius – a simple, clean way to tell a story in your home, flowing seamlessly with your family pictures on the wall.

instead of having a giant tv above our fireplace, i’d so rather have this on my mantel!

as a mom of 2 growing girls, i’d love to have this verse in their room, as a daily reminder of who they are to God, and that they are valued.

dee is offering 15% off entire orders (excluding custom work) with code POPPY15!!!!

the coolest thing about red letter words?  dee has offered one of my readers their choice of a 12 x 12 print!

so head on over to red letter words and leave a comment in this post letting me know your absolute favsies print and where you’d hang it!


  1. 1
    ERica W. says:

    I love the My House Modern

  2. 2

    i love ”’hope is an anchor to the soul” and i would hang it in my bedroom so i could see it every morning!

  3. 3

    So hard to choose one fav, I adore all of them. I think I would go with the “she knew she was worth far more than rubies” that would be great in my girls’ room.

  4. 4

    If I could, I’d have every one, in every room of my house. I have adored these for sometime now, so I was so excited to be up at 1:45 a.m. (working) to stumble upon this tweet! My top 3: (one wasn’t an option for my artist’s mind & my heart for the Lord) 1. “It is written” – the first wall you see when you walk in my house, so no one would miss their note from God! 2. “Love Never Fails 2” – in my red bedroom above my drum set (perfect!) 3. “Jeremiah 31” – in my studio where I can be found, at all times, drawing with lovingkindness!

  5. 5
    Jennifer Kindle says:

    I love this is my beloved, my friend- and I would hang it in the bed room.

  6. 6
    Rebecca Bradley says:

    Oh, “she knew she was worth far more than rubies”…going in my baby girl’s room!

  7. 7

    There are so many that are awesome, it is hard to choose.

    I love the coffee one–definitely in the kitchen
    Hebrews 13:2–entry way
    Keep Calm and Carry On—one for my friend, and one for me (maybe for my classroom)

  8. 8

    “she knew she was worth far more than rubies” – one of my favorite verses. I LOVE them all!

  9. 10

    I would LOVE to hang She Knew – Rubies, or She Knew – Clothed in Strength above my desk, since I spend time there every day without fail, and I would undoubtedly benefit from seeing either sentiment each and every day.

  10. 11

    Oh my!! LOVE THEM ALL!!!

    I was really drawn to Hebrews 13:2. It would be beautiful in an entry way.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. 12

    Well… this is harder than I thought.

    One of my favorite “pick me up” verses… “I can do all things” and I would put it in my living room.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. 13

    I would get Hannah’s prayer in Brown and hang it in my son’s room!

  13. 14

    I love the Jeremiah 29:11 – one of my favorite verses. I have a ladder shelf in our great room that it would look great on.

  14. 15

    I would choose THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE. I would put it in my kitchen so everyone would read it daily – cause with three kiddos we are always in the kitchen!

  15. 16

    SO hard to choose!!! But I think the Jer 29:11 verse would have to be it…I would display it in our built-in book shelves in our living room.

  16. 17

    They are all great, it was hard choosing just one, so I went down to three favourites: “Sushi” or “Coffee” Prints for my kitchen and “London Tube Stops” for my living room.

    Great giveaway!

  17. 18

    Oh…I love, love, love SO many of them. But the one that catches my eye right now is “Be strong and courageous….”, Joshua 1:9. I would give it to my 18 year old daughter who is graduating high school in a matter of weeks and have her take it with her as she goes off to school.

  18. 19
    Beth in the Heartland says:

    So many amazing choices! Not sure which one I would pick, but it would be between “He is Risen” or “I am my beloveds” or Hannah’s prayer since we are expecting a baby and don’t know the gender, brown would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway

  19. 20

    They are all so beautiful it is hard to decide. I would probably choose the Fruit is the Spirit with Pear. It would look lovely in my living room.

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  20. 21

    I love it all….I have no idea which one of canvases I would choose…but I think I would want three to hang over my bed….and then I would have to try and figure out what I would put on them. But I promise I can do it so go ahead and pick me! :)


  21. 22

    If I have to choose it would be She knew she was worth far more than rubies!

  22. 23
    Samantha Cleys says:

    I love the Coffee one!

  23. 24
    Tania S. says:

    Wow, so many to choose from. I like the 1 Corinthians 13 Love Never Fails. If I had this I would put it on my mantle in the living room. What a great conversation piece when people come into your home.

  24. 25

    Such a hard decision. These are all absolutely wonderful. I guess my choice would have to be Jeremiah 29:11. Brown would probably go better in my home… and I’d want to put it up EVERYWHERE. The living room would probably win.

  25. 26

    So hard to choose! I think the Hebrews 13:2 verse and I’d put in our kitchen where we spend most of our time.

  26. 27

    I’d choose the Jeremiah 31 one to put in my living room, OR the NYC 2 for my husband’s Yankees’ office….I just can’t decide!!!

  27. 28

    Rubies… and I would hang in my landing so my 3 girls could see it every day as they come down the steps. What a great reminder for girls in today’s society!!!

  28. 29

    This is the day–we need–I need to be reminded dailly, sometimes hourly–to be thankful! She does custom too, so it would be great to do the fruit of the spirit, or “Count it all JOY”
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  29. 30

    I love the “His Eye is on the Sparrow Brown with Blue Bird” canvas, although there are so many great ones to choose from! I think I would put it in my daughter’s room – what a great reminder. :) Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Easter!

  30. 31

    I love the Hebrews 13:2 print. Showing hospitality to all who enter our home…what a great reminder!

  31. 32

    I’d put the “two are better than one” up on our bedroom wall!! Beautiful!

  32. 33

    Rubies – for my daughter’s room OR
    What Can I do for Others – for my son’s room!

    Love these!

  33. 34

    I think “I can do all things”. As for where I’d hang it…not sure, but somewhere where it’d be in our sights everyday!

  34. 35

    I have always wanted a keep calm and carry on sign, but also like the two is better then one sign as well.

  35. 36

    I would choose Ephesians 3:20. My husband and I are church planters of Ephesus Church in Charlotte and when things get tough and seem like we are all on our own, God always reminds us of this verse one way or another! AND He HAS done eceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask or hope for in us, our family, and our church family! I would love to hang this in our living room to remind us DAILY of how great He is and what He has blessed us with!

  36. 37

    I could hang out on her site for a long time :) I would *most likely* choose Hebrews 13:2 but there are so many if I were to win I would have to look again. Your choices were cool too! Thanks!

  37. 38

    i ALL her stuff. would seriously love any of it in my house. but most in love with the “His eye…two are better in brown with orange, apple green and yellow birds” to hang in the master bedroom. what a great fun giveaway. thanks.

  38. 39

    i love the graphic on the “me and my house” what a great vendor! LOVE!

  39. 40

    well how do you even pick, they are all awesome…but i am really digging, the fruits of the Spirit. great giveaway!!

  40. 41
    Michelle Davis says:

    i would love to win Rubies on red for my 9yo daughter’s room. Rubies are her birthstone. <3

  41. 42

    I love the Rubies one or the Two are better than one. :)

  42. 43

    i NEED the keep calm and carry on :O)

    i love the rubies one as well… the note cards would be great to send to some wonderful friends as encouragement.

    i love it all.

    thanks for the introduction :o)

  43. 44

    WOW!! These are amazing!! I would either choose The Modern House for my kitchen, ot Two are better than one for my bedroom! Lovely! Thanks!

    God BLess & Happy Easter! Autumn

  44. 45

    I will take one of each please. :) I love the As for me and my house Modern. The gray one… Love it!!

  45. 46

    I love “Hanna’s Prayer” as it speaks so much to our family and all we prayed for our little girl. But, they’re all amazing.

  46. 47

    I totally want the His Eye is on the Sparrow Brown with Blue Bird. I want to redecorate my office/craft room with bird things and I already have a wall decal that would fit perfectly with that print! Love Red Letter Words!

  47. 48

    LOVE the fruit of the Spirit print!

  48. 49

    Zephaniah 3:17! But OMG, there are too many I love!

  49. 50

    Definitely the I can all do all things and hang it in my new office just as a reminder that He is always with me. Awesome stuff- thanks!

  50. 51

    I’m head over heals with the Hebrews 13:2 sign!
    I’d totally hang that in my kitchen as a constant reminder.

  51. 52

    Hannah’s prayer or Joshua 1:9. I have a special place to hang it to remind me why it is so fitting.

  52. 53

    I love the “Hope is an anchor to the soul”

  53. 54

    I’ve admired the Fruit of the Spirit design for awhile…I’d put it over my mantle!

  54. 55

    very hard to choose just one! love “this is the day …” to go in our family room. or “this is my beloved and my friend” or “two are better than one” for our bedroom. also LOVE “she knew she was worth far more than rubies” for my daughter’s (both of them!) room. these are all lovely!

  55. 56

    I like the rubies quote. But anyone would be fun to have.

  56. 57

    I love My House. We used to have that painted about our front door. My family still notices that our verse isn’t there anymore.

  57. 58

    Oh, in the midst of a very painful end to my marriage, the phrase “she is worth more than rubies” is just what I need to remind myself everyday. And then one day it will be perfect in my girl’s room (she just needs to come out and see it!)

  58. 59

    My fav is the ‘I am my beloveds’ I would love to hang that in my bedroom!

  59. 60
    Paula in MN says:

    Oh, Hebrews 13:2. Definitely.

  60. 61

    I would hang “Hebrews 13:2” in my kitchen. Our house is known to be the one to come to for the neighborhood kids. They can come over and get fed without embarrassment about being hungry. I hit the thrift stores and when the kids come over I try to have a shirt or a pair of jeans in their size and just tell them I was thinking of them when I saw it. Sometimes I don’t see them for months, but they always find their way back to say “Hi” and ask me if I need any help. I tell them “No” and let them play Wii and relax and not think about anything but enjoying themselves for a little while. These kids are angels to me and I let them know someone values them. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  61. 62

    It’d be between My House and 1 Corinthians 13 — we love both of those passages and have used them occasionally throughout the years. I would probably place it on our mantel.

  62. 63

    I love the As for me and my house modern one. I’d hang it in the hallway. :)

  63. 64

    I love “Keep Calm Carry On” from a while back. We are in the process of buying a new house so I think it would be completely appropriate to hang in the family room amongst the chaos!

  64. 65
    JennaLynn Self says:

    I love love love the 1 Corinthians 13 print! It would be perfect in our living room! :)

  65. 66

    Hebrews 13:2–love this. trying to teach it to my children. . .I think it should hang right by the entryway! thank you

  66. 67

    I love the verse, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” I’ve been looking and looking for a way to display that in my entryway but could never find the art style I liked……until now. I love, love, love Red Letter Words!!

  67. 68

    Can’t choose just one right now! Love the Rubies saying, Corinthians, and Two is better…would be a hard decision, but I’d make it! =-)

  68. 69

    LOVE Heb 13:2 and would have to hang it in the kitchen to remind myself all the time! such a great thought!! Great giveaway! Happy Good Friday!! :)

  69. 70

    so hard to choose, but i love two are better than one in brown!

  70. 71

    I really love the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On”…. I’ve been seeing it everywhere lately…. and I just love the colors Red Letter Words used for the print!

  71. 72

    I LOVE Red Letter Words! I’ve had my eye on the Jeremiah 29:11 print for a long time…I’d hang it in my office to inspire me when I’m frustrated with my school work!

  72. 73

    I would LOOOOOVE to win the Love Never Fails 2 print or the paris collage print! awesome giveaway (:

  73. 74

    I really love the Philippians 4:8 verse; it is one of my favorites. I would hang it in our master bedroom as a reminder to my husband and me and as an example to our kids.

  74. 75
    Natalie G says:

    Her stuff is awesome! I love the one that says Two are Better Than One

  75. 76

    Overkill I know, but I’ve made an entire shopping list of my faves!!!

    Joshua 1:9
    My Beloved My Friend
    A House is Built
    Two are Better Than One
    Hebrews 13:2
    Be Thankful…
    Wait Hope Expect (love the coloring)

    I would hang any of these in my studio or my bedroom depending on which one I would most humbly receive!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  76. 77

    LOVE the My House print. I would hang it within the collage of family pictures in our dining room!

  77. 78

    I would LOVE to own the:

    His Eye is on the Sparrow Brown with Blue Bird

    This is one of my very favorite Christian sentiments. It is such a beautiful reminder when you feel lost in the hubbub of life. God knows the very number of hairs on my head and he watches over all of his creations as if they were the only one – even the sparrow (which are my favorite birds). :) I’d put this print in my office which I am currently remodeling. The aqua bird would be a nice addition to the orange and aqua scheme I’m planning on. :)

  78. 79

    I love these. I have had my eye on James 1:17 for months now!

  79. 80

    I so love the Joshua 1:9 print. I would hang it in our living room as a reminder to my children that we can be strong and courageous because He is with us always!

  80. 81

    I love the Joshua 1:9 print!

  81. 82

    I would love to win the Fruit of the Spirit plaque.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway…

    Nancy5678 @ aol dot com

  82. 83

    I can’t believe you’re having this giveaway! I was just on the site yesterday thinking I’d really like to buy something to hang in my livingroom. Honestly there’s so much I love, I’m having a terrible time deciding what I would pick. It would be a last minute, split second decision for me. Since we’re on the cusp of Easter, I’ll say He Is Risen with the little blue bird.

  83. 84

    i like the two are better than one & the games one. so many great products!

  84. 85

    i would pick the coffee one and put it on the bulkhead in my kitchen- i have the perfect spot i’ve been trying to fill!

  85. 86

    I love the Hebrews 13:2 sign!

  86. 87
    Andrea Weiland says:

    My fave is “I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine!” I would put it in my bedroom. :) All of them are amazing!

  87. 88
    all shall be well says:

    Zephaniah 3:17, it is my life verse. :) and I would hang it right in the middle of my living room, where it would be seen on entering and leaving our house.


  88. 89
    Elizabeth Woodard says:

    I would love the one with all the New York words as that was one of the best trips I have ever taken. I would hang it in my living room!

  89. 90

    I love the “2 are better than one” print. I would hang this in my master bedroom once it gets remodeled and the ugly old lady wallpaper gets torn down!! It would be a great inspiration piece for decorating. I love brown and blue together! I also love the “This is the day that the Lord has made” one you pictured above. I would put it on one of my mounted shelves in my living room among the family pictures.

  90. 91

    LOVE Keep Calm and Carry On! I would hang it in my family room to remind me to KEEP CALM ANDS CARRY ON!!!!

  91. 92

    Too many awesome choices, but the ‘Rejoice Today’ stands out too. I would probably put it in our living room above the mantle so we as a family could see it everyday and be reminded to rejoice on a daily basis!

  92. 93
    Andrea C says:

    i love the two are better than one. :) either that or the hebrews one

  93. 94

    I would love the ‘Two are Better than One” and I would put it in my bedroom :)
    thanks for the giveaway!

  94. 95

    So many beautiful prints!! My fav is the fruit of the spirit, I just painted our living room and would love to display that on my mantel. :) Wonderful giveaway, thanks!

  95. 96

    love the “He is Risen” 12 x 12…Thanks for the chance to win :) and Happy Easter!

  96. 97
    Connie tacazon says:

    As for me and my house we will serve the lord. That’s my pick.

  97. 98

    Definitely James 1:17 and I would hang it over my son’s crib.

  98. 99

    My favorite thing is honestly the custom print – I would love to have one with all the places my husband and I have lived. So cool!

  99. 101
    Jenna Nelson says:

    I love the “rubies” one. It would definitely go where my daughter could see it every day.

  100. 102

    I would love the wait, hope, expect with flowers at the bottom. It would go perfectly in my bedroom entryway to remind me to slow down and keep the faith.

  101. 103

    “He is Risen!” I have wanted to put up those words in my great room for awhile now!!!

  102. 104

    Hope is an anchor to the soul OR the fruit of the Spirit…I would hang it in my living room.

  103. 105

    Ooo! Hope I get it! I love the Fruits of the Spirit and the Two are Better Than One (I’ve checked out her site before and have had my eye on that last one!)

  104. 106

    i love the “two are better than one” print!! i would probably put it in the office on the built in bookcases…. or maybe in the dining room displayed with our canvus wedding prints!

  105. 107

    love them all! favorite might be 1Corinthians 13. that was in my wedding vows! i would hang it in my new kitchen!!!!

  106. 108

    i love “i can do ALL things through Christ” what a reminder for my kiddos!

  107. 109

    I would LOVE the Corinthians for my bedroom wall. It’s been a tough time at our house lately and it would be an amazing reminder of enduring love. xo

  108. 110
    Chabree Grove says:

    I love these products! I especially connected with “Ask Seek Knock” and I would hang it in my office. It would serve as a daily reminder to keep pushing thru the hurdles and unknowns, asking questions, seeking answers, awaiting blessings, and allowing opportunity to knock. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  109. 111

    I love The Fruit of the Spirit. It would look great added to my gallery wall!

  110. 112

    I really like the Orange County beaches, because I used to live there. But if I won, I would definitely pick the rubies one and hang it in my teenage girls’ bathroom, so they would see it every day when getting ready to go out into the harsh world. Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. 113

    I just read Ann Voskamps 1000 Gifts, so I would get Be Thankful and Tell Him So. These prints are so lovely!!

  112. 114

    love the fruit of the spirit :) I’d hang it in our living room!

  113. 115

    My favorite is the “Two are better than one” print with the birds- so cute! I’d hang it somewhere that I could see it everyday. And it’s my birthday- fingers crossed!

  114. 116

    I love the Hannah’s Prayer print! I woul hang it in my soon to be born twins room. We have prayed long and hard for these babies!

  115. 117

    I love the Love never fails one! I would hang it in
    my living room. I saw it a few days ago on her site and have been reminding myself all week!

  116. 118

    I love the Two are Better than One 20×20. Darling things!

  117. 119

    Love this:
    I’d hang it on the wall next to the mirror on my dresser.

  118. 120

    I love the Hannah’s prayer print. What a great addition to a nursery! I’m very tempted, however, to give it to a friend who is adopting….


  119. 121
    Gretchen says:

    Oh I would LOVE to have the “Two are better than one”!

  120. 122

    Keep Calm and Carry On of course! With four boys in my house, I say this a lot! Perfect in the kitchen or on the mantle!

  121. 123

    I love them all too!! I would love to put the “whatever is…think of these things” on my daughters room… Or maybe at the kitchen table. Would love to buy them all though. So creative!!!

  122. 124

    I love the “Two are better than one” print. I think I would hang it in my bedroom.

  123. 125

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I’ve been checking them all out recently. The rubies one would be PERFECT for her room. Or the one about her being made in HIS image is great too. She just asked Jesus into her heart and I would love to put that on her wall to mark this new birthday in our family!!

  124. 126

    My House Modern is the perfect gift for my brother, his wife and their new baby

  125. 127

    I like the fruits of the Spirit…and the London tube stops. A weird combination, I know. :-)

  126. 128

    I would pick the I Love You with Birds in pink for my little girls bedroom! So cute!!

  127. 129

    I like My House Modern. As much as I like it though, I think my sister in law would love it, so I’d be tempted to give it to her… If I wasn’t able to part with it, it’d look nice in the gray and yellow dining room redo we have underway.

  128. 130

    Would love to have Hebrews 13:2 rigth here in my door way to greet my guests!

  129. 131
    Tamara G says:

    I love Red Letter! She does such a great job. My favorite is fruit of the Spirit! I think your favorite is such a beautiful reminder for your girls to see on a regular basis.

  130. 132

    Love this give away–I would choose the “Boston” print for our son-in-law who is from ther…

  131. 133

    I love Be Thankful and say so… and sushi is awesome too!

  132. 134

    I absolutely love the “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine!” print. Just love it. It would go perfect above our bed as we are redecorating our room.

    Thank you!

  133. 135

    I love the ‘beloved’ one–I’d hang it in our kitchen!

  134. 136

    My favorite is Hebrews 13:2. It was the Scripture passage read at our wedding and I would hang it in our living room.

  135. 137

    I love Red Letter Words! My current favs are ‘I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine’ and the ‘Rejoice Today’ print.

  136. 138

    Oh man, these are so awesome! I will definitely be purchasing one regardless. My fave is probably the Jeremiah 17:7 Blessed are those that trust in the Lord, whose hope is in Him. Raising up children to be warriors in His Kingdom, you can never be reminded enough that we must trust in Him and must put our hope in Him because if we don’t we are automatically agreeing with the enemy. Our kids need to know they can trust the Lord from the earliest age they can understand it! I would put it in our living room so we can see it and agree with the statement every day!

  137. 139

    wow i love all of them…. i would have such a hard time picking just one out!! the one w/ joshua 1:9 on it is awesome…and the coffee one…. and you gotta love the i love you w/ birds! too cute!!

  138. 140

    I love the “Two are better than one” print with the two blue birds. It would work in our master bedroom beautifully!

  139. 141

    I like the fruits of the spirit, and would probably hang it in our school room or in the hallway.

  140. 142

    I like the “Fruit of the Spirit with Pear” one. So fun!

  141. 143

    I love the games people play in red. It would look so cute in our playroom.

  142. 144
    kristin M says:

    I’m loving the ‘He is risen’ 12×12 and would make it a part of my easter decor.

  143. 145

    Psalm 1 is my absolute favorite and I really love He is Risen!! So hard to find Easter decor that isn’t all cute fluffy bunny. :)

  144. 146
    Kara Henshaw says:

    First choice would be “Be calm” and second choice would be “I can do all things”. I would hang both in the mudroom, where when I come the house, it reminds me how I choose to live! I LOVE these reminders!!

  145. 147

    Love the “Keep Calm and Carry On” !!

  146. 148

    I love the Psalm 37:3 one. Love all of them actually :)

  147. 149

    I would LOVE the rubies scripture print for my girls’ room.

  148. 150

    there are so many that i like but if i had to choose, i would go with the “love spoken here” it’s so simple but i think powerful. and i think it would be part of our hallway gallery.

  149. 151

    Love the verses but I’m also into the beach one too!

  150. 152

    Love the rubies verse. I’d hang it in my bathroom to remind me every morning what my worth really is.

  151. 153
    a.k.a.mama says:

    My daughter has been saying “I love you more” so I need the “I love,love,love,love…you more” print with the pink birds…would be super cute in the bathroom or next to her bed!

  152. 154

    I love the canvas prints for sushi and the beach. I want one!!! ;)

  153. 155

    “Love never fails”…not only is true but it would be a lovely addition to a bare wall in my master bedroom.

    I also adore “You are right where you should be”. The flowers and colors are so uplifting and would certainly inspire me while spending long hours in my office.

    Thanks for the opportunity to own such awesome art!

  154. 156

    I love the Jeremiah 29:11 print. It’s my all time favorite ever verse so I may just have to get it!

  155. 157

    I would choose the She Knew…His Words print. We have two boys and recently found out that our third will be a baby girl! I am anxious to redo our nursery, and I think that print would be an awesome inspiration piece in there.

  156. 158

    I love the Fruit of the Spirit with Pear print. I would hang it in our basement which is almost finished with construction. I expect it to be a highly utilized family area so having a reminder of the fruit of the spirit would be great!

  157. 159
    michelleF says:

    “They were growing..” & the “My Modern House” – love those two especially!! :)

  158. 160

    I’d ask for a print of this:

    And I’d hang it at my parents’. I think my mom would love it. It’d be an extra little mother’s day gift :)

  159. 161

    I’m totally with you on this, Lindsey. “This is the day…” would probably go on my mantle. I sing it to my son every morning when I get him up for the day. And “She’s worth more than rubies” ? That would hang in my daughters room. Because I believe every girl needs to be reminded how special and how loved they are by our Creator…. even big girls :)

  160. 162

    Hey SIL = I love the rubies one also – I think I need that :) lv u

  161. 163
    Charity B. says:

    I love the ‘she knew that she was worth far more than rubies’! What a beautiful and great reminder!

  162. 164
    Mandy McKinnon says:

    “This is the day that the Lord has made…” is one of my absolute favorite songs/ verses of the Bible. Our 2 boys attend a Christian school and participate in chapel service each Friday morning; as my work schedule allows I love to attend these chapel services too… hearing 200 children, grades PreSchool through 6, sing this song with love in their heart for Jesus is a sound that is unmatched by anything! I would LOVE to proudly display this sign on the mantel, above the fireplace, in our kitchen- the heart of our home.

  163. 165

    Joshua 1:9 . Probably in our family room

  164. 166

    I really do love them ALL! But my favorite is the Chord of Three Strands. That was our reading at our wedding!
    Jennifer B.

    jenniferlynnebeard (at) gmail (dot) com

  165. 167

    I love all of them, but my current fav is Hebrews 13:2 for the living room:)

  166. 168

    Hebrews 13:2 I love that verse! I love to entertain !

  167. 169

    i am loving the beach favorites and i would hang it in a collage with some of our favorite beach pictures!

  168. 170
    mel spencer says:

    i’ve seen her work before and love it. i would choose the jeremiah 29:11 print and hang it in my kitchen. i’m working on decorating it now and it would go perfectly in there!

  169. 171
    Hayley AMack says:

    I love – I am my beloveds…. this is engraved on my husbands wedding ring I also like the fruit of the spirits – that would go in my kitchen as a reminder when I’m doing dishes ;)

  170. 172


  171. 173

    Oh, I completely LOVE “You are right where you should to be”!! This would go so perfectly on the blue walls of my dining room — the center of my daily living space. It is exactly the message I need to keep reminding myself about right now.

  172. 174

    I love them all!! I would pick two are better then one and put it in my bedroon.

  173. 175
    Michelle says:

    Love them all! Would prob. have to pick Hannah’s Prayer though.

  174. 176

    I am my beloved’s . . .

    In our bedroom.

    I am a newlywed, so I am still super mushy and all that good stuff.

  175. 177

    Love everything but, my favorite is “but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord”.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  176. 178
    Hannah S. says:

    Love so many! I think I would choose the fruits of the Spirit for my kitchen.

  177. 179

    I love the 1Corinthians 13 print! I would hang it in our living room!

  178. 180

    I follow Dee’s blog too; simply love her! My current favorite is Hannah’s Prayer. As a mom of a teen and young adult there have been many times I reminded myself that this young man is a result of prayer…it’s good to remind ourselves God is in charge of them!
    I would hang Hannah’s Prayer next to the Madonna portraits I have of each of them wearing the same outfit made by my great aunt.

  179. 181

    I love the house modern.

  180. 182

    The “she knew she was worth far more than rubies” just hit me in the gut this morning. Any picture that about brings me to tears is definitely on the top of my list! I have no idea where it would go … it just needs to be here, somewhere.

  181. 183

    I would LOVE the “Two are Better than one” print, because my husband is everything to me. And to constantly remind me of this, I would put in on my mantle.

  182. 184

    I love the 2 are better than one! I would hang it in our living room

  183. 185
    Ranae Broadhead says:

    i love the ephesians 68 one

  184. 186

    I love the black and white keep calm and carry on! I would put it in my room for another year and then move it in to the dorm with me in 2012..yay college!!

  185. 187

    I love the Hannah’s Prayer print. After my first son was stillborn, we prayed fervently for a healthy 2nd baby and we were blessed with a beautiful daughter. I would love to hang this at the end of our hallway above my son and daughters foot prints!

  186. 188

    I love the Psalm 1 wrap text prints…they would be wonderful for the living room.

  187. 189

    Truth be told, I’ve always loved the “more than rubies” print and have been eyeing it forever! I’ve always pictured it hanging up in my office, but I love your idea of hanging it in my daughter’s room. Shoot – maybe we both need one!

  188. 190

    I would hang “Keep Calm and Carry On” in our dining room. It’s a great reminder, I love the historical significance, and it’s such a relevant message. Great shop! Thanks for sharing. :)

  189. 191

    I LOVE the “I Prayed for this Child…” I’d put it in the nursery for my little boy–my greatest blessing.

  190. 192

    “this is the day the Lord has made….” oh, i hope i win. i’ve had my eye on this for a while.

  191. 193

    I love all of her work! “She knew that she was clothed in strength and dignity” would be perfect in my daughter’s room! Thanks for the giveaway!

  192. 194

    I love them all, but sometimes I need a reminder that “you are right where you should be”… so that’s the one i’d choose, and i’d hang it in my home-office!

  193. 195

    I love the one that says “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” I love that verse! I would hang it by our front door. :)

  194. 196

    I would take the hospitality one… put it in my guest room to remind me to always welcome strangers into my home. A little bit like God opened his home to us, who were once his enemies, but now his children.

  195. 197
    Amber Treat says:

    James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above. What a sweet reminder–I would put it in my living room for all to see!

  196. 198

    I love the one you choose but I also love His Eye is on the Sparrow Brown with Blue Bird print and would put it in our entryway!

  197. 199

    I love everything! Hard to choose… maybe Hope is the Anchor for the Soul. What a fabulous company!

  198. 200
    peachgirl says:

    I love the London Tube Stops print. I would hang it in our dining room to go with the pub table we just purchased.

  199. 201

    I LOVE the message of Keep Calm and Carry On! That would look great in my office! I also love the Sparrow prints – especially since I have my eye on a new tattoo design of a sparrow to symbolize freedom and safe passge. Love it! :)

  200. 202

    I love the print of Jeremiah 31. Those are beautiful!

  201. 203

    I love the print of Jeremiah 31. There are so many beautiful choices!!

  202. 204
    Adrieanna says:

    I absolutely love them all! Do I really have to pick?
    I think if I HAD to choose now it would be the “Keep Calm and Carry On” for my youngest daughters room….. She has a tendancy to “spin” a little bit….and this would just be a daily reminder to “breath”….

  203. 205

    rubies, i would hang it above my daughter’s bed.

  204. 206

    I have two favorites:
    Hebrews 13:2 that I would hang in my kitchen so I could see it every day and Ephesians 68 TBA that I would hang near my desk at work as a good reminder.


  205. 207

    So many lovely choices. I’m thinking Ephesians 3:20!

  206. 208

    I love the “Keep Calm and Carry On” ones, but I also really like I Corinthians 13. What great art!

  207. 209

    you are right where you should be!! love it!

  208. 210

    I love the 1 Corithians 13 piece. I would not want it for myself, but for my best friend who is getting married in June. What an amazing wedding gift with such a perfect message for the occasion.

  209. 211

    proverbs 3:5-6 . beautiful!!!

  210. 212
    Sara Anne says:

    I actually love the “far more than rubies” quote.

  211. 213

    These are so great! I love how modern and traditional they are…all at the same time! My favorite is My House Modern!

  212. 214

    LOVE the Hebrews 13:2 one…that’s a verse my Momma instilled in me. You don’t see it on many plaques and such. I’d put it in our living/dining area.

  213. 215

    I love the Fruit of the Spirit! And honestly, where WOULDN’T I hang it?! We all need those reminders in this house!

  214. 216

    I still love the Two are Better than One prints. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  215. 217

    love them all but “hope is the anchor to my soul” is my favorite right now. a good reminder for me and my family so i would hang it in our family room!

  216. 218

    i love the “she knew she was clothed in strength and dignity.” i would love to hang it in my bathroom as a reminder every new day.

  217. 219

    I love Joshua 1:9 and this was my boys’ memory verse this week! I would hang it above the door where we leave everyday as a reminder to them (and me too!)

  218. 220

    i like the first one in the post – “keep calm and carry on” and i would hang it in my kitchen. they’re all so nice though!

  219. 221

    I love these!! My favorites are Fruit of the Spirit with Pear and My House Modern.

  220. 222
    sharon bernard says:

    Love these! I would choose A House is Built, or Two is better than One or This ia the Day the Lord has made! I would hang them in my family room or bedroom. So many choices! Hope I get to choose!!!!
    Thank you!

  221. 223

    I would give Hannah’s Prayer or Hope is an Anchor to the Soul to my dear sister to hang in my nephew’s bedroom. He is currently battling a rare childhood cancer and I know it would mean a lot to her to read those words on a daily basis. Simply beautiful!!!

  222. 224

    I love Hebrews 13:2 … always a gentle reminder

  223. 225

    I love the “Two are better than one” with the two little birds. I think this would look cute in my twin girls’ bedroom!

  224. 226

    He Is Risen! I love that little bird on there! So sweet. I think I’d leave it up all year long in my foyer so guests could celebrate that truth with us every time they visit. Happy Easter!

  225. 227

    I love the “Wait Hope Expect” ! great message

  226. 228

    I’ve admired the offerings at Red Letter Words for some time now. They’re all so fabulous… at this particular moment, though, I would probably chose Two is Better than One and give it to my husband for our next anniversary (31 years in November!)… or maybe give it to him when our daughter gets married this summer (because waiting until Nov. would be way hard!). However, the I’d Rather be Stamping one made me laugh outloud. :) Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Resurrection Day to you!

  227. 229
    Jessica G. says:

    Thanks for showing me this website. I seriously want everything from Red Letter Words. When going thru the website, the standout for me was Hannah’s Prayer. I would love to hang that in my baby’s nursery Aw, so beautiful.

  228. 230

    “I can do all things through Christ” in my bathroom as a daily reminder of what my focus should be. Also, love “She knew that she was created in HIS image.”

  229. 231

    I like the my house and james 1:17 the best. Thanks for the giveaway.

  230. 232

    I absolutly love the saying about the Rubies…I have always loved that. I would put it over my bed.

  231. 233
    Leslie P. says:

    I love Hannah’s prayer because it has such a special meaning to me and I would hang it just about anywhere in my house(but it doesn’t currently come in 12 x 12). I also love the Fruits of the Spirit–the kitchen seems like a fitting place, doesn’t it?

  232. 234

    wait, hope, expect – fabulous!

  233. 235

    1 Corinthians 13 would be my pick. I want to do a hodge podge of different things on my family room wall and this would go perfectly!

  234. 236

    ” i am my beloved’s…” for the empty wall in my master bedroom. :) lalalove it!

  235. 237

    My favorite is “Love Never Fails 4”. I’d hang it in the foyer! Thanks for the chance.

  236. 238
    Niki Christiansen says:

    Because I am always looking for unique and creative Easter-themed decor, I really like “He is Risen”. I think during the Easter season I would hang use it in our schoolroom and then the rest of the year I would make a place in my small entryway! What a wonderful web-site! Thanks for introducing me to it.

  237. 239
    Amy Harris says:

    I love 1Cor. 13 for over my fireplace. The black with the red heart. So sweet!

  238. 240

    I love the Hebrews 13:2…entertaining angels…I’d put that on my mantel for sure!


  239. 241

    I love the Fruit of the Spirit with Pear print. I would hang it in the entry way as a reminder to myself.

  240. 242

    I love the “I am my Beloved’s…” – very neat! It would go in our bedroom.

  241. 243

    my favorite is “I can do all things through Christ” print

  242. 244

    I love the Jeremiah 31 print!

  243. 245

    I love them all! My very favorite one however would have to be the Fruit of the Spirit print. In Ivory. Hung in my downstairs powder room (the room most frequented by the whole family! ;-) We all need a little reminder of the fruits each day, eh? ;-)

  244. 246
    Kristen Borland says:

    LOVE! Eph. 3:20 in our living room, or “she knew she was worth far more than rubies” in lola’s room.

  245. 247
    Amber H. says:

    I really love the “He is risen.” Fingers crossed!!

  246. 248

    I love Zephaniah 3: 17. Have a wonderful Easter!

  247. 249

    Hebrews 13 in my dining room. Inspires me to have people over more often! Hope you enjoy a wonderful Easter with your sweet family!

  248. 250

    I love Hannah’s prayer. I have so many friends who had such a hard time conceiving, but finally had a baby. I think they would really like this prayer.

  249. 251
    Shelly Foster says:

    Hope is an anchor to the soul …. My fav ! So beautiful !!

  250. 252

    love the colored keep calm canvases. i would probably hang in my hallway…somewhere i would see every day!

  251. 253

    I like Jeremiah 17:7. I would hang it either in our hallway or my room.

  252. 254

    I would love to have “I can do ALL things through Christ. who strengthens me” print. I would place it on my mantel as a constant reminder to me and my family.

  253. 255

    I really dig the Hope one; I think I would like that by one of the front doors or perhaps in the bathroom so I can see it every day. I also love the Fruit of the Spirit one, I just love all those values and it would be neic to have a beautiful reminder. what a fun giveaway, thank you!

  254. 256

    They are all so awesome, it’s hard to choose!

    I love two, “We love because He first loved us” and “I can do ALL things through Christ”.

    The first would go nicely above our bed, but I think I would actually display either in our main room that could be seen from any direction and even walking in the front door.

  255. 257
    Kristina says:

    wow! tough choice! it’s between the “fruit of the spirit” and “sushi”! ha!

  256. 258

    Would love Micah 6:8 and I would hang it in our entry way. :)

  257. 259

    There are way too many to choose from! But Hebrews 13:2 and Hannah’s Prayer are definitely on my list! Thanks for sharing this site with us!

  258. 260

    Ooooh, I would love to have the “I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine” print to hang in my bedroom above our bed.

  259. 261
    Amy Miller says:

    wow. wow. I love all of the items they have.. But I think i would choose “Hannahs prayer” Thank you soooo much for the chance to win!!

  260. 262

    picking just one is SO hard. but if i had to, i’d pick the fruit of the spirit with a pear. it would be perfect in my dining room/family office space. so perfect. please pick me!

  261. 263
    Kristy N says:

    Eph 3:20 is my favorite and I’d hang it in one of my main rooms so I could be reminded of God’s promises every morning!

  262. 264

    I love her site. I have it bookmarked and hope to make a purchase in the future. I would love to win one. I love the Fruits of the Spirit print. I think I would hang it in our home school room.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  263. 265

    Hope is an Anchor really speaks to me right now. My living room has a space but I just might have to make room for it in my bedroom so it’ll be the first words I see when I wake up and the last I see when I go to sleep.

  264. 266

    I just love my Beloved my Friend. I’d hang it in our bedroom so I could see it when I wake up and before I go to bed.

  265. 267

    i love the one about rubies. i would give it to my great friend mandy who sometimes has trouble remembering her worth.

  266. 268

    keep calm and fruits of the spirit…
    thanks for an opportunity!

  267. 269

    I would get the “This is the day” verse. That verse is such a good reminder of how we should live our days. Thanks for this giveaway!

  268. 270

    I LOVE the I LOVE YOU print and would put it in our master bedroom :-)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  269. 271

    I love the My House Modern print!

    Thanks for the chance!

  270. 272
    Kristi Anderson says:

    I LOVE these prints! I adore the Keep Calm and Carry on. I lost my dad recently and I think I have repeated this phrase in one way or another for weeks!

  271. 273

    Every good and perfect gift… that’s a great reminder after reading Ann Voskamp’s book.

  272. 274

    I love so many of them!! But if I could only choose one, I’d choose the Psalms 1-set of 3. I’d put it somewhere in my living room to remind my family the promises of God.

  273. 275

    love red letter words!
    rejoice today is my favorite :)

  274. 276

    I love love love the House Modern. It would go in our great room, right next to our large iron cross.

  275. 277

    I love the one that says “this is the day the Lord has made”… one of my favorite verses! I think i might hang it in my bathroom… perfect reminder as I start each day!

  276. 278

    LOVE red letter words…trying to figure out a way to buy THEM ALL w/o my husband wondering why there is such a large charge on my cc! heb 13:2 have been dying to get this and hang in my dining room.

  277. 279

    “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”
    In gray. In our entry way so we see it each time we come in or go out.
    My husband and I just finished a study in Joshua. It was a life changing for us.
    We decided to make that verse our family verse.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love from,

  278. 280
    Emily C. says:

    Love Spoken Here in our kitchen or family room as a reminder that we speak kindly….working on that constantly with two young boys. Thanks!

  279. 281
    michele m Fry says:

    Would love to win for my sister and give it to her for birthday in May. She has been wanting one for a year, and just got done with her reno in her home so she now has the perfect spot!!

  280. 282
    krista farrell says:

    oh i love this stuff!!!! my favs are her trust in the Lord and Where the Spirit of the Lord is prints!! Wow!! Amazing!!!

  281. 283

    i can’t decide! my favorites are the james 1:17 and phil 4:8 ones…love it!

  282. 284

    My fave is Fruit of the spirit, and I’d hang it in my kitchen above my coffee pot so I’d see it all the time!

  283. 285

    Love the “Let Your Dreams Set Sail” and would put it in my boys’ room with photos of them on Lake Michigan in their Daddy’s hometown.

  284. 286
    Michelle says:

    I love “This is my BELOVED and this is my FRIEND. For our wedding, we received a beautiful sculpture which had this on it. I would love to place this on our dresser where we can see it every morning and every night. Great stuff!

  285. 287

    I’ve had the fruit of the Spirit one on my wish list for a while. I’d hang it at the top of my stairs to see so many times a day as a reminder of what I should/would be demonstrating outwardly when I’m walking in the Spirit.

  286. 288
    Amber F. says:

    I love, This is the day that the Lord has made!

  287. 289

    I would put the 1 Corinthians 13 print on my mantle :)

  288. 290

    My fave is the “fruit of the spirit” with the pear. This is something I pray for our two girls monthly. Love that verse!
    I would hang it in our schoolroom or in our kitchen on the wall above our table. : )
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  289. 291

    I have to agree with the “rubies” one… such a great one to communicate value to girls of all ages. That would go in my sweet daughter’s room.

  290. 292

    I love the I can do all things through Christ…Phil. 4:13….this is my oldest daughters favorite verse and has gotten our family through some difficult times.

    I also love the Love Never Fails 2…gorgeous!

    Thanks for a fun giveaway! I just found out about Creative Connection and am trying to figure out a way to go this year!!

    Happy Easter!

  291. 293

    I think I would pick the Hebrews 13:2 one …although, I don’t know because there are several others I love as well! I would put it on my mantle – I have a perfect spot where it could fit right now!

  292. 294

    I heart the “Two Are Better Than One” print. Thanks for an opportunity to win!

  293. 295

    I don’t even have to go to the website to check, I’ve known which one I’ve wanted for a while now. “His eyes are on the sparrow”
    Love Dee’s prints!

  294. 296

    For SURE the one I would choose is “We can do hard things”, which I saw on another blog the other day. I love her work, and I could definitely use that reminder some days, being the parent of an autistic child. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  295. 297
    Carole Tidwell says:

    I love, love the RUBIES one, but then again, I love them ALL!!!!!!! These just knock my socks off! I am going to save my money and see how many I can buy over the next 12 months!

  296. 298

    Oh Gosh! What a hard choice. I’ve been looking for something for my children’s playroom so I think I’d get “The Games People Play” for them.

  297. 299

    Zeph 3:17 in NIV (1984 version)(didn’t know there were year versions? Check Biblegateway) and it would hang in my living room.

  298. 300

    I love the “Rejoice Today.” I would hang it in my livingroom.

  299. 301
    Rachel K. says:

    I love Jeremiah 17:7. I would hang it in my room.

  300. 302

    he is risen or love never fails

  301. 303

    The Hebrews 13:2 print is my favorite. I would hang it in my dining room. I like to entertain, so that Scripture makes me want to never turn down the opportunity to host, for I might miss the chance to entertain an angel in heaven or Jesus Himself!

  302. 304

    I LOVE the Hebrews Verse!

  303. 305

    I love them all, but the fruit of the spirit with pear. So cute!

  304. 306

    “she knew that she was worht far more than rubies” I have two sisters and we need to be reminded of this, but even more is the roomies I’ll have next year. I would love to give them this gift :)

  305. 307

    “she knew she was worth far more than rubies” is one of my favorite verses and would hang it in my daughter’s room. I LOVE them all!

  306. 308

    There are so many amazing ones to choose from. But my two favorite are Jeremia 29:11 & My House.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  307. 309
    donna doeden says:

    They are all so awesome. My favorite is Hebrews 13:2 . It would be hung in my soon to be new home’s foyer.

  308. 310

    LOOOOVE: {she knew she was worth far more than rubies} in fact, just tweeted it :) gosh, words are so powerful!! xoxo thanks for the chance

  309. 311
    emily mitchell says:

    Hebrews 13:2

  310. 312

    I love This is the Day The Lord has made, a daily reminder to cherish each day.

  311. 313
    CARRIE O says:

    She knew that she was clothed in strength and Dignity!

  312. 314

    I’d pick Two are Better than One and hang it in my room. THANKS for the chance! I love the style and look of these!

  313. 315

    the 1 corinthians 13 one is my favorite!!

  314. 316

    I love the Philippians 4:8 print.

  315. 317

    I love Hannah’s prayer in brown. I had to wait a long time to have a child and God graciously gave us our son through adoption. I would hang it up along with photos of my son.

  316. 318
    Erin Gross says:

    I love so many, but would absolutely have to go with the the Eph 3:20 canvas.
    It’s our life verse from our wedding :)

  317. 319

    I love the Hebrews 13:2 about hospitality to strangers. I would put it in our dining room. And I love the coffee one – it would go in our kitchen! Or the “rubies” one for my little girl’s room. I love them all!

  318. 320

    love them all! love the rubies one for my girls too. great idea.

  319. 321

    I love them all! If I HAD to choose one it would be This Is The Day The Lord Has Made. Such a great reminder EVERYDAY! Thanks for the chance, Lindsey!

  320. 322

    Oh my goodness, I’ve loved Red Letter Words for a long time now. I just went to their site again and saw the “quilts” print that I’ve never seen there before. I love it! I would hang it in my new sewing room that desperately needs to be decorated!

  321. 323

    What a fun company! I love the Two are better than one print. I would put it in our living room!

  322. 324
    Kristin M says:

    I absolutely love “Do not doubt in the dark, what God has shown you in the light! It was my saying when we were in the process of adopting our daughter last year. It really got me through the year. But since I can only pick one print, I would go with the Fruit of the Spirit with the pear and hang it in my living room as a daily reminder.

  323. 325

    I really like the fruits of the spirit with the pear…very cool..

  324. 326

    Oh my, I literally just sprung tears looking at these beautiful pieces of work. I think I would go with Hebrews, 13:2. Or far more precious than rubies. But realistically I’m going to buy one, then ideally I’m going to win another!!!!!!!!!

  325. 327

    I love the Jeremiah 21:11 as well as the “more precious than rubies”. But they are all fantastic and anyone would be blessed to display them in their home.

  326. 328
    Beth Lauder says:

    I love Hannah’s Prayer. I have suffered through eight years of infertility, never being able to carry a baby to live birth. It has been a painful journey, but God has sustained me all the while. In 2007 I was blessed to become a mommy through adoption. The verse on the 12×12 Hannah’s Prayer canvas is the verse that I put in my daughter’s birth announcement. I know that it was God who brought my daughter to me and gave me the desire of my heart after much loss and heartache. I’d love to have that canvas as a beautiful reminder that God answers prayers!

  327. 330

    I’ve had Red Letter Words bookmarked for so long…just waiting for some extra $$ to order Jeremiah 29:11

    • 331

      oops…I’d hang it in my entry foyer where we could see it every day, coming and going

  328. 332

    Hebrews 13:2. This is a verse quoted by my great-grandfather and repeated throughout my family. Definitely a statement to see as you come in the door. Rubies will be perfect for my little granddaughter in her room.

  329. 333

    I would pick Hebrews 13:2 ~ I always believe in paying things forward and giving giving giving.
    OR I would pick I Love you More, I ALWAYS say this with my sweet babes OR last but not least, Beach Favorites ~ need I say more, the beach IS our favorite!

  330. 334

    I love all of the bible verses the most. But the one that caught my eye was simply stated: “You are right where you should be.” The reason I was drawn to this is because when I was going thru cancer treatments & working, I wasn’t sure of God’s plan for me at first. As I learned to trust Him more, I was sure He had a plan for me. It was a real learning experience for me. I learned to walk by faith a moment at a time. Thanks for a wonderful blog:) Jenny

  331. 335

    Oh how I would love to hang the “Love Never Fails” print in my house!

  332. 336

    “she was worth far more than rubies”….to hang in my 5 year old daughter’s room. so she never doubts her value in God’s eyes.

  333. 337

    Wow…love them all! The coffee one is right up my alley as is the Keep Calm and Carry On. Love the entertaining angels one too!

  334. 338
    michelle says:

    I’ve just been working on creating a gallery wall from our family pics & this would SO look marvelous there!!!!! The Jer. 17:7 print is perfect!!!!!!!

  335. 339

    my house modern. love!

  336. 340

    They’re all so beatiful. I do like the Hebrews quote though.
    Where would I hang it…hmmm… it would look awesome over a fireplace (but I don’t have one!)- so I’d put it on the stairwell so that we could ponder it as we head out the door.

  337. 341

    Love “Be Thankful and say so to Him” –great words to live by!

  338. 342

    Love the Proverbs 31 signs for sure, but I was most touched by the video she posted on her Blog today – “In Christ Alone”. We are so blessed to have a Redeemer!

  339. 343

    I also have two girls, and I would especially like for my oldest to have “she knew she was worth far more than rubies” on both her wall and in her heart :)

  340. 344

    My husband loves the verse “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD” from Joshua. So I would buy this one and let hims decide where to put it. We are redoing our kitchen, so he might want to put it in there.

  341. 345

    “I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine” I would hang it our bedroom so my husband and I could see it every morning when we wake up and have our coffee in bed.. my favorite part of my day…

  342. 346

    I have always wanted a “Keep Calm and Carry On” print to hang in my family room.

  343. 347

    I LOVE the Hebrews 13:2 verse, I feel like it reminds us to be kind to others because you never know what situation they are facing. :)
    I would hang it in my entry way for all to see!

  344. 348

    I’d love a keep calm sign….so I can be just like everyone else!!!

  345. 349
    MelindaB says:

    I love the Two are Better than One but also love the Fruit of the Spirit with pear

  346. 350

    Having moved all over the United States and the world with my husband, I would choose the prints from Ruth about where you go I will go. I’ve looked at those prints SO many times but haven’t managed to get them to the top of my priority list of items to buy! Love them!!!

  347. 351

    I love the Hebews 13:2, thanks for the giveaway.

  348. 352
    Laura in LA says:

    I love the “two is better than one”.

  349. 353

    I like the Coffee print. I would give it to my mom to hang in her kitchen,.

  350. 354

    I love so many, but”This is the day the Lord has made” would be perfect hanging in my great room. Such a wonderful reminder!!

  351. 355

    I like Keep Calm and Carry On…I would hang it in my hall way.

  352. 356

    I would love the one that says “This is my beloved, this is my friend”. I would put it in my bedroom!

  353. 357

    Oh I love her!

    I would get the Hannah’s Prayer one!

  354. 358

    I love the Ephesians 3:20 one. Perfect for our new miracle babys room!

  355. 359

    Our verse for the last year has been Philippians 4:13…I couldn’t pass that one up if I tried!

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  356. 360

    I just love Red Letter Words. If I had to choose, I think it would be the verse “This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.” It would be a such a great reminder of just what the Lord has given to us.

  357. 361

    I LOVE the one of Hebrews 13:2!

  358. 362

    I would get the “fruit of the spirit” with the pear. That verse is currently stenciled on my navy blue wall above my fireplace and about to be painted over. I’d set that print on the fireplace mantle, leaning on my newly painted (not navy and definitely not stenciled anymore) wall. cute!

  359. 363

    Love never fails – I would hang it in my office!

  360. 364
    Michelle S says:

    I love the “fruit of the spirit” print and also”she knew that she was worth far more than rubies.”

  361. 365

    I LOVE the fruit of the spirit print and am totally torn where I would hang it! Either in my kids room or in the family room.

  362. 366

    “she knew she was worth far more than rubies” would hang in my daughter’s room.

  363. 367

    I would love a “Keep Calm and Carry On” print. My Husband is in Seminary and I think he could use the encouragement in his study :)

  364. 368

    This is the day. Our pastor starts every service with it! I would put it in our dining room where we
    eat all our meals. Love it!

  365. 369

    Def the Keep Calm and Carry On and I would hang it at the end of my front hallway so I see it and remind myself each time I enter or pass it.