the stitch market spring boutique

i am so excited for our market coming up this week!  we have another great group of vendors and lots of new goodies!

even better: we’re open for 2 days this time!  so much fun!

if you are local to the san luis obispo area, shoot me an email and i’ll get the address to you!


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    lindsey….i have to say…i’m so jealous!! i’m dying to do a show and set up a booth and make it all cute, but we don’t have any cool shows :( maybe i should start my own like you!

  2. 2

    Sounds wonderful! Wish I were closer(or at least on the same side of the country) so Id have a shot at attending:)

  3. 3

    I may just have to get in my car and drive a long way for this! What a fantastic line up of goods!

  4. 4

    my mom went to college at Cal Poly and she still talks about how that is her favorite town ever (she is now 50). One day I will live there, for sure. Have a great time at the craft market! Wish I could come :)

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    Wishing I didn’t live in Minnesota so I could attend this. Hope you all sell lots!

  7. 7

    What?!?!?! You live in San Luis Obispo? That’s amazing! I visit San Luis Obispo several times a year! I love it so much there!

  8. 8

    o man wish I was there!!

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