how to host a home boutique, part 2 {advertising}

after the first step of deciding on the basics for your home boutique (time, date, location), you need to get the word out, aka advertising!

there are several different routes you can go, all with varying prices.



using social media routes doesn’t necessarily work in my smaller area, so we advertise several ways.  our primary way is by handing out fliers.  i am blessed to have my sister as my talented graphic designer, so she designs all our fliers for us.  on the flier, be sure to include: date, time, location (directions if necessary), a name for the boutique (even if it’s simply “spring boutique”), email address or phone numbers for questions, and examples of items that will be sold.  i sometimes use photos from past boutiques on my fliers, and sometimes not – totally up to you, but i think that a visual idea of what to come can be enticing to prospective customers.

we get all of our materials printed with, because of their low prices.  but be sure to order early with them as their shipping charges can often be more expensive than their printing charges of you wait too late.  also, if you sign up to be on their mailing list you can get some really great deals.  just be sure to enter the coupon code correctly because even after several orders with them, they still aren’t very gracious with fixing mistakes.

we always print in post card size, either 4 x 6 or 5 x 7.  the bigger size is fun, but obviously more expensive.  we have printed just one side, 2 sides, with and without pictures, and all seem to work.  it’s just a preference thing in the end.

each vendor is given a stack of fliers, usually 100 or so, and are responsible for handing them out.   here’s some examples of places to get your word out:  school, church, the gym, coffee shops, dance & gymnastics studios, mommy & me classes, craft stores, boutiques, antique shops, neighbors… anywhere you can post a flier to!


the queen bee market relies heavily on social media advertising.  although they are definitely much bigger than your standard home boutique, they set a good example of doing things in a non-traditional way.

they have all of their vendors blog, tweet and post on facebook as much as possible to get the word out, along with having bigger bloggers talk about it as well.  and the turnout is HUGE, so their theory definitely works!

i also blog about my events and ask my blogging vendors to do it as well, for our local readers.

we have also set up a stitch market blog, just to highlight our events.  we use this to show pics from past events as well as to showcase our vendors for the next market.  we need to put more effort into our blog, but its a start.  and we always have a link to the blog on our fliers.



although i am still super lame with facebook, most people in the world aren’t.  this is a huge spot to get the word out to your local friends.  you can even create events to invite your facebook friends to.  or if you’re facebook illiterate like me, you can ask one of your vendors to do it (thanks, jen!)



at each market i set out a covered notebook for our customers to add their email addresses to.  not only do i send out upcoming market info to them, but also to EVERYONE local in my email contacts.



twitter is a great way to get the buzz going about your event!  even though for my small town, twitter didn’t bring that many shoppers to our boutique (it did bring some!), it was a great way for the vendors to get excited about our event, which is valuable in itself.


ok, that’s it for my info on advertising for a home boutique.  if you have any questions i’ll answer them in the comment form, rather than via email like usual, so that others can see my answers.  and feel free to let me know some things you’d like me to address in my next parts (vendors, details, etc…).


  1. 1

    this is so helpful! a friend and i just said yesterday that we wanted to host a boutique soon! thanks for the great information!

  2. 2

    thanks again Linds. After seeing all your tips my friends and I are planning on one of theses markets in Nov. I am super excited!

  3. 3

    i’m in love with your first flyer, haha! too cute!!

  4. 4

    i’m relatively new to all of this and your info is very helpful, thank you! i’d love to learn about how to find other people in my area and how the whole vendor part works!
    Thanks so so so much! yours is one of the first blogs i started reading when i got back into sewing and i’m still visiting you regularly!

    • 5
      lindsey says:

      hi jamie!

      i just happened to know a handful of crafty ladies, then asked around for suggestions of others. and once you have a boutique, new vendors tend to come to you. we crafty types like to support one another! you can also do a search on etsy by area to find local vendors.


  5. 6

    Great ideas!

  6. 7

    Hi Lindsey,

    Thanks for the great info….Your fliers are soooo darn cute!
    a few questions. How to you pay for the fliers and advertising? Do you charge the vendors anything?

    • 8
      lindsey says:

      hi adela!

      great question! i do charge a small fee to the vendors to pay for the fliers since the cost can add up, especially if i wait too long to order them!


  7. 9

    What great tips! I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for a while- I’ll be sure to use your advice!

  8. 10

    This subject is one of the most creative I have read in bloggy world, thanks for taking the time, to share!

  9. 11

    ugh! i sooo want to do this!

  10. 12

    love the designs!!! gorgeous.

  11. 13

    Great tips!! Thanks so much for this post :) You make it sound so easy! I’m sure it’s lots of hard work.

  12. 14

    Cute stuff! So much eye candy not sure where to begin! Wow…I’ll be back!

  13. 15

    What an awesome post! Thank you so much for this! I’m planning to do my first “home” show in late summer/early fall and am eating the info in these posts up! So helpful.


  14. 16

    Thanks so much for all of the information. A few weeks ago I did a sale at my home, it was not handmade, but a mixture of vintage and new items. I have spent literally YEARS trying to figure out if there was a location other than my home to do this and in the end decided to give it a try at home.

    My question to you is with the large distribution of fliers with your address on them, did that make you uncomfortable in terms of your children in the home? I see that you blocked out the address on your blog however. That was my biggest hesitation about promoting my event on a larger scale. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have.


    • 17

      hey laura!

      good question, and a tricky one, too. i have hesitated a bit on having my address publicized, but this is a small town and i am trusting, probably to a fault. i don’t put my address anywhere online, facebook or otherwise, so that really only local people are getting my address.


  15. 18

    i just got your name from another blogger and i am trying to grow my business. this may be just what i need to do. i have several crafty friends so i think we could have a great show. thanks for the advice.

    handpainted children’s art.

  16. 19

    I found this to be a very help blog. I am very serious about doing this with another crafter friend of mine. I have lots of questions!! I was thinking about doing this seasonally for spring,summer,fall, and winter-Is this a good idea or should I try something else? I live in a small town and have opened up hand-painted gift business. I just have a really hard time getting my name out there, also people think my painted items are stickers, even if I have hand-painted clear stated, so I’m thinking of running a boutique. Craft sales are not a common enough thing around here, to keep my business fueled. With a boutique: How much could be made in say a weekend? Is it better to have it run for a week? Does running this out of one’s home detract people from coming? I live on a corner with a big window, and intend on making the 4×6 cards like an invite for people living around me. Flyers I can put up, I was thinking the paper. A nice sign for the window with display, and perhaps a sandwich board by the road. How much should be set aside for advertising and displays and refreshments? Also which is better a raffle or an auction? How much product should be created for a craft boutique? How many craft boutiques should it take to get a full reading on what works and what doesn’t? What type of displays seem to work best? With product, are there particular items or themes that work best? Hope you or someone can answer some if not al these questions even if they are in rough idea form.

    Rockin’ Gift Creations

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