you say it’s your birthday…

well, it’s my birthday too!

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happy day, my friends!


  1. 1

    happy birthday lovely mama!

  2. 2

    Happy Birthday sweet, Lindsey!

  3. 3

    Happy Birthday, friend. Wishing you happiness and a little rest on your bday. Have fun!

  4. 4

    Haaaaaaaaaaapy birthday! ^^

  5. 6

    Happy Birthday! Here’s hoping all of your wishes become your reality.

  6. 7

    Have a GRRREEEAT DAY & A STELLAR_*Personal New Year*_!!!

  7. 8

    Have a happy, happy day Lindsey! I love that pic of the girl holding the balloons:)

  8. 9

    Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

  9. 10

    Have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy!

  10. 11

    Happy Birthday!

  11. 12

    happy birthday ! hope its wonderful and full of blessings:)))

  12. 13

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a beautiful day! :)

  13. 14

    Happy Birthday to you! And thanks for the generous offer to US! Shouldn’t we be giving you presents??? Hope you have a great day!

  14. 15

    How generous of you to give gifts on your special day! Happy birthday! Enjoy every minute of your special day!

  15. 16
    Suzanne says:

    Hi! I just recently found your blog and have had so much fun looking around. I haven’t commented before but I just have to today because May 30 is my birthday too! Fun! Hope you had a great day. I did! Happy Birthday!

  16. 17
    Kendall says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Hope that you had a great day!!!!!!!!!

  17. 18

    happy birthday!!!!! i hope you have an amazing day :)

  18. 19

    I get so much inspiration from your blog. Happy Birthday!!

  19. 20

    happy birthday!!! hope you have a wonderful day!!

  20. 21

    Hope it’s GRAND. I really enjoy your blog and your upbeatness. {sorry, spell check, but upbeatness IS a word}

  21. 22
    Betsy M says:

    Hay, it was my birthday too!! Happy Birthday Lindsey. Hope your day was wonderful.

  22. 23

    Happy Birthday!!!! And how nice of you to share a gift with all of US and YOUR birthday! :o)

  23. 24

    Happy birthday, Lindsey! Hope your birthday is a fabulous one. :)

  24. 25

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Such a sweet girl, sharing your birthday with a present to us! :)

  25. 26

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you’re having a great one!

  26. 27

    Happy Happy Birthday to ya!!!
    Mine was last Wednesday, May birthdays are the BEST!!!

  27. 28

    Happy Birthday!

  28. 29

    Happy Birthday!! :)

  29. 30

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day!!

  30. 31

    Happy birthday!

  31. 32
    Christy says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  32. 33

    Happy Birthday. I hope you eat cake all day long. Enjoy.

  33. 34
    Kerie Rogers says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the birthday discount! I am so excited I bought my first items from your shop and have been drooling over everything for awhile. I really enjoy your blog. I went to SLO for college and miss the central coast. I enjoy being closer to it through your blog. Hope you enjoy your special day!

  34. 35

    Happy birthday!

  35. 36

    Happy Birthday!!

  36. 37

    Happy Birthday! Praying it’s a wonderful one full of all the things you love most :)

  37. 38

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you enjoy your day!

    I’ve been reading you for a little while now, and what a perfect post for my first comment! :) I’m not a lurker anymore!! Hehehe..

  38. 39

    I hope you are having a great day today! Haaappy Birfday!

  39. 40

    HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY! Thanks for the fun discount & you have a great day!

  40. 41

    Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

  41. 42

    Happy, Happy Birthday Lindsey!!

  42. 43

    Hope you are enjoying a super fantastic birthday :)

  43. 44

    Happy Birthday! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day!

  44. 45

    Happy Birthday, Lindsey! Hope you’ve had a fantastic day!

  45. 46

    Happy belated birthday! I wasn’t around the blogs much yesterday with the holiday weekend so didn’t see this until now! Hope you enjoyed your birthday with the ones you love! & totally love those pictures, I’ve seen them on Pinterest, it is so much fun!

  46. 47

    Happy, happy birthday, Lindsey! I hope your day was perfect!

  47. 48

    Happy happy happy happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful time on your birthday! Cheers!

  48. 49


  49. 50

    aw- Happy BIRTHDAY! a day late

  50. 51

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!! a day late, but wishing you had a great birthday, linds!!

  51. 52

    Happy Birthday! I hope your day was fabulous!

  52. 53

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