house tour {kitchen}

thanks for coming on this little tour with me!  you can see my living room here and my dining room here.

today we’re going into the kitchen!

this is the view of the kitchen from the dining room.  the walls are again silver sage by restoration hardware and i’m not sure of the white – i know it was one of the brightest i could find.

i’m one of those people who like to know where everything goes in a kitchen, so i’m going to tell you what mine is like.  the cabinets above the fridge hold large drink dispensers and carafes, baking sheets, muffin tins and cooling racks.  to the right of the fridge is our pantry.  its a pretty odd shape and suuuuper deep so everything is on roll-out shelves.  tucked in under the upper cabinets is a little nook for our coffee maker  baking supplies, paper plates, etc, and cofee mugs are to the upper left of the stove.  under the counter on the left is where we keep our snacks and dry goods.  bottom right of the stove are the pots and pans and cooking utensils.  above the toaster are spices and oils, and never used cookbooks.

our island is the workhorse of this room.  it is topped with pine butcher block and we cut right on it (other than meats).  we oil it every once in awhile and we just sanded it down (lightly) for the first time to take out a couple minor stains.  yes there are cut marks all over it, but i love that.  we have our microwave set in the island because i really didn’t want to see it up high or take up counter space.  under the micro is a drawer for tupperware and the tall drawer to the left is the trash can.

since we are using all side of the island, there are some false fronts on this side.  only the middle drawers are functional, as well as the cabinet under the sink.  the top drawer holds all prep utensils (anything you’d need to use standing at the island).  the next drawer holds mixing bowls, and the bottom drawer holds misc. baking dishes.

all the hardware in the kitchen, and on all the cabinetry throughout the house, is from

the bar stools are from ikea (a gift from my parents) and they are showing their age.  when we replace them i think i want something metal…

on each side of the stools are wine racks.  or toy storage.  under the counter where the stools are is more storage cabinets holding random holiday decorations.

this area next to the sink holds all of our daily dishes.  the top cabinets  hold mostly cake plates.  the drawers on top of the counter hold cloth napkins and placemats.  under the counter in the big drawers are silverware, plastic wrap/tinfoil/sandwich bags, kid plates, and kid cups.  the drawer to the left of the sink hold dish towels and under it is deep storage for all our small appliances.  the sink is a single deep bowl and i love it!

i stole the idea of using baskets here form a friend.  they pretty much hold lots of junk that needs to be weeded through, but at least its not on the counters!

the counters are a quartz composite called caesarstone, in a color called either cement or concrete.  the have been great so far.  we are by no means gentle with them.  when there is any sort of blemish you can just use the scrubby side of a sponge and get it out.  the subway tiles on the backsplash are from a local company in town.

i really like to use hooks, i’m realizing!  we have some in every room!  i love how the aprons add a pop of color and texture to this bright white area.

just past the kitchen is the tiniest hallway between silas’ room and the guest bath.  on the wall hangs my family rules sign.

i just added this bottle opener – love! (from world market)

see how its all pretty much one big room?

after i saw meg’s kitchen i knew i had to steal her idea with the globes!

i put my mom on the task of finding thrifted globes for me.  she is very good!  i love how the luggage adds to the effect.

the school house pendants over the island were from who knows where and i paid god knows what for them.  all i know is they were too much money, but i needed to get ones with a swivel top since we have a vaulted ceiling and i needed 2 different custom lengths.

the fabric covered board on the side of the fridge is just soundboard covered in fabric and nailed into the wood.  under it is a chalkboard.

i hope you enjoyed my kitchen!  if you have any questions i’ll answer them in the comment form rather than emails.


  1. 1

    i LOVE it!!!! it’s beautiful! i may steal that globe idea for our living room! how neat!!!

  2. 2

    Love it! All that cabinet space… wow. ::drool::

  3. 3

    Goodness gracious, this is like my dream room! The white, the grey paint, the black accents.. LOVE! What is the name and brand of that grey paint? :)

    I am so thrilled that you are doing a house tour, by the way!

  4. 4

    Gorgeous!! I love how you incorporated the globes into the decor. Love, love, love your kitchen tour! :-)

  5. 5

    The whole room is great. I especially love the globes and suitcases. I’m always trying to drag home suitcases. I haven’t won that battle yet. I must tell you my huge collection of Fiestaware would look right at home there.

  6. 6

    I love your kitchen… and well your whole house really. So Great!!

  7. 7

    So beautiful and thanks for describing every detail – I’m one of those who love those kinds of details! We re-did our kitchen before we moved into our 1940 cape cod house. My only regret – I listened to our contractor (haha) and didn’t make the island as big as I wanted it (they told me I didn’t have enough room-I did). Other than that, I love it all, including my blinged out lights hanging above my island ( and my way too expensive glass handles on the cabinets. Have a great day!

  8. 8
    Angie B says:

    Love your kitchen! Where did you get the great turquoise/teal drink cooler?

  9. 11

    Your house seems like such a dream, clean, light, airy and I LOVE the Family Rules sign. Just might have to duplicate. Thanks for sharing.

  10. 12

    Beautiful kitchen. I loved that globe idea too. Very clever.

    Did you consider painting your ikea stools black like your dining chairs? Would hide the age and connect the two rooms.

  11. 13

    I love the globes and that pop of color in your beautiful kitchen. My kids would be jumping on the counters to try to get them down. They are so into geography and where places are. The blue drink dispenser… oh my. I love it. Dreamy kitchen.

  12. 14

    I love this kitchen! We are in a rental right now, but I can’t wait to have a kitchen with white cabinets! I love how bright and airy this room looks!

  13. 15

    Oh my! Love it! Your cabinetry is so gorgeous. I love how open and bright everything is. We have white cabinets and butcher block counters in our new kitchen, and I love the combination. Our floor plan is pretty open too, though not quite as much as yours. I know there are many great things about an open floor plan (so far, I am loving ours), but is there anything you don’t like about it? Any tips for avoiding problems?

    • 16
      lindsey says:

      the only thing i don’t like about the open floor plan is that in general the space is louder, so it has made sleeping times a little more difficult. we have noise machines in each of the kids’ rooms to help dull out outside noise. i think the only way to avoid this problem is to put bedrooms down a hallway, but we weren’t willing to use precious square footage on that.

  14. 17

    Your house just keeps getting better!

  15. 18

    LOVE LOVE LOVeeee. Thank you for sharing! I was wondering what your sink is made out of? And do you have any problems with scratching? Seriously, I forsee a lot of globes in the future in a lot of homes. You are really creative! Thank you!

    • 19
      lindsey says:

      our sink is a ceramic sink. it hasn’t really scratched. anywhere that has had a mark i was able to scrub out easily.

  16. 20

    i love your kitchen. love the island, I just got one & am in the process of painting the kitchen right now. I know you haven’t posted your bathroom yet, but I saw a pic of your dbl sinks in your intro & pinned it! ha! used it in my post about bathrooms today!

  17. 21

    Gorgeous!! I’m getting so much inspiration from you this week. We are currently househunting so I’m excited to be able to get into a home and make it my own. My favorite part of this kitchen (other than the fact that it’s SO open) is the island. I love the placement of that microwave. Brilliant! Love all of it :)

  18. 22

    gorgeous kitchen!!! i love the fact that your microwave is in the island- so clever. and i totally agree about the hooks- i LOVEEE them. im working on incorporating some in every room now too… starting with a purse hook for my office :)

  19. 23

    I was going to ask about the teal drink dispenser as well!

  20. 25

    Love it! Dream kitchen for sure. I’m stealing the idea and making one of those fabric covered boards for my kitchen. I’ve been searching for something, and that is the answer! Thank you for sharing.

  21. 26

    I love your kitchen! We’re going to redo our kitchen soon, and I’m planning on using caeserstone. I’m glad to know you like it!

  22. 27

    Oooooh, ahhhh! I’m in love! My 9 yr old daughter caughter a glimpse of what was on my screen and had to sit down to take a good look. She’s in love too! Such good ideas!

  23. 28

    I love those bar stools! Instead of replacing them, I’d just paint them the blue from your coffee table to hide the age!

  24. 29

    so crazy for those ceilings. perfect. what a lovely space Lindsey! painting those barstools a bright color might look great. i have to do one of those rule charts asap. i think i remember when you first did that. the globes are such a great touch {that Meg is the bomb}, as is that nifty bottle opener. my husband would love that.
    i can’t wait to see all of your sewing space :)

  25. 30
    Sharrin says:

    We are in the middle of a reno and your previous post of your kitchen has been a HUGE inspiration. Thank you for giving us another look. Your whole house is perfection to me!

  26. 31

    love, love, love your house! my house’s layout is similar to yours…kitchen, dining area and living room are all one big room and open to each other. i love it, but i have a hard time tying it all into together w/ the decor…..seing how you’ve done it has given me some ideas…thank you!!

  27. 32

    oh my goodness it is SO GORGEOUS!!!
    i love it!
    all of it!!!
    great great job!!!!

  28. 33

    Im in love with your Kitchen!!!!! Like your everyday cooking collection. I have one of those too!
    Your Family Rules sign is so fantasic!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
    I am wondering one thing. How are the white cupboards with 3 kidies running around??? I have 3 childern as well and have been thinking about painting ours white, but everyone I talk to says don’t do it. Im sooo in love with the look!!!! Thanks again, have a great day! Kendall

    • 34
      lindsey says:

      we had ours painted white and haven’t really had any issues with it other than normal wear and tear. i think in a year or so i’ll go around and touch up the spots that need it. it does show dust and dirt that gathers naturally in the crevices. but even with that, no regrets at all.

  29. 35

    What a gorgeous kitchen! I love the teal ceramic dispenser on the counter. Great color pop.

  30. 36

    SO GORGEOUS! my question(s) really comes from my husband because i’m trying to convince him we need white cabinets in our kitchen remodel! ;) how is the white wearing? do you have any problems with chips in the paint? i’m assuming that you ordered them in white versus painting existing wood cabinets, right? his parents have painted cabinets before in a rental and their renter tore it all up, so now he’s convinced it’s a horrible idea for our kitchen, too.

    • 37
      lindsey says:

      see my answer above, but we have really not had any chips. we had our cabinets custom made then when the whole house was painted we had them sprayed as well. when you paint your own cabinets you will definitely have more issues with chipping unless you put a really tough varnish over is like diamond finish, but you can always touch up!

  31. 38

    i am obsessed with your kitchen. i want one just like it. i really like the globe addition above the cabinets!!!!

  32. 39

    I’m in love! Can I move in please! LOL. I really love the gray and white look. Once we move that is the look I’m going for for our bedroom. Absolutely LOVE this kitchen!

  33. 40

    wow your house is like right out of a home design magazine! i love it!

  34. 41

    who did your cabinets? i have been to your home for a couple of boutiques, and it is even more beautiful in person!

    • 42
      lindsey says:

      hi sara!

      we had a guy that used to be local and no longer is, but honestly i’d never recommend him. he was unable to reach in the middle of our kitchen build and made our entire project last a couple months longer than it should have. he did beautiful work, but we ended up having to hire someone to finish his work since he basically skipped town.

  35. 43

    you have a great kitchen! We have a retro Coke bottle opener in our kitchen that I love!

  36. 44

    love the bottle opener and that teal drink container!
    i am wondering how you chose your countertop. we are going to be doing a kitchen redo and everyone wants me to do concrete but i have no idea how i would like it. i like that right now i can use a bleach pen to get out any stains.
    i love your planked vaulted ceiling, so open and fun!!

    • 45
      lindsey says:

      i knew i wanted something that looked like concrete, but i was afraid of concrete because of all the issues it could have: cracking and staining in particular. i love the caesarstone because we haven’t had any stains. we were told if we do get a stain that we can get auto sand paper and it will take out anything. honestly, i have had no issues with it.

  37. 47

    Your kitchen is beautiful! Your whole open area flows very well, decor wise, and probably living wise, too. I love the globes, they add so much vintage flair and color! Everything looks so family friendly. And how nice that it is beautiful, too!
    Hugs, Cindy

  38. 48

    i love the chalkboard – where did you get it? did you make it – if so, how? i have a spot very similar to that in my kitchen and would love to add a chalkboard.

    • 49
      lindsey says:

      we had panels built on the side of our fridge so we just painted the inside of the bottom panel with chalk paint.

  39. 50
    Shannon Watkins says:

    Great lay out for the kitchen! I am on the Teal Drink Dispenser Train as well. I promise I won’t get it in teal, byt it is the perfect height and size that I need for our family gatherings (and just every day iced tea) :o)

  40. 52
    Bethany Kingma says:

    One my favorite kitchens I’ve ever seen! It is beautiful and functional, not too big, not too small. Perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  41. 53

    Your house is absolutely Gorgeous! You are such an amazing decorator! Nice work. The color scheme is so beautiful!

  42. 54

    We are getting ready to finish our kitchen remodel…and I have to say your kitchen will be a huge inspiration! Ours is MUCH smaller, but we were planning on charcoal gray counters and white cabinets…after seeing your pics, I KNOW that is the way to go. Gorgeous, functional kitchen.

  43. 55

    Can you adopt me and let me hang out in your kitchen?

    We have the wood butcher blocks for our counters and I have been surprised how much abuse they can take. You have done such a great job making the space personal, but functional. Thanks for sharing all these pics!

  44. 56

    wow! wow. what an amazing place you have. so cozy and beautiful. not to mention purposeful. fantastic work. :)

  45. 57

    Love your kitchen and the other rooms you have posted! Can’t wait to see the rest. Do you remember where you got the wire basket on your island that you have fruit in?

    • 58
      lindsey says:

      it was a gift, but i know it was from somewhere online. i’d search 3 tiered basket. sorry i don’t have a better answer!

  46. 59

    Where did you get your coffee, flour etc. tins? I have the coffee one but would love to have all of them. Love your kitchen by the way!!

  47. 61

    I just pinned this on Pinterest. I LOVE this kitchen. You have done an awesome job of making the most of the space!

  48. 62

    I love every single thing!

  49. 63

    I am in love with your kitchen…AND…the rest of your house. It’s amazing :)

  50. 64

    I love everything about your kitchen, especially the island with the wine rack and built in microwave! Brilliant! I really like the shelves with the baskets in them as well!

  51. 65

    OH my goodness, I love, love, love that idea with the globes!!

  52. 66

    Love, love your whole home!! I can tell we have much in common when it comes to decor:0) I do have a question about your grey walls…can you tell me the color? I am painting my living room grey and have tried a color that is in my boys room but it is to dark! Thanks and happy 4th!

    Jen in so. Cal

  53. 67

    I just love your kitchen. I also Love love love the globes!!! I just wrote a post {tutorial} on making a chalkboard globe. It would be perfect in your kitchen. Here is the link:


  54. 68

    This is my dream kitchen!

  55. 69

    i know this is a couple of days old, but i’m hoping you can tell me how wide your island is. I, too, have three children and want to put an island in our kitchen. i’m just not sure if we have enough space to accommodate. thanks!

  56. 70

    Just finished your whole house tour. I love your quirky choices, like the globes in the kitchen and the tool chest as a nightstand in your son’s room. I’m a big fan of neutral backdrops with pops of color, so everything you’ve done is right up my alley. We built our house (Craftsman bungalow) about 4 years ago and I desperately wanted a custom-built kitchen, by The Mr.’s brother had a cabinet business (semi-custom), so we went with him. I still love my white kitchen, but it doesn’t have the extra zing that yours does!

  57. 71

    loooove the globes, but even more love the luggage! a great combo.

  58. 72

    Your new kitchen looks very cozy, warm and family oriented. I love the globes on top of the cabinets… it add worldly charm – a great idea.

  59. 73

    How did you do the ceilings? I love the look and am wondering what material did you use? Was it a DIY or did you have it done?

    • 74

      hey jo!
      the material used on the ceiling is called tongue and groove, or shiplap. we hired out the job this time, but we have done it on another house. it is totally diy-able – you just have to have 2 people and the right tools!

  60. 75
    Virginia Anglin says:

    I LOVE your kitchen & ALL your organizational ideas! What kind of hooks (stick-on or screwed into the wood) do you have for your aprons, etc.? Thanks for going in to such detail of this room tour! :-)

  61. 76

    Hi! Loving your kitchen!! I’m wanting to add an island to ours and wondered if you would share the dimension of the island? I love the wine racks on the sides! great idea!

    thanks so much!!

    eatdrinkanddecorate (at) gmail (dot) com

  62. 77

    very cool. I think I’ve pinned half your house now.

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