instafriday, on sunday

i loved joining jeannett last week for instafriday.  not just because it was a fun way to recap my week, but also because i didn’t have to edit any photos – makes for fast blogging!

but… we’re camping this week/weekend and the internet at the campground is sssssslllllllooooooowwwwwww.  it took me over an hour just to upload one picture.  hence instafriday on sunday.

when my parents visit they used to always take us out for sushi.  but now all 3 kids love it and it was getting too expensive!  so now we go to pep del gado’s, a little place down the street from our house.   their strawberry margaritas are sooo yummy.  it almost makes up for no sushi.  almost.

i stopped by my local fabric shop last week, in a moment of weekness, and walked away with a very expensive bag of loveliness.

and here’s a snippet of beautiful fabric from hawthorne threads, my favorite online shop.  this is just a taste of anna maria horner’s newest line, loulouthi.

we had to get our house clean before we left for camping because a photographer from our local paper was coming to shoot some pics for an upcoming feature – so fun!  but also so much work!  i had to take this picture as evidence that my house was, at one point, clean.

and not a moment after breathing in the sigh of relief of a clean house did my youngest deposit his shoes in the middle of the floor.  oh well, at least i had my moment.

these 2 were so adorable as they shared their water at chipotle.  its one of the few places where none of our kids complain.


after we got settled at the campground we went for a little tour of the facilities.  lily is finally confident on her scooter.  or more, i’m more confident that she’s not going to completely wipe out.

and it’s not camping if you don’t enjoy an campfire and peanut butter cup s’mores!


life rearranged


  1. 1
    Breeann says:

    Peanut Butter Cup s’mores are the best! I had them for the first time last summer when we went camping. So good! Great pics!

    • 2

      great idea – and i just came across leftover reese’s pb eggs from easter … i know, embarrassing the baskets were still in beth’s room – but she’s home from college now and that’s our latest excuse. I will definitely use them in s’mores – esp since I was just in Kitchen kaboodle in Portland, and found rubber tipped marshmallow sticks for roasting in our fireplace. Camping is not on my network this summer.

  2. 3

    fun photos…and YUM!! PB cup s’more!!

  3. 4

    That s’more picture makes me want one. I think I’ll only get the cheater kind though in a microwave. But still it’s a s’more!

  4. 5

    um…I think instafridays is a new fav of mine. love this post.

  5. 6

    Nice pictures! You have me wanting s’mores now, I guess I might have to have a fire this week. ♥

  6. 7

    I’ve never thought of using peanut butter cups to make s’mores. They must be soooooo yummy.

  7. 8
    Allison says:

    I LOOOVE your beautiful house!!

  8. 9

    Looks like fun!! Makes me want to go camping! Your room looks great!! :)


  9. 10

    i have never tried a PBCup Smore, but I am definitely going to when we go camping in July!

  10. 11

    Yum! That looks delish. Jealous of you going camping. Your house is gorgeous. I dream of a white couch…

  11. 12

    So fun. You have a lovely home, I, too dream of white furniture… *le sigh* . Love the pink scooter as my Daughter has the same one… an 8th b-day present from her Pappy aka my Dad. ;-)

  12. 13

    can’t wait for your article to come out – Tribune? I was sending customers your way the other day from Mission Thrift when i wore my yellow posy pin. did you see the Leece’s house in the paper last week? so great…maybe in 10 years or so they will come after our’s… (Not) Altho Mark said the kitchen should begin this Fall – can you believe it? it’s been 6 years since the first walls came down. God is good.

  13. 14

    I envy your house!!

    I also envy your s’moores. I really need to find a gluten free alternative for graham crackers.. s’moores are my favourite part of summer!

  14. 15

    a) I’ve never thought to put reese’s on s’mores {my favorite dessert of all-time}. peanut butter and hershey’s? yes. reese’s, not yet. can’t wait!

    b) when is the feature coming out? want to be sure to read it!

  15. 16

    your house is so cute! could you do more post on your house?! i just bought a fixer upper and i am delving into all things house! i would love to see a good picture of your kitchen!

  16. 17
    Katherine says:

    Lindsay, I have a slipcovered sofa too, and I would love to go a creamy white, who did your slipcovers, anybody local. I live in SLO town. Thanks

  17. 18
    Katherine says:

    Hello Lindsay, I was curious to who made your slip cover for your sofa, I have a slipcovered sofa and chair as well and was wondering if you had it done locally because I live in SLO town. Thanks so much

  18. 19

    I thought we were the only ones making s’mores with peanut butter cups ;-) They are sooo yummy. Fun Instamatic prints.

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