house tour {master bath}

back to the house tour!  catch up with the living room, dining room, kitchen, the girls’ room, silas’ room, and the guest bath.
{disclosure: some of this post is a repost from awhile back}
so let’s get the first question out of the way:
what color is the paint on the walls?
answer: i don’t know!
it was from a swatch i had pulled years ago –
a martha stewart color from kmart, which no longer exists – sorry!
but it is a robin’s egg blue sort of color.
here’s the entry to my bathroom from my bedroom.
the master bedroom wall color is flax by restoration hardware.
the flooring is travertine tiles.
i love using beadboard on bathroom walls –
i think we’ve done it in all of our past houses.
the countertop is a travertine slab.
sinks are kohler from home depot.
the medicine cabinets were also from home depot.
the potty is just to the right of the sinks.
just across from the potty are these 3 pics.
i so badly need to change them out.  i still love the pic of sean and i, but the other 2 were just fillers for the time being…
4 1/2 years ago.
the frames are from aaron bros.
i love the dark wood tones with the light and airy wall color.
that’s the door back into the master, in case you’re getting turned around ;)
one of my favorite features in our house are the 5 panel doors – but man, do they collect dust!
wall hooks (that you can’t see) for the towels were the martha stewart collection for kmart – cheap and pretty!
our shower is fabulous, if i do say so myself.
my poor kids hardly EVER get to take baths.
it is so much faster and efficient for me to take them in with me and shower them all at once.
best feature #1: double shower heads.
best feature #2: niche for toiletries under the shower head (which is from home depot)
our neighbor owns a tile company and sold us our beautiful hand glazed tile – something we NEVER would have purchased on our own.
i still love the layout of the tile – the subway pattern with the framed diamond area.
the floor and the ceiling also have the diamond pattern on them,
but the floor is done in travertine.
funny story:
when the workers were here installing the glass in this shower and also in the other bathroom,
i had the flu.
i had to run between the bathrooms yelling at everyone to get out so i could throw up!
that flu turned out to be silas – surprise!
just an extra spot to hang more towels and my robes.
i have a summer robe and a winter robe.
i love wearing robes (true confessions).
this is the door to the closet.  both sides are mirrored.
to the left is the washer and dryer and to the right is our closet.
straight ahead is another pocket door to the playroom.
this passthrough between the rooms was a happy accident.
it wasn’t drawn in the original plans and we just fiddled with it until it worked out!
i have very few accessories in this bathroom.
i just haven’t found something just right, and i haven’t really felt the need.
its kind of nice to have one room somewhat sparse.
these little bottles came from a trip to europe we took with my parents.
my bff nicole introduced me to these great soap dispensers (from here, although i’m not sure if they’re available anymore).
i love love love them!
i got these vintage burma-shave and palmolive jars last summer at a garage sale.  the are perfect for our daily use items.
all of our door hardware is emtek.
in our past homes we have skimped on the knobs and done cheap stuff,
but there is a huge difference with quality knobs  – mostly in how quiet they are in comparison.
its like jewelry for the doors.
we also splurged on the cabinet hardware throughout the house.
for some reason i was set on using latches rather than traditional knobs.
i am so glad i did – i really love using them.
we tried out a few less expensive versions and the just felt cheap, less solid.
these are from house of antique hardware.
let me know if you have any questions!


  1. 1

    You have a beautiful home, and you have designed it very well, just lovely!

  2. 2

    love your bathroom….
    the house we left behind in GA had a master bath shower with two shower heads….
    our kids never had baths either.

    love all the details!!!

  3. 3
    TankTop says:

    Your house is stunning.

    What is your square footage?

    Would it be possible to see a floorplan for the house?

    • 4
      lindsey says:

      i think it’s 2150. and my husband asked that i not share the floor plan – so nope, sorry!

      • 5

        that is smart of him. putting too much information on line publicly is not smart. you have little children and safety is first!!!

        • 6
          lindsay says:

          I’m not sure I understand how sharing a simple drawing of the layout is putting too much information out there when we are looking in to you bathrooms, living rooms and kids rooms anyway.

          • 7
            lindsey says:

            i can see why it doesn’t make sense. but first off, my husband requested i not share it, so i’m honoring him in that. his concern is more for safety issues of someone knowing the entire layout of our house, probably for fear of a break in or something. i tend to share all and don’t worry, but i think i can err on the negligent side with that.

  4. 8

    love it all.

  5. 9

    Love all the little vintage details you’ve incorporated. Those glass door knobs are swoon worthy! And the beadboard- I seriously want to cover all my brand new drywall in beadboard! :) Your faucet is lovely too. We went with a similar one in our kitchen and it took me forever to decide. It really was like picking jewelry for the kitchen. I probably thought about it more than I’ve ever thought about jewelry. :)

  6. 10

    Your home is so comfy looking . I am inspired by the cool colors .

  7. 11

    Love love love it. I miss my previous house’s door knobs. Along with the doors, they were the only original things in our 100+ year old house. I think make such a huge difference!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. 12

    You have a beautiful bathroom, but it’s the door that I love. We lived in a custom house for 30 years and had 6 panel wooden doors. I really loved those doors. Then we moved 5 years ago. This house is nice, but it has the cheapest doors. Dear hubby doesn’t see the need to replace them at this stage in our life – retirement and reduced income. I’ll just drool over yours instead!

  9. 13

    Fabulous!! We have similar taste!! Have a great week..

  10. 14
    Marissa says:

    I think the hardware and the beadboard are my favorite parts!

  11. 15

    Your house is just gorgeous & this bathroom is not an exception!

  12. 16

    I love it! Looks great. I love all the small touches that make it all work

  13. 17

    True confession…I love robes, too!! :) Summer and winter. Nothing better than slipping on a robe after a shower.

    Your bathroom is great! I’m so envious of the double shower heads!

  14. 18
    kate owens says:

    I am in love with your house and the design of everything. Do you have a simplified sketch of your floor plan?

  15. 20

    Even your bathroom is cute:)) Love the beadboard and the the dark frames on the wall:)

  16. 21

    Oh- SO pretty! We have bead board on our bathroom walls. One was original with the 80 year old house, so lovely!
    Your shower is the bees knees. I could really go for one of those!

  17. 22

    I absolutely love the doorknobs and the wall color – so pretty. I have seen a tutorial online for the mason jar soap dispenser, but can’t think of where. I love it! I am kind of a mason jar freak :)

  18. 23

    I love the knobs and latches look! I’m def going to do the same thing…SPLURGE…after i get a house of course :]

    AlphabetSoup Style

  19. 24

    Your house is so cute! I wish I had your decorating abilities!

  20. 25

    Wow! These are the types of master bathrooms I dream about!! You did such a great job. I love the paneling on the walls and the color is amazing.

    Complex Cardigans

  21. 26

    you are just so lucky! your house is so beautiful! you have done an amazing job with every detail! i LOVE that style of beadboard! your house is a lot of inspiration for me!

  22. 27

    Another gorgeous room!

  23. 28

    I definitely think there’s something to be said about splurging on a few small details around the house because more often than not they make such a huge impact! Our next home is going to be well thought out and beautifully put together, with great details, like awesome door handles! It looks beautiful!

  24. 29

    Wow I just love your bathroom! I live in a newer house and wasn’t allowed to choose any upgrades (the original buyer backed out after it was built) .. and its just so sad that alot of these newer houses are just so cookie cutter type — no originality or character (imo). And I get overwhelmed when I have to do everything from scratch.. you’ve given me some great ideas to start with! :)

  25. 30

    love it!

    Those mason jar soap dispensers are all over etsy now. Gotta love etsy!

  26. 31


  27. 32

    Your house is just beautiful! So light and airy and full of wonderful details. Thanks for sharing!

  28. 33

    Sighhh. Can I please just come & live with you? Your home is so amazing

  29. 34

    You have a lovely home! I love the beadboard and the blue with the white, gorgeous! Love the door knobs too. Oh, and I used to throw up every time I went to Costco. That turned out not to be Costco’s fault, I was pregnant with my son!

  30. 35

    No questions….. just LOVE! It feels comfortable; luxurious but comfortable!

  31. 36

    Love the two shower heads! Loving the beadboard look!

  32. 37

    your home is beautiful!!! i have a 70s house and it’s old enough to be a pain but not old enough to have all the beautiful woodwork.

    anyway, love the bathroom! our master is tiny tiny but at least we are not walking miles for clean water, right?

  33. 38

    You have a summer robe and a winter robe?! ME, TOO! I also just love wearing a robe. Makes me feel dressed when I’m not.

  34. 39

    Looks like everyone else likes your master bathroom as much as I do. I never thought about beadboard from floor to ceiling but I really like it. I hope you don’t mind if I “pin” it. Also, are the five-panel doors custom? I don’t remember that being a choice when we built (not that it would look right in our current home anyway). I’d like them in our next home. It really gives a cottage, vintage feel. I was just worried they would be super expensive.

    • 40
      lindsey says:

      the doors aren’t custom, but i don’t know if you can find them at home depot or lowes. we ordered our through a door company.

  35. 41

    I LOVE this bathroom! I LOVE everything about it. We have very similar taste. Hubby and I are just now sitting down to make decisions about our master bath reno – your bathroom is number one on my list for inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  36. 42

    Your house is great. We bought a 2600 sq. ft. 1870 victorian and have a few rooms that we weren’t sure what to do with even after living here for 6 years. Well, we had ideas but just weren’t sure how to go about it. Your photos have given us some great ideas so thanks!

  37. 43

    I’m in love with your bathroom!!

  38. 44


    I found this post doing a search for mirrored pocket doors. I have been looking all night for an online vendor that sells them, but am not having any luck. Any chance you know where it’s from?


  39. 45

    Beautiful! We are trying to do the same with our bathroom. We are wondering how you capped off (finished off) the corners of the beadboard? (Where you wrapped it around the corner) hope that makes sense! Thanks.

  40. 46

    Love your bathroom. We live in a 100+ year old house with some original bead board ceilings. We are remodeling the bathroom and want to use bead board on the walls. Did you use sheets or individual planks? I am wondering what to do with the seams if we use the 4×8 sheets.

  41. 47

    Very nice. We are planning on using beadboard in our master bath. I love the color you choose too! :-)

  42. 48
    Bonnie Ligon says:

    Do you know the name of the color and brand of paint you used on the bead board?

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