house tour {girls’ room}

next on the tour is the girls’ room!  if you’d like to catch up, we’ve already been to the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen.

gracie and lily share a room.  somedays it works out great, other days… not so much.  but seeing as they don’t have any other option we make it work.  thankfully they have a pretty good sized room so they don’t feel too cramped together.

their room is just off the living room, before you get to the kitchen.  in the original house, this room was the dining room.  even though we took the house down to the subfloor, we still kept the same footprint so this room is the same exact size and shape as the original room.

we even recreated the wainscoting to match the original (5 ft of t& g with a picture ledge) and the built in dressers are the same as the original as well, only they were glass front cabinets on either side of the window seat rather than drawers.

the ceiling light is a school house reproduction that we got online (sorry i can’t remember where!).

the paint color is i-don’t-remember-what-color, but i know it is really close to mermaid net by behr.

each of the girls have their own dresser.  the top drawers (that they can’t reach) have clothes that they will grow into soon.

the hardware is from

to the right of the drawers are 2 covered cork boards for each of them to pin anything they want to.

the window pane with the door knobs works great as a bag and robe holder for the girls.  and this banner of lily’s is pretty cute there, too.

this hand-me-down bookshelf helps to corral all of their things.  i’m hoping someday to repaint this shelf, maybe dark brown with a coral-y hot pink backing.  each of the girls have a “special shelf”  where they can put whatever they want (then every couple months we go through and edit their “collections”).

the top of their shelves is the perfect spot for all of their artwork and picture frames.

the girls were given A LOT of american girl accessories this past christmas, so we needed to come up with a storage solution for everything.  we had a couple open shelves so sean found an old curtain rod and cut it down to use as a hanging rod for the doll’s dresses.  the boxes above hold lots of extra clothes and accessories.

i made this lampshade that hangs over the window seat with lots of scraps.

for so long the girls didn’t have an actual closet, but just a small armoire that did not nearly hold their hanging stuff.  and, it was so high that i had to hang up all their clothes.

one of the divisions of sean’s company is closet and storage, so we designed this closet space to adjust with them as they grow.  right now they can reach all the hanging space themselves to hang everything up – sooo nice!

sean and my parents built a cornice box at the ceiling and hid a rod behind it.  we hung 4 curtains from ikea to use as closet doors.  i still need to paint the cornice and do something with the curtains since they’re a little too plain for my taste.

the baskets and shelves under the hanging space is nice too to hold shoes and hats and scarves.

their beds are backed up against the wall to the front porch, so they have the best view in the house!  i made the quilts way back when lily was first born.

the little kitchen next to lily’s bed was actually my grandmother’s when she was little, and then it was mine.  the radio on top was from target a few years ago.

let me know if you have any questions and i’ll answer in the comment form!


  1. 1

    Wow! The girls’ room is adorable. I am so in love with the paint color. The lamp shade is great! So easy to make right? I might have to try that one for my girls room. Awesome too that you made their quilts, they’re beautiful.

  2. 2

    Oh what a beautiful room! I would have absolutely died to have this room as a little girl! Im sure they love every second of hanging out in there! My favorite part is the built in dressers. Stunning. Great job!!

  3. 3

    OMG! This house keeps getting better & I love love love that lampshade idea! Can you say Pinterest?

  4. 4

    I’m so impressed with the organization!! I could only dream of my daughters room being this neat!! I LOVE the fabric chandelier!! I have pinned it!! :)

  5. 5

    Beautiful! My question is what kind of covering do you have on the windows? Roman, roller, blinds??

  6. 7

    So adorable…I’m loving your house tour and seeing as I have boys, it’s fun to see all the girly stuff. I’m loving the lampshade too.
    xo Jana

  7. 8

    I am loving your home and more and more…such an inspiration as I look to the future for our family and our next move. LOVE IT ALL!!

  8. 9

    You are very talented. I love your house. The colors are so refreshing. Beautiful!

  9. 10

    So sweet!

  10. 11

    That lampshade is SO great. I just love it! Wish our fixture in the girls’ room didn’t have a fan attached … but we need it in the Texas heat.

  11. 12

    Love the color and all the personal pieces. I need to do a big covered corkboard for my son’s room. That kitchen is such a treasure! I love that it was your grandmother’s.

  12. 13

    I love how organized everything is. I need to work a little harder to achieve this. Looks great!

  13. 14

    This room is absolutely adorable. It is such a mixture of girlyness without it being a complete pink/princess/fairy/disney theme – it’s tasteful and inspiring. I love it!!

  14. 15

    I have so enjoyed the house tour this week. I love everything about your house and want to move in. I mean seriously, the built ins in this room are amazing! I’ve been having closet envy for some time since another post a zillion years ago showed your master closet with all it’s glorious built ins…ah, some day my husband will do that for me.

  15. 16

    i love that the room is very put together and beautiful but with their own childish touches!
    my question is about the wall, is that a wainscoting that you can buy, i don’t know what t& g is but i love that, it is bigger than regular beadboard!!

    • 17
      lindsey says:

      sorry! t & g is short for tongue and groove. it is all individual planks of wood. one edge has a tongue (a piece that sticks out) and the other side has a groove for the next piece of wood’s tongue to go into. you should be able to find it at your local lumber place.

      • 18

        i realized that’s what that meant but thank you. i really love that look!! i think more than board and batten!

  16. 19

    SUCH an adorable room!!! Great job :)

  17. 20

    Lovely! My question is where did you get the baskets/shelves under the hanging area in the closet?

  18. 22

    I do curtains on our closets, too- I love it. We have the old closet doors in the garage just in case, but they are calling my name to become something else- we’ll see. I love their room- it’s so sweet!

  19. 23

    What a beautiful room! I wish my room was that cute and organized when I was younger!

  20. 24

    I love the look of all your built-ins (dining, kitchen and the girls room) did you and your husband build them yourself? If not who did you go through to have them made, they are beautiful…..thanks, Sarah

    • 25
      lindsey says:

      we hired a local carpenter to do all our built-ins and unfortunately i can’t recommend him. sorry!

  21. 26

    I want this room. LOVE it all. Beautiful!!!

  22. 27

    I love this room! So sweet and so completey organized. And the paint color is perfect. I am going to have to go look at Mermaid Net on my next trip to HD.
    Thanks for sharing! I love inspiration…..You nailed it!

  23. 28

    I would love to have this room, your girls are quite lucky!
    My question: how did your husband and parents construct the cornice box? (I’m trying to get my husband to make me one to top off my closet!) What is the height and what did they use-molding it looks like? We were just going to cover a board with fabric but now after seeing your girls closet that seems so ghetto ;-)

    • 29
      lindsey says:

      wellll, i’m not at home right now, but i’ll give you my best guess. they began with a plank of wood maybe 10 inches tall, might’ve been a preprimed piece of mdf. then they added some basic trim like you’d use around a window at the bottom and a piece of crown molding at the top.

  24. 30

    Ae the girls’ dressers built-in? They look like they are a part of window seat/unit. Thanks for keeping it real and saying that sometimes sharing a room is great and other times it’s not. You just make the best of it.

  25. 32

    It appears that you are living in my dream home! If you ever get tired of it and want to just leave it all behind, let me know! I’d be quite happy to move back to SoCal and take over! :) I can’t believe you made those quilts on the girls beds! They are absolutely gorgeous!

  26. 33

    That is one stinking cute room. You have such a gift my friend. Everything you touch is just amazing. I want to live in this room!!! Hope you are having a fun summer. See you at QB?

  27. 34

    Just lovely! I’m trying not to covet all of your storage space. :) I always ask my husband why he’s not a chiropractor/masseuse but I think I might add storage solutions business owner too. ;)

  28. 35

    That room is great! Perfect for little girls, you really took care of the details! I love all the built ins! Color is great too!

  29. 36

    Dear Lindsey,
    You have the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen!! Thank you so much for sharing it – you have given me so many good ideas for storage, etc. I have been searching and searching for someone who put ideas to work that are what I like and then I found you and your blog and I have enjoyed every minute I spend reading it (my husband will attest to this as I have been asking him to “come and look at this!” since you started your house tour)). Keep up the great sewing, as well and what you learn from your pastor is good to read about too(my family’s reaction to my notes from our pastor’s sermon are very much alike!). Anyway, love it all and a thousand thanks for all you do! Sincerely, Amy :o)

  30. 37

    love your home…the girls’ room is adorable and it seems to FUNCTION great, which is always a plus!

    love the quilts and all the color…and their closet!!! It’s super organized!

  31. 38

    Wow…love it all. You make me miss owning my own home. I miss my nice house! Have a fabulous 4th.

  32. 39

    I love the room- it’s so pretty! I think the turquoise color is perfect!

  33. 40

    So beautiful! I love the lampshade!

  34. 41

    Your girls room is so beautiful, I love it, you are one creative lady. That lampshade is wonderful and so are the colors that you have used.

  35. 42

    I can’t get over how amazing every room is in your house!

  36. 43

    love this room too :) how about some random patchwork on the curtains … not all over just a few squares here and there …. anyways love the boot collection too best le xox

  37. 44

    LOVE those built in dressers!!!

  38. 45

    I stinkin’ love your house!!!!! I could move in and feel right at home! :D Your girls’ room is so sweet, and I am in love with that lamp shade! I am now going to be on the look out for a great lamp shade skeleton to do this to!

  39. 46

    Oh my goodness, I adore every single thing about their rooms!! SO beautiful – will you please come do my girls rooms?? :)

  40. 47

    Just wanted to share – I used your idea for the lampshade as seen above in your girls’ room for a lamp in my soon-to-be-born baby’s room! I posted about it here if you’re interested:

    Thank you for being such an inspiration and for always having such fantastic ideas! I’m thrilled with how my lamp turned out!

  41. 48

    You’ve been featured on Fabulousity Friday @ Sweet Tea Serendipity! Stop by & pick up your award!

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