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i took very few pics with my phone this week, but here they are!

because i love our shower, my kids hardly ever get to take baths.  but silas begs to take baths

he got really creative this week and asked for his goggles.  that boy is edible, even with bubbles.

we ventured to the fair this week.  besides the 94* heat, we had a great time!  we ate garlic parmesan fries, corn dogs, cotton candy, and giant vats of soda.

the sisterly love has finally been developing and i am giddy about it!

my mom and i got to sneak away for a couple hours to the fabric store – more petal pushers to be restocked soon!

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life rearranged

house tour {playroom & studio}

who’s idea was this house tour anyway?  oh yeah.  nevermind.

catch up with the living roomdining roomkitchenthe girls’ roomsilas’ room, the guest bath, and the master bath.

today i’m taking you into our most used room:  the playroom!

 located just off the living room, the playroom is the real heart of our home.  its where we spend most of our days – playing, homeschooling, crafting and working.

 thanks to my husband’s business, we have these beautiful built in storage units and desks.

 each of the kids have their own desk and set of drawers.  their chairs are from ikea.  great on the wallet, not so much on the buns.  they aren’t super comfy, but i think they only cost like $15 each.  the coffee table was a hand-me-down and the rug is old from target.  wall color is the same as the kids’ bath:  christopher robin’s swing by the disney collection at home depot.

 our playroom is constantly evolving, changing furniture configurations to best suit our current needs.  at one point we had a couch in here.  i loved having somewhere to sit, but a love seat is more of the size we need.  a couch is just a little too tight.

the built-in armoire is the real work horse in the room.  it hides so much!

 this is a picture of it on a good day.  it looks much worse now!  but it hold all our kids friendly games and misc stuff.

the drawers below are all full of toys: hot wheel tracks, polly pockets, puzzles, playmobile, stuffed animals and dolls.  i love that everything has a place, and that it can all be concealed.

 this is lily’s desk.  it used to be gracie’s but i moved her next to me since i work one-on-one with her more than the others.  surrounding lily’s desk is some of my miscellaneous work stuff:  scraps, baskets of posy pins fabric and petal pusher fabric, ribbon for pull tags and bloom belts…  the woven baskets are from land of nod and the locker baskets were thrifted locally.

 this other desk doesn’t get nearly as much action as it should.  this is where we keep all of our important papers and house stuff.  the shelves also hold lots of crafting goodies like glitter and stamps, and also some of our home school curriculum.  i got the red boxes on the wall years ago from pottery barn.

 ah, the workbox wall!  i used bulldog clips from staples to hold the art on the wall as well as the map (from amazon).  the chair was thrifted years ago.

the pocket door on the right leads to our closet and the laundry room.  the door on the left goes out to the living room.  the paper chains are kind of overboard for me, but i couldn’t bear throw them away after lily and i put so much time into them for gracie’s art party.

 and now to my “studio”.

next to the kids’ desks is my own desk, cutting table and storage shelves.

 when i want things neat and tidy, i put these little curtains up with tension rods.  but its not functional for me so most days they are down.

i spend hours and hours at this cutting table, cutting all of my products and making prototypes and pairing new fabric combinations.

 next to the cutting table is my desk.  if my sewing machine isn’t being used, my computer takes it’s place.  when i have a long night of emails or blogging, i hook up my computer to the giant monitor and watch a few shows on hulu.  the big ol’ machine on the right side is an accuquilt studio die cutter for my posies and petal pushers.  i used to cut out each one by hand, but my wrists will pay for the rest of my life for that mistake.

 this is my happy place.

for more details on this space, go here.

 although the desk is rarely clean, the shelves are always organized.

the little basket on the counter collects all my scraps for future projects.

the lights are from target.