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 linking up once again with my girl jeannett!

 i spent alllll day last friday driving down to the queen bee market.  i picked up jeannett in l.a. and we stopped by julie’s house for a bit.  i got to hold the cutest newborn baby boy!  then sit in traffic for 3 hours.  boo.

my s.i.l. courtney took me as her date to the hostess with the mostess relaunch party.  sorry, no pics (too dark) but it sure was pretty!

speaking of pretty, jess had the most beautiful booth created by her husband.  wow and wow.

 silas is kinda into ties right now, and i think it’s adorable.  he scored 2 from the market.

 what to get for a friend’s 3rd baby? faux taxidermy, of course!

 after a crazy weekend away, i needed to score some mommy points with my kids so i made my girls matching skirts.  i still love the pattern of the skirt, but am not so crazy about my fabric choices.  i am seriously thinking about making one of these (in a different print) for myself.  but.. i have been seriously thinking about this for a long time, and still have yet to make one.

 my mother-in-law came for a visit so we hit the town!  ok, so we went to the barn, but it was still fun!

 while we were at the barn we took the tractor ride and picked peaches!  (that is totally faked excitement – i really don’t like peaches – blech!)

 an almost daily occurrence here: smoothies.  cutified by a glass i bought for sean in jacksonhole, wyoming in a sweet shop called made, all handmade items.

 after a big market day is always a good time/excuse to buy more fabric!  do you think i like dots? ;)

 with school starting in just a week and a half, i always get in spring clean mode.  after cleaning out a few drawers i came across these pics lisa took of our family a couple years ago for christmas – my kids were so little!

 just being goofy!

 gracie got a new skate board for her birthday and she was giving it another try.  silas was skating loops around her, but at least she looked cute!

do you take pics with your phone?  join up with jeannett.  all the cool kids are doing it ;)


  1. 1

    Very cute!!! Will went through a tie stage too…and I LOVED it!!!!

    Happy Friday.


  2. 2

    looks like another great week!

  3. 3

    Do you make those adorable necklaces in this post? If not, where do we find them?

  4. 4

    Queen Bee Market photos are always so colorful and fun! I’d love to live closer so I could come…..maybe someday. I’ve been going through old photos I love the memories that flood back from a simple image.

  5. 5

    Really enjoyed meeting you and getting to chat a bit at the Queen Bee….and looking forward to connecting again at Blog Sugar! Try not to stress about it, all everyone really wants to see and hear is the real Lindsey- you”ll be great!

  6. 6

    The Queen Bee looks absolutely heavenly! Certainly makes me wish I was on the West Coast as we seem to be cut from the same cloth!

  7. 7

    Great ipic shots! Love the tie :)

  8. 8

    Love InstaFriday! That Made store sound awesome!

  9. 9

    That Made store is calling my name!

  10. 10

    I have a hard enough time trying to get a decent photo with a camera:) Maybe I should do a little more with the phone… at least it’s just point and shoot. Looks like your week was packed with fun and delights.

  11. 11

    I really do love reading you blog! I awarded your blog “The Versatile Blog” Award. If you swing by my blog you can check it out! Here is the direct link:

  12. 12

    I am in love with dots too! And where is this queen bee market?? I am thinking it is a place I have to put on my to go list! Cheers to InstaFriday:)

    • 13

      It is in San Diego?? My hubs will be out there in November!! I will be too pregnant to fly then Ithink:( Maybe I can talk him into bringing me a little something….

  13. 14

    I like that sewing things earns you mom points. Mine are so jaded. It looks like you had a super fun week (peaches not withstanding).

  14. 15

    Cute pics! Wish I could have gone to the QB Market. I didn’t post my pics yet but I will…I only have a few.

  15. 16

    Love the skirt. I actually thought it was you wearing it. I definitely think you should make one for your self, it would be super cute! Your daughter looks super cute on the skate board. My son would be impressed, he is an avid skate boarder and you don’t see too many girls skateboarding.

  16. 17

    Holy Handmade Goodness! The Queen Bee Market would overwhelm me. You west coast girls are just too cool :) Love finding old family photos. It’s amazing how much your kiddos change in just a year’s time.

  17. 18

    Adorable pics! Your booth at QBM was gorgeous as well. Looks like you’ve had a great & busy week!

  18. 19

    fun photos! Looks like you had a great week!

  19. 20

    I love the pics, so colourful and fun

  20. 21

    I was a bit concerned that there was a photo of a cow posted with the comment that your Mother in law came to visit – glad you clarified that you went visit a barn!

  21. 22

    What pattern did you use for the skirts? I just made my daughter a skirt but yours is much peppier.

  22. 23

    I adore the fabric you chose for your daughters’ skirts! It’s totally something I would have chosen. So, feel free to make one for me, if you’d like. Let’s see, I’m 5’10”, so you have to make it longer than shorter and I’m a small/medium. K :)

    Seriously, though, can’t wait to see the one you make for yourself:)

  23. 24

    I’m so sad I didn’t make it down to QBM! I’m hoping to for the Fall.

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