vacation = total relaxation

never before have i put those two things together:  vacation and relaxation.  ok, before kids and vacays without kids i have, but definitely not with kids.  vacations with kids have always been fun, but its basically doing the same ol’ same ol’ in another place, with other people.

but this time things were different!  maybe it was the older kids helping out with my littles.  maybe it was my kids getting a little easier.  maybe it was something in the water ;)

we relaxed all day long.

i woke up, ate yummy breakfasts, threw on my suit and layed out by the waters edge while the kids played for hours, maybe went out on the boat a bit, swam to cool off, ate yummy dinners, threw on my jammies, got the kids to bed, and played card games until the wee hours of the nights.  that is my kind of vacation!

i grew up in bass lake (about an hour south of yosemite national park).  age 5 to 18 in a teeny resort community.  sure there weren’t too many kids around when i was little, but it was a wonderful place to grow up.  and even better, its a wonderful place to bring my family back to!

sean also grew up coming here for vacations, long long before we ever met.  that was actually our first connection on the night we met, and where sean proposed to me on this very same weekend 12 years ago.  so, yeah, bass lake is pretty special to us.

we went with 2 families we have known since before we were married.

it had been years since we’d connected with one of the families and it was so fun to be reunited!

on the boat in front of the house. the kids found the purple zinc, as evidenced on their faces.  my kids are the ones with light eyes and an extreme sensitivity to light.  you’re welcome kids, you got that one from me.

my biggest.  a joy.

i asked lily (jokingly) if she wanted to go wake boarding.  she said yes (!!!!).  trying not to look surprised (she is my most cautious one), i quickly jumped in the water with her.

this picture doesn’t show it completely, but she got up!  and by “up” i mean she was actually riding the wakeboard, but in a squat position.  i forgot to tell her to stand up – oops!

not to be outdone by her little sister, gracie tried, too.

and she got up, too!

and yes i did bribe them both while in the water with candy.

silas the charmer with kristen.

he wasn’t the biggest fan of the knee board.  i truly think he could’ve gotten up on the wake board, but his stubbornness won.  he didn’t stop crying on the knee board until they were going super fast – crazy kid.

new friendships were made.

sean got a little time on the board.

show off ;)

6 adults (plus my parents = 8), 11 kids.  who knew it would all go so smoothly?  the kids played in the water

and the dads played horse shoes  really, they were just smart.  the horseshoes were mostly in the shade.

see this big girl?  i was her baby sitter since she was 8 months old.  she’s 14 now.  and basically baby sitting my kids.  so trippy and such a joy at the same time.

this is the view out the cove.  not too bad.

and here’s our humble abode for the weekend.  still feels like home.

the banana boat was a huge hit.

see this big girl.  she is the sister of the other big girl.  and i also watched her from infancy.  i learned how to be a mom from these girls.

and now she’s teaching my kids how to make crepes.  she is going to be a chef one day.

the crepes that took a couple hours to make were devoured within minutes.  my favorite: lemon juice, whip cream, and powdered sugar.  mmmmmmm!

the whole slew of kiddos.  out for a yummy dinner at one of the best burger joints en todo el mundo.  for reals.

so obviously i have a hard time paring down my pictures.  i still have at least 2 vacations from the summer that i can’t seem to edit!










  1. 1

    Looks like a blast!

  2. 2

    So happy you guys were able to get away and actually relax a bit. You all work very hard and to be able to leave all of it behind once in awhile is good for the soul and spirit. When you get back try to keep that Bass Lake feeling going for as long as you can.

  3. 3

    Wow! What a blessing to grow up in a place like that! My daughter started skiing last year and she refused to stand up once she got ‘up’ too. So funny! Squated all around the lake.

  4. 4

    so much fun….
    love that humble home….

  5. 5

    Looks awesome.
    Reminds me of that movie, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, when they go camping!

    • 6

      I didn’t see the most recent remakes of Cheaper By the Dozen (1 or 2) but we recently saw the original movie and I was shocked!!! Did you know the father dies? Does that happen in the remake?

  6. 7

    Wow what an incredible vacation!

  7. 8

    I am so glad you had so much fun! We go to a lake every year and my kids are 6 and 3 – this was the first summer I felt I could relax too. It’s tough being so close to the water and I’ve had meltdowns in the past over the lack of relaxation for me on vacations, LOL! So glad you had an awesome time and got the kids to try wakeboarding! My oldest is still too chicken but I think he might try it in a year or two.

  8. 9

    What fun! I’m a CA girl myself but have never been to Bass Lake…despite all the rave reviews I’ve heard from tons of people over the years. However. we have spent lots of time in Tahoe and I love it there. We’re moving to GA at the end of the month so we’ll have to carve out a new special lakeside retreat for memory making! Our new home will be less than a half hour from the largest lake in GA so I’m guessing we’ll be spending LOTS of time there! Thanks for sharing your wonderful RELAXING trip!

  9. 10

    Such a small world… I was at Bass Lake this weekend also. I’m a Northern CA girl myself, but my sister married a Fresno fella and now I’m dating one (being that there is 4 hours between him in Fresno, and where I live in Chico..I consider him Southern He and all his friends and their families camp there a few times a year. It was my first trip there and it was definitely fun. I can see why they go back so often. I’m already looking forward to the next trip!

    Glad you had a good weekend with great friends!!

  10. 11

    Looks like so much fun! I keep wanting to plan a trip there since we’re so close. Maybe next summer?? :)

  11. 12

    your pics are making me wish i was on a vacay at my friends house on the sound side…sounds like you had a BLAST!

  12. 13

    My daughter went to Skylake Camp every summer. She loved it. And I loved our trips to pick her up. Duecy’s, boating, sunning…such good memories.

  13. 14

    you know, i am usually pretty good about not feeling sad when seeing pictures of family and friends back home (years of practice), but whenever i see pics of of my childhood home with my family enjoying it that’s when i feel sad and incredibly homesick. i miss it SO much and hate that my little baby is missing it too! hopefully mom and dad will hold onto the house long enough for jack to experience “vacation.”

  14. 15

    your youth sounds so much like mine… grew up two hours from my grandparents lake house and spent many weeks with them during the summer. the property has been passed down ~ my three children and i head down every other week during the summer along with my sister and her children. our husband join us on the weekends… kneeboarding, skiing, jumping, diving, swimming… such a great place! the best part ~ we wear one outfit there and another outfit home, everything in between is bathing suits and pajamas! seriously, the closest walmart is one hour away, the closest grocery store is 45 minutes, we get there and don’t leave until time to go home. such a great way to spend time with my children and family. most families save all year long for one/two weeks of vacation and we have a free fun place to go all the time. so blessed!

  15. 16

    Looks like SUCH a fun time! And that house is absolutely gorgeous! Also, yum crepes!

  16. 17

    OMG!! your pictures just made me so happy! aparently we grew very close to each other! I grew up in coarsegold. It’s funny how I completely took advantage of living sooo clost to one of the greatest places and now as an adult, its the only place I want to vacation! We actually just got back from a week long vaca there also!

  17. 18

    I felt like I was there again all over! We were there the second week of August and it was HOT! I think it was when you were there too because I always check the web page. I know which house is yours, and I remember a few weeks ago when we were there, looking at the homes, and thinking that was yours! We put our EZ up on the beach and came back every day to our spot. The kids had a blast on the log that they jumped off of, and they swam like fish all day!!! I have been going to Bass Lake since 1970. And it has changed VERY little. I would have LOVED to have grown up there! And how wonderful that your folks are still there for you all to come and have fun!! Wonderful to see this pics!!!!!

  18. 19

    That trip looks like it was so much fun! In my opinion there is nothing better than a lake and being outdoors. That abode that you all had for the week wasn’t shabby either. Actually, it was quite gorgeous. I’m so glad everyone had a blast. The one thing I did notice was the banana boat, I so wanna ride one!!!

  19. 20

    Again, I am so staggered that your Silas looks SO much like my Noah… So much that just now while I was reading this post and Noah was sitting on my lap, he pointed to the picture of Silas in the Superman shirt, and said “Noah”. Haha!
    I had to explain to him that it looks like him, but isn’t :)


  20. 21

    Looks like so much fun!

  21. 22

    Confession… Your vacation pictures caught my eye so much so that I looked at them all before reading anything you wrote. It was the third picture or so down that I thought… “that looks like Bass Lake”. Then after a few more pics I decided that we HAD to have been just a couple docks down on the SAME weekend. I’ve been vacationing there since I was a kid and it was really neat to bring my three kiddos for the first time :) And yes… FORKS BURGERS RULE!

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