what i wore wednesday


happy wednesday!

thank you for joining me for what i wore wednesday (wiww for all us old-timers)!  this is a place i created to keep myself accountable to getting out of my yoga pants and tshirts and to put a little effort into myself.  so many of you have joined me in this – so fun!

 entire outfit – target (for reals)

tank – forever 21

jeans – local shop, way old

sandals – walmart

necklace – lisa leonard designs

 top & jeans – forever 21

sandals – target


 new top from forever 21 that i lovey love love!

jeans – local shop

sandals – walmart

top – i made using this pattern

jeans – target

sandals – local shop

now its your turn to link up!   here are the rules:

1.  link to your specific blog post, not your blog’s main page.  ex: http://thepleatedpoppy.com/2011/09/what-i-wore-wednesday-fall-inspiration/  not  http://thepleatedpoppy.com/blog/.

2.  please only link outfit related posts.  your craft project may be adorable, or that may be a great giveaway, but this linky is for outfit related posts only – thank you!

3.  please please please link back here to me so all this wiww stuff makes sense to your readers.  and its just nice to do ;)  grab a button from my sidebar (see the code box?).

4.  check out as many links as possible!  i am constantly inspired by so many outfits each week!  and you will definitely find some new blogs that you’ve never stumbled upon before – so fun!


  1. 1

    Hi, I’m linking up again for the first time in ….forever. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for hosting. I’m signed up for your panel at Blog Sugar. Yay!!

  2. 2

    Love your Forever 21 outfit!

  3. 3

    You always have the cutest forever 21 outfits!

  4. 4

    The top that you made is so, so cute!! I can’t sew to save my life or I’d totally copy it!

  5. 5

    Love all your outfits, especially your last two. So cute!

  6. 6

    Thanks for hosting,great outfits ,love your new top :)

  7. 7

    This is your Print Week. Look at you rocking the florals! You pull off so many things that I NEVER could! I really want your red Target sandals. Looking good, Lady!

  8. 8

    I lovey love love that top too! So cute.

  9. 9

    I love the top you made, what a great choice for material! So cute =)
    I might have to try making it myself.

  10. 10

    Those Target jeans are so cute. What a great cut. And I’ve ALWAYS loved that top you made. Such fun fabric and A-dorable!

  11. 11

    Love the third outfit and the top you made. So cute!

  12. 12

    I was trying to pick a favorite outfit, but I can’t! You look adorable in all of them! :-)

  13. 13

    Hello! I’ve done WIWW posts before but have never linked up…but today I will!! :) Your outfits are so great, I love that ivory tank top!

  14. 14

    The new top from Forever 21 looks like a Pleated Poppy design! I have just the necklace for all those Fall outfits. Visit the blog and check out the {GIVEAWAY}!

  15. 15

    I’m linking up for my second week! WOO! Just wanted to tell you that you are as cute as a button and I love ALL of your outfits :) Thanks for hosting!

  16. 16

    Your outfits are always so cute. I love checking them out every week. I love you new flower top and the top you made. Super cute.

  17. 17

    I love the Lisa Leonard necklace! Thanks for hosting!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  18. 18

    I love your forever 21 tops and walmart sandals!! But I love, love, love the top you made!! So cute!! Thanks for sharing the pattern and as always for hosting the link party!

    Angela @ http://guyerfamilyblog.com

  19. 19

    I cannot believe that entire first outfit is from Target – the jeans look custom designed for you.

  20. 20

    love the pink and orange tunic, and the Forever 21 top with the flowers on it, both outfits looked great!

  21. 21

    LOVE all the forever 21 purchases! The shirt you made is fab! I would love to have one for my daughters party this weekend!

  22. 22

    love your lace tank!!

  23. 23

    I always love your outfits! Great clothes from forever21! Maybe we should go shop there together! ;)

  24. 24

    So cute, as always!

  25. 25

    The top that you made is just adorable!

  26. 26

    I love your Forever 21 tops and walmart shoes but I love, love, love the top you made the most! great fabric selection! Where did you get it? Thanks for sharing the pattern and as always thanks for hosting the fabulous link party.

  27. 27

    Love your inspiring cute outfits.

    Thanks for posting the “rules” for the second week. Too bad people are still posting their craft/decorating projects.

    I really do get great ideas from this weekly post.

  28. 28

    really like the new linky button! its so much easier! (I’m an internet dodo)

  29. 29

    Cute Cute…I love your new Forever 21 Top :)

  30. 30

    LOVE your outfits, and also a huge forever 21 fan. Sorry my links in there twice, I just didn’t realize my blinkie picture wouldn’t work but I was so excited I found a what i wore link party I had to get my photo in there! Thanks for hosting and excited to link up every week!

  31. 31

    i lovey love love your top too~ so great!

  32. 32

    LOVING your new tank tops! I have missed 2 weeks :( And now Im a day late, but late then never :)

  33. 33

    I LOVE love love your tops.


  34. 34

    i love your orange flower top from forever21! so cute.

  35. 35

    Holy moly, 244 ladies linked up! (I had to scroll down past all of them to come comment, had no idea it had grown so much!)
    Anway, I love all your tanks – especially your new top – and how sad it’ll be when those awesome old jeans get too old, they’re perfect right now! :)

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