around town {ruby rose}

every time i go to ruby rose, i am inspired.

thankfully, i have been able to add a stop in the shop to my weekly routine – i have managed to convince silas that it’s part of our friday date!

typography is so classic – it can fit into every style of home!

if only i had a huge wall, i’d love to cover the wall in these frames.

not only did i have to resist these globes, but that coke sign.  i have been searching for a large sign to put up high on my wall in my living room.

just. so. pretty.

the patina on the chair is so pretty!  i would never ever repaint this bench!

attention all brick & mortar shop owners:  make an extra effort toward your customers with kids.  i have a few shops i love to frequent simply because of the fact that they go out of their way to make my kids smile.  stephanie of ruby rose always has little toys for my kids to play with and choose one to take home.  and sometimes she even has some yummy treats for both big and little shoppers!  if i go into a shop that is annoyed when i bring my kids in, i am way less likely to return.

*  *  *  *  *

and i added some more goodies into my shop!

clutch, ruffled scarves, e-reader case, and sunnies cases


  1. 1

    Soooo wish we had shops like that in Hawaii! And I totally agree. Treat kids kindly and I am likely to be a loyal customer.

  2. 2

    yes! I love a store that is friendly to children. If only more stores were that way…..

  3. 3

    I am so jealous of that store! I have been wanting some old frames but can’t seem to find any around here. Great bench too!

  4. 4

    So many shops are NOT “kid friendly” I totally agree with you on that one! It is so nice to walk in and feel welcome instead of getting the “oh gosh, she has little one’s” look! :) Haha!
    Love the new goodies. Beautiful blog and hanmade goodness!

  5. 5

    darling shop! How cute that you take your little guy on a weekly date:)))

  6. 6

    That is so true! Couldn’t agree with you more about shops who welcome kids versus shops that DO NOT welcome children. It seriously stresses me out when brick and mortor make zero attempt to make me feel comfortable when shopping with my son. If I am comfortable, I will def. return!


  7. 7

    Oh I am going to be in Paso this weekend, I want to ditch my plans and go to Ruby Rose! I will have to convince my hubby we should take another trip down there to go to RR and of course see family too. :)

  8. 8

    That shop looks amazing! So handy that your date approves…my kids start complaining as soon as the car faces the same direction as our usual junkin’ spot.

  9. 9

    I wish I had a store like that around here.

  10. 10

    I agree, if a store is kid friendly, I am more likely to return. Our local fabric shop knows my kids names. They locate us in the store and give them lollipops. I make it a point to give them my business.

  11. 11

    “Less likely to return…” – for me it’s “You’ll not see me here again.” My kid and I are a package deal and I usually vote with my dollar. Dirty looks = no money from my wallet :-)

    But some stores totally get it!!! IKEA, for example, has that whole drop-your-kid-off-let-them-play deal! Sometimes, I wish it was for adults, too!

  12. 12

    We do the same as Ruby Rose at m.o.m; we have a bucket of small toys for the kids to play with and we often have homemade goodies for everyone. The guys in the businesses around us stop by often when cookies are in sight!
    We want to give parents and grandparents a chance to shop in comfort. The little kids remember the toys and go straight for the bucket! It’s a win-win situation.

  13. 13

    We are heading to the Central Coast next week for our annual family vacay. We stay in Cambria and spend time in all the surrounding towns. I can’t WAIT to visit Ruby Rose when we’re in SLO! So excited!
    Even though we’ve been to SLO 4 times now and we are learning our way around, do you have any other great places I should know about?
    For shopping, thrifting, eating?
    I love insider tips.
    Love from,
    PS. I am sorry I missed seeing you at Blog Sugar. Maybe next year. :)

  14. 14

    Oh man I am in love with the rust and colors on that teal rusty bench! Those type letters are great too :)

  15. 15

    Can you tell me what a brick & mortar shop is? Is it like architectural salvage? Would you happen to know how I can find one in my area? I’m with Greta, if you could do something on things to do and see in SLO, I’d be all over it! Thanks Lindsey

  16. 16

    Next time I’m in town we MUST go there! Mmkay? love that coke sign too :)

  17. 17

    Yes, I do agree with you. A store owner should be good to the kids.
    We have a shop here that I like to go to because the owner is SOOO nice to us and kids. He sells watches and repairs watches and clocks. We love him :)

  18. 18

    Ahhh…I want that coke sign! Your post always make me want to do some redecorating. :)

  19. 19

    thank you lindsey for the kind words! sometimes the kids are better behaved than us adults! we love your visits and that dress that you re-worked rocks!

  20. 20

    Wow, that store looks like heaven! :)

  21. 21

    I sooo wanted to check out that store when I was in the Central Coast~ I’m back to So. Cal again! I cannot wait to see you again at QBM Lindsey :)

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