blog sugar treats!

yes, i am way behind on this, being that blog sugar was a month ago – oops!

not only did i get to bring home the great swag bag, but a few other goodies were tucked in (lucky me!).

this whole box of goodies was given to me by heather, of angel face designs!  my fave are the tiny grey rosie earrings – so sweet!  not only are heather’s pieces lovely, but she is a sweet heart herself.

even though my girl jess wasn’t able to make it to blog sugar, we had a little slumber party a couple nights before – and i walked away with this pretty flower pin!

i finally got to meet lilly of zoe clothing company (long time sponsors) – what a doll she is!  she gave me an awesome shirt that i wear all the time, but have yet to photograph it (why?!).

my friend, krystina of lollipops, slipped this sweet pack of monogrammed cards into my hands – love them!

and the piece de resistance… this piece of embroidery hoop art from andrea of knitty bitties.  gah.  i nearly cried when i opened it up.  so very very beautiful, and personalized!  the details that went into it – the pennants, the bows!  i have had it sitting next to me at my desk for the last month, deciding how and where i’m going to hang it.  i think i’ve decided to completely rework the wall space above my desk to make it sit in the best spot.  hopefully i’ll get on that soon!


  1. 1

    how fun! what sweet and thoughtful gifts. :)

  2. 2

    All of those pieces are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. 3

    You are so blessed to know so many beautiful, creative people. And the best part, they like to share:-)

  4. 4

    How Sweet!
    It is the unexpected surprises that are the BEST.
    Enjoy them!

  5. 5

    Makes me want to take up embroidery again.

  6. 6

    Thank you Lindsey … it was such a joy for me to get to participate in Blog Sugar in this way. Next year though, it must be in person so I can hug each of you!! XOXO

  7. 7

    Such cute stuff! Would love to hear about the talk you gave at blight sugar too. :)

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Those monogrammed cards are the cutest!

  10. 10

    So many cute gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  11. 11

    I cant believe it was already a month ago! Time has been flying by and beyond one simple post I never really recapped it all the way Id planned to.
    Im glad to see Andrea got some recognition for all the hard work she put into those hoop art pieces. Each one she made for all the speakers was unique and absolutely amazing! She must’ve spent so much time on them.
    Isnt it amazing to be surrounded by such creative ladies? I came home blessed by the girls in our group too(Shauna, Leslie, Aly, Alyss, Jami). Its something I miss out on by living here on the East Coast. So many of you are clumped out there in California. So far I’ve only come across 3 other NY bloggers(Danielle, Modern Marigold & Abbey of Asthetic Outburst). I miss not having everyone close by:(
    Well, I hope your week is going well!:)

  12. 12

    I loved getting to hang out with you, Lindsey!!

  13. 13

    such fun fun things…so jealous! :) what little blessings (and big ones too im sure) you received there!!

  14. 14

    Ya it looks so cute! I think I could actually do this. Many thanks for sharing with us. :D

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