houe tour {nicole’s home} part 2

welcome back to the house tour!  don’t you just love looking in other people’s homes?  this home belongs to my bestie, up in oregon.

click here for part 1 – the exterior, living room, and kitchen.

yes, this dining room is beautiful, but let’s take a minute to stare at the baby….. oh how i love little curren!

ok, i’m back.

the kitchen is just off to the left, and this picture is taken from the living room, right next to the stairs heading up to the second level (just wait!).

again, that baby!

the door heads out to the side of the front porch.

what do i love?  the black hutch with the pops of color, the HOME letters, the yellow owl, the funky fabrics in the hoops on the wall.

the door down the hall on the left leads to the garage.

*sigh* a milk glass chandelier!

nicole cleverly stores and hides her laptop and misc papers in these old soda crates.

and all the daily use cords go in the deeper crate.

i stole her idea of putting kids’ games in a cart!

this is grand central station.

where the purse lands, where the bills are paid, where all the little things you always need are stored.

painted french pale gold, of course.

a shutter is hung horizontally on the wall toward the garage, holding all the kid art.

across from that wall is the mudroom, filled with wooden lockers for all the kids and their gear.

just beyond the mudroom is the powder room.

its a teeny room, so hard to photograph, but oh.

deep grey walls and one wall of stunning wall paper (from anthro, i think).

i love the contrast of the modern ikea sink and the outdoor sconce used in here!

ok, that’s it for downstairs, upstairs is coming soon!


  1. 1

    Absolutely love looking at other people’s homes. They are such great inspiration, especially ‘farm/cottage’ homes. They are stunning. I love the window of pictures above the grand central station :). How did you secure those pictures in the frame?


  2. 2

    Lovin her house & decorating style !!

  3. 3

    I love the openness of the home. I’m used to walls so it would take some getting used to. But I absolutely love her home. It seems so refreshing!

  4. 4
    Tiffany Nelson says:

    Oh that wallpaper is stunning. She has great use of color. Floor 2, can’t wait!

  5. 5

    Okay- That baby is SERIOUSLY adorable!!!!!
    I love those plates on the wall. They look great :)
    That game storage is genius. I might steal it too.
    The powder room- oh my I LOVE it. That pop of color is amazing.
    Now I’m off to dream about my dream home. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  6. 6

    LOVE the cart idea! I am going to have to steal that one too! Many clever ideas – the crate for organization, pops of color via the hoops….

  7. 7

    i really love when you show your home and others. :) is the wall color in the mudroom the same as the dresser and your piece of furniture? you have made me have a love affair with all things mustard :)

  8. 8

    I am so jealous, I think I turned Green…..maybe I can now be the Grinch for Halloween. I have been thinking about doing a series on my own house, but after seeing these pics I think I would have to title it “Living in the Sticks and it Shows”….LOL! My house is too small for all the junk we have, but hey, it’s still home – someone might want to see it. My blog is titled KLsCupboard so I thought about doing a whole series of all cupboards of my house and what’s inside each – now that I might still do!


  9. 9

    thou shalt not be royally jealous of other peoples’ homes… but i totally am. i’m inspired to redecorate, but hubby asked me to wait until our second child (who doesn’t yet exist) is 3 years old. so i have many years of planning, drooling, and dreaming ahead.

  10. 10

    I do love looking into other people’s homes. : ) Thank you for sharing.

  11. 11

    pretty much amazing.

  12. 12

    ohhh wow. like i said before i NEED a pinterest so i can get all of these things stored up for when i get my first home!

  13. 13

    Hey, Lindsey, it’s Friday! Where’s part 3 of the home tour? Now you have me obsessed and clamoring for it. Need to see the upstairs!!!

  14. 14

    I love the paint color! Can you PLEASE tell us what color it is!

  15. 15

    beautiful home. I’m going to have to steal some ideas

  16. 16
    susan woodward says:

    Love everything!! What color are the off white walls?? they are perfect!!!!!!!!

  17. 17

    Her house is gorgeous but I think I’m in love with “grand central station”! I have been wanting to get a desk like that for some time…I need to get back to searching craigslist for one, it’s got to have a twin out there somewhere ;)

  18. 18

    Could you please tell us the brand of french pale gold you used? I would love to use it for my tv stand!

  19. 19

    Beautiful home! I have the same lights as the galvanized one over the powder room sink in my house :-)

  20. 20

    I love this for their small bath. And i thought that we were the only ones with a tiny bath, lol. Although we only have one tiny bath in our whole house, lol. I to love the look of this small bath!!! thanks for shareing!!!!! Kendall

  21. 21

    The French pale gold (mustardy) colour running through as a theme is a nice touch.

  22. 22

    After 7 years I’m looking at new paint colors and thinking about the Buttermilk color by Restoration Hardware. Seems light and bright but wondering what you think? Wanting to add bright color decorating accessories in blues, greens, yellows and orange.

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