what i wore wednesday

i am going to make a promise here.  a promise i very likely will not be able to keep, but here i go anyway.  i promise to take an outfit pic every day this week.  i have been so stinkin’ lazy with my picture taking!

i originally started wiww to keep myself accountable to getting out of my sweats and jammies and actually get dressed.  now i don’t feel like i need the accountability quite as much because IT ACTUALLY WORKED, but i still think it would be good to get back in the habit of the daily pics.

wanna get all crazy and join me?  just do a post specifically about your outfits for the week and link back here with me every wednesday.  it will be hard when you start, i’m not going to lie.  taking pics of yourself puts you in a very vulnerable position.  its kind of scary.  but i promise it gets easier every single week.  eventually you will start challenging yourself and trying an outfit you never thought you could pull off.  you may find another wiww’er, and copy one of their outfits.  so come on, jump in!

this is such an easy comfy outfit!

t-shirt – forever 21

dress – old navy

jeans & sandals – target

necklace – ruby rose

bracelets – can’t see them much, but they are beaded turquoise and red – about 12 years old!

i wore this dress for a wedding reception on saturday

dress – ruby rose, revamped by me

cardi – target

petal pusher and clutch – the pleated poppy

wedges – old navy

on sean – all banana republic

ok, party people – link up, but please follow the rules:

1.  link to your specific blog post, not your blog’s main page.  ex: http://thepleatedpoppy.com/2011/09/what-i-wore-wednesday-fall-inspiration/  not  http://thepleatedpoppy.com/blog/.

2.  please only link outfit related posts.  your craft project may be adorable, or that may be a great giveaway, but this linky is for outfit related posts only – thank you!

3.  please please please link back here to me so all this wiww stuff makes sense to your readers.  and its just nice to do ;)  grab a button from my sidebar (see the code box?).

4.  check out as many links as possible!  i am constantly inspired by so many outfits each week!  and you will definitely find some new blogs that you’ve never stumbled upon before – so fun!

i’m also linking up with nina of momma go round for “real momma, real style” – join me there, mkay?

Momma Go Round


  1. 1

    I love, love love that Ruby Rose necklace. So cute!! Plus your restyle dress for the wedding is to.die.for!!

  2. 2

    I already commented on your revamp so I will point out your shoes (again) I love the neutral sandal with the white top! You do so many dresses with pants…I need to try that! Happy Wednesday!

  3. 3

    Love your casual and dressed up looks! You do shabby chic so well! =)

  4. 4

    I agree with Teacher Girl. Shabby chic has to be one of your favorite styles. You pull it off so well.

  5. 5

    LOVE the shoes. You look adorable!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday,


    P.S. I’m hosting my very first “What I Love Wednesday” blogger link-up today. I’d love you to join! :)

  6. 6

    Ha, just this week i thought, “Why do I still take a pic every day when it seems most aren’t anymore?”

    Would love to see all your outfits again. :-)

  7. 7

    great outfit,love your sandles :)

  8. 8

    Yes, it can be tough to take the photos, but so worth it!

    I love your outfits. They’re totally ‘wearable’ and have challenged me to wear skinny jeans and fun accessories. Love the dress you’re wearing. It’s stunning.

  9. 9

    Love the way you revamped the dress. Very cute.

  10. 10

    I’m totally up for this challenge…and all you pregos are just killing me, your bumps are so cute, I loved being pregnant!

  11. 11

    You ALWAYS look so cute! (:

  12. 12

    I love this idea! it keeps me accountable to NOT repeating outfits over and over, inspired by what others wore and the courage to step outside my box and try something different!
    AND I get to see what my clothes look like in ‘real life” versus just in my head of how I think I look……
    great idea!

  13. 14

    Great sandals! And by the way, I know all too well what a hassle it is to take outfit pics every day. But thank you for continuing to do so because it helps motivate me :). And like the commenter said above, it helps me see how I really look, instead of just what I think during that quick glance in the mirror!

  14. 15

    i have one outfit to post tomorrow then i’ll go and link up…for REAL this time :)

  15. 16

    so you dress your husband in all banana republic, too? :)

  16. 17

    I love these posts. So many outfit ideas!!

  17. 18

    what a cute pic of you sitting on the dresser. What a cute idea. I love you lace dress, it look great on you.

  18. 19

    Hi! So, I “outted” myself today by joining in…been following now and then for a few weeks at least! I love this idea, and I can certainly use the motivation. It’s hard to get up and look decent before carpool in the mornings, so thanks for giving us a fun way to go about it! By the way , I like the dress in its new form even better than the old. It’s so much more wearable now! :-)

  19. 20

    Wow, Lindsey! I haven’t linked up in a long time and there are over 200 WIWW posts linked back to this. Too cool! Thanks for hosting the fun and keeping us accountable. By the way, you look cute. I like the dress and wedges for the wedding. Looks great with the changes you made!

  20. 21

    I LOVE that dress!!

  21. 22

    Love the crisp white against the turquoise. And love the color of the toenail polish. Both outfits are superb. :)

  22. 23

    Your outfit is really pretty, I love turquoise and white. I haven’t yet plucked up the courage to photograph my outifits and post them but am really inspired by all your links to see that lots of women have. Yay! Em x

  23. 24

    I love your outfit and those target sandals! i also LOVE that yellow dresser!! LOVE it! (I think that every time I see it in your posts!) :)

    By the way I heard you speak at Blog Sugar and wanted you to know that your panel was the most beneficial for me. :) I have three kids, work from home and am planning/praying about home schooling hopefully next year when my second child starts Kinder. Thanks for all the great advice! :)

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