evy’s tree {sponsored giveaway} CLOSED

eeeek!  you guys, i am so excited about what i get to offer you today!

evy’s tree has been a long time sponsor here, and a long time favorite of mine, ever since i first found her products at the queen bee market.

amy, the owner and creative genius behind evy’s tree, offers embellished clothing for women and children, and now even men!

i have seen and touched and coveted nearly every one of her products. and let me tell you, as a fellow sew-er, sewist, whatever you call us… i found her work to be incredible – extremely professional and well made.

i own one of her products, the diana wrap, and wear it a ton, at least a few times a week.  i love that i can wear it wrapped with a pretty pin and i feel dressed, or i can throw it on in the morning with my jammie pants and feel like i’ve upgraded a bit from the robe!

with my pretend unlimited budget here’s what i’m going to get:

for sean, the men’s ronnie hoodie in navy

for gracie, the mini grey ruffle cardigan

for lily, the mini pink simple

for silas, the mini marbles hoodie

and i may as well get myself a little something else, so i’ll take the eggplant and navy cut-off.  i mean, only if i have to ;)

so what do you want?  because if you win, amy will give you one stock item of your choice!

go to her shop, take a look around, then come back here and tell me what you’ll choose.  and while you’re at it, swing by her blog and facebook page, too!



  1. 1

    I’d chose the Diana wrap in grey or winter white. Gorgeous wrap- great for around the house or around town! Thanks for the giveaway- great chance to check out evy’s tree!!

  2. 2

    I can only choose one? haha. oh darn!

    I’ll just tell you my top 3!

    Black Grace Wrap.

    Mrs. Darcy Fascinator.

    and the Charcoal black diana wrap. :)

  3. 3

    ohhhh it’s a touchy … eggplant ruffle cardi is my final choice :) best le xox

  4. 4

    i love the diana wrap – maybe in charcoal!

  5. 5

    I love the Sophie hoodie (:

  6. 6

    I love the gray simple hoodie- it would go with everything and it looks super cozy!

  7. 7

    I love the eggplant cardi but I don’t think it comes in my size. I’m not sure though, the sizing is really confusing. The minis are shown using children but then it says size 2. So is that an adult size 2 or 2 as in 2 years old?

  8. 8

    I love the gray ruffled cardigan!

  9. 9

    The light charcoal grey Diana wrap!!

  10. 10

    The navy Diana wrap is a classic and Ive been wanting a navy cardi since last year. I think this may be the perfect one. I didnt realize that she also made ruffled uniform cardis for girls. Those are right up our alley ’round here:)

  11. 11

    Love the Diana wrap!

  12. 12

    the light charcoal Diana wrap :)

  13. 13

    I love the Navy Simple hoodie!

  14. 14
    katie greenlaw says:

    The Diana Wrap hands down….I’m pregnant, and that would be PERFECT….looks so cozy!

  15. 16

    I would love to own a Diana wrap – probably in light charcoal. And I think it would look oh-so-pretty accented with a petal pusher. I really hope to win!

  16. 17

    I’m liking the black simple hoodie!

  17. 18

    The diana wrap in sapphire! I’ve been waiting for a size M to be available in that size for a while. I love it!

  18. 19

    loving the diana wrap! sweet – and cozy! thanks!

  19. 20

    I would get the Charcoal Black Ruffle Cardigan. So classic and swanky looking (c;

  20. 21

    oooo, i love the diana wrap in light charcoal!! or the mini ronnie hoodie. what a great giveaway! thank you!

  21. 22

    I LOVE her Diana Wraps! I love shawl wraps, especially now after having a baby, it’s so nice to hide the little kangaroo pouch with them and still feel classy. She does such a great job putting them together! I love all of her stuff! Thanks for introducing her shop to me!

  22. 23
    Samantha C. says:


  23. 24
    Samantha C. says:

    Im a fan of Evy’s Tree on FB.

  24. 25

    I LOVE that gray ruffle cardigan ;)

  25. 26
    Simply Sara says:

    I love the black Diana wrap, so pretty!!!

  26. 27
    leslie Schneemann says:

    I would love the Diana wrap in charcoal.

    Leslie S.

  27. 28

    definitely the light charcoal diana wrap, so amazing. every time you have a wiww with your pink wrap i kick myself for not ordering one sooner. me thinks i will have to put this whisper in the mister’s ear.

  28. 29

    Having trouble choosing between the diana wrap and the ruffled cardigan!

  29. 30

    They’re all so pretty, but I love the ruffled cardigans – and the eggplant is such a lovely color.

  30. 31
    Leah Nagel says:

    I would just LIVE in the light charcoal Diana Wrap! Crossing my fingers :)

  31. 32
    Jennifer T says:

    I’d love either one of those ruffle cardigans – they’re beautiful!

  32. 33

    How does anyone decide? I would LOVE the Diana wrap in charcoal or the Sophie-love that look! And of course the simple pink for my little Maggie! So darn CUTE!!

  33. 34

    The Diana wrap! It’s perfection!!!! One in each color…oh wait…only one item?? Ha!

  34. 35
    Stephanie says:

    Diana wrap or the ruffle cardigan… Tough choice:)

  35. 36

    Definitely the Diana wrap! Who knew I needed a wrap but as it turns out I totally do!

  36. 37

    Love, love, love the Diana Wraps – any color! Also love the simple hoodies.

  37. 38

    I would love the Army Green Simple hoodie. I LOVE their hoodies and wraps!

  38. 39
    Kristin M says:

    The Diana wrap is marvelous! I also like the simple hoodies. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  39. 40

    I would love the Diana wrap. It looks amazing.

  40. 41

    I love mini blue jean brilla! I need it!

  41. 42

    Oh, I just LUV the Diana wrap in charcoal! It looks so warm and cozy and yet beautiful at the same time. Simply gorgeous!!!

  42. 43

    I love her stuff! I would probably pick one of the ruffled cardigans. So cute.

  43. 44

    what a great giveaway! i LOVE the black grace wrap. :)

  44. 45

    I love them all but I would love to have the Light Charcol Diana wrap. Hope I win. Blessings

  45. 46

    I love the eggplant & navy cutoff, the Sophie, & the pink asphalt brilla! I really want one of every style- cute & comfy!

  46. 47

    I would love to have the grey simple. I love how the ruffles dress up the hoodie, but in a nice, subtle way. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. 48

    I love the brillas!! Can’t decide which color. Also like the eggplant cardigan!

  48. 49

    I would wear the coffee ruffle cardigan waaay too much, and all my friends would think I only had one sweater. :) But I love it!

  49. 50

    Really! How do you shoose just one thing! I think I would have to go with a wrap or brilla but would LOVE anything from her!

  50. 51

    Love everything! If I could only choose one it would be the Navy blue and orange cut off, It looks so comfy!

  51. 52

    The Black Grace Wrap is amazing. Love it all!!

  52. 53

    The sapphire Diana wrap is very striking.

  53. 54

    I would like to own the black grace wrap! So cute!

  54. 55

    I love the simple hoodies……love the army green color!! SUPER CUTE!!

  55. 56

    I would pick this.

    I think it would be perfect for my daughter…for Christmas and Valentine’s Day…


  56. 57

    Love Evy’s Tree and I’m obsessed with the Black Grace Wrap! It’s gorgeous! xo lesley

  57. 58

    The Diana Wrap looks super cozy. I can already see myself bundled up in one! :)

  58. 59

    Eeee!!!! Those are gorgeous! I think I’d go for the eggplant and navy cut off – perfect for making me feel better on a casual day :D But, they’re all gorgeous and I would totally wear them all!

  59. 60
    Dana Summers says:

    O my, what a beautiful way to start my day. Choosing is hard but I love the Army Green Simple Hoodie. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  60. 61

    super cute stuff for sure, i think i’d have to pick the mini navy brilla hoodie for my little girl that would love those gorgeous ruffles.

  61. 62

    I love everything! But if I had to choose, I would order the EGGPLANT RUFFLE CARDIGAN – its beyond adorable.

  62. 63

    these are GORGEOUS!! I really love the Black Grace Wrap cardigan…beautiful!

  63. 64

    Oh my goodness! The mint chip Brilla is divine! Oh, I hope I win!

  64. 65

    holy cow!! her designs are amazing!!! if i could only choose one, i’d have to get the diana wrap. it is so versitile!!!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  65. 66

    I would want the grey simple or the white diana wrap. Love them!

  66. 67

    I love the Diana Wrap! It’s wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. 68

    I like the black dianna wrap

  68. 69

    I would LOVE the mini marbles hoodie for my little guy, so cute!

  69. 70

    I like evy’s tree on FB!

  70. 71
    Emily Hege says:

    I would definitely get the diana wrap, it would fit my ever-growing pregnant belly right now and look great for work! lovvveee her stuff!

  71. 72

    I lOVE the ruffle cardigans, especially the eggplant!

  72. 73
    Brittany B. says:

    I would pick the mini-red-uniform-simple super cute!!

  73. 74

    I would love the black grace wrap. It is beautiful!

  74. 75

    Love the Black Grace wrap–so feminine!

  75. 76

    Love the Adult Eggplant and Navy Cut Off!!!

  76. 77

    I love the coffee ruffled cardigan! so cute!

  77. 78
    Rachael B says:

    The Diana wrap is sapphire! Beautiful colour and it looks really cozy :)

  78. 79

    Beautiful . . . I really love the Navy Diana Wrap.

  79. 80

    I would SO get the Diana Wrap in winter white! So gorgeous!

  80. 81

    i would totally get the diana wrap in gray- so pretty!

  81. 82

    I love the navy Simple Hoodie… a great feminine touch on something so comfy!

  82. 83

    I love their stuff! I’d pick this:


    The light charcoal diana wrap :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! xoxo

  83. 84

    Love the gray ruffle cardigan!

  84. 85

    Hard to choose! I’d say the winter white diana wrap. Love her stuff!

  85. 86

    I really love the Black simple hoodie—it’s just so cute!
    thanks for the giveaway!


  86. 87

    I’d definitely get a Diana wrap, I just can’t decide between the grey, navy or black… :)

    Thanks for this chance!

  87. 88

    I like the black grace wrap!

  88. 89


  89. 90

    Oh my, I LOVE Evy’s Tree! My favorite at the moment is the coffee bean brilla!

  90. 91

    I think I need the Diana wrap in sapphire. Or charcoal. Or navy. (I might need a few!!)

  91. 92

    I am madly in love with the eggplant cut off. What a fab color!

  92. 93

    I love the Adult Eggplant and Navy Cut Off! It looks sooo comfy!!


  93. 94

    I would take any of those cute wraps!! love them!!!

  94. 95

    I really want Diana Wrap, maybe light charcoal.

  95. 96
    Sarah Rockney says:

    I love the Diana wrap, but I also love the mini Ronnie hoodie. Such cute clothes!

  96. 97

    I’m hooked on ruffles. And her shop has so many!! Cute stuff. I think I would pick the Brillas, the blue jean and the zebra with Mrs Darcy brooch my faves!

  97. 98

    I love the Diana wrap! So great!

  98. 99

    Wow, what an adorable shop! I am with you though and would choose the Eggplant & Navy Cut Off. How fun! Thank you <3

  99. 100

    I LOVE the gray simple, it would totally dress up a pair of jeans!

  100. 101

    I LOVE the light grey diana wrap…it looks so comfy, and so stylish! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  101. 102

    I would love to pick the Eggplant Ruffle Cardigan or Charcoal Black Diana Wrap!
    Win one and buy the other :)!

  102. 103

    I’m in love with the wraps!! My favorite are the Navy or Sapphire Diana Wraps. :)

  103. 104

    I would choose the Charcoal Black Diana Wrap–so versatile! Great give away…

  104. 105
    Mandy McKinnon says:

    I visit this Etsy shop at least once an week and drool over her cute designs! I would love to have a navy simple to call my own!
    Thak you for the opportunity to win!
    -Mandy in Ohio

  105. 106

    I like the eggplant and navy cutoff!!

  106. 107

    What a fun shop! I think Id choose the Eggplant Ruffle Cardigan. Such a pretty color, and you can’t go wrong with a ruffle!

  107. 108

    The Eggplant Ruffle Cardi for sure! Such a pretty look!!

  108. 109
    Valerie Smith says:

    I love the Diana Wrap in black and of course the Sophie hoodie in which I own!
    Thank you!

  109. 110

    I would choose a ruffled cardigan, probably in gray.

  110. 111

    i think i’d pick the ruffled cardigan for myself in coffee. but that’s a *hard* choice!! :)

  111. 112

    I like the giraffe sweatshirt!

  112. 113

    I love Evy’s Tree.!!! My favorite is the Black Night Brilla

  113. 114

    I think I’d chose the black grace wrap! I think it’s so elegant!

  114. 115

    I’d have to go with the Diana wrap, too! It’s so classic and lovely.

  115. 116

    I honestly can’t pick just one. Either the Black Grace Wrap or the Winter White Diana Wrap!

  116. 117

    I would love to own the light diana wrap-beautiful pieces!

  117. 118

    Black Grace Wrap please : ) Love it.

  118. 119

    I’ve noticed your Grace wrap and am totally in love. I would definitely pick that one!

  119. 120

    Love the black grace wrap – it’s so pretty!

  120. 121

    I love the eggplant ruffle cardigan

  121. 122

    The Diana wrap!!!! So gorgeous and snuggly looking!

  122. 123

    I’d be torn between the Grey Ruffle Cardigan and the Black Simple Hoodie… Everything is so cute!

  123. 124

    I love the look of the Sophie. Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. 125

    I love the grey ruffle cardigan! So pretty.

  125. 126

    I’ve been coveting the Diana wrap for ages!

  126. 127

    love the ‘winter white Diana wrap’!

  127. 128

    I love the Charcoal Black Diana Wrap! Cute stuff, thanks for a fun giveaway!

  128. 129

    WOW! Great clothes! I just went to Facebook and ‘liked’ Evy’s Tree!

  129. 130

    I looove The Sophie and the Navy Simple. But the grey ruffle cardigan you selected is classic too. Beautiful everything, really.

  130. 131

    I love the black simple hoodie. A little warmth for those cold days but still able to look really cute!

  131. 132

    What pretties! I’d choose the coffee or eggplant ruffle cardigan. Thanks!

  132. 133

    I love the Diana wrap in light charcoal gray. Perfect!

  133. 134
    Amber Dodd says:

    I would LOVE to have The Black Night. I could wear every day! (but wouldn’t…haha)

  134. 135

    i like the diana wrap in charcoal gray. and I think the little doll hoodies are adorable.

  135. 136

    Oh I really love the diana wrap in that grey!

  136. 137

    Oh, I’ve seen evy’s tree stuff before! So great!
    Love the diana wrap is charcoal gray!

  137. 138

    I live the gray ruffled cardigan for women. One for my daughter, too please!

  138. 139
    Jaymie White says:

    I would have a hard time choosing between the Army Green Simple Hoodie, The Sophie Hoodie or the Eggplant and Navy Cutoff….great clothes! Thanks for introducing me!

  139. 140

    love, love, love the black grace wrap! So pretty!

  140. 141

    The sapphire Diana wrap looks so pretty . I’d love to win.

  141. 142

    I really love the winter white Diana wrap.

  142. 143

    I love the black grace wrap!

  143. 144

    Winter white Diana wrap…yes please!!! Beautiful stuff!

  144. 145

    These are beautiful!!! I would pick the sapphire Diana wrap!

  145. 146

    The Diana wrap in Saphire… I’m a teacher, and it would allow me to have some school spirit with sophistication =)

  146. 147


    GFC: Adela (I follow your blog and Amy’s blog)
    FB: Delline Adela

    adelavoinea at yahoo dot com

  147. 148
    Suzanne Kelley says:

    I love the navy Diana Wrap. Actually loved all colors!

  148. 149

    ooh I love the eggplant and navy cut-off! love her shop!!

  149. 150

    i would totally get the navy or gray simple. hope you like it cuz if i win i will wear it everyday. :)

  150. 151

    I love the diana wrap! Pairing it with my favorite boots would definitely make my day happy!

  151. 152

    Tough choice! There are so many great things! I really like the Sophie top, or one of the wraps or the zip up tops are nice also! : )

  152. 153

    Everything is beautiful! I would pick the grey ruffle cardigan.:)

  153. 154

    the grey simple hoodie looks so cozy! love it!

  154. 155

    They’re all so awesome! I choose the charcoal Diana wrap! I love all of the different ways you can wear it!

  155. 156

    I’d go for the gray or army green simple hoodie.

  156. 157
    Cari Hozian says:

    Definitely a Diana Wrap. I think I need one of every color.

  157. 158

    love the Diana Wrap in black

  158. 159

    Diana Wrap all.the.way. Love them, thanks for the giveaway!

  159. 160

    i love the diana wrap…probably charcoal black but maybe the lighter grey. so many great things to choose from!

  160. 161

    i would choose the grey ruffle cardigan. they are all really pretty!!

  161. 162

    Gosh, it’s hard to say with so many pretty options…but probably the Grace Wrap for me!

  162. 163
    Jessie Prince says:

    I love the CHARCOAL BLACK RUFFLE CARDIGAN. it is perfect for teaching in cold classrooms!!

  163. 164

    I can totally see why you love that Diana wrap so much. I think I would like about four of them. Love, love, love!

  164. 165

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the diana wrap!!!

  165. 166

    LOVE the coffee ruffle cardigan!!!

  166. 167

    I’m l-o-v-i-n-g the Coffee colored ruffle cardigan!!! <3

  167. 168

    oh my heavens! I love all her items!!! My favorite is definitely the diana wrap though. I think it white – although with a busy toddler that might be an unwise choice, so I’d probably have to go with the black or gray. ;)

  168. 169

    At the very top of my list would be the Diana wrap in Navy….such a beautiful, versatile piece. *swoon*

    Thanks for your great blog and for a giveaway!!

  169. 170

    I want a Diana Wrap too! So beautiful!

  170. 171

    One of the ruffle cardis would be my pick!

  171. 172

    I love the Diana wrap in Charcoal! These are beautiful!

  172. 173

    I love the wraps and cardigans! So cute!

  173. 174

    I would love to have the light charcoal Diana wrap (large please).
    Love your blog.

  174. 175

    I would love the Diana wrap!

  175. 176

    Seriously LOVE the eggplant ruffled cardigan. What beautiful pieces!!

  176. 177

    I would love the ADULT BLUE JEAN BRILLA!

  177. 178

    The eggplant ruffles cardigan is my favorite, but there are some other great items as well!

  178. 179
    Faith Mahoney says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! I would choose the charcoal black Diana wrap. It’s gorgeous!

  179. 180
    Carolyn Zimmerman says:

    The Diana Wrap is on my wish list :-) LOVE IT!

  180. 181

    The light charcoal Diana wrap looks amazing. If I win, I may never take it off.

  181. 182

    Grey Simple Hoodie..love hoodies and love you can dress this one up!

  182. 183

    Mini marbles is pretty cool. My kids would like that.

  183. 184

    What a wonderful GIVEAWAY! I love the Black Simple (could wear it with EVERYTHING) and the Navy Blue and Orange Cut off is super cute also! Thank you for the wonderful share!

  184. 185

    So many nice choices…..I think I would wear the charcoal Diana wrap a bunch. That’s my pick!

  185. 186

    Oh man, everything is so beautiful! I with the charcoal black diana wrap!! I’ve been looking for something perfectly made like that FOREVER, and it would be perfect!!! Love it all!

  186. 187

    Fun! I’d choose the navy Diana wrap…I can imagine how perfectly comfortable it would be!

  187. 188

    I would pick the Ruffled Eggplant Cardigan…so feminine and a gorgeous shade of purple!!

  188. 189

    Wow! What beautiful items! I would get the coffee or grey ruffle cardigan. (The adult size!)
    Thanks For the great giveaway!

  189. 190

    Black Diana wrap…FOR SURE!!!! Her stuff is amazing!

  190. 191

    love her ruffle cardigans!

  191. 192

    I love the Diana wrap! The only problem would be choosing a color!

  192. 193

    So hard to pick just one thing! I love the ruffle cardigans and am having a hard time choosing between the charcoal black, grey, or coffee color. Love them. Oh, the black grace wrap is beautiful, too. Then there’s the black night brilla. See, told you I was having a hard time picking just one…

  193. 194

    Ooh, super cute things! I would pick the navy simple hoodie.

  194. 195

    love this store….i’d definitely choose the gray wrap. LOVE it! :)

  195. 196

    love the sapphire diana wrap. oh my gorgeous!

  196. 197

    I love the gray Diana wrap. I think it might be the most perfect postpartum thing I could own.

  197. 198

    I love the mint chip jacket! :] Maybe that’s just because I love mint chip ice cream…

  198. 199

    I love the light charcoal gray wrap Diana!

  199. 200

    I would either get a marbles hoodie or a diana wrap.

  200. 201
    Rosemariee says:

    i love the black grace wrap!

  201. 202

    WOW! Love her stuff!! Being a plus sized lady none of the instock things would fit me….the Black Grace Wrap is divine! So I would pick the adorable mini boom town Brilla for my sweet girl who is 4 and loves ruffles! Fingers and toes crossed that this will be my first online win!

  202. 203
    Angela Sitompul says:

    Everything is so adorable! Evy’s Tree is new to me and I enjoyed reading a little of her blog! I think I would choose the diana wrap and I love all the colors, it is perfect for the season and makes me want to cuddle up on the couch with a good book! Thank you for the giveaway!

  203. 204

    So hard to choose…. Twist my arm and I’d probably pick the Eggplant Ruffle Cardigan. Fun giveaway!

  204. 205

    Many beautiful options–right now I’m leaning towards the Black Grace Wrap or the Charcoal Black Ruffle Cardigan. They would be great for work!

  205. 206
    kristin M says:

    I definitely want a Diana wrap. hardest thing would be choosing the color!

  206. 207

    My wardrobe would be so benefitting from a saphire diana wrap! Perfection!!!

  207. 208

    i like the navy simple hoodie.

  208. 209

    I would love to have the Eggplant Ruffle Cardigan, it is oh-so cute!

  209. 210

    The white Diana Wrap:)

  210. 211

    I would love the ruffle cardigan in eggplant.

  211. 212

    I would love the Diana wrap in light charcoal or sapphire blue if the gray isn’t available. Thank you both for this opportunity!

  212. 213

    I’d choose one of the diana wraps. Every time I see you wear one on a what I wore Wednesday I go look at the store and wish that I could have one. :)

  213. 214

    I love the gray ruffled cardigan. It is pretty much fabulous. Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. 215

    Such cute stuff….the Diana looks comfy. Thank you for the giveaway

  215. 216

    Ooo…I’d like to win either the sophie hoodie or the sapphire diana wrap!

  216. 217

    WOW! That is A LOT of comments for one post! I would take the wrap! I mean if by some crazy chance I won! BEAUTIFUL clothes!

  217. 218

    Wow, beautiful things! I love the charcoal black diana wrap!

  218. 219

    The Diana Wrap looks so cozy for those cold winter nights! I’d love to win one!

  219. 220
    HannahBee says:

    I love the Charcoal Black Diana Wrap!

  220. 221
    stacie graham says:

    I LOVE the Black Diana wrap too!

  221. 222

    i love the Diana Wraps–especially the grey one!

  222. 223

    Ooooooo la la….I love the navy diana wrap!

  223. 224

    I would take that army green simple beauty! :)

  224. 225

    i love amy and i love evy’s tree! it has been so amazing to watch her grow!
    i love the simple hoodies best, especially in black! but that diana wrap is to die for as well!

  225. 226

    I LOVE to diana wrap! I don’t know what color I’d pick though – the charcoal is nice, so is black or navy or sapphire! So many decisions :)

  226. 227

    Definately the Diana wrap in Charcoal gray!

  227. 228
    Jennifer K. says:

    I have.to.have a Diana wrap….just not sure what color I would pick!

  228. 229

    oh my…such pretties! love the diana wrap and the ruffled cardigan! thanks for opportunity!

  229. 230

    Diana wrap in grey for sure!

  230. 231

    I would pick the navy blue and orange cut off

  231. 232

    I would pick the navy blue and orange cut off!

  232. 233

    The coffee ruffled cardi is gorgeous!

  233. 234

    I love the simple grey hoodie.

  234. 235

    I am loving the Winter White Diana Wrap! Thanks

  235. 236
    Jodi Goad says:

    Loving the Diana wrap! Looks so cozy for my Michigan winters…The black ruffle cardigan is pretty classic too.

  236. 237

    I like the Light Charcoal Diana wrap. My middle name is Diane. I think it’s meant to be!

  237. 238

    Cute stuff! I would choose the navy blue and orange cutoff!

  238. 239

    I like charcoal black diana wrap. It would be an easy way to dress up with jeans!!

  239. 240
    jessica blood says:

    I would love to get the light charcoal diania wrap

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  240. 241
    Jessica Netherton says:

    Definitely the charcoal Diana wrap!

  241. 242

    I like the grey ruffle cardigan!

  242. 243

    I like the white Diana wrap and the grey ruffle cardigan.

  243. 244

    It’s all so cute, but I’m loving the Grey Ruffle Cardigan!

  244. 245

    The very first picture of the ruffled hoodie. Love ;)

  245. 246

    Love the chocolate sweater

  246. 247

    LOVE the Black Simple Hoodie.

  247. 248

    I love the mini grey ruffle cardigan!

  248. 249

    Navy Lacey is adorable!

  249. 250

    I love the Army Green Simple hoodie.

  250. 251

    I love the grey ruffle cardigan!!

  251. 252
    Beetnik Mama says:

    The Diana wrap for sure! It’s so versatile, and so pretty!!!

  252. 253
    Erin Gross says:

    I have had my eye on the Diana wrap for a while! I’d definitely pick that…thanks for doing the giveaway!

  253. 254
    christine says:

    eggplant and navy cut off! cutesy! of course a diana wrap would be wonderful as well. thanks for the opportunity. cheers.

  254. 255

    Oh dear me…I would so love the diana wrap!!! thank you for an opportunity to win! :)

  255. 256

    Those diana wraps are amazing! I want one!!

  256. 257

    I love the Charcoal Diana Wrap! It looks lovely.

  257. 258

    gray simple is so cute! i also love the charcoal diana wrap!

  258. 259

    the diana wrap in any color!

  259. 260

    Oh, I love the Marble sweatshirts! I’d have to have one for my little guy and one for me. So fun! Although, I’m also loving the simple ruffle uniform cardi in navy. Love how that jazzes up the boring ol’ uniform!

  260. 261

    The Eggplant Ruffle Cardigan is adorable.

  261. 262

    LOVE the diana wraps. Particularly the sapphire!

  262. 263

    The black simple hoodie. Love it!

  263. 264

    Love the Diana wrap

  264. 265
    Bernadeth Sun says:

    My favorite is the light charcoal Diana wrap.

  265. 266

    I love the Diana wrap. So cute and it looks like it would fit me perfectly, but I would probably get one for my mom.

  266. 267

    Diana Wrap in sapphire – such a pretty color.

  267. 268

    I love the black grace wrap!

  268. 269

    I would have to pick the ruffle cardigan or grace wrap. They are gorgeous…I love ruffles!

  269. 270
    Colleen Smith says:

    Please wrap me in that Diana Wrap :)

  270. 271

    I love the diana wrap- it would be perfect for the third trimester!

  271. 272

    Mini uniform navy blue brilla for my daughter. So cute!

  272. 273

    I’d have a hard time choosing between the Diana Wrap and a Ruffle Cardi. So pretty!

  273. 274

    I really am in love with the black grace wrap! It is so elegant! :)

  274. 275
    Stephanie Fleming says:

    I love the Diana wrap!

  275. 276

    Yep… So I am pretty much inappropriately coveting the navy and eggplant cut-off. :)

  276. 277
    stephanie says:

    I would choose the mini ruffle grey cardigan!

  277. 278

    Love the Diana wrap!!

  278. 279

    I would absolutely love love the Dianna wrap…what a great piece to have ! So many ways to wear it, casual or dressed up….I am even thinking of giving it as a Christmas gift Thanks

  279. 280

    I love love love the grey ruffle cardigan. I love it because it can be casual and dressy depending on what you pair it with. I would love to win it. :)

  280. 281

    I’d choose the grey simple hoodie!

  281. 282

    Oooh, the Charcoal Black Diana Wrap would be perfect right now. It dropped to 26 degrees last night! Brrrr.

  282. 283

    Oh! everything is soooo nice! I really like this jacekt:


  283. 284

    The Diana wrap amazing love it!

  284. 285

    oh my word. i am in love with the eggplant or coffee ruffle cardigan! absolutely breathtaking!

  285. 286

    Eggplant Ruffle Cardigan— just lovely!!!

  286. 287

    Love the Mr. darcy fascinator–I’m all over anything Mr Darcy related:)

  287. 288

    I love the Gray Simple! So elegant and casual!

  288. 289

    The mini marbles hoodie for my little guy! Adorable!

  289. 290

    I like the diana wrap in white or the black grace wrap – i’m torn!
    lovely and fun!

  290. 291

    I love the Diana Wrap in gray and navy, it would be perfectly paired with my growing baby bump ;)

  291. 292

    Definitely the Diana Wrap, probably in the soft, light gray!!

  292. 293

    It all looks so cute, but I would want the Navy Diana Wrap!

  293. 294

    hands down…Light Charcoal Diana Wrap

  294. 295

    tough choice … I love the eggplant and navy cutoff and the grey ruffle cardi. then again, all of it is so pretty!

  295. 296
    Michalina Peterson says:

    I love, love, love the ruffle cardigans, how pretty!

  296. 297

    I’d get that wrap! its just gorgeous!! In navy or charcoal! such a hard decision :)

  297. 298
    Michalina Peterson says:

    All of the ruffle cardigans are so pretty!

  298. 299
    Hannah S. says:

    Since it is cold and raining today, I would pick the charcoal wrap!

  299. 300

    The navy Diana Wrap is beautiful!

  300. 301

    The marble hoodie for my 1 year old son. So cool!

  301. 302

    Ilove the diana in gray!

  302. 303
    rebecca a says:

    Black Grace Wrap looks so pretty!

  303. 304
    Shelly Primm says:

    love the black diana wrap….beautiful!!!

  304. 305

    I would choose the Diana wrap in either grey or sapphire. Her things are just lovely.

  305. 306

    Ohhh! The Winter White Diana Wrap is so dreamy!

  306. 307

    Love the mini marbles hoodie for my son!

  307. 308

    i think i have to have the diana wrap. i’m not sure what color though… they’re all so perfect.

  308. 309

    It is so hard to choose just one! I love the simple black hoodie and the sophie hoodie! So cute!

  309. 310

    I would wear the grey simple hoodie every. single. day. Such awesome stuff – adding it to my Christmas list!

  310. 311

    I’d keep it simple – the Diana Wrap! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  311. 312
    Ellen McK says:

    I love the Black Grace wrap. Perfect all the holiday parties coming up! Thanks!

  312. 313

    I love the sapphire diana wrap!

  313. 314

    Really liking the Black Grace Wrap – unfortunately the only size available is XXL (may not work for me). But, I’ll cross that bridge when (and if) I come to it! Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  314. 315

    I am pretty sure I NeEd the Mint Chip Brilla…and my daughter loves the Mini Pink Giraffe Brilla! Lovely work!
    Thank you for offering a giveaway!

  315. 316

    Must have the COFFEE RUFFLE CARDIGAN or the BLACK GRACE WRAP – thanks for the giveaway chance!!

    Love your blog!!<3

  316. 317

    Oh! How fun! i just LOVE these clothes!
    i’d love a diana wrap in charcoal. i’ve loved those since u sported it in your vacation pics sometime ago! :)

  317. 318

    I like the “sophie” hoodie.

  318. 319

    I LOVE the diana wrap! I’ll probably treat myself soon if I don’t win :).

  319. 320

    I love the Diana Wrap. So elegantly cozy.

  320. 321

    Definitely the Diana wrap, so cute!

  321. 322

    Oh the Blue Jean Brilla (in large please) would be so great! It’s cooling off and it would be c-o-z-y I’m sure (and it’s really feminine too – love!love!love!). Thanks for the chance Lindsey and Evey’s Tree!!

  322. 323

    I LOVE the gray ruffled cardigan…and the simple gray hoodie. Oh so hard to pick!

  323. 324

    What WOULDN’T I choose?? Love the charcoal Diana wrap and the ruffled gray hoodie (for my daughter or myself)! Thanks for pointing toward this lovely shop!

  324. 325

    Ooh, I would love anything with ruffles! Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  325. 326

    LOVE the ruffle cardigan in charcoal black or eggplant! thanks for introducing Evy’s Tree!

  326. 327
    Ashley Werner says:

    Wonderful shop:)

    I would choose either the Coffee Ruffle Cardigan or the Charcoal Diana Wrap!

  327. 328

    I love the black Grace wrap. . .gorgeous and comfy!

  328. 329
    elizabeth normandin says:

    I love the Diana wraps…..they are perfect for a Florida winter! Thank You, Beth N.

  329. 330

    Charcoal Diana Wrap cold become a wardrobe staple

  330. 331

    Such pretty stuff! I would definitely pick the Diana wrap, in classic black :) Thanks ladies!

  331. 332
    Krista K. says:

    Cute items! Think I’d enjoy one of the Diana wraps or the populare eggplant & navy cutoff.

    Thanks for the offer Lindsey!

  332. 333
    Sandy henderson says:

    Has to be the diana wrap in white or gray!

  333. 334
    Lauren Kaczmarski says:

    I would love the grey ruffle cardigan!

  334. 335

    I would LOVE to have the Diana wrap in Navy (or any color, really!) for the long, cold, dark nights in Denmark. Would really brighten up my winter!

  335. 336

    So elegant! I would love the Diana wrap in sapphire!

  336. 337

    The Diana Wrap, in any color!

  337. 338

    I would love the eggplant ruffle cardigan!!!

  338. 339

    I would choose the Black Grace Wrap or the Gray Ruffle Cardigan. I am a sucker for a cute cardi! :)

  339. 340
    Christy B says:

    Love the Diana wrap in so many colors!!

  340. 341

    Loving all of the ruffled cardigans bc they are completely work appropriate for me :)

  341. 342
    DianaLynn says:

    Oh I am such a sucker for anything with ruffles. I would have to think long and hard about which one I would choose. And then I would just buy the rest!

  342. 343

    Diana wrap in light charcoal. I swoon.

  343. 344

    The ruffled cardigans are my favorite….but the wraps are pretty sweet too! Thanks for the give-away!!

  344. 345
    Jamie Hill says:

    The Diana Wrap would be my choice! Thanks for the chance!

  345. 346

    The grey ruffle cardi or simple grey ruffle hoodie! Tough choice :)

  346. 347

    I am in love with Evy’s Tree – especially the black Grace wrap.

  347. 348
    Sharon Traywick says:

    I’m a HUGE cardigan fan! So the Grey Ruffle Cardigan would be my choice.

  348. 349

    It’s a toss up between the grey simple hoodie and the eggplants ruffled cardiagan.

  349. 350

    LOVE the ruffle cardigans! Would have a hard time choosing a color – they’re all so pretty!

  350. 351

    i love, love, love the navy olympia brilla, but everything is so fabulous!

  351. 352

    So cute! I loved the sophie!

  352. 353

    The sapphire diana wrap – gorgeous!

  353. 354

    really anything…. its all so cute! but i think i would land on the diana wrap… its just so functional!

  354. 355

    I would choose the Navy simple hoodie! :) So cute!!!

  355. 356

    So hard to decide – the Sophie?, or the grey ruffle cardigan?, the navy Diana wrap? Thanks for the opportunity to win one – I hope I’ll be lucky enough to be tasked with making a final decision! :) Such beautiful work!

  356. 357

    I woudl pick the coffee ruffle cardigan!

  357. 358

    I love the Grace Wrap – so lovely! :)

  358. 359

    Definitely a wrap!!!

  359. 360

    The grey simple hoodie is just what I’ve been looking for. I love it!

  360. 361

    I love this site!
    Dreaming of that Winter white Diana wrap!
    Thanks for sharing such a great find with us!

  361. 362

    it’s hard to choose but i think i would go with the grey ruffled cardigan. so cute.

  362. 363

    Ooooo They are all SO beautiful! I think I would probably go with the Grey simple hoodie.

  363. 364

    I would love the eggplant ruffled cardigan (along with just about everything else on her site!)

  364. 365

    I have a charcoal diana wrap and would love one in sapphire!

  365. 366

    I want a diana wrap too!

  366. 367

    I like the eggplant cutoff.

  367. 368

    I have been eyeing the simple cardi’s for a little bit now… if I won someone would have to twist my arm to make me pick a color! I love them! I love the wraps, the hoodies, all of it!

  368. 369

    I love both the diana wraps and the ruffle cardigans! I can’t decide between the two…both are great!

  369. 370

    i would for sure get the diana wrap. it’s beautiful. i’m lovin this whole shop though.

  370. 371

    Oh GORGEOUS! How would you choose? I love the Diana Wrap – but the Black Jackie Brilla is too perfect for this cold weather layering! :)

  371. 372
    Heather DG says:

    Ruffles just make me happy! The Black Night Brilla would be dreamy if it weren’t sold out, so I’d have to say my second choice would be the Pink Giraffe Brilla. All very lovely – thanks for sharing!

  372. 373
    Elizabeth says:

    What unique pieces. I would choose the coffee ruffle cardigan.

  373. 374

    i love the charcoal black ruffle cardi!!

  374. 375

    I would love the navy diana wrap, it would go well with my growing pregnant belly :)

  375. 376

    I love the Polka Dance Brilla!! :)

  376. 377

    I’ve wanted that wrap for a longtime!

  377. 378

    I’m sold on the charcoal black diana wrap, so chic! Now just to figure out how you wrap it so beautifully :) The cardigans are beautiful also…tough pick.

  378. 379

    such pretty hoodies, etc. (: i would choose the pink asphalt grilla hoody!

  379. 380

    I love the Diana wrap!

  380. 381

    I. Love the navy and eggplant cutoff! So hard to choose though

  381. 382

    I’d choose the Diana Wrap in Sapphire or Charcoal Black. I’ve been coveting one for awhile to keep me warm in my often freezing classroom!

  382. 383

    The Sophie, for sure. Super cute!!

  383. 384

    The Charcoal Diana wrap or the ruffled cardigan – tough choice!

  384. 385

    Tough choices! The Diana Wrap in charcoal or a brilla jacket. Awesome items at Evy’s Tree! Thanks for sharing her talents.

  385. 386

    ooooh if i win i would chose the diana wrap or the ruffle cardi.. thank you for the giveaway!

  386. 387

    Charcoal black Diana wrap is so pretty and versatile. Hope I win.

  387. 388

    I love the eggplant and navy cut off shirt! I have THEE perfect jeans to wear that top!! I sure hopw I win :)
    ~Molly P

  388. 389

    i love the little girls pink hoodie! So adorable!

  389. 390

    I Love the BLACK GRACE WRAP!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  390. 391

    I would definitely choose the Diana wrap in winter white – how cozy AND elegant!!

  391. 392

    So hard to chose but probable The Dana wrap.

  392. 393

    I love the Black Simple hoodie!

  393. 394

    I love the purple cardigan! LOVE LOVE LOVE that color!

  394. 395

    The Mini Navy Blue Uniform Simple would make the perfect for my 7 year old goddaughter’s school uniform. How fun!

  395. 396

    Mini Ronnie Hoodie- Chocolate! It is soooo darling!

  396. 397
    Amanda Head says:

    Definitely the Mini Ronnie Hoodie in chocolate for my baby boy Matthias… Of course to match his adorable chocolate brown Toms! : ) Such a sweet store! Thanks for featuring it!

  397. 398

    I love the Adult Zebra Brilla with Mrs. Darcy Brooch.

  398. 399
    Jaymie White says:

    Oh, love the eggplant and navy cuttoff, the sophie and the simple army green hoodie! Thanks for introducing me her shop!

  399. 400

    I need that wrap! :o)

  400. 401

    Love the Lavender Fields Brilla!

  401. 402

    I love the gray ruffle cardigan.

  402. 403

    Love it all. Especially the black grace wrap!

  403. 404
    Becky Zylstra says:

    I love the black simple hoody! I think I could live in that thing!

  404. 405

    Probably the Diana wrap or the ruffle cardi. Cute stuff!

  405. 406

    love the simple hoodie in either gray or navy!

  406. 407

    Ooh! I’d get the simple hoodie in gray or army green…..


  407. 408

    The Army Green Simple! Perfect

  408. 409

    I love the grey simple hoodie, but everything is beautiful!

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