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 happy friday!  linking up with jeannett again with my instagram pics…

 at the end of each trimester our kids have projects due that are related to the material we’ve been studying all trimester.  the girls got to choose any renaissance artist and and recreate one of their works in any medium they choose.  gracie chose to make a paper mache sculpture representing one of leonardo da vinci’s sketches of a horse.

 lily is my little mommy and is in love with anything baby, so she searched for a piece of art that had a baby in it.  she landed on raphael’s madonna and child, madonna del granduca.  as much as she hated every single step in the process, she finished and it was truly beautiful.  and i think she was actually happy at the end.

 i think mary poppins was subbing for the day at  can you read that fuzzy screen?  “mostly sunny and delightful”.  and guess what?  it was.  it was delightful all day!  today – gloomy and ugly.  tomorrow – expecting rain.  so thank you mary poppins for the delightful day!

 the reading bug has finally hit.  she is constantly asking to read!  thank you target for all the abridged classics in the DOLLAR SECTION!

 i finally finished a project today that i have been wanting to do for a long time!   i made a little inspiration wall next to my desk.  i’ve been collecting prints and pictures and tchotchkes for so long, and now i finally displayed them all pretty!  makes me happy!

 birthday baby.  it has dirt spots that wash off in warm water, then reappear when baby is dry.  heaven for lily.

here’s a bit of good parenting advice: don’t fight over clothes with your kids.  i told him to put on pants and a shirt and he did!  it may have been a slightly tattered superman shirt (that belonged to sean 30 years ago) and some slightly too short small paul plaid pants, but he was wearing pants and a shirt like i asked.

love that boy.

although i didn’t take very many pics this week it was good.  yes, my sister leaving stunk, but having sweet time for few days with just my kids was precious.

happy weekend!  we have rain coming, a soccer game, big decisions to make, and maybe some projects!



  1. 1

    Silas is stylin’ it no matter what! Have a fantastic weekend to you and all your lovely readers!

  2. 2

    I could so relate to each of your photos. I have got to find one of those dolls. As far as dressing goes… I agree. Sometimes my daughter ends up looking like Punky Brewster but she is happy. We gotta pick our battles. I actually like Silas’s outfit. Classic. Loved the girls projects and yours! It is such a joy to watch your child spark a love for reading. That is a gift. What a great week indeed.
    aloha, malia

  3. 3

    Wow 85 degree day!? How amazing. This is why I love fall :)

  4. 4

    I think that it’s too funny that lily’s baby has dirt spots that wash off!! The stuff they come up with for kiddo’s is soo funny!

  5. 5

    85?!?! I live in Maine and its like 40! No fair!

  6. 6

    Love all the art projects you guys did! So fun! And, we are getting gloomy weather this weekend also. boo!

  7. 7

    Im with you on the kids clothing. Our girls wear uniforms to school every day so whenever we’re NOT going to school, I let them choose what they want to wear. My oldest(8 in a few weeks) just wants to be comfy all the time; my 6 yr old wants to be gussied up no matter what shes doing(ie: dresses, tights, the whole shebang).
    Every Tuesday we go to the library for an hour after school. The little one chose pink heart tights, a teal Oilily ruffle skirt, silver ballet flats, a purple Tshirt and a red fairisle Gymboree sweater from the Peruvian doll line from years ago. Needless to say, she looked like a fashion disaster. But I let her.
    Dr. Dobson says to choose your battles with your kids. The clothing thing is not one Im choosing to fight at this stage in their (young) lives. They need SOME leeway to start making choices.:)

  8. 8

    ahh you’re children are the cutest.
    i like that one of your girls is a little mommy :)
    i wish marry poppins would come make my towns weather sunny and delightful.

  9. 9

    The doll sounds hilarious, I’d love to see a pic of it dirty!

  10. 10

    WHAT big decisions???? I like your family! It’s so fun to see what they’re up to! :)

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