life rearranged

although jeannett’s taking a week off from instafriday while hosting the happy day project, i’m still linking back to her!

as i mentioned on monday, i’m kinda crazy about this new ipad case

i’m so thankful for my view out my desk window, and for neighbors who actually take care of their yard, unlike our still-unfinished-after-5-years yard

we got a smidgen of rain, but there was a puddle so boots and raincoats were in order

here’s another glimpse into our exciting news (i’ll be sharing more soon!)

a quick self-portrait before our family bike ride – it was fuh-reeeezing!  and by freezing i mean below 60*

the kids met lucy and ricky for the first time

lily was given the game “spot it!” for her birthday and we love it!  our whole family can play it together and it is so much fun!

poor lily was conked out even before dinner!  we’re still adjusting to the time change…

i see lots and lots of christmas posies in my future!

silas has just gotten into drawing – way later than his sisters did, but he is unstoppable! our entire backyard is filled with his creations!  the above figure is minnie mouse, of course.

the girls busted out my childhood sponge curlers and reminded me of my holidays growing up!

my sweet friend and neighbor came over with her little guy and shot some new product pics for me.  can you see the new products?!!!!

and not to be left out, i had to get some girly shots done, too.  lily’s hair was still super fancy from the curlers the other night so i took advantage of it and threw in a posy hair clip for some shots.

happy friday! and happy 11-11-11!


  1. 1

    YES! TIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    So cute!

  3. 3

    The ties look awesome :D

  4. 4
    melesa garrison says:

    My daughter was in about 5th grade (now 24 yrs old) said “Mom, you should check out this new show, it’s called I Love Lucy!” Too Funny!
    I rocked pink sponge curlers back in my day too, as did my girls…I’m 49, so they have been around for a while ;)
    Hope you are going some place really fun…Maybe to see your sister!

  5. 5

    YAY ties!!! Can’t wait to see them :) ahhh sponger rollers…my grandma would always put them in my hair when I went to visit and I HATED it! haha :)

  6. 6

    had i known my nieces and nephew did not know the ricardos i would have introduced them to them myself!

    i have a pic of emilie watching “i love lucy” for the first time. she was 1. it was important to capture that moment on film {back when everything still had to be captured on film}.

  7. 7

    That picture of the boys is so darling!!!

  8. 8

    oooh, I love the ties! my oldest boy asked me to make a tie for him so that he could dress up for his Valentines Tea at school :) Adorable! We got crafty and by that afternoon he had made his first tie. Maybe I’ll have to add to the collection with your adorable collection!
    I recently found your blog via Tina Brummel and the Stitch Market flyer she sent my way. Love it! Love your work! All the best.

  9. 9

    love all the pretty shots!

  10. 10

    What a sweet neighbor boy, very precious and Silas is so caring towards him. Can’t wait for the exciting news!!! I love this time change when we fall back, it’s the spring forward I could do without!

  11. 11

    A-stinkin-dorable little boy ties! Can’t wait. Get em up so I can order for my 6 year old nephew for Christmas. He LOVES ties.

  12. 12

    Yahoo! Ties!! I have two boys and have yet to get them some cute ties. I think I know what your surprise is too. I just watched your sister on the show ( totally by accident) and I also, would be getting “down under” to see my sister if she lived there. I could be wrong, we will see ;)
    Thanks for sharing your stuff with us Pleated Poppy is such a happy place to visit
    Take Care :>

  13. 13

    I can’t believe Denise hasn’t already introduced the kids to Lucy and Ricky! I’m astonished. :)

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