monday update {it’s a big one!}

haaaappy monday!

we have been busy little bees around here  – i just reopened my shop after the queen bee market this weekend (which was amazing!).

i have some fun christmas items, some of which i have been holding out on you until after the market – sorry!

christmas posy pins are back!  these are fabulous to add to a sweater or a scarf, use as a gift topper, or even pin to a stocking for a little extra style.

i added a couple new christmas tea towels – great for hostess gifts, as are the other styles of towels.

what is more christmas-y than stockings?!  i have a few more styles in the shop that you are going to love!

and even though these aren’t necessarily holiday items, i have a new batch of bloom belts that are sure to dress up old dresses and make them new and festive for holiday parties!

and a few more ties for your little guys – great for holiday pictures!

*   *   *   *   *

and i have  fun christmas deals for you!

i have some holiday shopping solutions for you – you can buy for everyone!

here’s the deals:

buy 4  zippered pouches (1 for your daughter, one for your niece, one for your neighbor, one for your child’s teacher…) and get $15 off!  use code ZIPPEREDPOUCH4.

buy 4 tiny pouches (great as business card holders and coin purses) and get $10 off!  use code TINYPOUCH4

buy 4 wristlet clutches (also great as diaper clutches) and save a whopping $20!  use code WRISTLETCLUTCH4

buy 4 sunnies cases and save $12!  use code SUNNIESCASE4

choose 4 travel tissue cases and save $5 (great stocking stuffers)!  use code TISSUECASE4

buy 4 ipad cases and get $20 off – wow!  use code IPADCASE4

get 4 checkbook covers and save $15!  use code CHECKBOOKCOVER4

and buy 4 e-reader cases and get $20 off!  use code EREADERCASE4

here is your chance to stock up and save  – these discounts will not last long!

*side note: only one code can be used at a time.  feel free to place multiple orders and i will gladly refund your shipping!*


  1. 1

    I cant wait to hear more about QBM…your booth looks amazing Lindsey! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. 2

    Seems like the Pleated Poppy is Christmas Season…full steam ahead!!!

    Love your booth, Lindsey. I bet it was a big draw for the crowd!

  3. 3

    Oh my goodness, sweeeeet deals there lady!

    Just got my tea towel the other day – it’s so awesome. Can’t wait to put it out.

    I showed it to my husband and asked him what he’s allowed to do with it. And he answered “look at it and that’s it.” He’s knows it’s a special one.

  4. 4

    Your booth looked awesome, Lindsey! I was looking for you the whole time- I think I passed you at some poing and you were in a conversation so I didn’t want to interrupt. Hope you had lots of purchases- it was sooo well done. The signature on the iPad thing was veerrrryyyy high tech. :-)

  5. 5

    Now THIS is a great booth…I’m about to enter the Art Show circuit and suddenly realized I have a long way to go on my booth design! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. 6

    Seriously, how does Inspire Lovely get that hutch of drawers in her booth. She can’t have that at every show, can she? Is it on wheels????

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